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All about Mom (Mama)

She's really beautiful, and clever too, she's studying International Law at University I'm not too sure what this means but I suspect she'll have to travel all over Europe prosecuting International drug smugglers and Mafia bosses etc, so long as she has time to take me to EuroDisney next year though I'm not too fussed.She wasn't always a law student though she used to work in a casino which is where she met daddy, she was working in a small casino in one of Riga's hotels and dad (an Englishman) was in Riga opening a big new casino for a large European company along with many other British casino staff.Apparently he saw my mom while she was at work one night and walked over to her and said "you're pretty come and work with me" so she did, like, wow! how utterly romantic.

There is excitement in your life
be a part of it
There is work in your life
begin with it
there is sorrow in your life
ease the pain away
There is joy in your life
feel it know it share it
there are goals in your life
strive for the highest
There is purpose in your life
explore it

- Jonivan