Our 14th celebration of traditional & contemporary Scottish music & culture was GREAT!

THANKS go out to our Irish brothers & sisters in Kelly for an outstanding evening of energetic and hauntingly beautiful Celtic music.

Our regular performers were SMASHING as usual!

Rev Douglas Phenix led us in his favorite sing-along
The Clyde, the Clyde, the beautiful Clyde...

Maria Anthony & Megan Hurt
with Darrell Lea, Mark von Schlemmer & Clark Jamison
From traditional Scottish to Richard Thompson...

Forest Green
Cordelia Brown & Larry Carter with Clark Jamison
From Dougie MacLean to how YOUR Scottish great-great-grandpa might have met your Irish great-great-grandma

Highland dance by Bridget Bailey & Ragan Grant
Highland bagpipes by Bill Read
Celtic jam session led by Kelly
Scottish treats by Rocky Road Bakeries
Clan booth by Peggy Baker
KC Scottish Highland Games info by David Bailey.

Lawrence Scottish Fest 2010
Traditional & Contemporary Scottish Music & Culture
Photos by Eileen Young

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