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 Welcome to Author G.P Weston's online site.

'We are alone!'

'WE ARE ALONE' is a Sci/Fi story based around the idea that a blue planet orbits the earth six times the distance of our moon - is there anyone there? And did we come from there?

'We are on our way'

William F Temple and Gerard Quinn.

THE TRUE BOOK ABOUT SPACE TRAVEL was written by William F Temple in 1954. It was inside illustrated by Gerard Quinn . Wether or not the banner I have used is his work- I do not know, for there is nothing in this little book to say so! And of him I know very little, except that I have always loved his cover illustrations on other magazines. But between the both of them- the words, and the visions inspired me. I never forgot the brilliance of the cover- the blue and black, the orange, and the fire of the rocket- reaching for the stars. On the inside of this Dust Cover are these words: 'How will spaceships come? What is a space-station? Is there life on the planets? Shall we reach the stars?' These last two questions are stll unanswered. And so therefore is our speculation born. William F Temple- for me, is a father of the Cosmos. He was at one time, Editor of the British Interplanetary Society; being one of its first members. And from them I was greatly inspired to think- as they did, of ways to get into space; land on the moon, and travel to the planets. And in a way we have not gone far past their ideas! He also wrote Science Fiction that was published in The Best Science Fiction Stories and other anthologies in Britian and France. He wrote a novel also called Four Sided Triangle that was published in America, Britain, France, Italy and Germany. A film of this novel was also released in 1954. Alas I know nothing more; but I must say, I still have his book so lavishly illustrated inside by Quinn.





In the booklet I will review the present ideas and show their flaws. And I will show how the pyramids were built in two ways- evident in all the pyramids construction. And how this 'new method' would make the shifting and lifting of the blocks rather easy! And the large ramps unneccesary.

It's an on going subject- how were the Pyramids built? Well, after reading every theory, I have never been satisfied with any of them. I believe there were a variety of methods used, not just one method; but I have discovered a different way of shifting the blocks, and bringing them to their setting positions. The method would have been applied at the quaries and for road transport, but most inportantly at the pyramids themselves, as they grew level by level, and face by face. The construction of spiraling ramps would have been dangerous and a larger undertaking than building the pyramids themselves. This new method does not involve alians, or unheard of powers, or vaste armies of workers. And it does not involve spiraling ramps and long ramps. The system I have discovered reduces the time to build a pyramid by about eighty percent. It does away with long chain gangs of men hauling blocks on rollers or greased sleds- this method is more efficient than that! So the workforce could have been reduced by ninety percent! And the unique mathematics of the pyramid shape as it evolves during contruction enables the pyramid to be finished within a few years. It involves no special material or skill. So, in 2003 I will be bringing out a self published short book entitled Shifting the Pyramid Blocks. If you are interested in purchasing this book you may write in advance to


Faster than Light around the Corner!

The Plaeidies- we'll never reach anywhere near here before our solar system vaporizes.

IT'S AN UNEASY REALIZATION, that if the speed of light can not be exceeded, earthlings will never reach another planet outside this solar system! And any life out there will never reach us! We are doomed to ourselves! This blue planet is all we will ever know.

The plan of the stars is very large. It is deep, wide, high and long; and never ends or begins! If earth were hit by a comet tomorrow no one would notice- even if they could see our solar system! We would not be missed, let alone detected! The Arizona meteor crater was made by a piece of rock that took forever to get here! It was not made by some speeding space ship! It's a peice of another world already blown apart! And very nearby!

To matter we need to travel faster than the speed of light. If however, we were able to exceed the speed of light, then perhaps all this would change. We would matter, for other civilizations across the universe would know about us. There is a problem at the moment. We cannot exceed the speed of light. This is true! But I believe that we can beat light to wherever it is we are going! Not by speed, but by some twisting of the geometry that would allow us to jump from one place to another in a mere few years. This is just a notion, there is no proof- yet; and who am I to think of such a thing. But it is unacceptable to send rocket ships off into space that never return in the life time of us mere earthlings!

'The rocket is like a cart with square wheels!'

At very fast spaceship speeds, it would take hundreds of years for the space ship to return to earth. The crew might have to be products of generations on the spaceship. They might be deep frozen, they might be embryos activated by mothering machines. Would men and women gladly do any of these things? I believe they would not, for they would in effect be dying to live; and life is too precious for us to do that. The experience is the thing after all!

'Star Wars technology is the answer'

Mankind will live in space. He will create huge space stations. He will make Moon cities. Mars cities, and live on asteroid bases- but this is all close to earth. To reach out into another solar system takes eons of time. We do not have that long! Things are uphill when you realize the nearest solar system is 52 years away at the speed of light! Only photons can travel that fast because they have no mass! We have mass, and it seems we would evaporate!

The pace of a rocket is very slow! That nearby solar system is thousand years away. If the rocket were to accelerate to near the speed of light at a rate of 1g, then it would take five thousand years. Space travel across the universe is impossible therefore! Impossible by earthlings and aliens! Possible by photons only!

'A light propelled space ship is so slow that it will be overtaken by the light from the destruction of our solar system'

'we may see the bits of earth overtake us!'

What about radio messages? Or light messages? They present the same doom and gloom. I contend therefore, without scientific proof, or any evidence; that something else awaits our discovery. And this is the bending or warping of the geometry of the universe. Something that does not involve acceleration. This will be a short cut if you will! Where the spacecraft can hop from one co-ordinate to another.

It would be a bit like having a secret tunnel under your living room to your wine cellar. Normally, you have to go all the way out the back door, and then down the stairs to unlock the wine cellar door. Open the secret hatch- and your there! A geometrical shortcut will take light years off the journey! And will be nothing less than a discovery such as fire and the wheel- or that voyaging eastward to find the East is done by sailing westward. And that is because the earth is round- not flat!

"If the universe is the way they say it is- then we are done for'

The stars are closer than we think! How is space bent? Is it a tunnel we are looking for? Or a turn? Or a hole from one place to another? Facts for such a theory do not exist- yet! But the idea has existed in Science Fiction for a long time! And it will be the answer to inter-galactic space travel! Space travel will take days not eons; perhaps even seconds! The longest- apparent distances will be no obstacle. The game will be to discover where this opportunity exists! Then we will meet the other civilizations of the universe. Our messages- intergalactic conversations, would be sent along the diversions, and the replies would race back to us! In seconds! Then we could say- we are not alone!

'Life in space is not a dream!'

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