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All about Dad (Tetis)

I don't know daddy too well as he and mommy split up when I was very little, but I do know that he still works in casinos and is always travelling around the world, at the moment he is in Asia and has been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, which is all very well of course but if he can visit all of these countries then why can't he come and visit me here in Riga, HELLO REMEMBER ME!! He does phone from time to time but mama says he usually does it when he's drunk and always in the middle of the night.He remembers my birthday and Christmas but invariably I don't get my presents 'til about february so I have to tell my friends at school that they're Valentines day gifts (which isn't so bad actually as none of them recieve them.) I have been to visit my grandparents in England a few times though, I like this a lot as it's a really great adventure but I always have to be on my best behaviour as they're really really strict,but I do get spoiled though so I'm not complaining....


Believe in yourself
but don't be overconfident
be satisfied
but know that you can always improve
accept love graciously
and always be willing to give more
be modest in victory and success
and courageous in defeat
give comfort and security to others and you will always recieve it in return
be glad just for being the wonderful person that you are.
-Lee Wilkinson