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Land of Muggy




Trilogy Edition

Hard Cover, Paper Back, Ebook.

The Voyage: The Dark King: The Throne and the Stars.

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The Trilogy Editions is 740 page paperback or as a download.

The Legend of the Crystallite Warrior.

The Crystallite warriors claimed descent from the Saqira folk who had fought against Mrrtrh. Among their legions of warriors were a special legion of women who came seeking a great battle to win great victory; and thus be joined, as kin to their allies; thus their children being released from the half-crystallite state that afflicted them. They took their birth from a forest where they had been trapped in a half-crystallite state. They were said to be a race intended for immortality; so that they may discover all the lands in this world; but were imperfect, and were in fact part mortal and immortal instead; and were cursed by the conflict between the two states.

After taking part in the great battle of Surs-A-Mag under their heroin - Gipsa, and doing great deeds in the battle, they were rewarded by being permitted to live among the Saqira Folk in their own lands in the mythical city of Surs-A-Mag. And their children were freed of all afliction and possessed longevity, black-silver tears and crystalline bones that never decayed. But they were driven by the ancient legend of finding the world; and a desire to fulfil the past, as it was handed to them. It was the descendents of these first children - led by the illustrious warrior heroin - Diagammer; who departed their Northing lands to discover what lands existed in the Beyond.

They began at first by trekking from the 'mountain lands of the west'- to the forests of Garvil, where they built a fleet of oar ships near Carellia on the island of Reel. They called this place and its beaches Wolds. From here they set out with a fleet of oar ships that carried every person and many in number. And they visited every shore and beach of all the lands; and returned by the miraculous navigation of their heroin Diagammer, to their harbour on the island. Now they made plans for an even greater expedition and built two great oar ships that took them across the Beyond of the Seas, looking for other lands.

Old Banknotes: The history of currency is vast in Muggy but paper banknotes are few and far between. The story is interesting and spans several Kingdoms and Empires shortly before the Plato and the modern era, after 2789. The first notes were made in the Last Ages as records of bullion held, and land held by foriegn kings in the treaties. Often called 'treaty notes', they were bills, individual to each transaction, and held in the royal histories.

Bank Notes


Bank Note Prices

The 50 Essra denomination, Reserve Bank of Plato $25 USD.

The 100 Essra denomination, Reserve Bank of Plato $35 USD.

The 200 Essra denomination, Reserve Bank of Plato $45 USD.

These may be purchased as uncurculated singles.

Condition is perfect.

Size 7 cm X 13.5 cm






The Palace treasury designed and then authorized the printing of sheets of stamps to be used by the Royal Designate Shipper for the purpose of charging for Royal and government letters and mails along the exclusive Royal Carriage Ways.

Imperforate ungummed Royal Jewel Paper Issue:

Palace Issue 1. 2789

This first stamp of the first Muggy Royal Palace Post. Printed on semi-transparent 'Palace Jewel Paper'

Perforated and gummed Royal Jewel Paper Issue:

Palace Issue 1A. 2090


Palace Issue 2. 2090

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This is history on earth that is altered to take a different path! Then there is...............

This is an alternative history, but in a different world.

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