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Land of Muggy stamp collecting 


The Historical Issues begin in the time of the 2nd Union of Capitals at Plato City. They are the stamps that were first printed in 2789 of the Plato calendar at the Royal Palace. They have words in the Plato language which was modernized at this time and co-incided with invention of forms of ink printing. They are denominated in the values of the time of the Plato Alphabet and do not have any Roman numerals or English words. They are locked into their time and are issued in sequence of year.

The 2nd Union of capitals Historical Issues types.

The 2nd Union of Capitals was declared 2789 at Plato City, and thereafter in each of the other capitals. Unlike the First Union of Capitals which rotated the Capitals, Plato City became the fixed 'Grand Capital' of the 2nd Union of Capitals, reviving the memory of the ancient times of the Second Plato. It took on all the glory of the past and a great revival of the history was undertaken.

The first stamps of the first Royal Palace Post

A few years before, printing onto paper had been invented utilizing wood-block and then stone-block presses. The Union introduced under the Fathers of Currency Direction, a paper currency for the use between the capitals only. This co-incided with the Great Revision of the Alphabets to provide a universal printing Alphabet that could be more easily printed but also written.

The top panel of the first stamp has first the value of 1 in the Plato numeral followed by the letters for PLATO where the stamp was printed and issued from. Below is the oldest depiction of the symbol for the Middle of the Land of Muggy, which was also the symbol of the 2nd Union of Capitals at Plato City. The symbol was also adopted for the Flag of all the Land of Muggy. On the bottom border is a repeatition of the Kings personal symbol. This stamp was printed in 'Royal' which was the purple color of the Plato City on Palace Jewel Paper. This first issue was not perforated or gummed, although it was glued to Royal diplomatic packages.

All prices in US Dollars

The First Plato Issue 2789

Imperf/ no gum

The Palace treasury designed and then authorized the printing of sheets of stamps to be used by the Royal Designate Shipper for the purpose of charging for Royal and government letters and mails along the exclusive Royal Carriage Ways. It was decided that these stamps could only be printed and issued from Plato City for royal mails. Wherever possible the mails went by sea under the protection of the flag and then by land ways that were soon improved by paving, bridges, stables and fortifications. Special stamps were designed to show the ancient Gildo symbol of the 2nd Union of Capitals. That chosen was the oldest known carving from the Main Palace walls in Plato city which also appeared on the paper currency. The design also bore the new script for Plato and the numeral for 1 on either side. On the bottom it repeated the kings personal symbol. They were printed by the Palace Treasury in the Royal color of Plato City which was purple. Each stamp had the word for Plato in a panel just below the top margin. The King had his personal sign repeated along the bottom margin. The first sheets were hand printed from wood blocks onto special 'palace jewel paper' and were at first not gummed or perforated. They were cut from the sheet and glued to the letters or goods. The first use of these stamps was a grand affair. In the summer of 2789 the Royal Designate Shipper and his guards made the round journey from Plato City to Greenscien to pay for the re-aquisition of the Keysadore Canal to the authority of The Second Union of Capitals.

One of the first Palace Jewel paper sheets


Early in 2790 of the following year, advances in paper made it possible to print the stamps on superior paper but the design remained the same. And for a time, the stamps were not gummed and were imperforate. The Palace Jewel Paper issues were withdrawn.

The Perforated Issue of 2790

In 2790, the first issue was re-printed on new gummed paper and perforated for ease of use. But soon all printings were on gummed and perforated papers. The first imperforate ungummed stock was still used until depleted, so both types were in circulation during 2791.

Palace issue 2

Imperf/ no gum

The 'Rock Green' Issue from 2090

In 2090 the Office of the Assemblage, was set up to authorize the printing of stamps for the other destinations, and their distribution to 'Issue Offices of Assemblage Abroad'. The first stamp was printed for the capital of Lolenia in its 'Royal' color of rock green. This is the 'Rock Green Issue' and was the second perforated and gummed issue. The Royal Shipper was ordered to provide a special Knott cancel for all the mail, which in these days only went only from PLato City and Lolenia to the capital of Greenscien via the Land Ways. The cancel had to be that of the recieving Capital, which was Greenscien, and so, came about the knott cancel of Greenscien. The cancelled stamps were stored in the Royal documents library.

Palace issue 3.


Imperf/ no gum

The first stamps of the first Muggy Royal Palace Post will continue...



The Contemporary Issues are stamps that are printed today commemorating the history of the Land of Muggy. The first issue was in 1992. They have postal values expressed in the monetary called the ESSRA which has its own symbol much like a snake. The numerals are Roman and the wording is english but they can show both ne and old words. And both new and old numerals. The fist stamp below, showed all these elements.

Masterpieces of fantasy

The First Letter- Press Issue of the Contempary Series 1992-95

Issue 1: The Shield stamp. Issued 1 January 1992.


It depicts 'The Shield' and shows the Land of Muggy in old Plato Script.

The Geographical Society Letter-Press Set

The Geographical Society (of Muggy) was given the right to issue stamps with a geographical theme from time to time in 1992. Their first issue was this dual set.

Issued 2 &3 February 1992.


no gum/green/Lolenia
no gum/magenta/ Ru Ca Ru

The 2 ESSRA stamp depicts the City of Lolenia that was founded as a Canapian colony in the late Middle Ages and became the greatestt Empire of the Third Age. In the right is the Southern War Crown- star of Revana- the Southern Star.

The 3 ESSRA Stamp shows the Ru Ca Ru volcano which was the most famous volcanoe in all Muggy. Below the Volcanoe, is the late First Age city of Pebvo. The Star Jewel of the East is on the right.


Historical Society Gates of Bez Letter-Press Issue

The Historical Society was also given the right issue stamps in 1992 and issued this stamp to commemorate the famous Gates of the Bezites. The Western Tower Gate of Bez was famous for its walls and 'Gate Tower'. ( 1356)

Issue 4: Issued 10 February 1992.

no gum/green/ Gates

Historical Society Map of Muggy Letter-Press Issue

This issue shows a primitive map of the Land of Muggy from the Great Map Hall in Plato City drawn in the Last Ages.

Issue 5: Issued 1 March 1992.

no gum/plum/ Map


Second Shield Issue

2 Essra value.

These were based on the first Issues but redesigned to have dual values

Issue 6: 28.5.2001.

LOM# 6 $2.00 /2 ESSRA
Gum/blue/ Mythology
LOM#6-S-printed in sheets of 24--

Shorsun city statue Letter-Press Issue

2 Essra/ $2.00 Dual value

Issue: 7 Issued April 3, 2003

The stamp depicts the famous statue in the old Shorsun city.  

LOM# 7 $2.00/ 2 ESSRA
no gum/plum/ Map

Second Union of Capitals founding stamps

Letter press issues.

Commemorating the founding of the Second Union of Capitals in 2789 of the Plato Calendar.

2 Essra- blue/3 Essra- red


Issued Nov 7, 2004

no gum/blue/mythology
LOM# 9 3 ESSRA no gum/red/ mythology12.0015.00

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