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Welcome to page 2 of our family album!
We will be adding more pics and pages
as time goes on, so check back frequently!

The Pics Start Now...

Mother's Day- 2001

Pretty Owl, Mother's Day- 2001

Laughing Otter, Mother's Day- 2001

Humming Bear, Mother's Day- 2001

Pretty Owl, Prom Night

The Three Stooges in Florida

Mama_Wolf and Pooh 1998

Young Otter and Baby Owl!!

Humming Bear, April 2001

and still more....

Humming Bear- Christmas 2000

Pretty Owl- Miss Teen USA Pageant 2000

Mama_Wolf- Florida 1995

Humming Bear as a BABY!

Mama_Wolf and baby Bear!

Pretty Owl & Humming Bear playing, 2000

Humming Bear with cake on his face!

Pretty Owl at a year old.

Humming Bear May 2001

Mama_Wolf's adopted Grandbaby...

...'Running Deer' is 4 1/2, now,
and loves to visit his Mema!

Running Deer and his Aunt Pretty Owl
Mother's Day 2001

Mama_Wolf, her dog, "Cody", and Jeremy ~11/01

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