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All about myself

OK! So maybe not the most beautiful but I must still rank well up there in the top 100 at least! Anyway let me tell you a little about myself, I am from Riga which is the capital city of the tiny Republic of Latvia. Latvia is one of a triumverate of countries on the west coast of what was once the mighty Soviet Union (but is now simply Russia) that go together to form the Baltic States, the others being Lithuania and Estonia.(By the way are you impressed at how I got a word like 'triumverate' into the sentence, I may only be 6 but I'm no dummy you know, though I'm not sure about the spelling!)

My favourite tv show is the Teletubbies who are awsomely popular in Europe, they are three little guys and a girl who are all different colours have a tv in their stomachs and an ariel on their heads and go by the ludicrous names of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po. How it is that the majority of European children can grow up to be normal well adjusted human beings after watching multi-coloured babies jumping out of holes crying 'eh-ho!' is a question probably best answered by the worlds eminent child phsychologists (another good word! Spelt correctly?) Me, I just look upon it as 20 minutes of uncontrollable laughter after which I get milk and cookies, which is what being a kid is all about I suppose.

Interests? Well I like Barbie, a lot, I love her dresses, her house, her cars, her glittery disco outfits her pink cellular phone, (mines yellow!) everything.She's got horses, helicopters, Ken? But all she has to do all day is change costumes about 20-30 times, I mean is she cool or what! My father bought me some Sailor Moon dolls from Singapore because she is really popular in Asia, Sailor Moon is a warrior schoolgirl and Dad reckons she shows women in a more positive light but there's no way let me tell you that a bunch of girls with trendy coloured hair and magic wands can ever replace the 'blonde bimbo' in my affections, anyway if a girl needs a serious role model these days there's always Monica Lewinsky!! Many people say to me that with my long blonde hair and 'drop dead' good looks that I could easily be Barbie, and I have to admit that they're right, in fact if those corporate guys at Mattel ever get to casting a little girl for the part of Barbie they only need look at this website to know that I have the correct mix of beauty, intelligence and sophistication needed to fill the role, though of course they must first negotiate with my agent (mom!) to iron out all the contractual details, such as salary, ice cream allowance, freebies etc before I put pen to paper, (a girls got to take care of herself you know!)

Other interests? I really like music and dancing, I'd like to be a ballerina when I grow up (if I can't be Barbie that is!) I'd love to be able to dance at the Bolshoi in Moscow, or Covent Garden in London and have daddy come and watch, I know he really likes 'Giselle' so maybe they'd let me dance that.Anyway thats enough about me.....

Don't ever give up on your dreams
and never leave them behind
find them make them yours
and all through your life cherish them and never let them go.
-Elisa Constanza

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