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  Epic Fantasy Author G.P Geoff Weston  


Wally Schirra 1923-2007

The astronaut who put Apollo back on course for the moon.



The astronaut who put Apollo back on course after the disasterous lanch pad fire in 1967. They thought it was "Just like Honky Donkey' he would say. But in fact, it was very difficult. One of the original seven, I'll never forget him for driving the most exciting years of my youth. He was up there! He was a real-life hero! Just as if I had grew up with him and the other seven. Having followed the space program since it's birth, I recall waiting to hear who the seven were going to be! I recall reading all about him in Time and Life magazines. And then following his mission on Mercury. And the absolutely hair raising lift-off of Gemini which ignited the two engines and then they shut down. And Gemini never rose from the pad. It just sat there, waiting to blow! Schirra could have pulled the ejection handle but he rode the crises out. "Milli-second gut logic" he said; 'told me to just wait!" If he had ejected with fellow crewmember Stafford, it would have put the project way behind, and it's doubtful that the moon landing would have happened before 1970. This alone rocketed Wally Schirra into the realms of a hero. He put the three man Apollo back on the rails and put mission control in their place by refusing to wear the bubble helmet during re-entry. He had a cold and feared for his hearing during the sudden pressure changes. He wanted to blow his nose, but since the bubble helmets didn't have a visor you couldn't get to your nose to equal the pressure without taking the whole damn thing off! After Wally's Apollo 7 mission success we were going to the moon again! This was Wally's last flight as he had announced his retirement from NASA previously. Then came a little light hearted dig at NASA when he said this line in an Actifed advert on TV, "Ever tried sneezing in one of these?"

Wally Schirra- Astronaut and one of the original seven. And as Allan Shepard once said, "Fine weather and good tail winds buddy'.











The Surkling is around 700 pages. It is organized around 34 Chapters, split into three books. Each book of this trilogy brings events to a conclusion but leaves you thirsting for the next book. It is broken into a trilogy for conveniance. The detail of the background is extraordinarily well developed, and the history has amazing depth as though it were real. Of course, this world is The land of Muggy which is the Authors Fantasy land. A place in its own right!