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Lost Falcon has been found!!

Falcon's Stats:


I am Mama_Wolf and I have
found my Birth Son!!!

Mama_Wolf & Jeremy~ November 2001

Jeremy~ November 2001

Jeremy about 18 months ago!

Jeremy is doing just fine,
and we're all VERY happy to finally
get the chance to know one another!
He has told me all about
his adoptive family, and
I would like them to know
that I know
I could NEVER take their place,
and am not trying to.

I welcome contact from any
of his adoptive family members;
And am thankful for the limited contact
I have with some of his extended family!

My prayers were answered,
Maybe yours can be too.
If you need help with a search,
email me and I'll try my best.
All my search efforts are on a

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vote, and sign my guestbook!
Recently taken Pics of Jeremy
have been added to his page!

Listen to Joyful Joyful.
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