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Useful Links to Chinese Literature

Here are the links to the other Chinese literature websites. Please come and visit them. Just click on them to go the desired pages.Hope the information is useful. Enjoy.

(a)Myths & Legends:

1."In a Calabash: A Chinese Myth of Origins" --a poem on the origin of the Chinese cosmos, the birth of its culture hero demi-gods, and the creation of the Chinese race by Field, Stephen Lee .

(b)Classical Literature/Philosophy:

1. Chinese Classical Literature -- Tang poems, Tao Te Ching, and writings of Confucius. In Chinese, with every character linked to English definitions. No Chinese language software required.

2. Classical Chinese Literature-- mostly in Chinese, with some entries in translation. Some Chinese text viewable within GIF files; other text requires software to view Chinese characters.

3. Classic Chinese Texts.-- a number of classic Chinese literary works.

4. Chinese Classics --Chinese Classic Literature and ancient philosophy writings from Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, Sun Tsu, Guigu Zi and classic novels.

5. Art of China Homepage/Classic Chinese Literature-- Analects / Confucius Bibliography on Confucian Philosophy Da Xue (The Great Learning) / Confucius Tao Te Ching / Lao Tzu The Art of War / Sun Tzu Chinese Philosophy Page

6. Book of Change, The -- a Western rendition of the observations of change that first appeared in the Chinese classic known in the West as the I Ching.

7. I Ching on the Net -- guide to resources related to the ancient Chinese divination manual and book of wisdom.

8. Daoism Depot -- texts available in English and Chinese

9. Dao De Jing -- Taoist classic in original Chinese with each character linked to its definition and etymology

10. Sun-Tzu's Art of War [] -- complete text of the military strategy classic in original Chinese with each character linked to its definition and etymology. English translation

(c) Ancient Poetry:

1. Chinese Poetry -- Chinese classical poems and contemporary selections

2. Wang, Harry's Homepage -- collection of poems in Chinese and English. Chinese poems are written in an archaic style from the Tang Dynasty.

3. Chinese Poetry Classics -- Hundreds of Classic peoms from earliest Shih Ching to the late 19-century. In Chinese, English and hypertexted Chinese/English versions.

4.Chinese Poetry Database -- selections of ancient chinese poetry in English.

4. TR's Ex Libris -- collection of Chinese ancient and comtempory poems and texts.

(d)Yuan Dynasty Literature

1.'The Water Margin' --information on the classic & the Chinese tv series

(e)Ming Dynasty Literature

1.Chin Ping Mei Text--Text of the banned novel online

2.Jin Ping Mei Text--Text of the banned novel online

(f)Ching Dynasty Literature

1.Ching Literature--Manchu Dynasty's Literature

2.Dream of the Red Chamber-- in Chinese

(g)Modern Literature

1.Lu Xun-- works from the master

2. Litcorner-- A collection on modern/contemporary Chinese literature...

(h)Chinese Literature in General

1.China the Beautiful -- Chinese Art and Literature - Primary resources of Chinese Classical Arts Literature Poetry Calligraphy Painting History

2.Chinese literature -- Chinese literature, Chinese, authors, titles, etexts

3.Chinese Culture & Literature Page-- Chinese Culture, Classical Poems, Novels & Philosophy

(i)Chinese Literature (English Translations)

1.Renditions, Research Centre for Translation
-- Our site offers information about our Centre and our publications - English translations of Chinese literature, classical and contemporary, poetry, prose, fiction and drama

(j)Chinese Literature (Books)

1.Chinese Literature:Online Bookshop-- Shop at Barnes and Noble in - The premiere online entertainment shopping mall featuring quality, name brand merchandise & chinese literature

2.An Anthology of Chinese Literature-- book by Stephen Owen, Editor and Translator for 'An Anthology of Chinese Literature Beginnings to 1911': A groundbreaking anthology by one of our most prominent editors and translators of Chinese literature.

(k)Chinese Literature (Magazines)

1.Hua Xia Wen Zhai (Chinese Literary Journal)-- an electronic Chinese magazine filled with news, culture, literature, history, and more.

2.Civil Wind-- triweekly Chinese Webzine, focused on literature, history, art, oversea's Chinese life.

(l)Chinese Literature (Personal Homepages)

1.Lam, Wai-Yin's Homepage -- contains Chinese literature/philosophy/culture information.

2.Sun, Jiannong's Homepage -- economics, news about China, China, links in China, Chinese literature.

(m)Chinese Festivals(Mooncake Festival)

1.Mid-Autumm Festival

2.Moon Goddess

3.Eating Mooncakes


5.More Info on Mooncakes

6.US Celebrations

7.US Students' Celebrations-- picture of them in traditional Chinese costumes partying


1.Send Chinese E-Cards at

(o)Search for Specific Topics on

1.Chinese Literature as a Whole

2.Chinese Arts & Humanities/Literature

4.Taoism:Tao Te Ching

3.Classic Literature-- Chou & pre-Chin Philosophies ( Taoism,Confucianism..)

5.The Book of Changes(I-Ching)-- information on 1 of the earliest written documents

6.The Art Of War-- By Sun-tzu of the Spring Autumm period

7.Traditional Chinese Opera-- find information on the ancient artform inherited from the Yuan Dynasty


9. Dream of the Red Chamber-- find links to this Ching dynasty classic novel

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