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Laughing Otter's Page

Lost Falcon has been FOUND!!!

Welcome to my online photo album.
I am Lost Falcon's "little" brother.
I'll be 18 in February & this
is my last year in High School.
I plan to work in the rental shop
of our local ski resort this winter ~
I need to save for a new car.
My career will be in Information Technology.
I recently toured and was subsequently
accepted into a GREAT IT School!
I will be starting next July, and if I do well,
I'll graduate in Oct. of '03 with
an Associates degree in Specialized Business.
I'll also have earned at least 2 certifications!

My Native Namesake.

Me, April 2001

Laughing Otter on vacation in Georgia-1997

Laughing Otter- Christmas, 2000

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