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   My darling son Kyle was my third baby, and my first son. His birth was easy, and my joy indescribable. He was an easy going baby, a cuddly nurser, and so sweet natured!

   Kyle was one of the most enjoyable children I ever raised. Full of smiles, he was loving, active, and outgoing. He was fascinated with toy cars, from twelve months old on, making "brumming" car noises for them, as he pushed them around.

   He was always very physical, and on the go. Kyle was a happy little boy who kept himself busy all the time. A very eager and self-motivated child. He was also cooperative, obedient and patient.

   He spent much time carefully driving his big collection of little hot wheels cars, paying attention to backing them up, turning them just so, and parking them, as well as just pushing them around the floor. He used our large braided rug for a race track, with each braid serving as a road for his cars.

   Kyle became a born-again Christian at seven years old, which was one of the major highlights of my life. He decided, while I was driving, and I pulled over into what turned out to be a church parking lot, and we prayed together. I will never forget that joy, as long as I live.

   As he was growing up, I would occasionally groan about my weight, and he would put his arms around me, and hug me, and say "Mom, you're getting thinner! Look, I can get my arms farther around you!" But I knew that it was just that his arms were getting longer. My precious son. He would also say "Mom, you're just right. I love you just the way you are!"

2005 Rosemary J. Gwaltney


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