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  Amando Álvarez
1553 Osceola St.
Denver, CO 80204



Employment Objective
Library Science:
Especially interested in outreach and managerial position.
Senior Librarian at the Denver Public Library/Barnum Branch. Responsible for the overall function of the branch, its services, and the staff.
Librarian in the Magazine Center at the Denver Public Library.
  1994-1995: Community Outreach Specialist at the Denver Public Library.
  1990-1993: Librarian in Business, Science, and Government Publications Department of the Denver Public Library.
  1988-1990: Librarian at the Hadley Branch of the Denver Public Library. Held position from May 1, 1988 until February 15, 1990.
  1986-1988: Telephone Reference Assistant at the Denver Public Library. Held position from September 1, 1986 until April 30, 1988.
  1985-1986: Assistant Library Investigator at the Denver Public Library. Held position from January 1, 1985 until August 31, 1986.
  1982-1985: Security Guard for the Denver Public Library. Also, staff writer for Latino Magazine. Wrote book reviews for Lector Magazine.
  1980-1982: Clerk in the Denver Public Library. Contributed my skills to the Public Affairs Office of the Denver Public Library by writing and recording radio announcements.
  1979-1980: Teaching Assistant in Spanish 101, 102, and 105 at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Taught Spanish 211 class. During the summers taught Spanish Immersion course.
  1978: Translated medical documents from English to Spanish for the dean of the Medical Department at Idaho State University. Taught English as a Second Language to migrant workers through the Education Department at Idaho State University. Worked in the Head Start Program with migrant children. Taught in gifted and talented program through Idaho State University.
  1975-1978: Tutor in Spanish Language.
Education   Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University: 1992.
    Masters in Spanish Literature from University of Colorado at Boulder: 1980.
    B.A. in Spanish and History from Idaho State University: 1978.
Other expertise 1986: Completed Seminar in Managing People from Padgett-Thompson.
  1987: Completed classes in computer science and supervision at Metro State College and the Community College of Denver, respectively.
  1988, 1995: Attended FIL (Feria Internacional del Libro), in Guadalajara, Mexico. This trip helped perfect my Spanish language book selection skills, which I utilize at the Denver Public Library.
  1993-1994: Received leadership training from Neighborhood Leadership Development Institute, in Washington, D.C.
  1996: Completed Anti-Racism Training from Anti-Racism Training Institute.
    Gave two workshops at the National REFORMA Conference in Austin (Mexican Genealogy and a History of the Denver Public Library Hispanic Steering Committee).
    Taught Spanish and Citizenship classes.
    Wrote articles for Visiones Magazine.
  1999 Conducted Día del Niño workshop at Colorado Library Association Annual Conference.
  2000: Extensive experience in outreach, including television appearances in a local television station in Denver.
    Conducted Día del Niño workshop in Tucson, Arizona REFORMA National Conference.
    Continue to teach Spanish classes at the Denver Public Library.
  2002: Published book: Rising River: The Blackfoot Chronicles
Affiliations Current vice-president of the Colorado chapter of REFORMA (National Association to Promote Library Services to the Spanish Speaking); Colorado Library Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Idaho Historical Society, etc.
Outstanding Qualities I am sociable and understand human behavior and people of different cultures. I am bilingual and bicultural.
Interests Travel, book collecting, writing, history, reading, translating and interpreting, investigative research, genealogy, computer science, and library science.
References Available upon request. Email:


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