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   Kyle was an inventive, creative, busy, cheerful, bubbly, easy-going, loving little boy. An active, graceful, gentle and loving person.

   Kyle was a wonderful brother. He was kind to his helpless siblings, and delighted in making them laugh. He played with his brothers and sisters who could play. He seemed to accept life just the way it came, adjust easily to new situations, and find happiness wherever he went.

   He was an excellent skateboarder, he loves skiing, water skiing, snow boarding, water boarding (was that what he called it, riding ocean waves on his board?) and many other physical things. He was on an ice hockey team. He was brave, but wise. He did scare me, but I trusted him, and I also trusted God to keep him safe.

   Kyle got a good job while still in high school, as a valet parker - he was so fast, and so excellent at driving, and he was paid well. Then he became an ambulance driver, and an EMT. Now, he is a policeman, and a deacon at his church.

   Kyle was one of the easiest and most delightful children to raise I ever had. Oh, my heart was so tender toward him! And it always will be.

   My darling son Kyle is now grown up, married to a wonderful lady, and the father of a beautiful little son. Now I also love his wife, and his son. I'll be writing much more about him.

2005 Rosemary J. Gwaltney


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