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    Depo-Provera Q&A Support Board: for women to find support in one another and to learn from one another.

    Try This Message and Support Board: it is for people to share their personal life experiences during or after exposure to Depo-Provera.

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    Welcome to Our Depo-Provera Story

    This site was established March 10, 2001

  • Crystal 12/26/2004

    I have been on Depo since July 2003 and my symptoms were hot flashes, migraines, and irregular menstrual periods. I have been having cramps in my sides and it feels as if something is stuck. I read that someone had a kidney infection and I don't drink water at all so, I don't know what it could be. I have abdominal cramps, but they don't hurt as bad as they use to before I started to use Depo. I'm due for my next shot on the seventh of January and after reading some of these stories, I really don't know if I should because I already don't like the side effects and some day I wish to have children of my own, and by me being on it for so long I'm starting to wonder if it is affecting my chance of ever having kids of my own. I am seventeen and I want kids someday and I'm already a depressed person, so I know I couldn't deal with a miscarriage. My question for you is that if I were to stop, how long would it take for my body to go back to being normal and would I ever experience childbirth without miscarring?

    Miv J. 12/13/2004; Vancouver Island B.C.

    Hello, Thank you for having this awesome support site !! I have been on Depo-Provera since January 29th, 2004.... I have been experiencing all the same horrible symptoms that all the other woman have experienced.....Head aches, weight gain complete loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, severe breast tenderness and severe forgetfulness !! I am due for my fifth Depo shot January 19th AND I WILL NOT BE TAKING IT !!!! Your site confirmed all my fears !! Thank you so much for setting the story straight on this very bad drug. Now I just need to find a herb that will help expel Depo from my body fast ! Do you have any suggestions? Any stories from other woman that are trying to recover from Depo ? I am experiencing very severe pains that come and go in my ovary region.....I also suffered a severe knee injury (torn tendon) and a similar wrist injury this summer I am usually in great physical shape, but now I am a physical wreck and 20 lbs overweight !! Help!!! Miv J.

    Doreen 12/9/2004

    This shot is really great because it serves its purpose 100% and keeps me worry free about pregnancy, I have been taking it for a year and a half and I am 20 years old. The negative effects I have are extreme anger and relentlessness, I am ruining my relationship with my live-in significant other, and I would like to know what you recommend for helping me along the path of depo-rage. :) I try to go for long walks along the Hudson river, near my home with my Pomeranian puppy, but I come home, and Iím still mad or annoyed, or holding a grudge, it seems to make all my small isues in life big deals.. I can joke about this because I know why Iím feeling these feelingsÖ. Iím taking a man made hormone, and what do men love? To make women crazy of course, we all should have known better! Maybe someone can advise me on how to cope with this, because I do not wish to stop taking depo. Then againÖ I donít want to take a calming anti depressant thatís going to give me 500 more side effects, what a nightmare. Its like the depo-never-ending story.

    Annynomous 12/2/2004

    Hi...I am writing you with some questions about the depo shot. I gave birth to my son in November of 2003. I chose to breastfeed him. The doctor said the best birthcontrol option was to be on the depo shot. I started in January of 2004 and continued the shot for three cycles. I am currently on Ortho Tricycln to try to get things regulated for a few months. My husband and I are now considering trying to have another baby. We would like to start trying around September. How long should we consider the "wait period" Thanks...

    Answer: anywhere from 3 months to 36 months according to the manufacturers

    Clara 12/1/2004

    I was on the Depo shot for a year. In the beginning, I was happy with it. Other than some spotting, I really didn't have any significant side effects. After my second shot, however, I started having a LOT of problems. I didn't initially think it was related to the shot since I had already been on it for 3 months. At that point, my sex drive completely disappeared. Not only was I not interested, but it was painful. I started having difficulty sleeping. I was getting serious hot flashes and numbness in my hands and feet. My joints hurt. I got extremely depressed. I started getting dizzy spells and I was forgetting things. My memory got so bad that I could be watching tv, and when the commercials came on, I couldn't even remember what I was watching. I thought I was losing my mind. I got a whole variety of ailments (eczema, psoriasis, severe back pain, acne, chronic diarrhea, canker sores, etc.). I have become very irritable and "moody." And, the bottom line is that I still have these problems. I see no relief any time soon. It actually seems like it has been getting worse at times since I have stopped taking the shots. People really need to be aware of the potential consequences of this shot. While I will admit, there is absolutely no way I am going to get pregnant now, there is no way I would have done this if I would have known the price it would cost me. This shot has effected my relationships, my job, and basically every aspect of my life. I didn't connect these problems with the shot until I started doing some research and found out that a lot of people had similar reactions. I thought something was seriously wrong with me (cancer?). And, it really does enfuriate me that nobody (professionals) informed me that this could happen... or even later, that these problems could be related to the shot. Now all I can do is wait and hope that I will eventually get better? It's just horrible and people really need to know......(this is how it ended literally)

    Clarissa 11/30/2004

    Hi I hope this is the right email address. My name is Clarissa and I came across your website today trying to find out information on Depo side effects. I took the depo shot approx. 5 years ago. I was on it for a year, but have had issues ever since! STILL!! The most prevelant issue is the weight gain and the inability to take it off. I have many other side effects, but am running into issues when I try to talk to my Dr. about Depo being the problem. Do you have any suggestions and have you heard of other cases where weight gain problems have lasted after so long of being off of the shot?

    Jennifer 11/22/2004

    Hi! I am 35. I had my first shot in November of 2003, then in Feb 2004 and my last shot was in May 2004. It is now November 2004 and I have not had my period yet, have no libido at all, and gained approximately 15 lbs since the start. I joined Weight Watchers in Feb 2004 and dropped out after months of not being able to lose weight. After the first shot I had a major migraine about one month later. After the second shot, I had another horrific migraine about one month later. I have not had any since February, but I was scared to stop taking the shot for fear that my hormones would go into a tizzy and cause more migraines. So far so good. I am concerned about the libido and lack of periods. It's like I am dead below the waist. I also wonder about fertility and the repercussions of taking this drug. I am not looking to conceive at this time, but definitely down the road. Happy Thanksgiving! Jennifer

    Chrissie 11/20/2004


    Ginger 11/19/2004

    Hi, I am hoping maybe you can help me. I found your website and was wondering if you can help me find a solution to herbs for trying to conceive. I was on depo for 8 years (with one year off) I got off depo in feb and have had only one period since. The doctor put me on provera (to bring on my period) but no luck. We have been trying to conceive since I got off depo, but with no period its not really possible. Is there any herb solution that can help me conceive. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Ginger

    Pam 11/19/2004

    Hi My name is Pam I am 21 years old. (I just turned 21 last month.) I have been on the Depo for about a year now. I have been Bad headaches, major weight gain, and its gotton to the piont that I am no longer even intrested in sex. When my husband and i have sex I don't get any arrousment out of it. I don't know what the proper terms would be for what i am going to say is, so i am just going to say it. I cannnot at all get WET. And I used to befor i got on the depo. My husband and i have been together for 4 years so we have had plenty of sex. My body never used to act this way. Now it does, so is all this from the depo.

    Janet R. 11/17/2004

    Hi, I just read the info on your website & was compelled to email you. I dont know much about Depo-Provera but I am scheduled for my first shot next week. Your info & some other stories Ive just read have given me chills down my spine. As most of the other stories, I was also given similar warnings of potential weight gain & minimal side effects. Reading some of the information online has me giving 2nd thought as to whether this is right for me. I dont know anyone that has used this form of birth control before so I dont have any feedback other than what I've read online. I really would like to get some add'l info from you, if at all possible. I just went to my gyno yesterday for the routine ultrasound & bloodwork to confirm I am not pregnant. She's suppose to be calling in my prescription this afternoon. Thank you! Janet R.

    Linda 11/16/2004

    I am 48 years old and after being married for 30 years on my own and find I needed bc ...well I was on one called seasonal and the dr after only taking my blood pressure once said I need off it put me on depo now I am reading all the horror stories ..I have only had one shot and just had my first period after being on the other bc and getting the depo,,,. curious I know you arent a Dr but am sure You know a lot from what I read...will I have a problem not getting the next set I am no terrified to have anymore and will seek yet another method,,,I am so happy you are much better after all you went through...I have a history of severe depression for a very long time as well as others in my immediate family the Dr didnít even ask me awful...Well thanks for listening to me ..I wish you happiness in life and love Linda R.

    Martha 11/7/2004

    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my question. I was wondering if there are any herbal answers to help me ovulate. I have been on depo for 5 years and took my last shot in August. The info I have been getting points to no ovulation in depo users. Chlomid is what has been recommended, but I would really like to avoid drugs at this point. Any natural remedies you can suggest? Many thanks

    Lindsay Hyde 11/2/2004

    I read your articles and story on your website. I'm sorry that Depo didn't work for you i think that women are going a little x-treme over side effects. Depo-Provera does not alter your brain! As far as the suicide thing depo doesnt cause people to go crazy and commit suicide, those women obviously are self-centered and psycho. I've been taking depo for 3 years and i've had zero problems, NO- weight gain or break trough bleedling, mood swings etc. None! Depo-Provera may have side effects likenother birth control forms But i doesnt break-up famlies or anything stupid like that. I come from a strong well off family and we would not split apart because i'm on Depo-Provera haha! That's sooo stupid.

    Also, I go to a very good gynocologist and she answers all my questions and gave me all the info before I started the injections 3 years ago. I think some women may be going to crappy doctors because of low incomes or other reasons. I know alot of women on Depo who have has no problems and have been able to concieve shortly after stopping the injections. I feel that Depo-Provera may not be right for everyone but it is a safe, convienent, type of birth control with a very high effectiveness rate. I'm appauled that you and other poorly educated and informed women believe that Depo cause psychological problems. It doesnt. People who are mentally ill are that way with or without birth control!

    Peggy 9/6/2004

    I am taking the injection once a month because I was having heavy and long periods. Well that stop but My arthris is worst and I am having some of the other side effects. I have to go tommorrow to take another injection but I am thinking about telling the Dr I don't want the shot what are some things that happen after you get off the shot. Thanks

    Jacklyn B. 10/27/2004, MA

    Hi, I was put on the depo shot after I had my daughter in 2002. I was told that it was the safest birth control while breast feeding. The shot gave me a constant period for the full year I was on it. When I questioned the nurses, I was told to give it a year to kick in, eventually I would see the positive effects. I knew that something wasn't right and never received my fourth shot. I had also spoke with a friend who had taken it after her first son, and she had developed a tumor on her ovary and at the age of 21 found out she could never have kids again.

    My last shot was August of 2003, and I went from constantly bleeding everyday to not bleeding for 3 months to bleeding a full month again. My husband and I had decided we wanted to plan for our next child, so I sought treatment for the irregular periods for my OB/GYN. Blood tests were done, and I had an ultrasound. I was told that my 20 year old uterus was that of a premenopausal woman. I was then put on hormone treatments as I did not and still do not trust birth control. In October of 2004, we got the exciting news that we were pregant; however, the doctors were very concerned at the low HCG level hormones in my blood. Two days later (yesterday) I was given another blood test, before I received the results I started bleeding and had severe cramping. I then found out that instead of doubling, my hormones had gone down to almost zero.

    I blame this completely on the depo provera. I was never told that this increases the risk of miscarriage. In fact, whenever I questioned the shot, I was told that it was one of the safer birth controls. I feel very blessed to have my 2 year old daughter, but if I find out that I will never be able to have kids again due to this shot, I will be heartbroken. My goal is to tell all the young people, who probably don't even have kids and think this is a miracle drug that rids you of your period, that it is not healthy and even though we hate our periods it is very important that they stay regular.

    Jessica 10/23/2004

    I was just visiting your site regarding depo provera and just felt compelled to comment on certain comments made on your site. I have had only positive results with depo. It does it's job, without any side effects to my body. This is my body however, and I am sorry that you have had a number of negative side effects while using this drug. That is the nature of drugs. Side effects have been known to happen because our bodies are all different and due to our genetic make-up, react in different ways. I think that a section dedicated to those who are happy with their experiences should be on your site if it is in fact a truly "educational" site, which you claim it to be. The reason for my response is due to your comment in the final section of your story. You said that you believe that this drug is a way for doctors to make a buck by giving you a drug that they know would cause problems so you would have to pay for more tests, etc. First of all, what an ignorant comment. Doctors do not make money off of the tests that they run. Doctors do not knowingly inject their patients with a drug that will hurt you in order to see you more and make more money. This drug is not a conspiracy, it does it's job and it does it well. Just because you had a bad reaction does not give you the right to make slanderous statements against an entire occupation. Secondly, this drug was poison to you, but not to all. This again is why you should have a section for those who are pleased with their experiences thus far. Be careful before you stereotype an entire population and lash out at those who are trying to help with your problems. It just shows how truly ignorant a person like you really is. Sincerely, Jessica

    Donna 10/23/2004

    In looking at your survey of the depo shot I did not see the choices that I would pick. As for side effects the only one I have/am having is a period in between periods. And as for how much weight I've gained...None. I've actually lost weight. The shot has also helped me with a rare blood disorder I have. So instead of putting all negative things on your survey you should give people a chance to say the good things that came out of it. Thanks for your time, Donna

    Holly L.10/21/2004

    I wanted to let women know, that not all women have bad experiences with the depo-provera shot. I have been taking the depo since August of 1998. To date, the only side-effect I have suffered is weight gain of about 4-5 pounds. It has actually been a blessing for me. Before I started the depo shot I had tried many different types of birth control pills due extremely heavy periods with severe cramps that would last 7-10 days. The cramps and bleeding were so bad, that in Middle School and Highschool I would have to miss at least 5 days every month due to my period, so I could lay in a ball position with a heating pad on my stomach while wearing the very thickest maxi they made in addition to a tampon that would have to be changed every hour. After starting the depo, my periods slowly started to get shorter and lighter. By my sixth month on the shot I had just mere spotting. By the ninth month - nothing. But the best part - NO AWFUL CRAMPS!!! 6 years on the Depo and still loving it!!

    Brooke 10/18/2004

    > Hi, My name is Brooke. I have some questions. I started the shot in March of 2000. No period. But I just got diagnosed with epilepsy. In Aug of this year I started feeling horrible. I feel like I am going to fall I space out and I forget things. I have been to several drs because of this and ended up at a neurologist. I had an eeg done and it came back saying I had 16 seizures in 24 hours. I cancelled my next depo in Nov. Have you heard of these symptoms related to the depo. And maybe it is the depo causing this. But the drs think I am nuts and they haven't heard anything like this before. Is there a lawsuit forming? If you could email me back that would be great! Thanks, Brooke

    Claire 10/15/2004

    Hiya I am quite worried as I have the injection in March and for 3 months after I bled almost every day, sex was very painfull and I was very emoody/emotional. I never went back for my next injection in June and although Im not bleeding every day now I am every other week. Sex is no longer painful but I bleed after it. Do you think I need to see my doctor?

    Kasondra B. 10/11/2004

    I started the shot in February of 2002, i continuously bled for 3 months and when i asked the doctor, he said it was just a side effect of the shot and not to worry about it because it would stop after my next shot. I continued on the shot and it did stop completely the whole time I was on it. While on the shot the only side effect I had was serious weight gain which was impossible to lose no matter what I did. It is after I stopped the shot that I began to encounter problems. My last shot wore off in August of 2003, and until August of 2004 I had not had a period. I dont know that I would even consider it a period, I have been spotting for three straight months now, with severe cramping and any time I had called the doctor before, they had told me not to worry about it. They had run an ultrasound once before in October of 2003 to make sure I didnt have cysts. Im making another appointment today but I know what it is from. There have been many other things about the shot that have made me hate it like severe moods swings and irritablility but the abnormal bleeding is the what scares me most. I would never reccomend this shot to anyone and I have made it a point to stop many family members and friends from getting it. This website is a wonderful thing. Thank You, Kasondra B.
    Brandy 1/13/2004


    JoAnn 1/12/2004

    Hi. I found your web site while looking for info on the shot. I know this may sound like a lame question compared to some you may already have heard but it concerns me...I was on the depo shot. I got off in August. My Dr. said I couldn't get on the pill till my period returned. It hasn't yet. I have taken pregnancy tests and they say I'm not pregnant but I haven't had a period yet. I live in a big city and cant see my dr until next it "normal" or even typical for me not to have gotten my period yet? I am getting married in a couple months and got off the shot b/c my fiance thought it was a good idea, he never liked the idea of the shot. I was on it 5 years. He and I are freaking out b/c I haven't gotten my period and can't get in to see my dr. I don't know if maybe im pregnant and the shots "residue" is causing me to get negative OTC pregnancy tests or if I am not pregnant and this is normal. The nurse at the drs office said I had to talk to the dr she couldn't answer my questions over the phone. If you have any suggestions or know anything that may ease my mind, feel free to email me back

    Janet 1/12/2004

    It needs to be realized that everyone is not the same, thus everyone will not react the same to this form of birth control. I have used this drug faithfully for 11 years and am very happy with it. My husband and I want no children, yet neither one of us want to under go surgery. While on the pill, I had terrible migraines every month before I would start my period, then have the worst pms, so bad, that my husband was ready to divorce me. The Depo-Provera is great for me. We are very active and not having to worry about a period is great, not to mention that I haven't had one migraine since being on this shot, nor do I have the mood swings that I used to. The weight gain and bone loss can be controlled by exercise (I am very physical and do weight training, run, bike and swim, did so even before the depo), weight training is also good for building bone density and I take calcium, under the advice of my physician. For me, it is wonderful. I have had 3 friends that tried it, one of them liked it, one liked it but couldn't handle the weight gain, and the other experienced painful intercourse and quit using it. I seem to be an exception. If you find it's the right thing for you, it CAN be great. Thanks for listening.

    Dawn 1/11/2004

    Heidi G. 1/7/2004

    Hi Ive just been having a look at your website - very interesting! I came off the injection 7 months ago having been onit for 7 years. i have not had a period since i started taking it. if i still dont want to get pregnant, does that mean i dont have to use condoms? i suppose im not fertile now until my periods come back? Many thanks

    Sindy 1/5/2004

    Hello! My name is Sindy and after visiting this website I am very scared, peeved etc. I have just recently got married and gone off Depo after receiving the injections for five years. It has been over three months and no signs and no period. I have also had all of the signs of being pregnant but the home pregnancy test, Doctor's urine test and blood work have all come back negative. I have recently been dealing with discharge from my nipples. Have you had anyone talk about the above or do you know anything? PLEASE. I really look forward to your response. Thank you

    Michelle 1/5/2004

    I started on Depo-Provera 6 weeks after my son was born, I Was 18 at the time and it sounded real convent compared to the other options out there and because I could not take the pill because of continuous heavy bleeding for 3 months while on it. My first year on depo there was no change I still got my period every month and I had noticed some weight gain but was also going to college spending long hours studying and eating at all hours of the day. During year one and two my periods finally stopped and I though it was wonderful not having to carry around feminine products all the time. This continued thru year three when I started fainting after receiving my injections. The doctors did all kinds of blood work and could find no reason for the fainting and said it may be from the stress of school and raising a child and not eating right. Later Blood work came back and showed that my blood sugar levels were dangerously low and I had no way of telling until I passed out since it dropped so quickly. I was put on a strict diet for hypoglycemia and this helped only a small amount. I had to continue to eat almost continuously and the weight gain soared from there. Starting off as a size three 105 pound after three years I was at a size 8 and 160 pounds. I am still on the depo for an overall 6 Ĺ years the final straw was sporadic bleeding which had no symptoms and was extremely heavy. This could be at any time and any where. Activities as little as picking something up off of the floor could bring it on and intercourse for get it. Symptoms started around year 5 Ĺ and got increasingly worse until year 6 Ĺ where I was bleeding almost continuously and heavy. I am due for my next shot January 2004 and I have decided to explore some other form of Birth control I eventually would like to have another child I hope this is still possible.

    Kate 1/1/2004

    I found your website while I was reading up on the Shot because I too am dealing with the side effects. I started the Shot 8 months ago. Since then I have gained ten pounds and have been treated for vaginal infections three times. My gynecologist tells me she does not know why I am getting the infections but says 'some women have problems in that area'. Well, I never had a problem until I started getting the injections. I recently made an appointment with a different doctor to look into a tubal ligation. I am getting off this drug as soon as possible! Just thought I would send my comments on to you

    Angela 12/26/2003

    My name is Angela. I have been on the Depo shot since about late 2000. My boyfriend and I are getting really serious and are contemplating marriage. I just want to know if I'm still going to be able to give us a child one day. How long do I need to be off the shot before even thinking about concieving a healthy baby. I don't want to endanger my child Thank You.

    Monica P. 12/18/2003

    My name is Monica P. I have been on the depo shot for at least 2 years after the first injection, I started gaining weight, getting headaches, dizziness, fatigue,vaginal dryness and abdominal cramps depression in march i put extensions in my hair because my hair started falling out i thought at first it was the perm i was using but recently in december i took my braids out and permed it 2 weeks after it started falling out again Dec 15 i was due for my next shot i didn't go since my hair was falling out i said why should i get my next shot if my hair is falling out i called the doctor and left a message but he hasn't returned my call yet because i wanted him to know the shot is making my hair fall out even when i comb my hair it comes out in bunches of clumps so i may have to rebraid my hair so it can grow back.

    Jodi B. 12/16/2003

    My name is Jodi, and I have been on depo for 7 years, since the birth of my second child. I am now trying to conceive another child, have very recently gone off of depo, and started taking Vitex. I also ordered Red clover blossoms. They just arrived. How long do these things usually take to work, and can I take them at the same time? What are the side effects of vitex? Lately I've been feeling sick to my stomach, but have not vomited yet, urinating frequently, sore breasts, emotional, lower abdominal cramping, bloating, and I've gained 10 pounds in a month!! Can you help me?

    Nicole H. 12/14/2003

    Hi, I am a depo victim. Hard to believe because I am a nurse. I know your web site talks about doctors and nurses providing misleading information to patients but we don't have all the right answers. Doctors and nurses can only provide the information we know. I went on the Depo after weighing out all the risks and benefits provided and was fully aware of the problems with conceiving, but I decided to anyways. There are side effects to the Depo that I believe are also severe. I first went on Depo and became very depressed, suicidal. I did end up going off the Depo but not knowing that Depo may be the cause for the depression I experienced. It wasn't until the second time I went on Depo did I make the connection becuase the depression and suicidal thoughts happened again. As a nurse it is hard to explain to other health care workers what I believe because there is little research based knowledge to defend it. Your web site is wonderful but I think we need to get more research based knowledge to fight for the health and psychological wellness of others. I currently work at a well known research based institution and have been working for a masters degree. I would like to continue and develop my thesis on the effects of depo that women experience but are not informed of. I am wondering if you can help me in doing so. Thanks

    Unknown 12/11/2003

    I was 18 when I first began to use Depo. I first gained over one hundred pounds the first three months of use, but was told this was fine when I went in for my second shot. I was on Depo for about six months or so when it was coming time for my third shot I was feeling funny I took a home test and guess what it came up positive something I was told was extremely rare. It is now been four years since I have had the shot I had my tubes cut and tied , which for some reason did not take, so I decided to take Depo again stupid mistake. This time I have not had the shot for three months yet and already I see many synptons arising such as the migraines, depression, spotting since I had my first shot, sleeping all the time and not wanting to do anything at all. After this shot wears off in January I Will NEVER go back for this again no matter what I have to do to control the number of children I have Depo most definantly is NOT an option ever again. Thank You

    Windi 12/8/2003

    Just a few weeks ago, I sought help for irregular bleeding from my OB/Gyn office. I had testing done but nothing was conclusive. After speaking with the Nurse/Midwife at the practice, she suggested Depo-Provera to help control my hormone levels along with two Antibiotics since she felt my SEDT-rate was slightly elevated. Within 10-14 days of receiving the Depo shot along with taking the Antibiotics prescribed to me, I found myself in the emergency room wondering how I could have fractured my left foot while sleeping. The pain was intense and I found it difficult to walk.

    After checking for a blood clot and doing tests to determine whether or not I was dehydrated, I was sent on my way with a prescription for Tylenol 3 with Codeine. This seemed to dull the pain enough to allow me to get some rest. Since this time, my foot has improved somewhat, but my ankles and knees have started to swell. I also have moments of feeling short of breath, particularly when I lay down to sleep at night. When this happens, I have "flickers" of pain in my left shoulder near my chest.

    When the pain began, I contacted my pharmacist who explained that joint pain and swelling could be associated with both the Depo Provera shot and the Floxin antibiotic I was on. I assumed it was the Floxin at the time. I went back to speak with the Nurse/ Midwife to find out if I should stop taking the Floxin. She said she found it unlikely that it was the medication, but if I was "so" convinced, I should stop taking the antibiotics. She did not examine the joints I complained of swelling in. She only suggested I see my primary physician, since she felt my stiff neck could indicate viral meningitis. I stopped the antibiotics immediately and went to my Primary physician feeling "blown-off," frustrated and disillusioned.

    I saw my primary physician who examined my foot and ankles. After finding them swollen and "hot," he sent me for a series of blood tests - STAT. The results came back todayÖ everything appears to be normal. He had prescribed a steroid and anti-inflammatory to combat the swelling and pain. The swelling in my ankles went down enough to relieve the pain so I could walk and drive (last Thursday walking was so painful I could not drive or go into work). However, the swelling has not disappeared and now my knees are swollen as well.

    My husband and I are certain it is the Depo shot causing these issues. It is difficult to walk, I'm in pain and no blood test, ultra-sound of x-ray can explain what is wrong. The only reason I don't feel like I'm going crazy is the fact that you can actually see my swollen joints and feel the "hot" spots caused by them. I know something is wrong no matter what the tests say.

    All I want to do is get this awful drug out of my system!!! Any suggestions anyone can offer would be phenomenal. For now I'll just be drinking a ton of water.

    Windi G.
    Another Depo victim

    E-lane-uh 12/6/2003

    I was hoping I could get your opinion about my situation...
    I'll just start from the begining. I got my first depo shot the day my daughter was born, July 14, 1999 (I was 17). I bled heavily for three months, so I got back on the pill for 3 months before returning to the shot. My husband and I decided to try for another baby so I got my last depo shot February 2003 and decided to get back on the pill to get my periods back and hopefully avoid any pregnancy complications. I continued on the pill for 2 months and had regular periods both months. I then went with no birth control and began trying to get pregnant. I became pregnant the third week to September. I saw my doctor at 10 weeks and had a vaginal ultra sound done at which point he told me that the fetus had no heartbeat. He suggested having D and C. I wanted another ultra sound done before I did any thing. So one week later we did another vaginal which showed the same thing only the fetus had not grown at all. I was pretty sure of it but I still wanted more assurance, I went to x ray and did it that way and it showed the same thing. I went ahead with the D and C day before yesterday. Talking with my mom today she told me that when the depo shot first came out that there had been discussion about the problems with women and the long term affects of it. Thats when I found your website and read the "Depo-provera Facts". I was horrified when I read this. Any way I am supposed to see my docor in two weeks, should I confront him about these facts, I never suffered any of the common side effects except for a few extra pounds. Do you think my would have been miscarriage was because of the Depo I had for 4 years?

    Unknown 12/6/2003

    i have been working out 3 months and have been off the depo for 2 months. i have had weight gain of over 30 pounds and i was so depressed about it. i also lost my drive for sex. will these side effects go away? i am only 21 and i have stretch marks everywhere. i did research and found out depo causes that also. i have never been this big. is there any hope for me? i also have had lots of hair loss and my doctor said my dizziness was not the depo neither was the hair loss it was probaly my thyroid. now i know better. will it ever get better.

    Unknown 12/1/2003

    I just so happen to be amoungst the many other woman that have been suckered into takeing this deadly drug. Hello, my name is Christine i am 38 yrs.old and the proud mother of six beautiful children. I was one of the lucky ones to have only taken one Depot shot, and have learned my lesson quit quickly. One of my main questions to the doctor before recieving this shot was" will i gain weight"? Well i now know why they snickered and responded with a NO answer. With one shot i gained at least 12 lbs! Now this may not sound like much to you, but for a woman who's normal weight has not exceeded 98lbs(except with the acception of pregnancy's) this was horrifying to me. The weight gain all happened within 1-2 months time. Then there was the non-stop spotting, and bleeding like i was constantly haveing my period.

    I honestly feel like from one meisly shot i have bled for close to a whole year.

    Now the doctor is looking at giving me a D&C. I requested an ultra sound before i just let them do surgery on me. The ultra showed that i have two cysts on my right ovarie and now i am being placed on anouther birth control called Ovcon. If this birth control doesn't help to stop the bleeding and put me on a regular period shcedule then i am looking at haveing to have the D&C done.

    I, like most woman here am not a doctor, but i do believe that woman know their own bodies. We put our trust into these doctors because we believe they know what they're doing. Please, please, please, do not listen to any doctor when they tell you that the depot shot is the way to go, because it's only the begining of more problems to come. I feel so sorry for all the other woman who have fallen victim to this shot and have gained a lot more weight and problems then i have and now find their health back into anouther doctors hands. Maybe our best birth control is the natural way. Find out when you ovulate and work around that. No side effects, no weight gain, no headaches, etc, you get my point.

    Heather 11/27/2003

    My name is Heather. I have never wanted children until I turned 30 years old. My next shot is due in Jan. but we have decided not to get it. What can I start doing to get my body back to normal? What herbs should I be taking? I appreciate all advice.

    Unknown 11/26/2003

    I have been researching this subject for many months and I rarely see comments from men. If this drug is so destructive, I would think that more men would be up in arms about how it is destroying marriages and relationships. My wife and I have been on a roller-coaster for 2 years. Her doctor says there's nothing wrong with the drug, yet my wife has gone from 110 lbs to 145 lbs in the past year, she has no patience with our son -- she screams at him, and me. Sex? What sex! I suggested counselling, but my wife isn't interested. My marriage is falling apart, yet I feel there is nothing I can do. My friends and family know I have made a huge effort. This drug is a killer. If anyone knows of a support group for men, I would really like to speak to someone

    Elaine 11/20/2003

    Please bear with me because I am new at this. I want to tell you my story, and maybe you can help me. I am desperatly in need of information.

    I first started on Depo 5 years ago because of heavy periods coming every 2 weeks.

    My Dr. told me it was safe, and would stop my periods, so I did it. I experienced symptoms such as depression, headaches, acne, chronic sinus problems, etc., however I did not make the connection until recently. I got a tumor in my left breast 4 years ago. It was removed, and was found to be benign. I still did not make the connection. I even asked the DR. if there could be any connection, and he said no. So, I continued with it.

    I was divorced, and already had children, so I never worried about possible effects it might have on me in regards with fertility. I was not planning on having more children.

    I had my last injection in October of 2002. I married my wonderful husband who has no children, so we decided to have one. I first became pregnant in March 2003, and miscarried 3 weeks later. I then became pregnant in August, with twins. Everything was going great. Two healthy babies, great heartrates, etc. We had no indication of what would happen next. On Sunday we found out that they were both gone. I was 16 weeks along.As far as my Dr. can determine they stopped growing, and then died. I am asking anyone who may know , if the Depo has been known to have any connection to these types of problems. Is it possible the Depo is still in my body? And if so, is there any way to possibly get rid of it?

    I am desperatly searching for answers. I would not wish this kind of pain on anyone. Please help me with this. Thank you so much,

    Kristin B. 11/20/2003

    Hi, my name is Kristin and I am 20 years old. I gave birth eight months ago and then I got my first Depo-Provera shot two months after that. At first it seemed fine and I was thrilled to now be carefree about birth control. But ever since I got on it, I have been having brown discharge off and on and a constant thick yellowish discharge every day. It is driving me crazy. Sometimes it makes me embarrassed for my husband to touch me down there. I know I should tell the doctor but I am afraid they will dismiss it like always and it will never go away. And also ,I only had a period the first month I was on the shot. But two days ago I started bleeding. Then yesterday it was only brown discharge. And then today it was bright red again. Can you please help me to understand why my body is being weird? Thankyou.

    Erin 11/20/2003

    My name is Erin and I am 21 yrs. old. My husband and i have a 31/2 yr.old son. I have been taking depo for about 4 yrs. now and started taking it at the age of 17, just after our son was born. We have come to the decision that we would like to have one more child. My last injection was in August 2003. I found your site while looking for info about the time length it would take for me to be able to conceive again. I am amazed at the stories I have read and am very nervous that I may have these problems.

    I made an appointment with my dr to discuss some of these issues and printed out a lot of the stories from other women to share with my dr. I have noticed the weight gain. I have gained 40lbs. I also have not had a period the entire time on the shot. I actually have not had a period longer than I ever had one my whole life. I'm afraid this may have damaged me for a very long time.

    My husband and I would like to have a child soon due to the fact we don't want our children to be so seperated in age. I've been reading alot about tips on conceining and they all relate to a menstrual cycle and how to time it right, but with not having one that's a little difficult. I'm just hoping that there is some way I can beat the odds and conceive quickly,but i know nothing about how to make my chances greater. If I can not conceive by the end of next year, then I am afraid all hope is lost because we don't want our kids that far apart. I can't be like some of the women who have been trying for 5 yrs. I have a limited time frame for what we are expecting and I didn't know that the depo would affect my decision making so horribly. Any advice that you could give me or even just to talk would be great. I have found your site very helpful and wish i had found it before i started the shots. I know that i am very early in the stages of being off depo and i may not have these problems but I can't help but be worried now that I know there are so many women having complications. Thanks again.

    Elaine 11/18/2003

    My name is Elaine Schmidt, and I am writing to you in the hope that you can possibly help me.

    I was put on Depo around 4 years ago because of periods every 2 weeks. The Dr. told me it was safe, and I never questioned it. I did have a slight weight gain, headaches, acne, mood swings (usually right after recieving the injection). I also was sick constantly with sinus problems, however I never contributed any of these to the Depo. I had 3 chilren already, and was divorced, so having more children was never anything I thought of.

    I had my last injection in October of 2002. I remarried a wonderful man, and we decided to try to have a baby. I became pregnant the first time in March of 2003, and miscarried at 4 weeks. I still never thought about the Depo. I became pregnant again in August 2003, and everything was going extremely well. We found out we were pregnant with twins. My last ultrasound in early November showed the babies well formed in 2 sacs, and very healthy normal limbs, and heart beats.

    this last weekend, I had another ultrasound and it showed that the babies were gone. As far as my OB. knows they stopped growing around 11 weeks, and passed away last week sometime.

    I am asking you for whatever information you may have about Depo effects concerning this. Maybe we are grasping at straws here. We are devastated here. My DR. thankfully removed both babies yesterday by a D&C.

    Is it possible that the Depo could still be in my body? and if so, is there any way to get it out? We are desperate for any answers you may be able to give to us.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Christen 11/16/2003

    Hi my name is Christen, I'm 19 and I was on Depo for 3 years. I didn't experience many side effects while on the Depo other than 7 pounds of weight gain. However after I stopped taking it my hormones have been way out of wack. One minute I'm the next crying etc. I have no urge to eat at all, sinus problems, head aches, vomiting, and the over all sense that something just isn't right with my body. I would personally urge anyone considering Depo as a form of birth control to stick with the pill. I am also worried that I might be pregnant and that the Depo might some how affect my baby. There is something seriously wrong with Depo, I think the FDA needs to discontinue use of it until they can do further research on it.

    Karen M. 11/12/2003

    I wish I had read up on your site over a year ago, I could have avoided a year of hell!!

    I decided to go on depo provera because I was really irresponsible with taking my birth control pill. By the time I had received my 2nd injection my weight had ballooned up to 157lbs. I have always been 120lbs, even after the birth of my three children my weight had never gone higher than 120. actually, after the birth of my 3rd, I was down to 116lbs. I was sooo tired all the time and just wanted to sleep, I had no desire to eat, for sex and I had horrible memory loss, I could not tell you what I did five minutes ago.

    I decided After my third injection that I was going to come off the depo provera.....that was a NIGHTMARE. It has been 6 months and for the last four months I have not stop bleeding and I mean BLEEDING. I will go through a tampon and pad within 1 hour, Many days I cant even get out of bed because I am bleeding so heavily. My doctor has sent me for many tests, my iron is depleted in my body due to the heavy bleeding and my recent ultra sound showed that my endometrium is very thick......which shows dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Now they want to do a biopsy of the endometrium because they are suspecting cancer!!???

    I have just started to have some weight fall off of me now, but my bleeding is still continuing.....I never did have a period while on the depo, now I cant stop.

    If I could just prevent one person from taking this POISON, then it is all worth while.

    For me now, I am just anxiously awaiting to lose my weight, stop bleeding and praying that this has not caused cancer of the endometrium.

    Did I mention that in my previous ultra sound...just 1 month before my first injection, my endometrium was completely normal.............makes me wonder!!!

    Thanks for posting these warnings on your web site, I hope that women will investigate this site befor taking the depo injections.......It would have saved a lot of hell and heart ache for me!!

    Helen 11/6/2003

    Hi My name is Helen,
    I started getting the depo shot when I was 20 right after my daughter was born. The doctor's told me how great it was and when I was ready to have another child i just stop the shot. Well I was on the shot for the past four years and now my daughter is almost 5. We decided to stop taking birth control and not try but try to have another baby if you know what I mean. Well the second month after stopping the shot I got my period and it was normal and it stayed that way for another month. Then I started bleeding all the time it just wouldn't stop. So I called my doctor and they said they thought I had a early miscarriage. Well the bleeding stopped for 13 days and started again I have cramps worse than I ever have had in my life. My doctor tells me i'm not ovulating and it takes awhile for your body to get back to normal that i shouldn't worry it shouldn't be permanent. They said if my periods don't go back to normal soon I should get a D and C done. Now i'm hearing all these horror stories about the depo and I'm so angry that nobody bothered to inform me of the risks or sideeffects from the depo provera shot and so scared that I might not be able to have another child. Thank you for your story and thank you for listening to mine.

    Sheila 11/6/2003

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Like many Depo users, I thought everything couldn't be better. I started the injections in the Fall of 1993. I lost weight, had no periods (a God sent!), and I didn't have to worry about putting a nasty-tasting pill in my mouth every single day. After about 7 years, My husband and I decided to take a more permanent solution (He actually volunteered for a vasectomy!) I have now been off Depo for 3 years and still have little to no labido. Over the 7 years of Depo use, I blamed the lack of labido on everything BUT the Depo. Later I learned that in some states, Depo is used to chemically castrate male prisoners. My OB/GYN insisted that the lack of labido was directly due to the Depo. Not only has my labido not returned, I am now being tested for ovarian failure. I'm not sure if anyone has ever looked at the long term and sometimes PERMANENT side effects of prolonged Depo useage, but I'm supposed to be in my sexual prime. I would love to know if anyone else has a similar story.

    Dayna 11/5/2003

    I have read your site and even more concerned then ever before. I took my first and last shot in March of 2003. I have sever asthma and after taking the shot got worse and worse. My normal steroids did not help. My doctor said that I my lungs where swollen and filled with fluid. ALL DUE to the DEPO. He called my gyn and yelled at him for giving me such a horrible drug. I was pleased that I had such a good Doctor that he realized how bad this stuff is. Anyway, my husband and I want horribly to have a child. I was married before and have 2 beautiful daughters that I got pregnant with as soon as I decided I wanted to. Now that me and my current husband are trying it is for frustrating that nothing is happening. On October 10 I thought I got a period I had my normal breast tenderness and cramps but the bleeding only lasted a day. Now I am hopping to get another period so at least that is a sign that I can get pregnant. But I have nothing not even the normal symptoms. After coming off the shot I would get all the normal symptoms of a period but never bleed till this last one. So I was hoping I could of maybe gotten pregnant this month. How do you know? Will I have to wait forever to have another child? All your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Agatha 11/3/2003

    Hi, I really appreciate your web-site but what do you recommend I should take instead of this shot. I feel like so many unanswered questions have been answered by your website. I experienced almost all of the symptoms and thought there was something wrong with me. It has been two years since I have used anything other than condoms due to the fear of going through what I went through with depo. If you do not know what other pills I should take can you recommend another website,

    Melanie 10/20/2003

    i was on depo 2x. after years of trying to find a pill w/o side effects.

    1st x, was @ my 6wk check-up, post delivery. i loved it. no periods (breast feeding can cause that, too) & i went from 198lbs @ delivery to 120 in 6 mos. i loved that, even tho it was WAY too skinny. i got divorced 1yr after baby, so went off depo. 2yrs later, i got remarried & went back on, thinking it was the miracle drug.

    what a mistake!!! i immediately couldn't stand my new husband! no light touches, only firm, gained 40 pounds, all the symptoms of pregnancy, irritable digestive tract, depression, 3 wks of bleeding per month & maybe one w/o. my moron MALE dr. told me it was my thyroid, then when it wasn't, said,"oh, thats just love, you eat good when you're in love." (!!!!!!!)

    i had to fire him & get a woman dr. who finally said ,"hey, might be the depo!" took 2 years to get even a semblance of narmalcy back. the day my metabolism kicked back on, i thought i was sick. i was always hungry, but losing weight. i got checked for diabetes B4 i realized i was just back to eating & burning calories normally. the pounds dropped off. my cycle is STILL screwed up, 5 years later, but improving.

    Marie S. 10/18/2003

    i am sending you this e-mail to see if you can tell me if there is any connection with taking antideppressants while being pregnant. to let you understand i have 3 healthy beautiful kids aged 20months, 6years,and 10 years. i was diagnosed with deppression at the beginning of the year and was put on cipramil which i was on for just over 3 months when i discovered that i was 6 weeks pregnant with twins i was told to come off my tablets straight away and i did only to find out that within 3 days i had lost 1 of my babies now 6 weeks later at 13 weeks pregnant i lost the other one and i would like to know if coming off my tablets the way i did had any effect on me having 2 miscarriages within 6 weeks as i have never had one before i would like to know the truth as no-one will tell me or give me a straight answer thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear from you soon

    Alaina J. 3/24/2004

    I got my first depo shot three months ago. I originally switched from birth control pills to depo for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I never remembered to take the pill, the mood swings were out of control, and my menstrual cramps were extremely painful. My first month on depo, everything seemed okay. I didn't spot, didn't have any cramps, and my mood swings were less and far between. Then about a month into my first depo shot I started to spot and I am still spotting a month and a half later. I began to get major headaches, suffered a couple of weeks of mild depression and severe anxiety, and little by little lost all interest in my sex life. I didn't think much of these symptoms. I thought the headaches were due to wearing my contacts too long. The depression, well I thought that had something to do with my tendancy to obsess about money too often. And my loss in sex drive, I just thought since I have been with my boyfriend for close to six years, that I was just falling into some strange slump. I came to your website not because of the depression, increased anxiety, loss of sex drive, or headaches; it was because the spotting has been very excessive and I was wondering if it was all worth it. I had no idea there were other women suffering the same symptoms I have been suffering over the past three months. My doctor did not make me aware of these side effects and of course, the depo-provera websites do not mention them either. I am extremely greatful for your informative website. I cancelled my second Depo shot and will be using another form of birth control.

    Unknown 3/22/2004

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am in tears husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 months now. I finally tested positive for pregnancy three weeks ago. I started spotting yesterday afternoon, I woke this morning bleeding very heavy, lots of clotting. (way more that a normal period)

    My last depo shot was May 3, 2003, almost 11 months ago. I am so sad, I can't stop crying. I know we've lost the baby. I'm waiting for the Dr. to call back, I already know the outcome.

    As far as weight gain, I've gained 30 lbs too. I've been doing low carb, working out 4 x a week at the gym...I can't shed the weight! I will never use anything but natrual family planning from this point on!

    Rebeca 3/22/2004

    I just read your story and I am sorry all that happened to you!! I was thinking about taking the Depo due to some other medical problems (my doctor had mentioned it ) and I decided to check the net on it. I came to your site and others and the Depo sounds horrific!!! Thank you so much for your candid thoughts and I hope your life is back to normal and your children, husband and you are ok now.

    Needless to say I WILL NOT TAKE those shots of Depo.
    Thanks again

    Candace 3/20/2004

    Hi, my name is Candice and I'm 16. I started Depo on February 6th, and it wasnt until after i started it that I found out about the real side effects, and I'm so scared that I'm goin 2 get them. I'm going to wait until I have to go in for my second shot to switch birth controls. But I was wondering how long were u on it, and what side effects did u experience after your first shot. And also, exactly how long did it take for everything to go away? Thank you

    Lorie 3/20/2004

    I've recently heard a lot of bad rumors about depo from some frinds of mine I'm wondering how much of it is true. I've been on depo for more than 8 years and never heard anything like this from my docor. Is there somewhere I should look for a more condensed version of the info I'm finding on you page? Has there ever been any type of class action filed against the manufacturer or doctors who aren't providing all the information to patience?

    Please send me any information you may have, or links to where I should look.

    Joann 3/20/2004; Madison OH

    Hello my name is Joanne and I live in Madison, Ohio. I am e-mailing to ask a few questions. I hope I am not causing too much of a problem! I took my first depo shot in March of 2003 I got the 2 and 3 one. My husband and I decided to have another one so I did not get the 4th. I went to the GYN yesterday because I still have not had a period since 2/03. The horror stories I have read just scare the heck out of me. I have 3 wonderful little girs, but I was going to try for a boy. Do you have any advice for me? I seen your son on the website and he is gorgeous. Any information would really help me alot to know what to look forward to or if I have a chance at another baby? Thank you so much for your time I appreciate it. Lots of Luck to you and your whole family!!!!!!!!!!

    Jamie 3/19/2004

    I have been off and on the Depo shot since high school. I first got on it when I was 17 years old. It seemed to be the perfect choice because there would be no evidence for my parents to find (at the time I did not want to tell my mom that I was having sex) I was on it straight for a couple of years, then when my boyfriend and I broke up I got off of it for a year or two. I have been on the shot straight thru since 1999. I never had a problem with the weight gain (I am naturally a slender girl) and I completely stopped having a period, which was nice. Then about two years ago I started noticing things were changing on my body. My bra size went from a B cup to an A cup, and I didn't tan like I used too. I have long heard that birth control makes some more sensitive to the Sun, so I thought it was just that. I also started to realize that I got migraines pretty often, and most nights it would take me a couple hours to fall asleep. Also, the appearance of my skin started to change. I constantly have white splotches all over my arms, legs, butt, and lower back. Last year when I went in for my annual I asked the doctor about my skin. She said it probably wasn't due to the depo, and was probably because I smoke cigarettes. I do know that smoking on birth control is a big no-no. She also asked me if I had Lupus! I didn't even know what Lupus was.

    I went home and looked up Lupus on the internet, I do not have Lupus. I also had blood work done thinking that there might be something wrong there. I was all clear on diabetes, thyroid check, anemia, all STD's including HIV, and my cholesterol was very good (120) Then I happened to go the the dermatologist for something unrelated (though I will say in the last two years I starting getting large cyst like pimples on my face, and I have never had acne before) and I asked him about the appearance of my skin. He said that I had livedo riticularis, and that smoking on birth control was making it worse. So I went home and looked up Livedo Riticularis, and I do not have that either. So this past January I decided to get off the shot for good. I had not even realized that I had been on it for so long. The first couple of weeks after I was due for my shot were rough. It felt like I was going through withdrawals. I felt fat and was emotional, and I am not the crying emotional type. I went back to Planned Parenthood to ask if this was normal, they said yes and that it might take up to a year to get my period back. I joined the gym and started working out, and that has helped quite a bit and I am quitting smoking. But I must say that I already have noticed some things since I have been off the shot (it has only been 2 months).I have not had one headache and I have not have had one acne flare-up and I was getting about one monster blemish a month. I am curious too see if my skin condition improves as well. I have had plenty of time to think about everything, and the only thing that adds up is that the depo has caused a lot of these problems. Before the first time I got on depo I had never had any sort of health problems. And besides the smoking (which is terrible I know) I am a healthy person. I think the only reason I stayed on it so long that it was easy and I never thought that it could be the cause of so many smaller problems. But I will say that out of all the women I know (I'm a bartender, I know a of women) who have tried the depo shot I am the only one that liked it. But I guess now the only reason I "liked" it was because I didn't gain any weight. Thanks for reading my a-mail, and I am glad I found your web site. I will be visiting it again. Jamie P.S. Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about skin disorders?

    Carly 3/18/2004

    I have been on Depo for about a year and a half now. In this time I have gained 30 pounds and have bad acne. I have a history of acne as well as personal and family depression, also headaches. Since doing some research on Depo I am wondering if its not helping all these problems along. I have just been chalking it up to coincidence. I dont want to get off of this form of birth control because its very convenient for me. I'm 20 and going to be married in the summer to my love of over two years. I'm worried that it might take years to conceive again, as well as if I quit taking it maybe I would get pregnant too soon... but I'd almost rather get pregnant than deal with all these problems, that may lead to more serious dilemmas down the road. I guess I am just asking for advice. I dont talk to my mom about this stuff and the doctors office probably wouldn't give it to me straight. I just dont want to overreact--I feel like thats what I am doing. Thanks for reading this

    Erin 3/16/2004

    I'm 18 years old and started taking depo a little over a year ago. I have just started to looking into my depression lately and after reading your story and everyone else's, you may have just saved my life. Thank you for posting these stories and facts, it really means a lot to me.

    Julie 3/15/2004

    Hi, I have been off the injections since some time in 2002 and i started them when i was 18 but i cant quite remember what exact date, my periods still have not returned and now i am experiencing really bad hot flushes, is this normal? would you know when i should see my doctor about lack of period? Thank You

    Emma 3/13/2004

    Hi my name is Emma and I'm 29, I have been on Depo since July 2003. My story is just in the early stages. Since the first injection my periods stopped, I was not bothered about that at all. Then the nervousness came, hot and cold sweats. Weight gain and unbelievable headaches, black spots in front of my eyes, dizziness, and now memory loss and depression. I have seen 2 doctors so far and I have explained these symptoms have only come on since I started taking Depo. Doctors say "it is not related" and are sending me to see a neurologist. I will update you on their findings but it may be some time as I have to wait 17weeks for the appointment.. Until then I have to keep a diary off all the problems I am having. Looks there going to have some good reading... I cannot believe there are so many people out there with the same symptoms as me.....

    Jennifer 3/11/2004

    Thank You so much....your website let me know I'm not the only one who is so angry I was left in the dark before I was on this horrible drug. You really have a good thing going here

    Sophia 3/11/2004

    do you know of any class-action suits in California. I didn't know how destructive Depo was until I started reading some of the stories and realized that the symptoms I have been suffering are all due to Depo and I'm not going crazy or aging extra quickly because I just had my third baby. Thanks for sharing your story.

    April 3/11/2004

    My son is now 8 years old. I took the depo shot for three years and decided to stop it. Shortly after I started the shot I gained 90 lbs. I also started to get acne (very bad). I have facial hair, hair on my stomach, back, chest, etc. The acne isnít just on my face. I get it real bad on my hips and chest. I havenít had a shot in over 4 years and I still have these problems. I have been tested for thyroid problems and the tests came back normal. The first sign of the acne problem I notified the doctor who was giving me the shot and she said just wash real good with antibacterial soap. Well I use antibacterial soap everyday of my life and that never did any good. I am going crazy. I was wandering if you have any suggestions. I havenít even been to a doctor now in probably 4 years for a checkup or anything. Itís quite embarrassing having hair all over my body and the break outs that I have especially the ones on my hips and back area. I know you arenít a dr. or anything, but what do you suggest that I do??? Thanks in advance for any help you can give..

    Julian H. 3/10/2004

    HI am 26 years old and have been taking depo provera since the birth of my second child 5 yrs ago. I have had a range of symptoms ranging from mild joint aches to severe migraines. Since taking depo i have gained about 25lbs and this has greatly contributed to feelings of no self worth, feeling ugly, fat and undesireable. My libido is non existent the idea of sex is utterly horrifying and this is having a huge impact on my relationship with my husband. I am due for another shot of depo in about 4 weeks time but i will not be having it now. I have always had a feeling that the loss of libido and the weight gain had something to do with the depo but when doctors are constantly saying that it's not possible you do start to believe them! Thankyou for raising awareness to this terrible, debilitating drug you may well have just saved my sanity!Any deas how to loose all this excess weight once the drug is out of my system??

    Unknown 3/9/2004

    I was on the shot also and have been off since March 14 of 2003. Well I had the last one that day. I have 2 boys and I've been married for 5 years. I've been trying to get pregnant me and my husband, but my cycle is so abnormal I don't know when or if I'm ovulating. I've tried killing myself while on the shot and I also pushed my husband away. we've just recently July of 2003 we started getting back close. I have to go to the OB in April and I hope that i am pregnant before that. They say that it take up to 18months but they really don't know. I know a girl that was on it and now she's pregnant with twins. She didn't even get any help from a doctor. She got pregnant soon. Let me know what you have learned about the shot.

    Lori 3/5/2004

    Hi, I was wondering if you have ever heard of any one getting hives from the depo shot? I have had them for about 10 months on and off , I have had every test there is, done on me and the only thing I can think it came from is the depo shot.

    Diane 3/4/2004

    i was using depo i didnt feel to right about goin back in for my next shot it woulda made a year i was taking long will it take for me to get my monthly back i get cramps and nothing zip nadda....i thought it was a safe birthcontrol so i wanted some thing i wouldnt be bothered with to take every day but it seems it wasnt a smart choice...thank very much for your time

    Tanya B. 3/2/2004

    Hello> My name is Tanya. I was on the Depo shot for six long years. I decided to quit taking it because of the weight gain and now a few other things that I have learned about. I was wondering if you get tell me or give me some information on how long it takes to get your life back after stopping the shot. My last shot was given in May of 2003 and I have seen no changes. Please e-mail me back with any information or help you may have.

    **Answer: It depends on one's body and chemestry. It can take as short as 3 months or as long as 3-5 years. No one knows. Best advice I can give to anyone TTC is to start charting their BBT. Once they start seeing a noremal pattern then more than likely you are stablizing. However do not be surprised if you have at least 1 or more miscarriages while TTC.

    Janna 3/2/2004

    It really helped me today so I thought I would email you. I've been on depo since July and am ready for shot #4. I have had extreme insomnia and anxiety since my last shot and my doctor insists that it is not the depo. I have been through hell and your story has given me the strength to listen to my own instincts and not take the next shot. Thank you so much!!!!

    Kitti 3/2/2004

    I have been on the Depo shot for over six years and have not experienced any major weight gain or any major side affects. It has worked for me so far, not gettting pregnanat again,,, If I wanted to have another, however, how long does it take for the shot to wear off?

    Tammy 2/28/2004

    I was on the depo shot and had side effects of weight gain,less sex drive,and being on my period for a month.

    Brandy 2/20/2004

    My name is Brandy and I am 24 years old. I started Depo Provera in 1997 after the birth of my child. I was told this would be the best method of birth control for me. I weighed at this time 145 lbs and I was into weight lifting. During my pregnancy I gained 60 lbs but soon after my child was born I was working out again and lost back down to 140 lbs. In December of 1997 was the last time that I had a period. My first and second year of Depo I was happy with it and I only gained 5 lbs. After my 2nd year I started having problems, weight gain, nausea, rapid heart, hair loss, memory loss, breasts painfully hurting, headaches, vision blurring, fainting, swelling uncontrollable, it was terrible. Well I talked to my doctor and they said that there is no way it was depo. I was still working out 6 days a week and I gained 50 lbs. I tried every diet under the sun nothing helped. I got sicker and sicker. My heart started beating 182 times a minute and I went to several different doctors with all the same results that I was healthy and nothing was wrong. My blood results come back perfect and my blood pressure was just fine they couldn't explain it, so I got on the internet searching for answers and I came across stories about depo users. It was like I wrote the stories myself. I switched doctors took some research that I had found and they gave me a saliva test and found out that I have a hormonal imbalance to the point where my body had just stopped producing progestrone. I had 2 strokes on top of one another and just about died from them. I can't ever have children. I have been off the depo now for over a year and still no period. I take hormonal replacement theropy, which still makes me sick. My weight now at this point is 297 lbs. I wake up to painful legs, arms, and fingers. They swell up so big they turn purple. My doctor puts me on a heart monitor weekly to check it and nothing has changed. So when people look at me and say " If you could change one thing about you life what would it be?" My response to them is "Depo Provera!"

    Brndy 2/20/2004

    This is a comment for Sue
    Hi I read your input on the website and I am glad that the Depo Provera has worked well for you but I would like to say that it has been a proven fact in my case that everything that has happened to me was caused by Depo Provera. I haven't had a period in over 6 years in spite of going off depo over a year ago. I started having unexplained rapid heart rate (182 per minute) which was making me pass out. I started swelling and to spite constant excercise and eating healthy I gained over 100 lbs. The depo is sinethic progestrone so my body thought that I had enough progestrone and just stop producing which has effected my throid, adrenal gland, my period, my heart, you name it. I am 24 years old and can't ever have children and I am sick all the time. The poison Depo Provera that my doctor was giving me has really ruined my life. I have to have hormone replacement, which makes me sick, because my body rejects it. I lost every bit of my sex drive ( depo is given to prison inmates to kill their sex drive). Honestly at first I though depo was god's gift you know, no period, only 3 times a month, little weight gain, but a woman's body is designed to have a period when you mess with that you are messing up the whole system. I was the same way though my first 2 years I was okay with depo no side effects and only a 10 weight gain but after my first two years I got sicker and sicker and sicker until I finally met a doctor who knew what was wrong with me. I am 24 years old and have had 2 strokes so it is hard for me to listen or rather read about someone who is so negative to so many women who have all had the same complication. Thank you for you time.

    Karla 2/18/2004;Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hi, My name is Karla, I am 26 years old and live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I went on Depo two years ago, and have only recently realized that it is causing me problems. For instance, my weight. I used to be a competive athlete in the sport of track and field, and my weight was always between 170-175lbs, with a body fat % of 17.1 (normal for a woman is between20-25%). I got injured. My weight went down to 160lbs. It took six months of physiotherapy, but I came back, weight lifted and went back up to 170lbs. The whole time, I was on the pill.

    In 2001, I retired from my athletic career, and went on Depo. I still worked out, but not at the same frequency or intensity, but I started to put on weight. I thought that it was just me, that I wasn't working out hard enough. For two years I've beat myself up, feeling bad about my body and the 20lbs that I put on, the whole time thinking that it was me and not the depo. It had to be my workouts, or my eating habits, which were fairly good by anyones standards. It wasn't until I had a conversation with my mother that I suddenly clued in. She said that ever since she started taking it, she found it hard to lose weight. A light went off, because I hadn't mentioned my weight problem to her. I decided to test it out, since I had gotten the shot two weeks prior.

    For the last two months I have increased my cardio, decreased my weights, and haven't eaten anything resembling junk food. I did everything that would make me lose weight, because as a former athlete, I know how my body loses weight, I just thought that I had been the problem. The result: I gained 4 pounds.

    I started thinking back to when i started taking it, and asked my husband to think back to when I started gaining weight. A true gentleman though he is, he said "about two years ago." I then started thinking of other things that had changed in the past two years. My long hair had gotten thinner, I had become more forgetful, and I was always tired. I needed 10 hours of sleep a night, and a nap in the afternoon in order to feel rested. A simple workout that I used to do easily wiped me right out. I had more headaches in the past 2 years than I probably have had my whole life, and I have been irritable and more antisocial. I never clued in to the fact that it could be the depo. I blamed myself.

    I am scheduled for the shot in 3 weeks, and there is no way in hell that I will be getting it. I am going in to blast the doctor tomorrow who prescribed it to me and didn't tell me any side effects. I learned more about depo on this site than on the home site. Once this poision is out of my system, i am hoping that the weight will melt off, and that I will regain my energy.

    I am thankful that I have at least figured out the problem, and that it can be corrected. Keep up the good work. Women need to stick together, and we need sites like this one to inform each other. Sing proud to the sisterhood of women!

    Angela 2/16/2004

    Hi, I found your website by looking up depo provea side affects, which brings me to my story. I received the depo for the very first time right after I gave birth to my son. I had no side affects besides the one and only effect of having my period 2 months out of the 3 that Im on it, and after 2 years of this I decided to let my body rest from birth control and let it get back to normal, well exactley a year after my last depo shot, I became pregnant. After that I couldn't decide what kind of birth control would be best for me to get back on taking depo out as in option due to the problem I had with my periods, So as time went on I could not think of a birth control that I wanted to get on without knowing the side affects of each and everyone so already knowing the side affects of the depo, I went back to it and a week after I received the shot again for the first time in 3 years, I started my period and it again went on for 2 months, so here I am due for my next shot and debating what to do in regard to get another shot or switch birth controls, so I was wondering if anyone has had or heard about this happening to them while receiving the shot and what birth control would be reccommended? Thank You

    Natalie 2/10/2004; Canada

    I was on depo for about 18 months after my son was born, I just came of it about two months ago in the hopes of having another one. Well in two months i' ve had spotting here and there and no pregnancy. This is odd for me because with my other two when I came of the pill I was pregnant in two weeks. Through reading your story though I also realized that I had alot of the side affects and just assumed they were the regular feeling of a tired mother of three. I was always having a hard time getting out of bed, moody causing alot of problems with my husband. Hard time sleeping every night so come the morning I did not want to get out of bed because I had not been a sleep for that long. Also something else that I realised after reading other peoples stories is that the depo may be the cause of my non stop chest viruses. Ihave not had a problem with asthma since I was a little girl, then about three months after my first depo shot I got a very bad chest virus and the doctor told me it was because I still had asthma. I figured it was weird that after about 11 years with no signs of asthma all of I sudden I am to sick to even move. I hope that we are able to get pregnant soon and I wish every one else out there good luck with the ales that depo left you with, I think I will stick to good old birth control pills next time around, thanks for all the info, Natalie

    Lucie 2/6/2004;Brisbane, Australia

    Thank you for setting up this website. It is a relief to know that others have been through the kind of hell I have with this horrific injection. It should be banned. There should certainly be more studies done into the effects it had on women and the possibilities of miscarriage after using deop provera. I am stunned and amazed by how many women I have encountered who have lost their first child post depo provera.

    I had my first injection in August 2000. I rather liked the thought of not having periods as I had always had heavy painful periods and bled for many days (now it is a relief to get one). I had my last injection shortly before my wedding in August 2002 so we could try for a family right away. I didn't realise that my irrationalness, irritability and mood swings were related to anything in particular until I came off the injection and my husband commented on how much nicer I was being (not that I am horrible!) That first Christmas I had what appeared to be classic pregnancy symptons, full, sore breasts, sore lower back, tiredness. My doctor told me repeatedly it was just me getting rid of the deop. I desperately wanted to conceive and having these symptoms made things worse. I knew the chaces were sligh of me falling pregnant because I hadn't been having periods for so long. I finally resumed menstruating in July 2003, almost 12 months since I stopped having the injection.

    We finally discovered we had fallen pregnant in November 2003 and were thrilled and delighted. However on 6th January 2004 an ultrasound revealed the baby no longer had a heart beat and had died - I was 13 weeks. A D&C was performed the next day. Two days later we were told I had had a partial molar pregnancy - whether relatd to depo or not I do not know. All I know is that too many women are miscarrying their first pregnancy after depo provera and after having waited or tried for SO long. It is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to go on. It is heartbreaking trying to conceive but to have that much wanted and loved child ripped away from you is devastating.

    I fully support this cause and wish you every luck in your campaign to educate women about the riskes associated with what is claimed to be an innocuous drug. Kind regards

    Jamie P. 2/5/2004

    I think you are all crazy. I'm 19 and have been on the depo shot for over a year now. I'm in a serious relationship that is headed for marriage and the depo shot is the only form of birth control i would ever consider. Like someone else said the only side effect i've had is a little weight gain. But guess what i exercised and i'm back to normal. I haven't had any chest pains, depression or any of the other radical side effects everyone is describing. My guess is you found this wacko's webpage and said "oh i've had chest pains it must be because of the dp shot." Please give me a break. I've got just as much sex drive as i've always had. Believe me that is not lacking at all. I'm far from depressed, I'm a full time student, i run a household and don't have any complaints. Sounds to me like ya'll are just looking for something to blame your problems on. And the woman who compared the manufacturerers of dp to tobacco companies--> Get a life. Suck it up people get headaches, people get heartburn. I'm on it with no problems, my sister is on it with no problems, and several friends are on it with, guess what, NO PROBLEMS!!!!

    Amber G. 1/18/2004

    Hello I was reading about the effects depo provera had on you, and I also noticed the site where alot of women had posted their stories about depo provera is no longer available. I was just going to say I had taken my first and last shot in Oct. and since then I have had muscle and joint pain,extremely tired (even after heading to the gym), moody/depressed, high anxiety, period (in Nov.) last 8-10 days with "double over" cramping, and just this past week I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. I know my family doctor, who ordered my annual blood work since I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, would just say it is coincidental which I feel it isn't. I've seen something about a class action suit being filed, but am unsure where I saw it or if it is even going to take place. My mom tried to warn me from the beginning that it sounded too good to be true and that it didn't sound healthy. I just wanted someone else who has gone through side effects of DP to know what I have gone through as well, and hopefully I have no more. Thanks

    Jennifer 1/16/2004


    Kaitlyn C. 1/16/2004

    Hi, I'm not sure I want my story posted on your site but I've been searching for some answers and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. Hope you can help me. First of all I want to say congrats on the two boys you worked so hard for.

    I'm a month shy of 19. The summer of 2002 I had gotten 3 kidney infections within 4 months, which is what introduced me to my (then) doctor. I was a little unsure about allowing her to do a pap but given the situation she insisted, so as to be sure there were no STD's causing the infections. (There weren't STDs, just good old fashioned kidney infections.) Part of the deal was that I was to have a pregnancy test, and then get on birth control. She insisted I not leave that day without contraceptive. So I went on with the pregnancy test, to which I never heard the results.. but I thought nothing of it as I was 100% sure I was not pregnant. She knew my money was tight at the time and wow the greatest doctor ever paid out of her own pocket for my birth control! I thought this was the neatest thing ever. She even offered to help with the 3 other prescriptions I needed to fight that damned kidney infection, though we had that covered.

    So it was time to decide which method of birth control. I didn't mind the idea of the pill at all. No problems remembering to take them, to me was not a hassle. But she said another option was this Depo-Provera.. this miracle drug that would take my periods away (who likes periods anyway, right?), help me to gain weight (something I have been struggling with for 6 years), clear up my skin, even make my breasts larger, even out my mood swings (for a girl who had been depressed 4 years running, that sounded fabulous of course!), and she told me that it may even take away my social anxiety symptoms. Wow. Best of all, I only have to deal with it a couple times a year. I couldn't get that needle in my arm faster.

    Three days go by and I miscarry. Now wait a minute.. I just took a pregnancy test three days ago. I was quite obviously far enough into the pregnancy to pass a test. Did my doctor know this? If she did, why did she put me on Depo? And those other prescriptions? None of it was making sense and I had no clue what to do. Three months went by and the bleeding hadn't stopped since that day. Light, easy enough to deal with- other than the depression that existed before hand which had obviously worsened. I decided birth control was still a good idea and this depo was fine enough so why not get the second shot? I was told the spotting would go away within a week after shot number 2. Wrong. It got heavier.

    A month after my second shot (which was January 2003), the day after my 18th birthday I had been up late and felt sick. I thought I was just tired so I stood up and tried to walk to my bed. Tried to walk. I couldn't see anything, I felt like I was in an aquarium. Cold sweats, I couldn't feel the floor beneath my feet and all I could do was cry. My mom had to help me to bed. I couldn't even dress into pajamas because if I moved I felt so disoriented I would be sick. Terrifying feeling. No insurance.. no doctor. After a few months I just forgot about the incident, it hadn't happened again so I wasn't quite so afraid anymore.

    I thought since 3 months was the time I would need another shot, that it meant that was when my period would stop. By this time I knew depo was NOT for me and I wouldn't go back for a third injection. My face didn't clear up, I didn't gain weight, in fact I LOST 10lbs that I could not afford to lose; my mood swings worsened, my depression worsened, I was on my "period" every single day. I couldn't wait for April- but April came and went and nothing changed. I was bleeding heavily until June 2003. Almost 11 months of being on my period. My hair had even started clogging up my shower in June.

    After the flow had stopped in June it was off and on for a couple weeks until finally I became regular for three months.

    This is leading to my question I promise....
    In late late October, I had sex for the first time since the depo fiasco. Just one time. About three days later I started my normal cycle. Right on time like the old days. My next period was due Dec 3rd. It had been a stressful month for me so I let it go as no biggie. But here it is mid-January and I still have not had a period which makes me close to 50 days late. I've got a few classic pregnancy symptoms (tender breasts, and some other unpleasant things I'd rather not even mention lol). Anyhow I took a home test and it turned out negative. I am thankful for that but now just wondering who stole my period and why is my body trying to fake me out? I've found nothing so far that says anything about a woman's period disappearing after depo. Only that they bled for months and months while on it, or that they didn't bleed at all while on it. Nothing about after stopping the shots. So have you heard of this happening, do you feel I should still be concerned with pregnancy, and if this does happen to others when might I expect to be fully normal again???

    Any additional information or links would be greatly appreciated. Again I apologize for the lengthy email. Thanks for taking the time out to read about my past year.

    Paulette 5/2/2004

    Hi There:

    I stumbled across your site on a random search for Depo Provera. I am not even sure which way to turn anymore or whether ot believe my doctor.

    I started on the Depo Shot in September of 2003. I had been on birth control pills in my 30's not simply for birth control but because of heavy and irregular periods. When I reached the age of 38, I asked my physician to put me on a lower dose pill because I was a smoker and reaching the age of 40. When I was 39, I went off of the birth control pills completely.

    My gynecologist retired and I found another one, this time a female. I was having problems at the age of 42 with cramping and 2 periods a month, sometimes heavy, sometimes lasting for more than a week. She told me that in the state of PA they could no longer give a woman who even smoked one cigarette a day over the age of 40 birth control pills that I would have to get the Depo Provera shot.

    That was okay, but at the time I was very proud of having lost over 50 pounds in weight, and I was now down to 131 pounds. She told me to keep my same eating habits and I would gain no weight. Well, each time I returned for a shot, guess what, I gained weight!! I am now up to 160 pounds and hating every minute of it!. I am tired all the time, I have aches and pains in my body that I never had before, my hair has not fallen out, but I have been coloring my hair since the 10th grade, and when I color it now, my scalp feels like it is on fire, and it feels that way for 2 days afterwards.

    Acne so far has not been a problem for me, but I am not the same person I was before I went on Depo. And even though I get a pap smear every year, last year they called and said my pap smear was abnormal, and I ended up with a biopsy and cryosurgery or freezing of my cervix.

    I don't want to get pregnant nor do I have any plans to do so, but the symptoms are driving me crazy and why can't they just be honest and tell you what is going on with your body? My doctor's remark to the weight gain was that Depo contains an appetite stimulant so when you are hungry don't shove things in your mouth??? Well, my diet hasn't changed so what does a person do??

    Thank you for listening and email me if you have any solutions.

    Jennifer D. 4/29/2004

    This means a great deal to me. When I got my Depo shot I really had trouble finding out any information about it. The only thing I did find was the list of side effects in a PDR (Physiciansí desk reference.)

    I got my shot at my 6 week check up after my son was born. At the time it seemed like a great option. I was 19 with a new baby and just realized that I was very fertile and worried about getting pregnant again before my husband and I were ready. (My husband is borderline infertile yet I got pregnant with our son the first month we were together despite using Birth Control.) To me no periods and no ovulation meant no risk of getting pregnant again before we were ready. I was told that the side effects were, minor weight gain, (about 5 pounds the first year and none after that), no periods, GEE that did not sound like a negative thing, and spotting for the first shot or two. That seemed like a small price to pay. I did have minor spotting. I was also told that it could take up to a year after the last shot left my system before I could get pregnant again but that the average was only 3-6 months.

    One of my male friends made a comment when I was on the shot that anything that messed with a womanís body THAT much had to be bad news. I should have listened to him. I thought he is a man what does he know.

    Well on a fluke my husband decided to see what the PDR said to tell this guy. He read down the list of symptoms and we were shocked at what we read. I had no sex drive at the time and thought it was just from being worn out from being a young mom. My husband teased that was one of the ways that Depo prevented pregnancy. You can not get pregnant if you have no interest in sex. Reading the possible side effects (and that they tended to become more evident with the 2nd shot) my husband I decided for me not to get the next shot.

    When I first had my son my ideal was to try to space our kids 2 Ĺ to 3 years. So when my son was 2 years old and I still had no return of my period and no evidence of a return to my cycle I got disappointed that I would not be able to have another child. I went to my Dr. (a GP) that told me that Depo Provero is horrible stuff and that it could be about a year before my period returned and that the average woman had 2-6 periods before ovulation returned. To be honest I was heart broken. It was September of 97, my son is 2.5 years old and I am now at the point that I hoped would be the earliest I would have a 2nd child and my period has still not returned. I have to be honest I started to think I would not be able to have any more kids, that the depo had rendered me infertile. After all I had been told it would be a year tops before I could try for another baby. My son kicked me in my stomach on accident. I started having such severe pain I knew something was up. I hoped the cramping was a sign that my cycle would be returning. By that night the cramping after he kicked me was still there so I asked my husband to get me a pregnancy test. It was positive. I was so amazed. I had not had a post depo period yet! My little girl was born 1 day shy of 3 years and 3 weeks after my son. I did not have a post partum Period after my son was born, I had some light spotting on the depo, and I had NO PERIOD until my first post partum period after my daughter was born. I had 3 years with no period, 3 years with no ovulation. 2 of those 3 years I spent thinking that I would never have another child. I honestly worry that it would have been worse if I had been on the shot longer then just one shot.

    Lou 4/28/2004

    I happened upon your site while trying to find information about what is currently going on with my wife. I have scanned through some of the stories and find many similarities.We have been to many Doctors and she has been put through many tests ...all showing that nothing is wrong.This is not the case .Trying to get answers about this shot and possible side affects is like pulling teeth.My wife was first given this shot to help with irregular and/or heavy cycles.She did not need it for birth control because she had her tubes tied ten years ago.She recieved 2 shots ,when the third was due my insurance changed and this doctor did not accept the new insurance.The last shot was nov.26/03.She has not had a period since.During the last month she has beenin extreme pain and nobody can seem to help.How long does it usually take to start again? How can she make the doctor`s understand what is wrong?They run tests but come up with nothing.
    any help would be appriciated.

    Amanda B. 4/27/2004

    hello, my name is amanda and i was on depo for over a year and i stopped taking it because i wanted to have a baby and when i didnt get a period for 9 months after i stopped taking it i asked alot of questions. the doctors gave me so many different pills to make me have a period and still i didnt have one. i consulted a lawyer to sue because i didnt have any problems before i started taking it. its been over a year and still i am not pregnent and my periods are all messed up. the lawer said that i didnt have a case because my doctor said my problems were not from the depo. I just wanted to know if there is anything i can still do in the way of some restitution for my losses. I really want a baby and i am devistated because i cant. I want to sue but dont know how to go about it. Please e mail me back and let me know if you have any ideas. thank you.

    Chakita C. 4/27-28/2004

    I just recently visited your site and I found some of your stories disturbing. I know that everyone responds to medications in different ways and they always want to express the negative things that happened to them. I was on depo for 5 years following the birth of my daughter in 1997. While on the shot I remember having 1-2 periods total and each lasted only 3-4 days. I received my last injection in March 2002. I didn't stop because I wanted to conceive another child but because I wanted to give my body a break from the shot. I did eventually become pregnant in January 2004, which ended in miscarriage. I do not in any way link the miscarriage to the Depo Provera injection because there wasn't any bleeding or cramping...the fetus' heart just stopped beating at 11 weeks. This is the only BAD thing that I can say came from being on Depo. As I look back I did notice some of the symptoms existed in my life that others claim they experienced. I remember being in my doctors office on one occasion and telling him that I thought I was depressed.....But you know, I was also a single parent living in a city (Atlanta, GA) over 400 miles from my family. I could have been feeling depressed for any number of reasons, beginning with the separation from loved ones. I also experienced headaches - which were not light ones either. I had a headache every morning when I woke up. But you know what.......if I hadn't have been on depo and gotten pregnant before I was ready......I would have had plenty of headaches and depression anyway just from becoming a mother once again. I look at it this way....everyone got on the shot for one reason - not to get pregnant. Out of all the stories I've read no one said that the shot didn't work, they didn't get pregnant. I think not getting pregnant is worth having a headache here or there. I would get back on the shot today if asked, matter of fact I may just make an appointment! Also if you visit this site all the side effects that were discussed on your site that people CLAIM were not disclosed to them are listed..... they probably didn't take the time to read the small print! Chakita C.
    My Response. . .

    The link you provided was made of a pamphlet that only the doctors are privy to in the office.

    Let me ask you this, Did you read this pamphlet prior to getting your first shot 5 years ago? Are you positive this pamphlet hasn't changed in the past 5 years? What information did you ask for, prior to getting your first shot and what reading materials were you given to read prior to your first shot as well? What did your doctor disclose to you as far as side effects go and his experience with other patients? Can you honestly tell me you were given all the information that was written down in this pamphlet (made in 2001 mind you) to help make your decsion prior to getting your first shot? Try reading from this site. It is from a doctors point of view on the drug Depo-Provera

    From your pervious e-mail you stated that none of the stories posted on my site contained stories of women where the shot didn't prevent a pregnancy. You also claim that depo- must be doing it's job of preventing pregnancies because of your "findings". I beg to differ. There are several stories in which women were given the shot and then found out they were pregnant weeks and even months later. I know there are about 8 pages with aproximately 25-40 stories on each page so I wouldn't think you had read all of them, yet.

    If you'd like I could find people to e-mail you with their personal stories on how they became pregnant while on the shot. Even if you can't find "stories" the stats are as follows, Depo-Provera has a 99% effectiveness. Meaning that 1 out of every 100 women will become pregnant while on "the shot". Now if you consider that if even 500,000 women are on Depo-Provera that means there have been AT LEAST 5,000 women who became pregnant while using depo-provera. That's at least 5,000 unwanted pregnancies that were trying to be prevented. Now we both know that there are many more women out there using Depo-Provera so those unplanned pregnancy numbers are even higher. I get e-mails monthly from women who ask me questions about side effects for their unborn child because they became pregnant while on depo-provera. Science here and the mathmatics of it will prove that depo-provera is not 100% effective, you can't argue with that fact.

    I will post your story when I get around to it. I have been busy with my own children and 5th pregnancy, but I enjoy posting both sides of the story for eveyone to read.
    Thanks Again for your POV.
    Stephanie M

    Chakita's responses. . .

    You are welcome.... As with everything....nothing is 100%. I know that and so does everyone. Also, yes all the side effects were disclosed to me when I got my first shot in 1997. Even though the pamphlet was updated in 2001 not much was changed from the one I got to read. Honestly, I was given a copy of the pamphlet and I also obtained the copy from the box that the vial came in. I was well aware of the side effects that could happen to me, I just felt that I would rather have a headache or maybe gain a little weight (which I didn't) in order to prevent pregnancy. A lot of people that I know are out there looking for miracles. They want something for nothing. Just like with depo. If you are going to put something in your body that can amazingly prevent pregnancy you just know that it can DO something else. Everything we put in to our bodies has some type of effect or reaction. There is always someone that is going to find something negative to say. I just feel that your website scares people into believing that they too will have the same experiences as you are having. I can understand that you are trying to put your message out but when you check the will see that the people on your site only represent a few. You all fall in line with the stats of people that have the bad side effects while people like me and some others on your site experience the good (majority). I guess I just had a good doctor who cared about his patients because he made sure I knew what I was getting into. Also, if the drug was that wouldn't still be around and I definitely would not be using it. And about your comment "The link you provided was made of a pamphlet that only the doctors are privy to in the office." Where else would you be getting your depo shots? I hope you are going to a doctors office. If the doctors have access to it you do too. Just like I looked it up on the internet someone else can too. People are not doing what they need to do to make sure that they are aware. They are in control of their own bodies and no one person can be held responsible for their lack of knowledge. Every time I get a prescription from a doctor and I have never heard of it before I look it up on the internet or in the library before I take it. I make sure I know what I am putting in my body, it's the only one I have. The information is out's just a matter of whether you are going to look for it. I read that site with Dr. Lee and I find it very opinionated. Everything he says is based on him own way of thinking. Especially this line

    "Depo-Provera is the worst possible way to provide birth control. It's a long-term continuous release form of Provera. It lasts three months. There's a terrible incidence of side effects and it should not be used."
    How is it that one man can make a blanket statement like that without having supporting facts? I for one am one person that contradicts his statement and I am sure there are others. Chakita C.

    Breeana C. 4/19/2004

    I found your website and wanted to comend you on doing such a good job on your website. I was very impressed that you posted all comments and not just ones supporting your ideas. I was on depo for 6 years and had a hard time getting pregnant and wanted to share my story but I also wanted to say that I think many of issues with Depo could have been prevented by people doing their research on medications they are taking. Asking a doctor is not good enough, although maybe it should be. Many of the side effects mentioned on your page are side effects listed on the Depo-Provera website and pamplets. Any how, here goes.

    I was on depo for 5 1/2 years before I had any complaints. When I got on I lost weight, no complaining there, which is not a side effect of Depo (neither is weight gain) But appetite changes are. I wasn't hungry anymore and nothing sounded good. But I made myself eat anyway so that I would not get sick. The first 4 or 5 months I spotted. It was pretty horrible but I knew to expect it, it is a very common side effect. Afterwards I had no period, WOOOHOOO! I loved it, I still had PMS like symptoms but no period. I was on Depo all through high school and forgot that I was ever on it. Until about 5 1/2 years after getting my first shot. I lost my sex drive, I turned into a raging bitch, I was miserable. All horrible symptoms of Depo, right? Not exactly, they are however symptoms of women with constantly changing bodies and raging hormones. But I was getting married that summer and I knew that I was going to want to have babies soon so I got off Depo.

    My last shot was May of 2002. I called and canceled my Aug. appt. for Depo. I started getting horrible, cyst like acne all over my body and my skin was so oily. I hated it! But nothing worked to clear it up and I slowly began to gain weight. But then again, this does not sound that uncommon for girls getting out of high school and going off to college. These are very common symptoms of hormones in women under 20. In Dec. of 2002 I had my first period in 6 years! But was still not all back to normal, I knew that it could be up to a year before I was able to get pregnant (thats why I got off it so early, I was only 19 and knew that I didnt want a baby for at least another year, married or not!) My husband and I decided that instead of getting me on birth control we would start preparing ourselves for children. I guess you could say we decided to let it happen when it happens. By the Summer of 2003 I was worried. I would get online and hear horror stories of women who were now infertile because of Depo. It scared me to death. I called my doctor, bought books, and ovulation kits and spent hours online investigating the effects of depo. I thought "I'm 20 and already infertile!" Which did nothing to help me get pregnant. I was ovulating just fine so Depo had nothing to do with how long it took me to get pregnant. It was easy to blame depo but it had nothing to do with it. Almost a year exactly after I started having periods again I got my first ever positive pregnancy test and I'm due in Sept.!

    I think that your site does a good job warning people of the possible side effects of Depo but I think it has to be said that Depo is not horrible. It does work for some women and I would rather see all of the 16 yr old girls having sex without B/C or with pills but forgetting to take them, take something like Depo than nothing at all. Depression is a very common side effect of almost all forms of Birth Control and it just hast to be watched very closely by your doctor or the wonderful staff at planned parenthood.
    Thanks for listening

    Laura 4/16/2004

    Is there ANYTHING I can take to detoxify myself from being on the depo for more than 5 yrs?? I didnt realize how many of my symptoms are- or could be from this drug!! The inventor of this drug needs to be sued in a major way; although this wont return our lives back to the way it was before. thank you for your time and hopefully advice.

    Cyndi H. 4/13/2004

    I can't explain the feeling I am having after reading all of the horror stories about depo provera. I have been on the shot for at least 10 years and have not had any of the terrible problems except I have gained weight which I also blame on the high stress job I had at the time I started taking the injections. I can lose the weight with just a little effort of eating right and exercising. I have an occasional headache but still work in commercial insurance and when I am not at work do not experience the headaches. I can only image the horror that these women go through. I will keep them in my prayers. Do you know the percentage of women who have side effects as opposed to the number of women taking the injections?

    Sharla 4/13/2004

    I received my first and final injection Feb 04. I have been on my period every since. Yes, I was told of possible spotting , but I am bleeding heavily and clotting every day after day after day. I went to the doctors office and all they commented on was possiblilities of STD's mainly chlamydia being the driving force behind the bleeding. They neither did a STD test nor enure if my blood level was low until over a month later. Of course the STD test came up negative and praise God my blood level was great. She even had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to schedule another shot in May!!! I have to take at least six showers a day to ensure my body does not smell of blood. I even have to use a wash cloth as a napkin for my vagina gets sore from the constant use of tampons and sanitary napkins. I praise God for my fiance for he is being so patient and supportive. But he does indeed hate that I number one did not do my research prior to the shot and two have to suffer from my ignorance and lack of truth. I recently found out my sister is suffering bone loss due to this legal toxin. To whomever may read this message, consider this as a warning. DO NOT BE A STATISTIC. Please adhere to the many stories so many other woman and young ladies are passing on.

    Vanessa 4/10/2004

    I started on Depo-Provera in December of 2003 after a laprotomy to check for hemorrhagic tubal cysts and endometriosis. I am 49 years old and am perimenopausal, was having a hard time with cysts and irregular periods. After the surgery I was given Depo-Provera shot to lessen the cysts. The OB knew I had a benign mass on my adrenal gland and kidney cysts. Just this March I got the flu and afterwards kept having violent headaches. Went to the ER last Friday to be checked for viral meningitis, which my physician thought might be the reason, and found out I had intercranial hypertension. My blood pressure, normally low, has spiked up to 175/98, this after a normal BP of around 110-120 over 70-60. My cerebral spinal fluid pressure is twice what it should be. Unlike most of the other women whose doctors have told them that it isn't the Depo, mine are saying it is likely the Depo (and only I think to keep me from worry over my adrenal cyst). In December I weighed 140, I now weigh 170. I have PTSD and take Prozac, since the Depo I've gone from 20mg daily to 40mg daily, and still get depressed and feel suicidal. I have dark blood spotting for a month about a month after the shot. I also have acne now (never before) and dry skin (which makes my psoriasis worse). I'm due for another shot in June, think I'm going to do it? NO WAY! This has ruined a semester of graduate school and I've had to quit my part-time job. If I had read all the stories before the OB ordered that shot I would have balked big time. I'm reporting all of this, and want to be involved in a class action suit because this drug has cost me money and big heartache. I would advise any woman not to do the Depo shot.

    Natalie, age 24, 4/9/2004

    Hello and thank you so much for the web site. I took my second Depo shot on April 5. The shot wasn't due until April 12th but I started spotting on the 2nd. The doc told me to come in and get the shot early and it would help with the spotting and cramps. I have since not stopped bleeding and are now experiencing dime to quarter, and sometimes larger blood clots. I wasn't very concerned until this morning when the clot was an outrageous size. That is when I began my internet research and came across this site. I found that so many woman are experiencing similar effects from this shot. That is when I decided to think back over the past few months and realized that some of those milder symptoms have been plaguing me as well. Of course, like other I assumed it was "just me". Now I know better. I called my doctor's office and was given the run around about it and told I could not come in to see anyone until next week. They did not seem at all concerned with the clotting. I, on the other hand, am extremely concerned with the fact that I was not given a pregnancy test either before my first shot or anytime after. I've experienced pregnancy symptoms but thought I was imagining things. I haven't taken a test because I have been too afraid. I'm now afraid that I may have been because I did not have a period between the birth of my son in the beginning of Dec and receiving my first shot in the end of January. I never experienced a period after the shot either until the bleeding started on April 2nd. I'm now worried I may have miscarried. Has anyone else experienced extreme clotting? Will update when I find out from my doctor next week. Again thank you so much for your wonderful website!

    Susan W. 4/2/2004

    i've been reading your site about the horrors of depo provera, and i had to write and see if any of this sounds familiar to you:

    for just over a year, i've been suffering from deep, gnawing pains in my muscles, LITERALLY, from head to toe! those pains feel like badly strained muscles, even though they come on with no provocation. i've also had sharp, shooting pains that would jump from one wrist to another, my ankles, knees, hips, etc... my fingers tingle or get stiff... and as time goes on, new areas of pain seem to be turning up, every day! i get the stiff neck and shoulders a lot. i get aching headaches at the base of my skull, as well. sometimes, i can go days at a time and feel GREAT!! then, of course, the days i hurt can range anywhere from fleeting, mildly annoying 'twinges' to crushing, gut-wrenching agony, where i barely want to move! those days are the days i get SO depressed! i try not to cry, but i do think about death a lot, and how i will prepare my family, if something is really wrong.

    now, this has been going on, as i said, for a little over a year. i've had bloodwork to check for every type of arthritis, Lupus, etc... i've had bone scans for cancer. i've had an MRI on my lower back and nerve conduction tests. everything has come up normal. i've recently started seeing a chiropractor. so far, he's not helping, either. i'm on b/c pills now, but i've used depo, before. the last time was about half a year, around 2 years ago. i stopped, because my period started immediately after the last shot, AND DIDNT STOP!!! is it possible to have symptoms like what i've experienced that show up almost a year after stopping the shots, and last this long, at least, from what you may have experienced or heard about?

    i have to tell you, i'm beginning to get a little excited at the possibility of FINALLY, MAYBE, finding a solution to my problem! thanks so much for putting this site out there!

    Lacey W. 4/2/2004

    Right now I am in shock, and about to be in tears. I've been on Depo since May 2001, that was the month my daughter was born. I received the shot the day we went home from the hospital. My last period was the month that I conceived my daughter which was September 2000. My last Depo was August of 2003 and I still have not gotten my period back. That was my whole reason for looking up information on the Depo shot on the internet. I wanted to see if that was normal. Of course the doctors say it is, but I wanted to read some about it. Then I came upon a website about Depo horror stories. I began to panic. I had ALOT of the same symptoms as these other women, but when I went to the doctor for them they said NOTHING about Depo. They ran test after test and I never suspected it could even be the Depo. Well, until today. Iam tired all the time. I have horrible migraines, everyday of my life. I am extremely irritable and everything sets me off. I get very dizzy when I bend over and also if I move my head around alot. So that means that my activities have to be limited because I began to feel very "car" sick. Dramamine seems to help that, but still its very hard to deal with. I feel almost paralized. When I first went into the doctor for headaches they put me on all kinds of triptain medications and eventually put me on a beta-blocker which helped but made me ever more tired. So I had to stop taking that. Now the headaches are back and I have to eat Excedrin Migraine like candy. I'm always hungry. I've gained over 30lbs total while on Depo. And half of that was after I stopped the injection. My breasts are also always very very sore. I even started to get acne and oily skin even though I never had a problem with it before. I couldn't beleive my eyes when I stumbled upon your website. I never even thought to suspect Depo because nobody ever told me that it could cause all these things. I'm so tired of always being in pain. And being dizzy every time I move (literally) is driving me to tears. I have a three year old daughter and its hard to even look after her. I also want to have more children some day but now I don't know if that will ever happen. At first the missed period was good but now I'm starting to get worried. I stilled had cramps while on Depo, but now that Iam off of it I have them about every two weeks and they aren't so nice. At the same time my breasts hurt very bad. I had taken about 100 pregnancy tests thinking this was what was wrong. But its never possitive. I just want to get back to normal.
    Thank you for your website. I believe you are helping alot of women.

    Many F. 4/1/2004

    Hi. I only took Depo once. I can't remember the exact date, I just know that I was supposed to go back at the end of January for my second shot but I decided against it. The thing is...while on depo i only had my period one time and it was for about 3 weeks. That was in December. I have not had my period since. I've taken 2 at home pregnancy tests and they both turned out negative. Is this normal and if so when should i expect my period to start again?

    Tina H. 3/27/2004

    im writing to give my story on being on the depo shot. when i started i was 112lbs. After being on it for 1 yr and gaining 32 lbs i couldnt handle it. i spoke to my sons physician who told me to get off of it ASAP. he informed me that since i was underweight the depo would get me to my max weight and give me a few extra pounds. I am currently at 142lbs which was what i weighed when i delivered my son!

    Aprile W. 3/27/2004 Fort Worth, Texas

    I used Depo on and off for 2-3 years. I had stopeed taking it around the time I met my now husband. Once he proposed to me and we set a date, I realized that even though I was on the pill I would be on my period the night of our wedding. I decided to take the shot one last time becasue the way it affected me was that I wouldn't have a period at all as soon as I had the shot. I was due for the shot in October 2003. I did not take it. I got my period back in December for 19 days straight. Didn't have one in January. Had a five day one if February and still have not had another one. I am not pregnant. My husband and I want to be pregnant very badly and I have taken pregnancy tests like candy. I bought the ovulite and tried to start using it. But then it hit me, even if the ovulite says that I am indeed ovulating, am I really ovulating if I am not having cycles? Your web site suggests many herbal choices. But which one and which one works the fastest. (Ok, if I get pregnant the sooner I can stop working and be a PTA mom to my now 10 year old son, and do the whole house wife thing for awhile since I have never had the luxury). I am very scared afetr a few things I have read on-line that I may never get pergnant. 6 months may not be long, but it seems like for ever when you are trying to get pregnant. I have considered getting back on the pill to get regular cycle sback but tha is even more depressing since it will prevent exactally what I want. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Monica P. 10/10/2004

    Hi my name is monica p. i have been on depo-provera for at least a year or 2 since i have got off it has been hard for me to conceive is there anyhting that can be done to be able to conceive again or should i find out from my doctor when i started taking depo-provera and when i actually stopped my cycle has also been irregular i suffered mood swings for no reason no sex libido what so ever headaches you name it.

    Jane H. 10/8/2004

    Hi - I wanted to share my sister's story with you and hope you might pass it along to others who are currently taking Depo or have used it in the past. My sister was put on the shot a few weeks after she gave birth to her son. Although she had gained some weight during her preganancy, the weight seemed to pile on more so afterwards than during. I am not sure how long she was on it or any of the side effects she experienced during her usage, but a few years ago when she was only 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously this was a complete shock to our family, but more so because we do not have any history in our family of this disease. Since her original diagnosis, her cancer has reoccurred twice. She is currently going through traditional chemo a 2nd time, and has shown great improvement since then, but the fear of this coming back again and taking her life is real. I urge all women who have ever taken this drug to stop and to do thorough breast checks often as I truly believe that the depo is what caused the appearance of cancer in my sister. Although she may have faced this same issue later in life, I really believe that she would not have had to face this issue so soon had a "midwife" not given her the drug so early after giving birth and during breast feeding while her estrogen level was so high. I hope her story can help others. Thanks for letting me share. Jane H.

    Lily 10/6/2004

    Okay I read most of your story but alot of what you seem to be informing women of i knew. I am nervous, wisely probably from your opinion, about putting chemicals in my body. So here's my breif story if you can help. I'm 22, working full time, i have a contant but causal "friend". and I'm tired of the idea of me saying "opps" to him as i pass the positive test over. I don't plan to have kids, not for 5 - 10 years. So your big problem was that you had problem after. I can skip most of that. I'm not into kids for Quite awhile. . . So achne? I can live with better than a toddler. . . :) umm what else main side effects. . . bleeding again better than a kid. I know you can bleed for up to 3 months straight. . . MY personal only major problem is the Chemical part. I am slightly depressed and am seeking help. but we haven't gotten to if it's personal or cheimcal causes. . . So this can make me more depressed? Or it could reverse and make me up and happy. And weigh. I have a problem with that but I"m young need be I"ll go to a gym. . .I really am just babling now. Can you please give me some advice? what do you think . . .my situation I think i have read alot and am well informed of textbook stuff. . . what do you think? I'm a missing something BIG? thanks for your help. Lily

    Olivia 10/5/2004

    I just miscarried my first baby. I found your story online. Thank you for posting it. I was on depo for five years and I never knew what was happening to me. I need to know about the link between depo use and miscarriage; I need to understand what happened. I lost the baby at week eleven. The doctors NEVER gave any indication this could happen, nor did I understand how the depo works. Is there a link between the depo and miscarriage? Is what happened to us common? What can we do? Please write back if you can find a few minutes. I am so grateful you shared your story. This is the worst nightmare.

    Diana 10/04/2004


    My name is Diana and I am a student and a research assistant for an organization called Population and Development. I am currently reseraching and writing an article for one of our publications, Different Takes, concerning the harmful effects and coercive usage of Depo-Provera. I visited your website, and I was wondering how you would feel about a part of your story appearing in the article, or about perhaps doing an e-mail interview. I can send you links to our website, as well as a sample of our publication, if you are interested.

    Yvonne 9/29/2004


    Chelsea :-) 9/24/2004

    I went to my Dr.'s office and inquired about the Depo shot because I always forget to take my pills on time and thought a single shot sounded so easy and worry free. Well, after reading your web site and talking to a few friends who have had the shot, I have decided to not get the shot!!!

    My friends reported much of the side effects that others on your site have reported. I am a newly wed and I am not willing to risk my health and my marriage on a shot because it seems so easy.

    My Dr. even wrote out a prescription for me to get the shot when I have my next period. I guess I will just have to do what it takes to make sure that I take my birth control pills on time, even if it means wearing a giant clock around my neck. NOTHING about the Depo shot is worth the reported side effects!!!

    Thank you for your site and thanks to all those strong women who shared their stories so that people like myself are able to be fully educated on the subject and not just educated on what the health care providers want us to hear.

    anonymous 9/23/2004

    Hi, I started taking the depo about 5 years ago. I took it for 4 years, and then stopped. After about 9 months after stopping depo, I got pregnant. When I got an ultrasound, it showed that the baby had miscarried, but was still there. I had to have an abortion like procedure at that point. I had a normal pregnancy 8 years earlier and was devastated by the miscarriage. I wrote it off as being fate I guess since I had no other explanation for it and my boyfriend and I had broken up shortly after the miscarriage. I am now in another relationship and have plans to have a baby later down the line. Today I started the depo shot again without question. My boyfriend asked me to pull information on depo so he could understand what it is. I came across your web page and after reading, I am deeply concerned. I did gain 15 lbs after starting the shot the first time, I was very depressed, lost interest in sex, intercourse was sometimes painful, and I had bladder infections very frequently. I don't know if all this and the miscarriage are due to the depo.... but now I am wondering if I made the right decision today. I'm concerned I won't be able to have children when I'm ready, or I'll miscarry again. Is there somewhere to get more information? I guess I've always been concerned with the shot. I mean, you can actually feel it go through you when injected. That always freaked me out. What is the safest form of birth control? I don't feel comfortable with the IUD or patch. Please keep this anonymous~ THANK YOU

    Kari F. 9/18/2004

    hello, my name is Kari. i found your website looking up info on the bc. i have been on depo since 8-03. recent conversations with people at work and my mom have prompted me to further investigate the shot. i have being feeling strange as of late. my main reason in getting on this bc was to stop my period. i have had several miscarriages in the past years and wanted something that i knew would stop my period. it seemed to work the first shot, then towards time for my next injection, the bleeding would start. but as soon as i would get my shot, it would subside. until the last time. this last cycle has been the worst. i have been bleeding off and on for the past 3 wks. and it isnt just that. the profound hair loss, the tingling sensations i get in my head, sometimes it is a cold sensation, sometimes a hot one. i have problems with my body going numb in certain areas, and other things in my mind that do not feel right. i do not feel right in my body. i am hoping you can give me info and help me determine if my symptoms are side effects or something else wrong. i constantly feel like i am not going to live to see tomorrow, or my son grow, or lots of things. im sure you get alot of mail from women like me, so i wont expect to hear from you soon. but please, respond to this as soon as you can. my next shot is next month, so if you could try and get to me before that, it could help me to decide whether or not to try something else. thank you for your time.

    Flo 9/16/2004

    Hi, I am currently using the Depo Provera and your story is very interesting! I am very sorry that you had such a painful experience. I have been using this form of birth control for about 6 years. I am very interested in facts concerning this birth control method. If it you don't mind or it is not a problem, I would be very grateful, if I could use some of your references to do my own research. It would help me to understand and be aware of different side effect that I have/may experience. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

    D'Ann 9/15/2004

    I have been on depo myself for about a year and a half. I actually thought that I was lossing my mind as well. I would lay in my bed at night and just begin to cry for no apparent reason, I would continously have severe headaches, have a period for about two to three weeks at a time and then go five to six months again without one, but no weight gain. I agree about the lack of true info. that doctors and pamphlet offer you on this method of birth control. They make it seem like its the best thing that could happen.They tell you no period(what woman wouldn't mind not having to deal with a period), no pills to have to remember to take everyday just think a form of birth control that you have just every three months. My advice to any female who is thinking of taking this form of birth control think again and think hard. It is a lot more to it than you read about in the pamphlets and what the doctors actually tell you.

    Angela 9/15/2004

    Hi- I just got my first shot today and I had no idea there was so much involved with this. I am really scared and I wish I hadn't gotten this. I have a little baby with a serious disease to take care and I have depression as well. What can I do?

    Angie 9/12/2004

    Hi my name is Angie, I was looking for some answers about depo on the net and your page I found very educational. I have been using depo since I was 18. I went off it when I was 20 to get pregnant and after I had my son I went back on it. Two months after the first injection I started to bleed off and on. That scared me so I decided not to use it any more. Now it has been about six weeks and I am still bleeding off and on, and it keeps getting heaver. Is this normal? I am so scared, and I don't know what to do. Please can you help me? Angie.

    Christina Prus 9/7/2004

    Hi, My name is Christina. I just recently noticed my hairing thinning and at a fast pace. I finally came up with the culprit and that is the stupid depo shot. I am so upset because if there's one thing I really like about myself it's my long, thick hair. I only took two depo shots before I couldn't take it anymore and demanded my doctor get me back on the pill. My question is, will I ever fully recover from those two horrible months of taking the depo? And most importantly will my hair ever grow back? If you could respond back that would be great. Thanks for your time.

    Sincerely,Christina Prus

    Peggy 9/6/2004

    I am taking the injection once a month because I was having heavy and long periods. Well that stop but My arthris is worst and I am having some of the other side effects. I have to go tommorrow to take another injection but I am thinking about telling the Dr I don't want the shot what are some things that happen after you get off the shot. Thanks

    Lonnie 9/1/2004

    Hi I'm 20 years old and been on the Depo Provera shot for 2 years now. The reason I have stayed on the shot for so long is because I don't have a period and well haven't had one in the last year or so. I am noticing now the side affect for being on the shot for so long and now even realizing it more after reading all these other stories. Some of the side effect that I am dealing with now are trying to lose the weight because I go back in forth lose a couple pounds and gain it right back but I've gained about 10 pounds. The bloating,headaches,tired all the time, lost of libido,depressions,lower backpain,lost of memory. I am now debuting on getting off the shot I'm not really having sex and well I want to lose weight. It's just not having a period is why I've been on so long. Sincerely, Lonnie

    Tasha 8/28/2004

    hi, I was reading your site and I've decided to go on natural progesterone cream. I had my last Deop shot in December '03 and I still haven't gotten my period. I've slowly been experiencing my hormones getting somewhat back to normal, but I was wondering if you thought I should use the progesterone cream. Do you think I should? I realize that you're not a doctor - but I find you one of the very few people who can maybe give me any kind of input concerning depo. thanks ~Tasha.

    Kristan Marie 8/28/2004

    hi, my name is Kristan and I'm 15 years old going on 16 and i have been on the Depo-Provera shot for about a year and a half.. here's a few things that happened to me: I stopped getting my period the month after i had gotten my first shot, i've just started noticing for like the past.. maybe 3 months, that i have been losing my hair.. and I'm only 15 so that's pretty scary. I have a whole bunch of brown spots on the top of my stomach.. right under my breasts and some white patches that look like dry skin. i believe that i weighed about 126 when i first started and now i weigh in at 169.7 lbs.! Yeah i gained that much in a year and a half. pretty freaky for someone who is only going to be a sophmore in high school! My appetite has increased BIG time and as much as i want to look thinner.. i just cant get myself up to do it. i make my little sister get up to get me stuff because im so LAZY! I dont know what to do. Being on the shot was more my mom's choice then it was mine.. i want to try something different after reading all this but i dont know what she will say. basically that is all i've had to put up with. thanx for listening to my story.

    Cyndi 8/18/2004


    Maria F. 8/5/2004

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    My sister is on Depo and the doctor prescribed it as a solution to her ovarian cysts, it does keep them away but so would birth control pills. She likes the shot and the fact that the pain from the cysts has been stopped. She has always suffered from depression, and has gained 30 pounds in 3 years on the shot. She is only 19 years old and has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I am wondering if this may be related. Have you ever heard of any swelling in the hands as a result of the shot?

    Jeanne 7/24/2004

    I've used depo a few times in my life. After my daughter was born I got the shot while still in the hospital. I was on it for about a year, and for some reason or another just decided to not get anymore shots. My first period after coming off depo was extremely heavy and didn't seem like normal period blood. It just seemed like regular blood if I was to cut myself. I thought I was hemorrhaging. After time, my periods got lighter and they were always regular, it's just that I bleed different now. It's like regular blood. I am now pregnant again and I was just thinking about how my periods were. I was just wondering if you ever heard of someone bleeding like this and if it affected their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and/or baby

    Kim 8/30/2004

    I was on depo for almost 1 1/2 years, was sick the day of my appt. for another shot and about a month later, was pregnant. Imagine my suprise. I now have a beautiful seven year old daughter. I immediately returned to depo because it "seemed to work" and I enjoyed not even spotting for months at a time. I was then on depo for 4 years, and I decided to "give my body a rest". My fiance' and I were very careful, most of the time. In Fall of 2000, I found out I was pregnant, having a tubal pregnancy and had surgery all in the same day. I then went back on depo for a year. When my husband and I married in 2002, I went off again. I have been off of the shot ever since, waited 7 months to start having abnormal cycles and have been very unsuccessful in trying to conceive, even though my appetite for sex has returned. I have very painful mestraul cycles, but I am not sure if it is connected in any way to the shot. I am wondering if there is anything I can do. We have been trying for over two years, with not even a scare. Could some of these menstraul cycles actual be miscarriages. How would I know? I feel odd asking the doctor questions after reading some of the stories because I feel he won't give me the right answer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And to everyone else, just know that there really is not a "birth control" that is healthy, they are technically all toxins that manipulate our body into doing "unnatural" things, but to keep your head up. I will definately consider your information before considering depo again. Thanks Kim

    Misty A. 2004

    I am so sorry to bother you but I need your help. I have a question regarding the Depo shot...I have been on the shot for about a year and 2 months and I stopped getting the shot in May 15...that was the last one that I have husband and I are really wanting a baby...and I was wondering how long it will take for me to be fertile again? I have talked to several different doctors and each of them have there own opinion on the shot...some have told me that I can get pregnant whenever I want and others have said that I cant for 6 months...i have no idea what to there anyway that you can help me?

    Unknown 8/22/2004

    Being 5'5", at age 18 when I graduated high school, I never even imagined that my body would go from 115 lbs. (while having been taking oral birth control pills for 3 years with no weight gain) to 145 lbs. in 6 months. I started getting the Depo injections when I went to college my first year. After getting the first shot, I noticed that I was spotting for 2 1/2 weeks after I got the injection, and I also had what I thought to be a horrible yeast/vaginal infection, because there was a terrible odor. I also started losing a tremendous amount of hair. Everytime I would take a shower I would have handfuls of hairballs in my fingers and would need to wipe out the tub. My hair is now MUCH thinner than it used to be. I have also developed EXTREMELY itchy splotches on my arms and legs than are becoming a white color (which looks odd because I'm Filipino and have a natural tan). I look like a spotted leopard. My mood swings are incredible. I find myself crying for no reason, blaming my fiancee for everything that is wrong, and pushing him away all the time. I am always lethargic, I don't want to go out, or be active in any way, I just want to sit/sleep all day/night. I've gained 30 lbs., and my eating habits haven't changed AT ALL. I used to be VERY sexually active, but I don't even want sex anymore, and end up crying during intercourse and blaming my partner for not being good in bed anymore, when it's not even his fault. I've lost my lubrication, my sex drive, and my emotions during sex. I feel ugly with spotted skin, thinning hair, and an extra 30 lbs. I'm depressed and even though I want to lose my weight more than ANYTHING, I can't even gather the strength to go to the gym (where i work as a child care-giver) to work out (FOR FREE!!!) I get terrible migraines (where I lose my sight completely). I already have TMJ (but my symptoms are more prominent now). My vision is blurry (not because I'm nearsighted or wear contacts). I can't focus on converstations, and I feel like I've become ADHD. I had to drop out of my second semester of college because I couldn't focus when I went to class (when I could even gather the strength to go!)

    I could go on and on with my symptoms, and I'm sure I probably left some out, but this has already become quite a lengthy email. Thanks SO MUCH for starting this website. More women need to know the repercussions to this aweful medicine. I know my Dr. at the university that I attend only filled me in on a 5 lbs weight gain that probably wouldn't effect me, because it usually only occurs in older women. THIS MEDICINE IS BAD!!!

    Pamela 8/22/2004

    Hi There, Thank God for your Web Site! I donít have Insurance and receive my Birth Control and Annual Pap Exams through the State Clinic. I was very happy on a B.C. Pill but the State discontinued it forcing me to change B.C. Pills. I did, the next B.C. Pill left me with tender breasts, no period for the 4 months I was on it and such severe depression I didnít want to live. So I asked the Dr. to change the pill I was on. The next pill I was on caused such massive headaches I was eating about 16 to 20 Advil daily. While the headaches were getting worse and unbearable, I realized it must be the new B.C. Pill I was on and stopped taking the Pill. I had a long appointment with the Dr. My History Includes the Following all of which we discussed:

    1.Headaches 2.Clinical Depression 3.Severe Acne 4.Osteo Arthritis 5.Degenerative Disc Disease 6.Back Trouble=Herniated Disk

    We started a Paper Work Push for the State to tie my tubes as Iím 38 years of age and Iím having such problemsÖ.This can take months for the State to Approve or Deny Sterilization. In the interim she suggests I get The Depo-Provera Shot! Knowing my history and she does this to me? I received the shot 5 days ago on the 17th of August 2004. Iím already getting the skull based headaches and have received 2 huge acne cysts! Gee I canít wait to see what the rest of my first 3 months of Depo will bring. That Dr. knows how highly susceptible I am to all medications, I canít believe she would do this to me! Highly Upset, -Pamela

    Edie 8/5/2004

    I found your website today on a last minute rethink to this shot. Thank you for your story on depo-provera. I just canceled my appt for my first injection. Edie

    Chantelle 7/31/2004

    Hopefully you still have this address.... I just wanted to thank you for your website.In January I was considering the Depo-Provera shot. I did some research on it,I read on one website one horror story,I didnt come across your website at that time. I decided tonight to do some more research and came across your site.All of the side effects you list are the same as ones listed even on other sites not affiliated with yours,so I hope people take it seriously and pay attention!!! I am 22,and I got pregnant when I was 19.I cant really say I 100% percent wanted to get married. We were already engaged,so we just went ahead with it.I came from a very religious family (2 preachers)and I thought it was the right thing to do even though they all tried to tell me to be sure of myself.Anyhow,after i had my beautiful daughter,they asked me at the hospital what form of birth control I would like,I deided to try the patch.It kept peeling off,you couldnt ever get a prescription for single replacement patches,and it was only able to be put in limited places,so I decided to switch to the shot.I read a few horror stories but I decided to try it anyhow thinking I might be one of the lucky ones.Not so.My first period after my shot was almost 3 weeks long,and I had had CONSTANT spotting after that.One day I would think I finally quit spotting,but then I would start again.I even had to wear tampons on our vacation because the spotting was so unpredictable I didnt want to embarrass myself in the pool!!!My hair started coming out so much that it had stopped up our shower drain!!Thank God I have thick hair and it isnt noticeable.My mood cannot even be descibed as horrible,its so much worse than that.The shot has all but ruined my marriage.I have totally lost my sex drive,and we have not had sex for 7 months,which should be unheard of for someone my age!!I am mad about the smallest things,and anything can make me mad.We fight all the time. I was due for my next shot about a month ago and I did not go.Partly because now that my mood and everything else combined,my husband and I argue all the time (with btw,our marriage was not like that before)since we dont even have sex I didnt see the point in paying for birth control,and partly because of all of these God awful side effects.When I got pregnant I weighed 128,I was very small.When I gave birth I weighed 150.I lost almost all of my weight,but after taking the shot I am back up to 145 and it sickens me.Eating habits have not changed,and I have always had a very high metabolism,but this weight is NOT coming off.It is very depressing. To all those who read your site I hope they listen.Thank you for taking the time (especially with all of those children!!!) to try to help others out. Ladies:even if you are taking the shot and have had no side effects,realize that if it has done this to even a few people there must be something bad about it!!!! God Bless!

    Amanda H. 6/29/2004

    thank you for writing about your depo experience. I am having some of the same symptoms. I didnít go in to take my last shot this month.. because we are wanting to have another baby. I have a son named Mason.. I hope to have a girl someday. I hope they are as cute as yours! I will never take Depo again because of you.. thank you soooo much. Now I know.

    Unknown 6/28/2004

    hi my friend jocy took da depo shot also and she gained alot of weight i just arranged for her 2 exercise we started running and i put her on a diet a good one i learned in da military well we're also starting doing tae' bo hopefully we'll c results is there any other way she can lose da weight? i mean she's not depressed or anything she's just fat she got SOOOOOO big it's embarrassing cuz she's only 17 and works at Burger King is there any other way if there is please let me know e-mail me at xxxxxx pleeeeease help

    Melissa 6/16/2004

    I was just reading your story and have found some of the same problems that i'm having with the depo. i have had my second shot and in 5 weeks will be ready for the third one but not sure now that i want to get it. For about 4 weeks now i have had signs of being pregnant one of the big signs i have always had is that i can't do a thing with my hair it's just so flat and i never have had that any other time but when i was prenant i have not had any bleeding sense the first week in Feb. which is really making me wonder. The first time i got the shot about 6 years ago i never seam to stop bleeding. Then i only had the one shot and it took me 4 years to get pregnant so with all the rest of my kids being close in age well 2 years apart then wanting to have anything one it took 4 years to have her. I have headachs,mood swings all the time, mostly a really crabby person and then my husband has to deal with me taking every thing out on him and pushing him away, a have a big weight gain and every thing i have done to try to lose the weight just don't seam to be working. i was on weight watcher before i got depo and i had lost 35 pounds in 3 months and now i have the weight back and fighting to lose it again but i just can't seam to get rid of it. i can keep going on and on about this but was just wondering what you think i should do? should i get the 3rd shot or go to the pills?

    Chantelle 6/11/2004

    Hi I came across your site while doing research for my attorney. Is there anything you can send to me, updates, news etc, so that I may share it with him. I have been off depo for almost two years and I am still suffering from side effects. I was on depo for a year do to endometriosis, while I was on it, I had no side effects until after a year and it was a horrible experience. It was like one morning my hormones decided to wake up and it was like crashing into a brick wall. I suffered from a hormonal imbalance. I freaked out. I need all the info I can get right now. I want to pursue my case more then ever. I was a healthy 30 year old before I went on depo. Happy go lucky was my middle name. I have changed so much since then. I got off depo when I was 32. I am now 34 and like I said, still suffer from side effects. I hope to hear from you. Take care!

    Ginger R. 6/10/2004

    I am 22. I took depo for the first time when I was 20. I had just moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. I experianced my first symptom of vaginal dryness earily on. I would literally get brush burns from intercourse. But I was head over heels in love so it didn't stop us(we invested in lub). A year later my OBGYN took me off depo for complaints of vaginal dryness. Then the real problems became apparent. Our relationship became rocky... Rick complained of not having enough sex (it was more because of my disinterest). I was unaware of the problem, i was i nursing school ... i figured it was stress. BUT.. we began going to a marrage counciler. After two weeks I had a breakthrough... I had no desire for sex in any shape or form .... with anyone. I don't fantisize or become aroused with anything. I am frigid! Naturally I immediatly made an appointment with my OBGYN. I blamed the depo. They ran endocrine and hormone tests... and found nothing. My OBGYN knew of past sexual trama and refered me to a psychotherapist. I FELL APART! My boyfriend was sick and tired of my never ending excuses to why this was happening. I compiled my entire sex history and went to a psychotherapist, and she told me it IS THE DEPO! So its been a year and I am back at the beginning with no end in sight. I wonder how much longer my relationship will last. I cry all the time. I want my life back! I've lost the connection with the man I love! We talk about how if not for this problem, we would already be engaged. Instead we are constantly haunted by breaking up. I WANT ANSWERS! I want to know when this is going to end!!! Can anyone help me.

    Jackie 6/1/2004

    Hi, my name is Jackie. I have a question, I was on the depo-provera shot for about 2yrs on and off. I just got off in January 04, I've been to the doctor he gave me the 7day pill for me to get my period so i took it but nothing happened. what i want to know is how long does it take to get your period back? and what can i take to get my period back? if you have answers to my questions I'd appreciated it. thank you!

    Hyacinth D. 5/25/2004

    Hello Dear,
    I have been having some negative side effects from this shot. They consist of weight gain, depression, anxiety, instant uncontrollable anger, yeast infection (I have never had an yeast infection all my life I am 39), headaches, pains at the back of my neck and sometimes head, forgetfulness. I have never been one to complain but lately almost everything is getting on my nerves. My 13 year old daughter has noticed the changes I am going through. Help I would like to get something to loose this weight I have gained. All my life I have been slim just recently I gained 15 lbs and all my clothes do not fit properly. I would like to stop this Depo shot now can you advise me on any side effects which I may expect to experience?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. Have a great day!

    Shanna S. 5/24/2004

    I was just researching Depo-provera and came across your website. I have a couple of questions for you but I'll tell you a little history I've had with Depo. I got on Depo after I had my daughter Caitlin, who is now five. So I've been on this shot for five years, well the past couple of years I have felt horrible. I have had unbelievable headaches that are in the base of my neck and then right over my eyes, which I have been to the doctor for a number of times and have had MRI's and they have found nothing. They say that it is just stress and put me on anti-depressants or say that I have TMJ and give me bite guards. I am so tired, I was like you, I don't want to get out of bed, I just want to sleep and eat. Which I have gained at least 50 pounds since being on this. There are a lot of other things but these seem to be the majority of the problems, if I didn't have the headaches and the fatigue, I think I would be 80% better off. Anyways, I have decided I took my last shot back in April so no more Depo!

    My question to you is once you got off the Depo provera did you start to feel any better? Did the headaches or fatigue go away? I just have to tell you, I feel like I am not crazy anymore after reading your website, your story sounds so much like mine but I didn't know what else to do except quit taking the shot. Do you have any good advice?

    Thanks so much!

    Elizabeth W. 5/20/2004

    i just recently decided not to get another needle.. since dhand i are ttc our first child... i was wondering if you know of anything that helps to get your period back that is not through a doctor...thanks for your time

    April 5/20/2004

    I just wanted to write and share with you my experience with depo provera. I just found your website last night and up until then I had no idea that all of my medical problems were related to depo. I was on the depo shot for 9 years. I have been off of it for almost 2 years and would have never gotten off of it had I not met my husband and decided I wanted another child. I had no problems while taking the shot, but soon after I quit, many problems occurred. I have the extreme fatigue, swelling in my hands and ankles, interruption of my thought process ( which is really difficult since I am trying to finish my degree in Biology),depression, weight gain of 45lbs, PVCs (heart palpitations), and also while on the shot I had to have half of my thyroid removed (don't know if that is related or not...). I have extensive medical records, and would love to join your battle. Please send me any info. Thank You, April A.

    Katie 5/18/2004

    hi my names katie and im a 23yr old mum to a 23month old son,ive started seeing a guy 5months ago and 3 months ago i got the depo-injection,a girlfriend told me about it,and it worked no period til 1 1/2week til it finished i got it done feb12,and it finished may12 and 1 1/2 week after i started bleeding but my gf saidthat was normal,and wait a few weeks til next one so i waited 2 weeks im still bleeding but that normal?i got another injection yesty(i live in australia so i only hearded abut it this year..anyways i got no cramps,etc..but i read ur site but couldnt read fully as this stupid baner was in the way so thats why im emailing you...will the bleeding stop? gf said it stops within few days?...that's all thanks..

    Siobhan Y. 5/15/2004; Britain

    Hi I have just started a discussion group on

    It is difficult to get the numbers in the Uk for a discussion board in exchange I will add your site as one of my reccomended bookmarks.

    If you have any queries please email me
    Siobhan Y.

    Ps Congrats on your baby Im TTC myself!

    Mary T. 5/11/2004

    In 1995, I started taking the injections of dp after my son was born. I was 19 at the time and naive to boot. At that time I didn't notice the effects that dp had on me. I thought it was just my hormones acting up because I had been pregnant. I didn't notice weight gain since I had not lost all of the baby weight. I realize now that I endured most of the side effects that have been described. I was depresed moody and I had headaches all the time. I went from being active before and during pregnancey to tired all the time, and if I wasn't tired I was sick. not to mention the lack of libidothat went out the window quickly. I stayed on dp for 2 years before my ex-husband and I agreed to try to have another child. Within a month after stopping the injections I could feel a difference in myself. I almost immediately noticed weight loss, the loss of headachesand my energy level went way up. My period unfortunately didn't return until a year and a divorce later.

    Now, I'm In a new relationship and not wanting to have children for a while. I decided that I would try dp again. This time around it is worse and after six months of nonstop bleeding in addition to the 25 pounds I have gained on top of all the other side effects I had the first time made me start to wonder. I tried exercising more, and the more I exercised the more weight I gained and the heavier this constant period has gotten.I am so glad to know that I am not the only one out here who has had bad reactions to dp. Fortunately I have a caring guy around who is understanding and outspoken enough to tell me when I turn into a psycho witch. Even he has noticed the difference between when I started dp and now. Next week I am due for another injection but instead I believe I will be telling my doctor to take it for me and then tell me how she feels in a few months.

    For all of those who are on dp with little or no side effects I think that is great, kudos to you. I thought I was one of those at one point in time. I thought everything I felt was in my head as my doctor at the time suggested.

    Julie H 5/6/2004; Adeliade, South Australia

    Heloo, my name is Julie and I live in Adeliade, South Australia. I have been on Depo Provera for about 2 years now and I love it. I don't think I have had any side affects except maybe losing my libido which isn't such a bad thing when your single. I'm 42 years old and have not had a period for nearly 2 years now, which I love, I don't get pre-menstrual tension anymore which I love and I only have to remember going to the doctors 4 times a year, which I love. The only concern I have, which is what led me to your website, is the long term dangers of NOT having a period, which is not a natural occurance at my age(evern tho as I said before I don't miss tehm!). If you have any answers for me I would love to hear from you.

    Traci S. 5/5/2004

    my name is Traci and I took depo Provera for a period 14 months starting six weeks after I gave birth to son, in early 1998. I developed sever depression and mood imbalance just a couple of months after that. I have always suspected that it was the Depo Provera to blame for my medical condition and psychological deterioration. My symptoms seem to be damaging and irreversible. Thanks to the unexplicable demise of my health and mental condition I ended up dropping out of surgical technology school twomonths prior to graduating and my life was for the most part changed forever. I am battling the depression and anger and frustration that come with it but I want something to be done about it.I am a second year nursing student and want to warn other women about the potential dangers of using Depo Provera as a method of birth control. And one finnal inquiry. Has anyone pursued any type of legal action. I believe that the phamaceutical companies are the culprits here, not the doctors, at least certainly not all of them. Please write me back. I anxiously await your response. Thank you sincerely, Traci

    Nicole 5/4/2004

    Hi, I started the depo shot in Nov. '03. From day one I bled everyday (which was "common" according to the doctor). The bleeding stopped in Jan. '04, and I made the decision to not get the second one in February. To this day, I have not started my period. Yesterday I called to schedule my annual, and the OBGYN's nurse said that it isn't normal and that I need to take a pregnancy test. I have taken 4 in the last 2 1/2 mos., the most recent being 3 days ago. I told her this and she asked that I go to my PCP, and have a blood pregnancy test done. Now I am all paranoid and scared. After going through what you did, do you think I can be pregnant? I don't feel the way I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. I knew with her right away, w/o taking a test, but everybody tells me that each pregnancy is different.

    Your website is very informative and I appreciate that. Your story totally changed my mind. I called my sister-in-law right away and told her not to go for anymore shots. If you don't mind me asking though, why are there ads for Depo on the top of the screen on your site?

    Thank you in advance for any help you may offer,

    Unknown 5/2/2004

    Hello I have been getting the depo shot for 5 years and just stop taking it because of the weight issue and terriable breast tenderness I have been trying to find similiar instantces but no one has reported this I stopped getting my shot in Feb 2004 but the breast tenderness is still there and seems worse have you heard of this being a side affect and how long does it take to go away please help I am really getting nervous.

    Laurie 2/2/2003

    My name is Laurie. I started taking depo after my second son was born. I wasn't taking it to prevent pregnancy but to stop me from having a period. I have severe cramping that has caused many problems in my life. I had tried many different forms of birth controls but none of them seemed to relieve my cramps. My gyno told me to try depo so I said why not try it. Right after my first shot I got a severe headache and became really dizzy. Which I was told was a normal side effect. Soon after I began to bleed and it didn't stop until I got my second shot 3 months later. Then the weight gain began and the migraine headaches. I thought this is really not worth it. Around that time I was employed as 411 operator. I began having problems typing and using my arms and hands. I would get severe pain in my shoulder that would shot down my arm. So I decided to see my primary physcian who told me that all the muscles along my spine in my neck and down my arms were in knots. I asked what could have caused this and she said she didn't really know but tried to catorgize me. I was put on other pills to try to relax my muscle which hardly worked. I needed something really strong but that meant I couldn't work because of the drowsiness. My doctor told me that I should stop working if that was possible. So I did. I also stopped the depo after being on it for a year. Once I stopped the shots I would get my period every other week for over 3 months. So back to the gyno I went. He put me on another form of birth control pill to stop the bleeding which worked. Then I decided I needed to lose the extra 20 something or so pounds that I had gained along with the baby weight that I had never lost. So I stopped the pill and my periods gor weird again. I would go for 6 weeks with out a period. I had all kinds of tests on me to see if there was something wrong with my female organs. From what they say everything is okay. It has been about a year since my last depo shot. I can't lose any weight I just keep gaining. The problems with my muscles are not as bad as when I was on the depo but continue to be a problem. This shot has caused me to become depressed and still not feeling my self. I want to be my normal self again. I feel like things will never go back to the way they were. I try my best to inform my friends, family, and acquintances of the horrible effects of this shot. I hope that one day soon all sufferers of depo will get their lives back.

    Brandi W. 1/20/2003

    i have been on the depo shot since my daughter was 6 weeks of age she now will be 3 and i just went off of it i regret ever going on the shot as i have so many problems now i had my period for 3 months i am tired i have no appitite, i have pains in the lower part of my stomach which i was told was endometriosis and just last week i was called up by my doctor to tell me that i now have cervical cancer. i have had abnormal paps for the last 3 years and have had 2 surgeries to correct the problem already and now they call me up with this news. my family is at a loss for words i am only 24 years old and have cancer what am i going to do. i know i can't give up as my husband and children need me and i need them i was never told any side effects of the depo shot, nor was i told that my precancerous abnormalities had the possibility of changing to cancer. well i guess that they have and now i have to pay for the doctors mistakes of not dealing with this situation properly when after every surgery i have ever had to fix this problem the problem comes back alot worse, do you know of any informaion that would help me understand why this is happening to me. i am not ready to give up everything. thank you for listening brandi w.

    Norma 1/19/2003

    Lately, I have been gaining some weight and my eating habits and exercise routine hasn't changed. I have also experienced loss of sex drive. Like I have read what most of isn't just that I don't want to have sex, but it has been that I am completely repulsed by my boyfriend even touching me in a sexual way. I have notice a increase of headaches and decrease in energy. I have been on depo provera for 2 years now. I am 28 years old, about 130 lbs, and I have never had children. When I first got on depo I had a light to medium period for about a month. It then went away and I haven't gotten a period since. I spot when it gets close to the end of my three months...but other than that, nothing.

    I just now told my boyfriend that I want to get off of depo and he is o.k. with it. I am just scared of not getting my period for another 2 years or something. Is there a way to de-toxify my body from depo? What should I do? My shot is due on the Feb. 3rd...but I am not going to get it! Do you have ANY advice to someone getting off of depo?

    Thank you,

    Emily Meindl 1/13/2003

    Here's my story. I went to the doctor in a hurry to get on depo because I thought I was going to start my period. I wanted to make sure and get the shot ASAP because I didn't want to get pregnant of course. I was given a urine test to see if I was pregnant. It came back negative. They gave me the shot. My sister in law, a nurse became very concerned because I went another couple of weeks and never started my period. She decided to give me a blood test to double check. It came back positive and I was 8 weeks pregnant. Therefore I was given the depo shot in my 6th week of pregnancy. Everything went ok until I went for blood tests and my afp levels were high. I went in for a detailed ultrasound and everything was ok. Two weeks later at 18 weeks I lost my water. I called my doctor and he wouldn't even see me he said it was impossible to loose my water that early. I went for 2 more weeks as normal, having sex, working my high stress job as well as a waitress job. It happened again. I had another gush of water. I was careless not to call my doctor again but he said it was normal the first time. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and I didn't have a drop of amniotic fluid left. They told me I was to abort my son. Whom I had already named John Michael. They said he would never take his first breath. Amniotic fluid is what causes your infants lungs to mature. Anyway, I told them no, if he was ment to die it would not be at my hands it would be at the hands of god. To make a long story short I stayed in Baptist hospital for 5 months without developing an infection. My son was born on June 17, 2002. He passed away June 28th 2002. I developed an severe infection in my uterus which ended with at hysterectomy. And to my question.. . . . Could my depo shot at 6 weeks gestation have caused these problems. My original doctors say no. Buy wouldn't you too if you were them.

    Unknown 4/26/2003

    I have been on depo for seven years. I am 34 years old with 2 children. I got pregnant while on birth control pills and that is why I started on depo. I had very little weight gain - maybe 5-10 lbs in the 7 years. I have not had a cycle in 7 years. Reading your site - the symptoms I do have are the muscle achiness, depression, irritability and anxiety. Also, I don't have much desire for sexual relations with my husband. I stay on depo because I am scared too get pregnant again. My children our 9 and 7 years old. If I do come off should I go on anything else? Or is it okay to stay on depo indefinitely? My doctor says I can stay on indefinitely. By reading your site I am not so sure.

    ***Answer: it was never meant to be a long term BC. Recommendation say it stops working properly after 6-7 years of continual use. However I wouldn't recommend anyone to be on it at all.

    Lisa 2/24/2003

    I wanted to let everyone know my story and how depo provera effected me after only one shot! I used to have very bad periods heavy bleeding & bad cramps that would keep me out of work for 2 days every month. Of course my first shot was when i was having my period. The day I got the shot my period went away within an hour. (I was sooo happy). The second day i had VERY bad cramping, i started getting acnce(i had clear skin my whole life). Then i gained 15 pounds, i didnt care because i was to skinny. The second month was great, no period no cramps acne started to clear up. Then suddenly i started spotting. Then the next month and 2 weeks i bled like i was having my period everyday! It was also followed by very bad cramps which landed me in the hospital. They gave me a temporay pill to stop the bleeding. The minute i was off it i started bleeding like crazy again. I honestly believe depo is horrible & should be illigal. I was bleeding for a little less then 2 months. I'm just starting to stop the bleeding now. Doctors cant even say how long it takes before it will leave your body. If anyone is considering using the form of birth control please re-think it. I don't want anyone else to go though the emotional, stress i went through. Thank you for listening.

    Lizzie 4/23/2003

    I was shocked by your site I was 19 when I got three shots i fougfht for my life after multiple surgerys and now I'm 24 and they don't know if I will ever get better I have also gained over 150 pounds thanxs to the medicine WoW Thanks

    Andrea 4/18/2003

    Hi My Name is Andrea:
    I am actually writing for my sister who is imprisoned in Texas. They give them the depo provera shot there to control there menstrual cycle. My sister has been bleeding for over 6-7 months since been giving the shot. She keeps requesting a doctor visit but they are constantly rescheduled. I canít imagine being on your cycle for so long. They are only given a certain number of pads per month for cycles. This shot has been a disaster for her and at this time she has not received any medical attention to date. She asked me to look it up on the internet for her to see what could be found. I am glad to learn that others are having complications also and we are not alone.

    Elizabeth 4/11/2003

    Thank You for your informative web site!! I have been in the medical field for 15 years as a nurse, and you know that I have never met one gyn who will admit the symptoms are from depro!! I have been on depro for over 6 years and I knew it made you gain weight, and have other side effects. I also have frequent kidney infections, and pain, hair loss, ect. I have stopped the depro as of last month and believe me, coming off of it after a long term is horrible. The symptoms will increase dramatically for a short while, before they subside. Do you know of any class action suites? Thanks again, and I wish you the best!!

    Missy 4/7/2003

    I'm so glad I found it. I couldn't figure out how to post on it, so I am emailing you with my story.

    I took 2 Depo shots before I decided I want to have children. When I tried to go off the shot, I menstruated for 4 weeks. Finally, I got frustrated and went back on the shot while my husband and I were buying a home. We figured we can always get pregnant the next year. My last shot was in Oct '02. By December I was bleeding again. So I told my doctor I don't want to go back on the shot b/c we are trying to concieve, but I need something to control my periods. She put me on a 10-day dose of Provera. She said that by the end of the 10 days I should stop bleeding and then in 10 more days, my period would return to normal. She was WRONG!! On the tenth day (the last dose) of taking Provera I broke out in hives! From head to toe. The last time I took Provera was on Jan 31, 2003. It is now April 6th and I still have hives. My periods did stop, but never started again and now I am spotting. So I am taking birth control pills (against my better judgement) to try and get my period back in hopes of getting rid of the hives. (If you've ever had hives, you know you'll try anything to get rid of them!)

    So what does this have to do with Depo you ask? I just cashed in my last hope and called the manufacturer of Provera (Pharmicia) to ask them what can reverse the reaction of the drug. I told the rep on the phone my story just as I told it above, and she said the hives could've been caused from the Depo, and it takes 9 months to completely get out of my system. I told her I never had any side effects from the Depo and it just so happened that I broke out after taking the Provera. She stuck to her story. I tried everything I could think of to get help from her, but that's all she would say. What do I think of this?

    1. I hate hives!
    2. I think she was putting it off on another company's drug
    3. If I (the consumer) can't get help from the manufacturers or my doctors (who don't know how to help me - even a dermatologist) who can I get it from?
    4. The drug companies are lying to us and blaming other corporations for their own mess-ups.
    5. Maybe it was the Depo. If so, has anyone else had this happen to them?

    I am at my wits end. I can't get rid of hives and they are so frustrating. If you've ever done a Google search for hives, you'll find horror stories from people that just make you want to cry! Some people have "chronic" hives which mean they'll never get rid of them. I would like to think I'm not one of them, but it's not looking so good at this point. I've tried everything to get rid of them. Even homepathic and herb remedies won't do it, much less pharmaceuticals. Thank you for listening.

    Jennifer 4/4/2003

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I to was on depo for only about 6 months after the birth of my daughter.. I have now been of the depo shot for 2 yr. and 4 months with no return of my period. My husband and I are trying to conceive and are now being seen by a fertility specialist. I was told that the depo may stay in your body for 2yrs I'm past that mark and I'm worried that I will never be able to have another baby. My doctor has put me on prometrium(used to induce menstral cycle) and that's the only way my period will start, I'm also not ovulating on my own and have been put on clomid. How long did it take for your cycles to return and how long after your last shot did it take you to get pregnant? Any info would be great I really enjoy your web site it gives me a little hope still. Thank you,

    Tania 4/4/2003 My story starts back sometime in December of 2001. I received a call from my best friend of over 25 years. She was concerned about her extreme mood-swings. She told me she was fine one minute and the next she would be crying her eyes out, and yelling at her husband for no reason. She said she went to the doctor and asked her what to do. Her doctor said that she'd just have to wait for the Depo provera to get out of her system. To this, my friend said, I don't think I CAN wait. What exactly did that doctor THINK she meant. Less than a week after I spoke to her she took her own life. She had EVERYTHING to live for a wonderful husband, adorable son, and a brand new miracle baby. I loved her so much, she has always been more like a sister than a friend. I truly blame Depo Provera for this heartache that we're all suffering now. She did it on one of those "mood swings" that everybody talks about. I know this because she had loaded her car full of gifts to be delivered later that day. If she had "planned" this, she wouldn't have made plans to do something else that exact day. The same day that Linda died, another woman (in Atlanta) lost her own battle due to a blood clot in the brain. This stuff is poison! Something HAS to be done, somebody MUST be accountable for all of the lives lost and destroyed because of this "Medicine".
    Melissa T. 4/3/2003

    I read your site and am having side effects from the depo shot. I had only one injection and found it was not for me. I am also having severe acne. My face is sore and I can't control it. My ob-gyn dismissed the idea that it was related to the injection. How did you get it under control?

    My first and only injection was December 2, 2002 and I am still bleeding. Can you give me and idea as to when this will stop. My ob said it would take a while to totally get out of my system, but still would not give me a definite answer.

    Judy 3/20/2003

    my daughter is 47 yrs old she started depo in her 20's and continued on for a number of years with no problems but as she keeps things to herself perhaps she did not tell me but now at age 47 she has been coping with cystic breasts for at least five years. i mean hundreds of cysts and she has small breasts is there anyone out there with a connection of this to depo there is no history of cystic disease in the family - could this be a long term side effect of depo her only hope of ridding herself of this is to have bilateral mastectomy her gynae is deceased but he gave it to her in good faith and his records are still available -

    ***Yes there is a connection!

    Kylie M. 3/20/2003

    iam still suffering the horrific effects of depo ihave had 3 miscarriages and a baby diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with a very rare chromosomal abnormality iam desperatley trying to find other women who have had the depo shot and have had trouble falling pregnant or have had a baby with any abnormalities? i have a feeling that this shot does more to women than make us sick, feel like we're going crazy...........thank you for your informative site all the women affected by this drug find comfort in caring people like yourself. hope to hear from you soon

    Teri 3/16/2003

    Please send me any info you have on the side effects when you are getting off the shot? My daughter took her last shot three months ago after 5 (or more) years. She is feeling very bloated, fatigued, and generally irritable. I appreciate your help.

    Megan 3/15/2003

    I had two experiences with Depo. The first was when I was 20 years old, and I had severe migraines, painful cyst-like acne, and weight gain. I stopped taking the shots after three doses, not realizing that the Depo was solely to blame. Since the symptoms didn't cease after I stopped the shots, I thought maybe it was my own body chemistry that was the problem. Doctors blamed everything on stress. Within a year I became so depressed that I attempted suicide. Following the suicide attempt, I had a 3-month bout with gastroesophogeal reflux disease and I had both upper and lower endoscopies, which determined that I had a cluster of ulcers in the small intestine. Once again, doctors blamed everything on stress. Five years later I was asked by my gynecologist to try Depo Provera. I was hesitant, but he convinced me that any uncomfortable side effects would gradually go away, and my body would adjust. So I tried it, but after one shot I realized that any more of that drug would kill me. That was eight months ago, and I have been suffering all of the same side effects as before, only with ten times the magnitude. The migraines came every day for 3 months, and were unbearable! I am now 15 pounds overweight, eating healthy foods, and training for triathlons five days out of the week with no ability to lose the extra pounds. I am depressed for no substantial reason, and I do not get a period anymore. The doctor is trying to induce my period now, but has been so far unsuccessful. I am in pain and fatigued most of the time, but I am researching, and finding out all the ways to (1) get well again, and (2) get Depo off of the market so that no more women are poisoned by this drug.

    Betty L. 3/12/2003

    I wanted to let you know that I quit taking the depo about 11 months ago and just recently started my period for the first time. I have been on my period for a month and had to go to the doctor. Per my doctor, I have lost alot of blood and still going. If they are unable to stop the bleeding, they will have to admit me. This week I am unable to stand for a long period of time due to dizzy spells, and feeling drained. I think the worst part of this is that I've gained alot of weight getting off the Depo. I would not recommend this to anyone

    Mena 3/5/2003

    Several To many Side Affects---Ruined Me.. First taken in 1993-1994

    1: many vaginitis and pid's, cholecticitis, migraines, fatigue, eye lesions, blood in urine and stool. Cramps, Some weight gain. was a size 3.. gained 30 lbs in 6 mnths.

    2. Acitve years 1995-1998
    fairly the same okay---remember active in dancing and exercise. and keeping buisy, weight gain, still minor problems that were not determined related to depo..not to many periods, more vaginits,, never ending story !! and infections

    3: 1998--2000
    hot flashes, nausea, blurred vision, fatigue, of course more weight gain, vomitting, hormones are crazy, no periods whatsoever. still vaginitis, was given oral medication that now leaves a scent but dr's say is normal. legs are beginning to swollen, and am beginning to get more leg pains and back pains, left side ovarian pain (constantly), still trying to exercise but not helping with weight gain.

    4: 2000-2003---oh this is the good one.. 8 yrs later..
    same symptoms, a break out of new and forever lasting acne type rash, does not go away, more even, more weight gain. by now it has been almost 100 lbs more. Started at 130 now 218 lbs. never ends, still growing, complete and unbelievable hair loss, severe knee pain, leg bones hurt to the touch, ankels giving out on me while standing or walking both ankels. still left side ovary pain, severe migraines that now last 5 days sometimes in a row. Liquid flowing from the base of my skull to the top of my head, i can hear it and feel it, on the spinal neck cord. nausea, depression, anger, mood swings to violent, swollen body everywhere, eye sight is getting worse. Menapause time symptoms, hormonal imbalance but no dr seems to care or look at this twice. All testing's come out negative as if i am fine. ???? skin problems, acne everywhere, painful intercourse, lack of sex drive now, which i never ever had a problem with. used to be very much into it, don't want it.

    As far as I am concerned, Upjohn needs to be sued. I will never take birth control again. and yes they are misleading every notation in their pamphlets. NOT ONLY is this used for sex offenders, it used to be used to FATTEN UP CATTLE. What a coincidence, the sad thing I remember specifically asking why all the female cattles could not get up on their on four legs, they would fall to the ground and never be able to walk again and of course die out.


    Noelle 3/3/2003

    Hi I am 34 years old and been on the shot for 4 years. I had not experienced any bad side effects at all. I did not have a period either which was great. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and got a shot when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am very concerned for the health of my child. I have had many ultra sounds but I have been told we will not know much of anything until he is born in June. I am scared to say the least and have been trying to find women who have had children under the same circumstances. Can you please help!?!? Thanks for any info you can provide-and God bless you for starting this web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Veronika 2/27/2003

    Hi, It took me 5 years to return to my "normal life", but only to 90%, not all 100%. Today, I just feel positive, that the rest of 10% will come back too one day. From those 5 years three of them I literally suffered. I had only one shot, the first and the last in my life. My believe? Side effects of this drug cause broken relationships and families. Result - never, never, never, never never ever again! I would recommend everyone natural birth control, which I use successfully for four years.

    Christina 2/22/2003

    I was on the depo shot for about a year and a half. My husband and I are trying to get pregnat now. It has been almost four months since I was supposed to get my last shot. I think I may be pregnat now. I have to wait for the blood test results. I would not advise anyone to go on the depo shot. I was never told about fertlity problems after the shot.

    Elizabeth 2/19/2003

    Just a quick email to say thank you for the herbal help information, my periods resumed within 2 months of taking the suggested herbs thank You.

    Kamarie P. 2/14/2003

    Hi my name is Kamarie Prout. I reasonably decide to get off Depo. My last shot was in Nov of 02. I've been on Depo for almost 5 years. I'm 18 years old. My doctor recommended it to me because I had such heavy periods when I was younger.

    About July of 02 I met a guy who was wonderful in all aspects. He moved in with me and we were together and happy. Then I started not going to school, our bed room life had totally gone down hill. I knew I had to do something. I was depressed I couldn't get out of bed. I was tired and very irritable all the time. So I did some research on Depo and found out all the side affects. I immediately told my doctor to put me on the pill, so he prescribed rtho trio syclin. I was on that for 2 months and I was bleeding all the time. I could not were anything nice for it would get ruined. Finally I talked to my doctor and I'm currently on N-150, he told me that it was one of the strongest pill on the market. I've been taking those for about 1 1/2 month. And it has made me stop bleeding. My mood swings are terrible, my boyfriend couldn't take it any more, because we were always fighting and I was always being a Royal Bitch. So he moved out and now I'm not only trying to piece back my life but get my emotions straitened out and go back to school. Coming off of depo and being on it is one of the worst experiences in my life. I just hope that one day everything will be back to normal. And I think I'm actually looking forward to having a regular menstrual period. I would not recommend this birth control to any one.

    It has messed up my life beyond belief.

    Lesley 2/12/2003

    Hi, I recently was on your website and read your story that is really horrible. I was just wondering you said that you gained 20-30 pounds was that when you were on the depo shot, and if so, did you lose the weight after you got off the shot. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kara 2/8/2003; Maryland

    I took depo for about 2 years. During depo I had no symptoms, but now that I'm off I have a ton. I stopped Depo 10 months ago, still no period, but I have cramps almost all the time, that make me sick and put me to my knees. I went thru the hot flashes and mood swings months ago. The Drs. checked my hormone levels and said they were fine, but were concerned because in my urine test I had too many white blood cells. I wasn;t given anything, they said I was fine. The Drs. also told me to keep taking preg. tests every couple of month because I could get pregnant at any time. So here I sit missing work because I can't stand for long periods of time and not getting any answers just put off like its all in my head. Thanks for listening.

    D.Petty 2/7/2003

    Do you know of anyone who has gotten the Depo shot and later find out that they were already pregnant at the time they recieved the shot? If so, was there any damage done to the baby due to the depo-provera drug? Where can I get this info?
    P.S. The doctor did give me a test and it showed negative, then they gave me the Depo shot. Two weeks later I found out that I was five weeks pregnant.

    Melissa 2/3/2003

    Hi, It's great that other people can tell about their experiences with depo. I feel though,that their are risks with any bc method you try. I had an iud put in, because i had read about ALL the side effects of the depo shot,and i knew that it wasn't for me. I know that my doctor gave me a pamplet to read before i decided for every option i had. i knew from the start that i didn't want to gain weight,because I was already a little over weight from having my daughter. She is now 4 1/2 months old, and i an having problems with my iud. for the first 2 months my periods were fine, but now for the past month or so,i have been spotting off and on. It has effected my sex life with my fiance, i've had more mood swings because i just want a normal period. It doesn't help that everything that could go wrong in my life has ion the past month (thats because of all the cold weather) I dont know if i'm going though post pardum depression, or if it's just from a lack of a full period. I also go through days where i take care of my daughter and am able to clean everything through out my house, but other days i take care of her and just cant seem to do much. I get cramps and back and stomach spasms, headaches. I also know that anemia comes along with having an iud, and i feel that i am anemic,because i have less energy now,and sometimes cant seem to get out of my own way. Has anyone else gone through this, is this post pardum depression, or maybe from my lack of a period? If anyone else has had an iud put in, or gone through something similar to my story.

    Ryan 6/14/2003

    Hi there, im a guy and I have a girlfriend thats on birthcontrol. Im not exactly sure what form it is I just know its not pills. She told me that she goes to a center or something and gets something injected into her butt and it lasts for 3 months. Well the 3 months is almost up and she is becoming very irritable and sick. It almost seems like she hates me sometimes and becomes very sick to the stomach and all sorts of things like that. I was wondering if some of this is caused by her coming off of the birth control? Please get back to me this has me quite worried. Thank you.

    Unknown 6/11/2003

    I have been on depo-provera for almost 5 years now and as far as I can tell have only experienced minimal side effects as compared to many of the other stories I have read. I began taking the shot when I was 15 or 16 and am now 21 years old. I had only started my period shortly after turning 15. During the first two years I found myself getting upset over the littlest things and crying for no reason. I did not know anyone else who was on the shot and only knew about the side effects that the doctor had told me about and that I had read about in the pamphlet. During the first year and then again last summer I experienced periods that were light, but that lasted for about a month. Other than that my periods were very light and lasted only a few days. The time that lapsed between periods grew the longer I have been on the shot. In the beginning I would get one every few months and it is now every 6-9 months. At the present time I am a senior in college and am not in a relationship, so I do not plan on having children for quite some time. Being that I have been taking depo-provera for so long it is not the effects that I've noticed the past 5 years that bother me, but the effects that I haven't noticed. After reading all of the horror stories I have I am afraid of what will happen when I decide to go off the shot. I just hope that I am one of the lucky ones who has minimal side effects afterward and will be able to have children one day if I wish to. I also hope that more research is done on this drug so no more women have to go through the horrors that so many have gone through already and continue to go through today.

    Michele 6/9/2003

    hello I noticed you mentioned a class action lawsuit being formed against depro provera.. how can I obtain that info? This form of poison almost ruined my life and cost me a career.. I suffered awful side effects as well.. I really appreciate your website being out here .. so helpful... warning others against depo provera.. If there had been a site such as yours out here I would have never taken that first shot back in 1996.. I took them from 96-98... I am currently trying to lose the 40 pounds I gained from the shots.. I am not losing anything... little discouraged... lol take care..

    MS.DOWN AND OUT 5/24/2003


    Michelle 5/22/2003

    Good Day,
    I just came across your site on depro provea. I could relate to the same things. I took it only once and that was back in sept 2002. I cried for nothing, bleed for 3 months straight. It took my regular cycle 6months to come back to normal. I am now trying to conceive and having no Luck.

    Ashleigh 5/22/2003

    ok, i have just quit taking the depo shot b/c it made me have a month long period and alot of headaches and stomach aches. so i was suppose to go back and take the shot 5/14/03 and i didnt go back and i am wanting to conceive again, but i wanted to know about how long it will take for me and is there anything i can do to make it quicker. thank you

    Billie 5/21/2003

    I am not sure that I caught your name on your web site. If I did for this I am sorry. I have been doing some research on depo and I am hoping that you can help me. I started to hunt for depo cause I have been off of the shot for 2 1/2 years or more. I am 24 years old now. Me and my soon to be husband have been trying to conceive for a year now or more because since I quit the depo I have not been on any birth control what so ever.

    So I wanted to look up depo and see how long it could take to get pregnant. And I have found so many web sites of the horror stories . It made me cry for them and me too.In a way I was happy and in a way I was really mad that they could do this to a woman or a man for that fact. See for at least 3 years I have had panic attacks,blood clots with my period. And some times depression,a whole lot of what the other women are listing as there side effects. When I first started to have the panic attacks not knowing what was going on I went to the doctor. And that is what he called it they did a thyroid test and it came back fine and put me on busbar. I trusted that ,that was what was wrong. I took the busbar for about 6 months off and on. But then it got to where it made things worse for me.

    So I quit it.And I quit going to the doctor for anything cause they acted as if I was crazy.It has been about a year since then. I have two questions for you if you can help me I will be so grateful. The first question is what can I take that is safe and is effective that will get my moods and everything back to normal. I too was like you with the angry all the time thing. And it about breaks my heart I use to be so easy going. And two I heard you talk about class action lawsuits. Can you tell me whom is suing whom or if there is any in Georgia suing.I don't only want to sue I am going to help other women to get this awful drug off the market. And if you don't know any of the 2nd question can you tell me what kind of lawyer I would speak to about suing? As I said before thank you so much,and maybe one day there will be no more women having to go through this. But I thank the Lord above that I found your site among all the others. But yours was most helpful.
    Keep up the great work. Take care of you and your beautiful family. Thank you,

    Luann 5/14/2003

    My twenty-nine-year-old daughter was given Depo-Provera two days after giving birth to her second child in February 2003. Three weeks later she was in the hospital in critical condition with a blood clot in her lung. After extensive testing, the medical diagnosis is, she has a 'clotting disorder'. My daughter was healthy prior to this time and never had a problem with her blood or anything else. Of course, we are all very concerned about her condition. Please send me any information that might be helpful.

    Rose 5/14/2003

    Hi my name is Kayla and I read your personal story of Depo-Provera and I just want to thank you so much for putting that information out. I did not know Depo caused that many problems the doctors and nurses never tell me anything. In the future I would love to have children but i was very nervous that i might not be able to because of the Depo. Well if you would like to talk more feel free to e-mail me. Take care : )

    Michelle 5/13/2003

    my name is Michelle and i have been using depo well to be honest it hasn't even been a month i just thought i would let you know some of my symptoms... well when i fist got the shot i felt a litle pain the next day in my side .. well everything went along ok for bout a week then all of a sudden my stomach starts to get big i can't button my pants...i have thrown up twice in the past couple of stomach is hard feeling so mom thought i was pregant and so i took a test and the window that tell you if you are or arn't was bright pink and the it had two parrlle lines in the same window and the 30 mins later the window was white so .. i don't know they gave me pregnacy test a week before i had the shot and they said either it is too soon or your not then a week later i started to bleed so i went in a day later for my shot and the day after was like i barley need a pad all day .. and then a week later all this stomach problems like getting and becoming hard happened is it normal or do i need to call the doctor???? oh and by the way i am 20 years old and i weighed 87 lbs when i started the med and i don't how much i weigh now please help me i don't what to do???

    Venessa C. 5/12/2003

    Hello my name is venessa I am 18 years old and I have been taking the depo going on 6 months now. Since then I have gained 20 lbs I feel bloated all the time I constantly have pains in my abdominal area and for about 4 months I have been leaking what looks to be like milk. My doctor has told me that I am not pregnant, what else can it be? could the shot have caused this side affect since I am not pregnant? Please give me your advise!

    Lori 5/9/2003; Ontario Canada

    I am writing you from Ont Canada about dep-provera. I have had 3 injections so far to stop my periods which it did right a way. I am a 43 yr old woman never married no kids, Iam physically challenged and learned that I have gained 10-15 pounds since Oct /2002. Soon I am due for another shot but not going to do it anymore becuz the more I weigh the more my feet get in pain.

    Can you pls tell me how can I lose the extra weight that was put on by the injection? I walk alot but in pain, I ride a bike and am limited to activities.

    Please help me I am going to see my dr this monday coming up to tell him I dont want this poison anymore. How do I get rid of all this poison?

    Ashlee 5/8/2003

    I was on depo for 3 to 4 years and I stop. 1 years later I found out I was going to have a baby. But at my 4 week I lost it. They did not know why. So I tried again and I found out I was having twins but at my 8 week I lost them too. So I tried one more time and I was having a baby but at my 4 week I lost it. The sad thing about this is that I am only 19. I should not be having miscarriage. But I had 3 of them. After the 3 one my doc ran all the test they could and they all came back fine and now it has been almost a year and I would like to try again. But I do not want to go throw that again. So I do not know what I am going to do anymore.

    Unknown 5/5/2003

    Just a brief statement...many years ago I saw on 60 Minutes a segment in which Depo was used on sex offenders to prevent them from acting out! I myself recieved one shot of Depo and lost a patch of my hair, thank god it grew back. My cousin took Depo and had to have her thyroid removed! It isn't a good drug and should be removed from the market.

    Kaye 5/5/2003

    Hello my name is Kaye. I found your site while searching for any info about becoming pregnant while on Depo. I Have only had one dep shot and i was given that 3 days prior to my period. My first period was about a week late and lasted 3 weeks I had a week of spotting, a week of heavy flow and then another week of spotting. i haven't had another period since and I also have had sore breasts, nausea after eating( just in the past few days), fatigue, spotting after sex and frequent urination. These are all the same symptoms I had with the pregnancies of both sons. I am too scared to get a test. Is it possible to get pregnant on Depo? I am going into my third month on Depo and I supposed to go back on May 16th for my next shot but there is no way in hell will ever get Depo again.

    Monica 4/29/2003

    I only had one shot of Depo in 1999 and the worst story began. I was bleeding profusely for alomost one year and ended up having to take birthcontrol pills to stop having a period because I was loosing so much.The doctor shortly after determined that I had adverse reaction and that "my uterus was iritated", further test discovered small fibroids. I have severe depression, hot flashes, insomnia, breast pain and severe headaches just to name a few. Breast cancer runs in my mother's side and until now I knew nothing of the increase depo causes for women.

    Sandy 4/28/2003

    I did not have some of the horrible symptoms and situations happen to me that I have read about. I have always had problems with headaches and depression so I really couldn't say if depo had anything to do with it. I didn't gain any weight or develop acne. The reason I went on it in the first place was because I was over 35 and smoked. My boyfriend(now husband) and I were very sexually active and I knew the condom, withdrawl method could turn into a disaster for us. The one horrible thing it did do is cause constant spotting. So then my doctor prescribed premarin for me. That stopped it, but then I started taking the premarin more randomly because it was very expensive and I could not afford to take it every day. So then, it helped sometimes and then sometimes not. I am quite curious about the premarin, too as I saw on another web-site that a menopausal woman had been prescribed this drug. Also, my niece who has heavy periods took some of my premarin and it had a totally opposite effect on her- she bled like crazy then. Incidentally she had one depo shot and had no period at all for 8 months. I had 4 shots over the course of a year. The constant spotting stopped, but I still had some problems with it- it just was not a daily thing. I still had some premarin left and it would knock the spotting right out. After 8 months, I started having regular periods again. (I had always been regular). That was in Aug. of 2002 that the periods came back. My hubby and I decided we wanted to try for a baby and started having unprotected sex quite often in Oct. 2002. Early this month, we visited a fertility specialist. He noted my depo use, but indicated I should be "out of the woods" with it. My last shot was Dec. 11, 2001. He wanted to do a blood test on me to find out if I am ovulating and if I have viable eggs left. I am 42. The test has to be done during my period. But guess what? After 6 months of regular, normal periods, nothing. I should have started last week and didn't and I know I am not pg. I have taken 3 pg. tests. After reading all this I wonder if the depo is sending me into early menopause. I always have had regular periods and nothing but depo ever interfered with my cycle. I feel off and on like I am going to start my period and then it passes. Looking back, that happened sometimes during the spotting days and sometimes I would have a bit more bleeding than just spotting, but I hardly ever had a "dry" day without the premarin. I have also noted that since my periods came back, I have extremely sore breasts prior to periods and sometimes a bit of leakage. No, I would not take depo again and I would not recommend it to anyone. That's my story.

    Jennifer P. 4/24/2003

    Hi There!
    I can't believe that there is a site that actually says what I've been trying to tell people for YEARS! THANK YOU!! I can't tell you how many doctor and other women I have spoken to regarding depo provera and how I have been so adamant that NO WOMAN SHOULD EVER TAKE THIS DRUG especially after what I experienced and the experiences of my friends. Here's my story (I hope it helps even just woman say, "NO" to this drug and the use of it in their body...WE ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS!).

    I had my first baby in 1998....healthily, normal pregnancy and delivery. I gained 40 pounds with the pregnancy and was quickly losing the weight after the birth and feeling good at my 6 week check up. Because I was breast feeding and also a migraine headache sufferer, my OB/GYN told me about the GREAT method of birth control that you "don't have to think about" that "won't give migraines" that "won't interfere with breast feeding" and "has none of the side effects that the pill has" it sounded WONDERFUL!! I got my first shot in my butt at my 6 week visit and couldn't wait to tell everyone how cool this new birth control method is!

    After about a few weeks, I noticed a change in my mood...I was teary, angry, nasty-mean (like the worst PMS mood symptoms of all time!). I wrote it off as "adjusting to motherhood" and being overtired (even though I had a "dream baby" that slept through the night and was easy to care for). Then about a month later, the discharge began.....I had lost the healthy, clean, clear discharge I always had and now had a sticky brown/black discharge that wasn't "pad worthy" but was enough to have to wear a panty liner all the time! My sex drive became non-existent and the thought of it disgusted me, not to mention the "unclean feeling" I had all the time that made me self conscience anyway. I called my OB/GYN and they she told me it was a normal part of my body "adjusting" to the shot and it would take another shot (3 more months of Depo in my system) to get my body used to it. So like a ding-bat, I went and had another shot. Not only did my symptoms increase, but I also gained a lot of weight (10 pounds from my 6 week visit). I was discouraged, but was told the weight gain is "normal" and that it will "taper off" as my body adjusted. I was not a fun person to be husband endured a lot of my "wrath" since any energy and patience I had was going to the baby (and it was a struggle to do even that). The discharge continued, but my periods ended, which made me start thinking how could this be a "good thing" for my body to be going through? I became very depressed, anxious, nervous, angry and the world and felt helpless. People told me I was having post partum depression, but I would always say, "BUT I FELT SO GOOD AT MY 6 WEEK CHECKUP!". I began complaining to my OB/GYN and my GP both telling me it wasn't the Depo and that perhaps I needed an antidepressant. I didn't want any more drugs in my system but I also knew something was wrong! I wasn't myself, wasn't enjoying what should have been the happiest time of my life, I looked "sick", fat, bloated and puffy all of the time, and had no desire for anything. I started to believe I had depression and since all my doctors said it wasn't the Depo, I believed them, and had another shot. I then began urinating ALL OF THE TIME! My bladder contracted constantly and I'd run to the bathroom thinking I was going to burst and nothing would happen (trickle). I thought I had a bladder infection, but after lots of Doctor visits and finally a visit to a urologist, I was told I had an "overactive bladder" and was put on Detrol and then changed to Ditropan XL. I kept thinking, "I'm 28 and have an overactive bladder!? What will I need next, diapers!?"

    One day, I was watching a episode on 20/20 about a convicted sex offender that was chemically castrated by using Depo Provera and my jaw hit the floor! I had the same shit in my system and I freaked! I felt chemically castrated too! The next day, my husband went to the local Planned Parenthood to get a leaflet on Depo (we were really sure it had to be that damn shot) and they gave us all they had on symptoms were listed, one by one and I looked at my husband with one had told me of ANY side effects, other than my periods might end and I had "the best" MD's in the area....all of them looked at me like I was a nutty chick for even daring to complain about such a wonder-drug! I didn't go to my 4th injection appt. and canceled my psychological consult and waited for the crap to get out of my system.....30 pounds and 5 years later......I question the damage....I don't take Ditropan or Detrol anymore for the bladder, but still urinate more than I should (been tested for diabetes, too...nothing's "wrong" with me), normal vaginal discharge never came back (the black/brown went away, however) and I now have "stock" in KY jelly (something that I never needed before), my sex drive never fully recovered but my mood 100% normal and my periods are very regular, but VERY HEAVY....I became pregnant with my 2nd child (conceived our first try) in March and I miscarried this Friday (April 25). Not a happy time for me right now, and I'm looking for answers.....maybe it has nothing to do with the Depo...maybe it does....I guess I'm not going to know until there is more info on the drug.....I thank you for allowing me to vent all this out and for having a website that illustrates what I've been saying for years to anyone who'll listen....Depo is dangerous. Sincerely, Jennifer Pettit

    Tiffanie 4/27/2003


    Terri S. 10/17/2003

    Shortly after getting married, I changed. I was angry all the time for the littlest things. I would scream at my husband and throw things at him.

    I had no patience whatsoever with my 2 1/2-yr-old son from a previous relationship. I turned into some mad woman, practically foaming at the mouth. I would scream and yell, verbally abuse my family. I would even (on only a FEW occasions, mind you) physically abuse my son by spanking him too hard or shaking him. I would immediately feel awful and guilty, but could not, as hard as I tried, stop. Once I cooled down, things were fine. I was OK, but anything would set me off.

    My mother has mental issues, paranoia and depression, but she has never had a real diagnosis because she doesn't believe anything's wrong with her and won't go for help. My siblings and I grew up being watchful of our own behavior because we didn't want to be like Mom. So, I realized I had a problem. I went to see a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia, which is when you have your highs and lows, without extreme highs or extreme lows. Once you have an episode with an extreme high or an extreme low, then you are classified Bi-Polar. I was prescribed Zoloft and it worked fine. IF I took it regularly.

    Sometimes I would forget to take my Zoloft. After a week off the meds, I was extremely irritable. I would be short-fused, no patience. Yell at my kids, mad at my husband. After 2 weeks off the meds (which is the longest I've ever gone, but have done that quite a few times), I am a raving lunatic. Foaming at the mouth practically. Verbally abusive. My children feared me. I would say to myself, "Stop acting like this! Stop it!" But PHYSICALLY COULD NOT STOP. I couldn't control it.

    Once I'd get back on the Zoloft, I'd be fine. This went on for the good part of 7 years. Until one day, I was chatting with my sister, and I told her that I'd been taking Depo-Provera for years with no problems. She immediately sent me to this website. I read others' stories and realized, all my symptoms where there! My irritability, anger, depression...was I really Cyclothymic or was it the Depo?

    I had to wait 3 months for my depo to wear off. During that time I continued to take the Zoloft. After those 3 months, I stopped taking the Zoloft. I have been off the Zoloft and Depo for over 6 months now. I have not once been abusive. I have not once been irate. I have not once been so angry and mean that I felt out of control.

    I truly believe that it was the Depo that was making me crazy. I was not told by the doctors that depression is the #1 side effect of depo. I wouldn't have taken it because depression already ran in my family. I strongly feel that had I not been on depo, I would have had a happier marriage for the last 7 years. I wouldn't have almost divorced my husband twice, my children wouldn't have been exposed to such an abusive, angry mom. I had gone off the depo on two occasions to get pregnant with my other two children, 6 and 3. My oldest is now 10. But I would get the depo shot before even leaving the hospital after each delivery!

    I did not have trouble conceiving after being off the depo 1 1/2 months each time. But I refuse to put anymore hormones in my body for birth control. I got the copper IUD and it seems to be doing well so far. No Zoloft. No hormones. I feel fine and normal again. I am now trying to pick up the pieces of 7 years of hell. My marriage almost ended and bad habits are hard to break. I now have to relearn to show affection to my husband. My children are much happier. I am a much more loving and patient mom.

    I will never again take Depo and strongly advise against it. Thanks for listening to my story.

    Brandi B. 10/7/2003


    Arlene R. 10/4/2003

    My 15 year old daughter who has problems with ovarian cysts was placced on depo-provera. She has not been feeling well and complaining of symptoms and not feeling well. It seems doctors are ordering this for girls in high school and they are not told anything except this medicine is more convenient because you don't have to worry about remember to take a pill everyday.

    I am going with my daughter to the Doctor for a checkup and she wants another shot. She tells me if the symptoms continue she will stop. I am sure the doctor will try and convince me to make it my daughter decision. Can depo-provera lead to uterine cancer? Does the lining of the uterus shed or get thicker with each passing month you do not get a period.

    My daughter has not gelt good since the shot with many different symptoms and I am worried.

    Please inform me with anything I may need to know. Thank You

    Unknown 10/1/2003

    I am twenty years old and have been on depo for four and a half years now. I got my first injection after having a son and giving him up for adoption. Although I see him all the time I am afraid, after reading many other women's stories, that I will have trouble conceiving again. My last shot was at the end of July this year and I am due to go at the end of this month but am going on a pill instead. I have depression and am very teary. The first few years I loved it but now I am regretting going on the needle.

    Christina H. 9/25/2003

    Hi I am 21 years old. I have just had my 2nd shot aug.15 2003. I have gained 20lbs, have severe acne, and get diarreha after everything I eat. Oh and the headaches are unbearable. Not to mention I dont even have a sex drive anymore. To the fact that I could care less about having sex. My husband is frustrated but is trying to help and understand what I am going thru. The only nice thing I have experienced about this shot, is my breats have doubled in size very fast! I went from haveing a normal period, to nothing at all. I oddly feel to dry aswell. I think women really should consider what there able to put up with. I am at the point of re-considering taking my 3rd shot?! Or will it go soon. these web pages have scared me about the long term side affects. I wanna be able to have a baby one day. Thanks

    Amy 9/25/2003

    My name is Amy and I started taking the Depo shot about 2 years ago. Shortly thereafter, i started having what I thought were chronic yeast infections. I started becoming very depressed, moody and coulnt sleep very well. I also had a chronic itching around my anus,(trust me, it doesnt sound bad, but it kept me up at night, it hurt, bled and its very embarrising). I saw about 3 different doctors about all my conditions and they gave me medicine, but none of it worked. I havent had sex with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. I finnaly saw an herbalist and she said that what I thought were yeast infections was Candida, that is a condition which consists of too much yeast in the body. The Depo shot caused me to develop Candida and have all these medical problems. Not to mention that I hadnt gotten my period the whole time. Sure it sounds good, but its not good for you body. I have been suffering mentally and physically for the last two years and I hope that people read this and learn that this is NOT a good substance for a womans body. Thanks,

    Rey 9/25/2003

    hi, i was surfing the net and came across alot of bad stories caused by the depo shot. i am a male and is sad to see my girlfriend suffering. She took the shot only once and have not gone back to take it again. Ever since shes been bleeding for about 3 months now. The doctor never told us the real side effects. they only told us thats a little weight gain may occur onlg with spotting, but she has not stop bleeding. before she too the shot she has irregualar period. my question to you if can answer it is how long would it take for her to get her normal period back? also since she only took the shot once how long would it take for the shot to get off her system? so far thats the only thing that this depo shot has caused, is there anymore side affect that could happen to her?..thank you

    Janine M 9/18/2003

    Hi, I am in the process of writing up my ,well horror story and will forward when completed. Briefly I have just come of provera 7 months ago having been on 30mg a day for 9 years and yes during that time and now my life has been devastated by disabling physical and mental health problems, not wanting to sound to melodramatic but I know I only just survived by the skin of my teeth.

    I am a bit confused though and thought you maybe able to help, the sites all seem to be about depo provera I was on tablets "provera" do you know what the difference is and if the side affects are the same? I live in the uk do you know of any good sites like yours here and if there is any legal action involving the brits.

    I hope you are well and if my (fragile) memory serves me right you hopefully should be a proud new mum congratulations. warmest wishes janine

    Rekha 9/15/2003

    hi. my name is rekha, i have been on the depo for over a year. after the first shot i was fine. just spotted bleeding for a weel before my next shot. after that i had spooting bleeding strait for he next few shots. my last shot was supposed to be iun july but idid not want to go. i have bled every single day since. please tell me what to do.

    Rae 9/8/2003

    Thanks so much for your page. I took my first (and only) Depo injecton on Aug. 19. That night I had the first of my headaches. Today is Sept. 8. Although I am taking a migrain medicine (otc) I constantly have them with mild to severe numbness on the right side of my face. I read the "brochures" given to me at the clinic. They are all hyped up. After doing research I've found that their findings could not be true. Too many women out there are having bad reactions to this birth control. Thanks for the page and for letting me vent.

    Meagan K. 9/2/2003

    hi i ahve also had verry bad side affects of the shot not while takeing the shot but trying to concive after the shot i took it for all most 3 years and when i wanted to concive i couldnet it took me allmost 7 years to concive gain after my last shot i would never recomend this shot to anyone who wishes to ahve children in the future it is to much hart ache and stress if i had the means to reasurche the shot before i had got it i would of never tried it i had got the shot the frist year it was out and thought wow what a good idea but in the long run its the worse thing u can do to your body if u ever want to have children so please everyone concerding this shot please think twice three times or even more before takeing it its not worth the long run efects later when u decide to ahve children and it may take u sooo long by the time u are able to become preg it may be to late and u may be to old by then please please i cant stress enouf if u ever wnat children do not take the shot there is so many other forms out there that do not give such side affects that are far more better then the depo shot thank u for reading and i hope u take my advice

    Yvonne B. 9/2/2003;University Park, IL

    I appreciate your web site. I am twenty-four, married, and the mother of two gorgeous children, ages 18mos and 2mo. I recently had to have surgery to have an IUD removed that had dislodged was causing me a lot of discomfort. I scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to have a depo-provera injection, but thought I should do a little more research. I had heard some horror stories, but none like those listed here on your site. I will defiantly not be getting the shot now. Thanks for the info. YB.

    Julie 8/24/2003

    I don't know if you can help me, but I have been taking the depo injection for about 6 months & my periods have been really strange! After having my first injection I didn't have a period at all until about 3 weeks or so before I was due my second injection, & I came on for 14 days, only a light period, but still an annoyance. I then had my second injection about a week after I finished my period. Again, everything was fine, & I didn't have a period at all, then nearly 3 weeks ago I came on again, & I still am! I'm due my next injection on the 1st September. I'm just a little bit concerned really, I didn't know if it was unusual for this to happen! I would also like to know if this is going to continue like this? I don't think I'll continue having the injection if my periods are going to be like this all the time! I hope you can help. Many Thanks

    Cassy G. 8/20/2003

    Hello I came apon you web site while looking for the effects taking depo will have on childern concived after using depo. 5 months after my last shot, ( two months after it was spose to wear off ) I became pregnant I miscarried that baby at 11 weeks knowing the baby was two weeks smaller than it was spose to be. Three weeks after that I became pregnant with my son who has many many problems and disabilitys which the dr can not explain as to why he does. I was wondering where you had gotten the info you have on your web site about the depo facts. I need to find out if this company is the reason why my son faces these problems.

    Louise H. 8/12/2003

    I think it is really great that you are sharing your story. I know that you are not a doctor but im sure you are very knowledgble bout depo-provera.

    I am currently 21. I was on it for a peroid of 2-3yrs, i am busy trying to find out my medical history. i was on it at a very young age. I was 9yrs when my doctor & parents put me on it, due to fact i started my period and they did not think it was appropriate.

    My question is, is it still possibly to still be having effects from it now. My major problem is sexually. Do you know any further details or implications of the drug on a persons sexual drive.

    You see it has never really been a huge problem but i am now in a serious relationship and it is causing strain in our relationship.

    Thank-you for your time. I appreciate it. Best of luck

    Unknown 8/8/2003

    hi. i've been trying to find out some stuff on depo all day. reason being that my husband and i have pretty strong feelings i might be several months pregnant. i got on depo back in 2000. i got off it about may 01 so we could get pregnant. 10-11-01 we did. had daughter 7-02. didn't get back on depo til mar 03 because i was breastfeeding. last period was mar. another shot in june. around that time started feeling pregnant. shot due at end of mon. took hpt and it was neg. wondering if depo affects that. do you know? symptoms: hard stomach, possible movement (now that i know what it feels like!), leg/back crampiness, moody, hot flashes, nauseous(sp?) while back, clothes don't fit, breast tenderness, still have a little milk and husband says taste changed, several people have asked, dreams, etc. sorry this is so long. i'm just trying to figure out if i am pg. because if not i'm trying to go back to work. thanks for your time. i look forward to hearing from you.

    Rebecca 8/8/2003;Indiana

    hi... my name is Rebecca, i am 20 from Indiana. I was on DEPO for one year, and i didn't go in to get my last shot (making it over a year) in Late June... okay, so i've had yeast infections, bladder infections, and i even started gaining WEIGHT, BIG TIME... i'm already a bigger girl and i freaked out when i gained weight .... anyway, okay... so i'm off of it now and i'm STILL gaining weight, big time. i put on 35 pounds AFTER i quit taking the shot- that is scary... is this normal from what you know? I thought i was pregnant b/c i had yeast infections, hemmorhoid flare ups, heart burn, gas, and the weight gain... i took a few tests and it said i wasn't (thank god, for me at this point in my life).... now i'm going to tell you about my side effects real quick: weight gain, then severe weight loss, BAD acne, SERIOUS moodiness, sinus infections (REALLY BAD), and other things... A LOT of other things... i'm thinking about filing suit against the manufacturers, i already have a lawyer ready to take my side if neccessary and stuff... anyway, please email me back... tell me what you think or if you know of any help... thanks so much

    Meera P. 8/6/2003

    I came across your website while doing a search about Provera and Chasteberry.

    I have a history of irregular cycles that start when I was about 17. For a few yrs. I was afraid to take the birth control pill and was told by my gynecologist to take orthro-tri-cylen. I had dizzy spells and had to resort to a lower dose ortho-cyclen. when I wasn't taking the pill for one month and would not have a cycle I would take Provera and switch back and forth until I was 21 and decided to stick with Birth control pill for 3 yrs. straight. When I decided to stop the following month I had a cycle; however, the next month and so on I did not have cycles. Now I am not taking that, instead I am resorting to Provera every three months to have a period the 4th month and then continiuing.

    I want to regain my normal cycles back without having to depend on all these drugs. I recently bought a chasteberry tea, but have not taken it yet. I exercise daily. What's your opionion on chasteberry use after Provera? It's been about a month, 2 months since I last took the Provera pill to give me a fake cycle. Is it better to try chasteberry tea first before seeking acupuncture?

    Melissa S. 8/5/2003

    Hello there...I am a 29 year old mother of 4, 2 biologicaly and 2 are from my hubbies first marriage, but they are all mine. My hubby and I had our first child together on November 30,2001. I breast fed shortly and then in January 2002 I received my first Depo shot. I thought nothing of it. By the time I was due for my second shot I had light acne all over my face, back, neck; chest and head. I thought well it will go away. It is from having the baby and my hormones will level out in a month or two wrong. By the time I was due for my third shot I was having severe migraines with blurred vision, nausea and dizziness. Other side effects: severe lower back pain, hair loss (like 50% of my hair) and it is still falling out, joint pain, depression, suicidal tendencies, low sex drive, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, periods that last and last and last ( which by the way I never thought would happen on this shot isn't it suppose to be the reverse?), lack of memory, loss of memory, stuttering; anger, hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Well, to make a long story short, it is now August 2003 my next depo shot is due in a few days. I am not going to get it. I have went to a doctor and she is telling me I need to have a hysterectomy. I went on this shot to prevent pregnancy and to help with endometriosis. Well, they never told me about Ademynosis which this shot makes worse. I want to have another child, I am only hoping that I am fortunate enough to get pregnant and carry to term a healthy child before they have to do the hysterectomy. I also am bi polar and told every nurse that ever administered my depo shot and they still gave it to me. I have to tell you that I am sorry for all that you have gone through. But, I am thankful for your site. I thought I was going crazy or something. I told the nurses and there were only two of them, all of these things. I would get told well, it will get better or it will go away. I even asked about going on an IUD because of all of these side effects. But because of my history they were not an option. So, here I am 29 and facing never getting to have that last child and for what? Because of some shot I used to prevent negative things from happening, well this is about as negative as it gets in my eyes. Could you please tell me how long it took before you became pregnant with Mason? My husband wants to try for 2 months and then if I do not get pregnant have the hysterectomy. I told him that was really pushing it because this depo can make it very difficult to get pregnant. Any advise?

    Bonnie 7/21/2003

    My name is Bonnie and I have just recently taken the depo shot and am already experiencing side effects that the Dr. say is not the cause of my problems. I am moody and short and the other day my fiance came home and I said that I had to get out of the house because our 15 month old son had been crabby all day and I was about to kill myself. That is NOT like me at all!! What a horrible feeling because it was not my son's fault and I feel so bad for thinking that way but my pain in my back and not sleeping and the moodiness is just to much! I know now that I am not the only one which makes it a lot better because I know that I can get through it but my question is did you only have one shot or two? Also did the feelings and problems last the whole time the or did they get better as the shot came to the end of the three months? Thank you for your web page and I know that you are busy but please when ever you can let me know. Congrats on the upcoming JOY!!

    Kristen 7/20/2003

    Hi, my name is Kirsten and I visited your website and thought it was very informative. My sister in law is trying to cenceive and she has been on it for years for endometriosis. We are worring she may problems. I'm glad I came upon your site and will be passing it on to her. I put your website link onto my site and was hoping that you might add my site to your site somewhere. It is You don't have to, but I would certain appreciate it

    Taneeka 7/17/2003

    I was on Depo Provera for 5 years and had my last injection in April 2002. I immediately began taking BCP's (Ovcon 35-28) in July 2002. I stopped the BCP's in November 2002. In January, I started to bleed, some days heavy, some days light, some spotting. This lasted for 3 weeks straight, when I decided to go to my OB/GYN. She told me that she was going to put me on a drug called Provera to build my lining back up so I could shed it all at once. I took the Provera, and about 4 days later (2/14/03), I started bleeding. The bleeding was very heavy with huge blood clots, and I was filling super tampons in less than an hour. The bleeding finally stopped as of 2/25/03. My cycle did not start on it's own after that so now in June I was prescribed Provera for 7 days again, but 14 days went by and no withdrawal bleeding. I saw the doctor and found out that I had a high prolactin level. I would like to know what this has to do with me not bleeding in response to Provera!!! I thought Provera caused a withdrawal bleed if the uterine lining was stimulated by estrogen. Here is my theory, I think the birth control pills are what stimulated my lining the first time and caused me to bleed after provera. So in actuality I haven't had a cycle on my own in over 5 years, because the bleeding in feb was due to the uterine lining not being able to sustain itself after being stimulated by the bcp's for 4 months. The whole time I was on bcp's I didn't have a period during the week of placebo pills ever. So now I have to get my prolactin levels retested, and go from there.

    Shiela F. 7/17/2003

    I was reading your comments on your website and just wanted to give a different side of this story. I have been on Depo since before the birth of my first child. He is now 10 years old and I have since had two other children and taken Depo between each child. I am living proof that Depo does not have long term side effects for everyone. I do not doubt that their are women for which this shot is not the answer. But for some of us, specifically those of us with endometriosis, this shot has been a life saver and to take it off the market is ridiculous. I am a long term user who would never have had children without this shot and would have long ago had to have a hysterectomy due to my endometriosis. I had three surgeries and been on Lupron twice before starting this treatment. It is the only thing that worked for stopping the growth of the endometriosis. Please stop assuming that because you are hearing from women with negative reactions to this medication that it is unhealthy for all. For some of us it means the difference between having children and not and having a hysterectomy and not. This product should definitely not be taken off the market. I am living proof that you can live longer that 8 years on this medication. I have been on it for 11 years!!! I am perfectly healthy! I just had my third child at the age of 35! As well, my doctor did educate me as to the side effects and continues to educate me as I get older as to the side effects that can effect me now. So not all doctors fail to educate on the problems these shots can cause. I suggest you further your research and include the positive aspects of Depo in the future, to include it's use as a treatment for endometriosis. I know many women who have successfully used it for this purpose and would be appalled by your suggestion that it does not need to be approved by the FDA. I am truly sorry it did not work for you and others and your doctors should have better informed you. I suggest you find a better doctor. Thanks for considering the information in this a-mail and further researching the positive things this shot does for women!

    Liala 7/13/2003

    I am 31 years old and about a year and a half ago I began to experience irregular periods to a point where my period stopped for several months. I began to get horribly sick and my physician recomended that I take PROVERA 10mg tablets a day, one tablet a day, for 10 days to induce a period. I did this a year ago and got my period back regularly, but was experiencing huge 10 day periods each month. My doctor told me this would go on for about a year. It has been a year on July 1st 2003 that the drug should have been out of my system. HOWEVER I have been bleeding NON-STOP since June 1st and it is now July 12th :( I am so weak and sick and there is nothing that my doctor can do for me! I am so mad that I took this horrible drug and need some help. Please can you tell me when this bleeding will stop? I am on a very high vitamin diet with a lot of protien, calcium ect. to help fight the beginning symptoms of anemia. I feel so sick and have abdominal bloating/pain, rashes/hives, extreme fatigue, puffiness in my hands/feet and legs, headaches, sensitivity to light and of course this horrible bleeding. I know that Depo-Provera injections are used as a method of contraception, but my doctor gave this drug to me to induce a period. What is the dose of a Depo-Provera injection? Please help me with some advice on how I can stop the horrible effects of this nightmarish hormonne. If I can't stop it, then how much longer will this last? I know my body can't take much more of this :( My boyfriend thinks that I should goto the hospital for a blood transfusion. Have you heard of this? Is there some over the counter drug I can take to stop the bleeding?

    Kim S. 7/12/2003

    Thank you for posting this site, I have been having difficulty coping with my first Depo shot which I received in May.

    Since taking this shot I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease (a thyroid disorder), the tyroid condition was undetected before my shot and I feel that the Depo is more of a complicated method of birth control that Doctors are unaware of.

    Can you help me with some advice??? i am not going to be continuing on this Depo-provera but in the meantime I have been having a relationship with a wonderful man, he's incredibly sexy but gets very turned off when there is a presence of menstrual blood, even a small bit (spotting). I can understand this, I am very worried however, that he is going to lose patience with waiting for this horrible spotting to stop. Do you have any suggestions that may help me?????

    I was very glad to find your website, I hope women will find your page and then make an informed decision before they take this birth control.

    L.Murphy 7/10/2003

    Everything that you say about depo-provera can be read in a leaflet in every doctor's office. I am sure you know that Tylenol can cause liver failure. It is up to you, not you doctor to inform you of every possible side effect.You know what's in your cereal, why don't you know what's in your medicine? Did you read the information package that I'm sure the doctor gave you? If he or she read all of that out loud it would take 2 or 3 days. Oh, did you know that advil can cause you to bleed to death, or that clorox can give you cancer, or that wearing contacts too long can give you neovascularization(I have that one). And I love animals too and don't think they should be abused, but the truth is every single drug (and a few other things on the market) has been tested on animals to make sure that giving them to your children will not kill your little ones. I would like to see you create a cure for cancer without having any way to test it except a test tube or a person. Would you give your mother a drug that just might cure her cancer (well it did in the test tube) but you are not quite sure if it will stop her heart (you couldn't put a working heart in the test tube). Must a thousand people die so that one white rat can live. Oh I have a cure for alzheimers, can I try it on your grandmother,by the way, there is one chemical in here that might fill her lungs with fluid or might not, give it a try, she get's to be the first.

    Lisa 7/9/2003;Wichita,KS

    I don't even know where to begin. I have suffered from chronic migraines for many years, along with heavy periods and severe cramping after having four children. I have fibroid tumors, which I was told by my doctor could be the cause. She finally suggested that I get on birth control pills to control the bleeding, and said it might help with my migraines. The pills helped with the bleeding, but my migraines persisted. Other than a few facial blemishes and headaches, the pill seemed to be working. About a year later, I began going to Planned Parenthood, because my private doctor was too expensive. The nurse there immediately said I had to get off the pill because I was at risk of a stroke. They suggested the depo shot, and all I was told is that I may experience some spotting, but that eventually I would probably quit having a period all together. That all sounded great to me. After my first shot, I experienced severe pain at the sight of the injection for about two weeks. This went away. I spotted for several weeks, which began tapering off, then I quit bleeding for about a week, only for the bleeding to resume and progressively get heavier each day. I began suffering anxiety attacks, bouts of anger and depression, chronic fatique and achiness, never once did I consider the shot a culprit. I went in a few weeks early for my second shot. It was suggested I do this so the bleeding would quit. No such luck. The bleeding continued, only now my sex drive was non-existant, I began getting sick to my stomach daily, which led to vomitting, which led to weight loss. I thought I was pregnant and had taken several pregnancy tests - all negative. My back was hurting all the time. But since I am a hairdresser and a daycare provider, I figured my back pain was work related. I was still moody one minute and fine the next. I even went to see a counselor. I was starting to feel like a hypochondriac. I went in for my third shot several weeks ago, complaining of constant bleeding. Now they want to supplement me with the pill to control the bleeding. Something told me not to do this and start doing my homework. About two days after my third shot, I began experiencing hot flashes, anxiety attacks, and oh my god - my neck, back and left shoulder were killing me!!! Every time I shampoo my hair now, handfulls of hair are coming out. This was definitely NOT normal.

    I used to have a healthy sex drive, now I can't seem to "get in the mood" with my partner. I got online, wondering if maybe the shot was causing some of my symptoms. What a surprise to learn that EVERY SINGLE symptom I have is probably a result of the depo shot. I feel I have been grossly misinformed on the side affects, and I want this poison out of my body. Another side affect that scares me is a loss in bone density. I am lactose intolerant, so I don't consume dairy, which puts me at risk anyway for calcium deficiency. It is amazing and horrifying to me how little I knew about this supposed "wonder drug". I only wish I had researched it BEFORE getting on it. These side affects have had a major impact on my life. I don't feel normal anymore. I have never in my life suffered from depression or had an anger problem. Now I out of no where I start to feel sad and upset for no reason at all. I used to be so full of energy, now it's all I can do to drag myself out of bed each morning. I cannot even begin to count how many boxes of sanitary products I have gone through in the past seven months. All of this CAN'T be good for me. I will not go in for my fourth injection, and plan on staying off birth control all together. Now I worry if I have caused permanent damage to my body and if I will ever be normal again. I want to share my experience with anybody who is willing to listen and discourage other woman from putting this toxin in their body. Maybe if enough voices speak out, something will be done and woman will be more educated on this drug. Thank you for letting me vent and share my experience.

    Diane 6/23/2003

    Hi, I have been taking the depo shot since the age of 16 and now at the age of 19 I finally stopped taking it. My last shot was due last month, at the end of May. Well a week before that I started bleeding and havent stopped. It's been a little over one month now since I started bleeding and I'm longing for the day for it to finally stop. Not only have I been experiencing this but I have also begin to notice that my vaginal area has become very irritable and I am constantly itching down there. What do you think? Your website has scared me and I don't know what to do. I have no medical insurance and don't know who to turn to. Please e-mail me with your insight.

    Teresa 6/23/2003

    I have never felt better since starting on Depo-Prevara..........for on thing no more killer cramps, bloating, nausea, runs etc
    every month I would go through "hell" and the pill would not biggest fear on the pill was getting pregnant.........for me pregnancy is a death health is not the greatest the only thing keeping me alive is the shot.....................I have a genetic disorder called "Neurofibromatosis" you can learn more at -

    I also have what looks to be hereditary "Menieres' Disease" - both of which seem to be in check for now

    I noticed on you site "natural" things to help a woman get pregnant...............what is out there that can prevent a pregnancy? I am 38 and to much at risk to have kids............the older you are when you have your first then greater the chance of developing heart disease.................

    anyway great site.......................

    --- Teresa E.

    Lynn 6/22/2003

    I was so happy to find your story ,I am so concerned for my niece that is 13 andmy sister has her on the depo shots.She is not sexually active at this time but my sister said she will be ready when the time comes.My niece has crones.I just dont think its good for her she is just so young and is'nt even done growing yet! My Mom and I are so worried about what this is going to do to her and just dont know what to do about it.We just cant believe that family planning would even give her the shot at her age.May be you can help us to know what to do about the terribleworry we have for my niece and her health. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    Kyle 6/17/2003

    Can you tell me how to start everything? I have almost all the same problems and some. I've been telling all my friend not to take it, it still given here everyday. I've been trying to have a baby for two years now. Reading all of these story, makes me cry... That's just the start. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Any new information will be great!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank YOU!!!

    Michele 6/17/2003

    Hi my name is Michele... I am emailing you because I found your site in a search I was doind concerning conception after birth control. I am writing because I would like to know where you found all this information, aside from personal experience. I have just spoken with my dr. and decided to call it quits and try to concieve, however I was on Depo. I am wanting to concieve soon, I already have a two year old daughter, but after reading information on your site I am petrified of conception. I do not want to go through a miscarriage. The last time I was on Depo, I was 17 (I am now 24) I have endometriosis, which basically means that depo was the only route for me to go. I want to know if there is a site that you can recommend that will provide more info on concieving after depo. My last pregancy occured 9 months to the day of the last shot. Please get back to me about this... Thanks so much, Michele

    A Colwell 12/28/2002

    I am 24 years old and I'm falling apart. After my son was born my OB/GYN put me on Depo. I had never taken birth control before, but she assured me that it was a wonderful drug. That was three years and 65 lbs ago. Besides gaining so much weight I have had major depression, hair loss, headaches, and severe stomach cramps which started a week after receiving my first injection. I called about the stomach cramps, and asked if it could be a bad reaction to the shot, and of course the answer was NO. I was told to see my regular physician should I have any more problems. I did, because the pain was unreal. My practioner told me that I had Reflux and prescribed a heart burn drug. I thought that it must be the problem, after all they are the ones with a medical degree. I've since learned that they don't listen, and don't really have a clue, but they all have it in their heads that it is NOT Depo causing all the trouble. I only stayed on the shot for a year and a half, after reading up on it and deciding that it was dangerous. That didn't cure things though. I suffered for three years with severe stomach cramps. I walked a mile a day on the treadmill, and rode my excersice bike for thirty minutes a day...I dieted and even took prescription diet pills, and I never lost one pound...I gained 65! I finally started having a period in May of 2002 and was never so happy to be on the "Rag" in my life. I felt relief and felt the best I had ever felt in three years, but it wouldn't last. The stomach cramps went away almost imediatly. But, in October I had a long heavy period. It lasted 15 days, and then in November I bled for 32 days heavy! I passed huge blood clots everytime I sat down. I was stuck at the house for months. I had to wear depends..because I was bleeding so heavy. My husband (a Registered Nurse) was very concerned and made me call my Gynecologist. She told me that it was the Depo and put me on the pill to regulate my periods. This month my period lasted 13 days and stopped, but I'm still worried that it isn't over. I have been very sick. I'm anemic from losing so much blood...and I've lost 19 lbs in three months. My husband and I are ready to have another baby, but I'm so afraid that it won't happen. They say with such confidence "Depo is 99% affective"...No kidding. What would grow in a whomb that's broken. You couldn't get pregnant if your life depended on it. I would love to sue. I think I will. Thank you for letting me vent. All I can do is Pray and hope for the best. Good luck to all of you ladies going through the same thing, and you will all be in my prayers too!

    Pat 12/16/2002

    I'm 15 and I was put on depo due to the fact that my mother had me @ 15 and i live with my grandma and she dosen't want the same to happen to me. Well, I'm scared of not being able to have children in the future. please tell me if that's true and tell me some other forms of birth control (that comes in the form of a shot) that's safe.

    Nancy 12/13/2002

    Hi there,
    I have had only one shot which was January 2002. (A year next month) My monthly cycles resumed in May 2002. I have had normal cycles but last month I went 49 days before AF showed up. Now this month I am over due again. My body is confusing me. Why for 5 months it would be normal cycle lengths now they seem to be lengthy? We have been trying to conceive since May. I am starting to worry that there is maybe a problem and not cause of the Depo shot? I have been wanting so badly to get pregnant. SOme people say that is because why I am not conceiving..did you find that with your self? Hope you don't mind me emailing you - I am just curious since you conceived after Depo what you have to say about it. I wish i never took the stuff! ERRR!

    Thanks in advance for any information or experiences you can provide me!

    Lisa 12/10/2002

    I am also on the Depo mailing list that you posted to. I was on Depo for a year (5 injections) and have been off of it since the beginning of October. I had lots of side effects with Depo and am slowly seeing them go away. I would greatly appreciate any information that you can share with me about healing after Depo. My husband and I are not TTC at this time, I would just like to get this out of my system. I had started on Micronor (mini pill) at the beginning of December but instantly the mood swings started again and they were very similar to what I had on Depo. Bye bye Micronor. I do have the book TCOYF. I started charting but noticed my temps were really low every day. Is that from the Depo? Thanks for any assistance and information you can provide.

    Nicola 11/27/2002

    Up until last year, I have always been a very happy person, apart from a week every month of PMT (PMS). Here's my story.....

    I was put on the Depo-provera injection by a Family Planning Clinic, as I found it hard to always remember to take my pill (& I found that I had no sex drive on the pill) & the first six months were heaven, I had no periods, no PMT & it was SO easy. But after about the third or fourth injection I started to notice my PMT coming back, but with a vengeance, like I hadn't had it since before I went on the pill!! Then the PMT seemed to be constant, I was constantly irritable & was having very violent mood swings, taking everything out on people around me & generally not coping with my life. (I also started to get Acne, random itches on my wrists & ankles, my IBS got worse & I was bloated) I asked to come off the injection (after 15 months of it), which I did & was promptly put back on the pill again (Mercilon), but the mood swings didn't stop & eventually the doctor put me on Seroxat (Paroxetine) as I was spending most of my life crying & shouting at people.

    Now that I've been on Seroxat for 3 months I'm starting to get things back to how they were, but I'm increasingly starting to worry that when I try to come off, everything might go back to how it was & I won't be able to cope, as I haven't dealt with the route of the problem (which I believe to be the Depo-provera.) I'm about to start counselling sessions but I don't believe that this is in my head but to do with a hormonal imbalance??

    Please can you suggest some reading for me, a starting point, a strategy or something to detox my body of this poison & get me back to the fun-loving person I used to be.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy email. Kind Regards.

    Unknown 11/21/2002


    ******************************************************************** Stacy Luxton 11/19/2002

    I started taking Depo Provera, the birth control shot after I had my second child when I was 21. That was 7 years ago. My life, after I began taking Depo Provera, has never been the same. Please continue reading my storyÖ

    Almost immediately after I had my first shot, I could tell I was extremely moody. I read in some of my pregnancy books that some women experience ďthe baby bluesĒ for a little while after having their child. I thought that it was strange because I didnít go through any of that with my first one, but I figured it would go away with time and that I just needed to relax a little, and adapt a better attitude about being a ďstay-at-home-momĒ.

    Soon, I began to have other symptoms. I was extremely tired. I wasnít motivated to do anything. It was all I could do to force myself to get up and do the dishes, or to go downstairs and do some laundry. I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the dayÖ I was sure that my husband thought I was just being lazy, but no matter how I tried to keep up with 2 babies, I just couldnít keep it all done by myself.

    I started noticing other physical side-effects. My hair was falling out. My periods stopped completely. I had a headache almost constantly throughout the day. I didnít have any sex drive at all; intercourse was painful, partially because I lost the ability to produce lubrication and also because my cervix and the surrounding area was swollen and sore. I was deeply in love with my husband, but I did not want him to touch me, because I was gaining a lot of weight and I was insecure about myself physically. Besides that, I was simply too tired at the end of the day! I tried not to complain. But then things got worse.

    Although my eating habits did not change, I gained a lot of weight. After I had my first child, I was back into the jeans I wore before I got pregnant so I was worried, but I was told that it was ďjust something that happens with your second babyĒ and not to worry. My nurseĖmidwife said I would probably lose it after I stopped breastfeeding.

    My daughter was having problems physically as well, which I attribute to having breastfed her while I was on Depo Provera. Michaela developed a severe case of cradle cap and eczema. She suffered so badly from this as an infant, I had to constantly trim her nails or she would dig at her poor little head in her sleep until it bled. Her hair would not grow through the scabs that covered her scalp. She had massive red splotchy rashes in every crease of her body. Her doctor prescribed cortisone cream for her eczema and Selsun Blue for her head, but nothing worked. She then referred me to a dermatologist who told me he never seen anything like it and was going to name the disease after himself. They took pictures of her head, and body before I left. He prescribed another medication (I cannot remember the name of it now) that I used until the rash on her head cleared up and her hair started to grow. To this day, the child still has severe skin allergies, eczema and flaky scalp. Another alarm went off for me when I noticed that while she was sleeping, or in a restful state as an infant, she would jerk and spasm. I mentioned this to her pediatrician but she did not see any significance in it. My friends and family noticed it, and commented about it as well, but because the doctor told me not to worry about it, I blew it off! Now she is nearly 8 years old and she still has problems, she is extremely moody, she is shy, introverted around strangers and she is very skinny. Aside from her skin condition, she also has deep bags under her eyes that turn red or even blue if she does not apply cortisone cream to them on a regular basis.

    Other side effects I had were psychological. I did not want anyone to help me, but I desperately needed help with keeping my house clean and my children cared for. I needed someone to talk to, but I was at home all day and my husband had to work long hours. I thought I was going crazy because I started having very vivid nightmares, and psychic dreams. These dreams became so real to me that I could not face them anymore and became an insomniac, even though I was completely exhausted. During the daytime hours, my psychic abilities were beginning to scare me. I could sense when the phone would ring. I knew who it would be and what they would say. This strange phenomena developed over the next few months until I was able to read minds. I was devoutly religious during this time in my life and I was taught that these things were satanic in nature. I did not tell anyone this was happening to me for fear of what they would think.

    Many strange things were happening to me during this time. I was certain that my house was haunted. I would hear noises in our attic at night. I heard footsteps crossing the floor while I did laundry in the basement. I felt taps, like drops of water on my shoulder all the time. I truly thought I was going insane. For a long time I suffered through this alone, afraid to tell even my husband or my mother about what I was going through.

    I loved my children and I didnít want them taken away from me, but at times I was afraid that I wasnít a fit parent and I thought about leaving them with a baby-sitter and running away. I was so tired, I was an emotional basket case, I was even beginning to feel volatile toward my husband and my children if they would not cooperate with me. I cried every day. I prayed that God would forgive me for whatever I had done to deserve this life. I truly wanted to die. If it were not for my children, and knowing it would be wrong to leave them, I would have either committed suicide or hopped in my beat up car and drove far away.

    I often had premonitions, or visions, that I was driving myself off a bridge. I began to connect this with my new psychic abilities and was almost certain it would happen to me. I became afraid to drive with my children in the car. I began to have panic attacks for the first time in my life. I was afraid to go new places or meet new people and I was very afraid of talking to anyone I did not know, even if it was on the phone.

    I could not keep this from my husband. He knew something was seriously wrong with me and he suggested I start to seek some kind of counseling. I took his advice and the doctor put me on Prozac, but that nor the weekly visits were helping me.

    I could not look into a mirror. I felt I was horribly ugly. I was aching everywhere. I was tired mentally, in my body and in my spirit until I finally collapsed on my knees one night and cried out to God that he would help me.

    A year after I started taking Depo Provera, I went back for another shot and my nurse-midwife could tell something was wrong. A family member once commented about how I had lost the light in my eyes, but here was a relatively detached stranger asking if I was depressed. I told her what had been happening to me and she informed me that some women who were also taking this medication were having the same symptoms and we decided that day that I should change my form of birth control.

    It took 18 months for me to finally lose the weight I had gained and to start feeling like myself again. Unfortunately, the strain on my marriage caused a chain of other problems that we could not overcome and we were divorced three years ago.

    It is now 7 years later and I must regretfully tell you that I am still dealing with some of the symptoms. I still have very strange and vivid dreams and nightmares, some of which are psychic. Although it has slowed down some, I am still losing my hair. I still fight with acne at the age of 29! My sex drive is still off balance with that of my partners. I still have severe bouts of moodiness and self-alienation. I still have panic attacks which make it hard for me to everyday normal activities. I have blacked out a couple times, I feel dizzy often, I have blurred vision as well. I have been to the doctor and have been run through a string of tests but they canít find anything wrong with me!!! I have terrible sinus problems all year long that are triggered by changes in the weather, the house being overheated, dust, perfumes, etc.... I have headaches that begin at the base of my neck and spread until they encompass my entire head. I often feel nauseated. I have pain in my joints, especially my feet and knees. Since taking Depo, I have had abnormal pap-smears and have had to have pre-cancerous tumors removed from my cervix twice! I had a urinary tract infection that put me in the hospital! Until now I have suffered through this silently, afraid to tell even my boyfriend that I am dizzy or in pain because I donít want him to worry or even worse, to think I am a hypochondriac.

    At a recent trip to my dentist, my hygienist was telling me about some of the adverse effects Depo Provera was causing in her life and I was surprised because I had never heard anyone else say they formed psychic abilities because of this drug. It all made sense to me at once, and I went to the Internet in search of answers.

    Recently, I was in the process of writing my first novel. I am not well known, Iíve never been in print other than a few poetry mags, I donít even know if anyone will want to read a story about the way Depo Provera has ruined womenís livesÖ but I do know that if something isnít done soon, we might all have suffered in vain! So I decided to take a break from writing fiction and start writing about the reality of this drug. I think it would make a great statement to let the world know the people in the book are real, with real lives and real heartbreaking stories.


    Lisa D. 10/28/2002

    I am so glad to find your website. I am sitting at my desk in pain as I am typing to you. I have gained over 30 pounds in 2 years, I have anxiety attacks, depression, blurred vision, painful acne, stiff back and neck, and headaches that are horrible. My next shot is due in November and I will not be getting it !! Thank you for your site !!

    Lisa D.

    Becky P. 10/21/2002

    I read your Depo opinion and am very interested in learning more. My doctor is suggesting that I go on depo provera to treat indometriosis as opposed to surgery. I am unsure of this and a little nervous because of all that I have heard about the drug. They are now treating me with Provera, which is just hormones and does not act as a birth control. However, I am getting married soon, so my doctor feels that depo would basically "kill two birds with one stone." I was told that I would not even know if I could have children until I actually tried, and that I should try to before thirty or my chances are slim to none. I have read articles about treating the symptoms of depo with vitamins and herbs, but is there anything that can be done in place of depo to begin with? I would like to get the opinion of someone who has actually taken the drug. Any information that you could provide would be of great benefit!

    Thank you so much for your article and any information you can provide! May God bless you!
    Rebecca P.

    Tasha 10/21/2002

    I have been having these wierd side effects. About three years ago I got three shots in a row and only experienced weight gain! But I got the shot in July and haven't went back to the doctors for the second because of weight gain and other side effects that I have no clue what could be! I've been really dizzy, light headed, nauisiated, and fatigue! I don't know what it is from! I'm 19 now and when I first got the shot I was 15! The doctor in a different location diagnosed me with depression about almost two years ago and I didn't know that if you are depressed you shouldn't take this! Now I'm constantly emotional and angry and a lot of other things! I wonder if that is what could causing it! I really hope to hear back from you so I can get some answers! I would appreciate it! Take care!

    I left out that I'm spotting a lot! Please help me!

    Chris J 10/20/2002

    Have you now stopped using Depro-Provera? As I read your website, I'm seeing everything I have gone through for 2 years, except for the fact I do have Thyroid problems, had them before taking the shot.

    I've been off the shot for 2 months, and still experiencing hot flashes and mood swings.

    Chris J.

    Tevenia 10/13/2002

    Hi. I'm 24 years old and am quite grateful to have just found your website. I am about 2 months into my first depo shot and am a little concerned because though I was told, like everyone else, that I would stop bleeding after a week or two, I have been bleeding for two months now. I have become quite depressed and moody, and am beginning to grow hair in places it never really grew before. My husband and I are concerned, although the doctors seem not to be. I realize that you aren't a doctor, but I'm guessing you've spoken with many women and am wondering if this is something any of them experienced as normal (if I am just paranoid) or if I should be worried. I am contemplating not taking another shot...but I want to be safe. Thoughts?

    Jill C. 10/09/2002

    Hi my name is Jill and I have a 8 year old daughter. I have been trying to conceive another child since my daughters birth (we always wanted a big family) and have been unsuccessful. I have been diagnosed with pcos and my doctor wants to put me on "Clomid" (I have no idea how you spell that but thats how it sounds) but I would rather use natural methods. I do not ovulate. That is my whole problem in a nutshell. Everything else works. So what herbal remedy would be the same as Clomid? I need to ovulate....please help it means the world to me. Thank you

    Sharmy 10/8/2002

    I have been taking Depo Provera since Feb this year and I have gained 25 lbs. I have not changed my eating habits. I hope I can lose weight once I switch over to another type of birth control. Did you lose weight?

    Emma 10/7/2002

    I have been on the DP injection for just over two years. It has taken me this long to realise that maybe it was the cause of my non-existant lebido. After som research and finding your web site it has more or less confirmed this and many more side effects.

    Unfortunately I only had the injection about a month ago so therefore have two more to continue. Is there any such antidote to get this drug out of my body? If not is there any herbal remadies that you could recommend for this reason.

    Emma B.

    Sarah 9/28/2002

    Hi my name is Sarah i've been on the depo shot for six months and had to get off of it because of the side effects. I couldn't handle the loss of my perion and the spotting that came with it I spotted for the first 3 months of the shot, my boobs begain to get sore and inlarged. So I was sup. to go back on the 23rd of Aug. and I didnt just this week my boobs have inlarged my periods are maybe 3 to 4 days long really light i'm having some lower back pain i went to see my doc. about it and she said its just normal. I will never go on this shot again! I sure hope my boobs go down sometime soon. thanks for listening! Hope to hear from you soon ! thanks again. Sarah

    Alisha Capers 9/24/2002

    I'm sorry you were faced with so many problems while on Depo-Provera. Unlike you I have been on Depo three times in the past 10 years and have never had the problems that you have had. The only problem I had was that it made me gain five pounds each time but after a little diet I lost that. I believe every woman is different. It has been a life saver for me and I do not wish for this drug to be removed from the market. My sister like you did have problems. Not as many but problems still occurred. She wouldn't stop bleeding so our GYN stated she had to get off of it and try something else. My cousin was on it and she started to get ventaligo (that disease where you lose your skin pigment) so she had to get off. Again this product is not for everyone. Do I think it should be removed? No I don't because it works for me and a lot of other women who are satisfied. Also, I get pregnant at the drop of a hat so I haven't had a problem in this area either. Do I think doctors should better inform their patients? Yes I do. That is a problem if women are having so many different issues with this drug and no one knows about it. I am glad I came across your site. I am now more informed of what could happen and now if I do have any problems I could probably attribute it to this.

    Thanks for reading,

    My name is Consuela 8/18/2002

    And I think the Depo shot sucks. I had a child in '97 and took the Depo shot, as soon as it wore off I got pregnant seems like that next week it was so fast. Then as soon as I found out I was pregnant and got used to the idea, I had a fatal miscarriage, I bleed heavily for hours and hours. From small to extremely large blood clots. Getting very weak as the hours went by. My mom stopped by cause I wasn't able to care for my own child cause I was loosing too much blood and getting weaker, she took me to the hospital and as soon as I could walk in the ER, I passed out. The next thing I know I was on the operating bed getting blood transfusions or the doctor said I would have died. My baby wasn't even 1 yet and she almost lost me. Now reading and doing research on Depo has really made me believe that this was the reason behind all of that. Now 5 years later, my doctor suggested that I take the shot again cause it's "new and improved" so I took it again hoping she was right. I didn't have a cycle for 3 months and it was wonderful. Sex everyday. Then that dreadful day when it came back longer and bloodier than ever. I had a cycle for 3 1/2 weeks and couldn't enjoy the likes of my husband for one minute. It was horrible. Since that long and dreadful cycle I haven't had one again yet, and it's painful now reading some of the things in this web site because my husband and I are trying to conceive and it is hard. No cycle so we think baby. Take a test and no baby either. This could go on for the next 2 years. I will never ever in my life recommend Depo or take it for myself as so as I live.

    Laurie H. WA 8/17/2002

    Thank you so much for your response, this is the most thorough feedback I have had regarding my depo inquiries. The disease is called Behcets, named after a Turkish Dermatologist, here are the symptoms.

    When I asked the gyn Dr, about taking a break of it they assured me of how "safe" it is. Blah, blah, blah!

    I had the disease 1992 before taking the depo 1993, they suggested the BC because not knowing what kind of meds they would be trying on me.

    Depression- I kept complaining of pain (joint), and they finally addressed it by putting me on a mild antidepressant for pain mgmt. Hair loss, no big deal, but hair gain, I have a beard, (been managing by shaving as recommended by dermatologist, for now, cuz electrolysis irritates the skin). I have been hairy already by hereditary, so it's gotten worst. Libido is terrible, was on Zoloft and that is a libido killer, went off of it, then realized I needed it again to cope with life, so resumed on on Celexa last spring, and not that bad.

    Yes, I fear what I may go thru and am priming the family. Huby does need to get his self taken care of cuz (vasectomy) we do not want any more kids, and no way with all these meds I'm on, don't want to risk a deformed child. I am on Dmards, disease modifying rhuematoed arthitis drugs. The Bechets shows a hyper immune system that attacks itself, and the meds suppress the immune system.

    Before I went on depo, I had the disease and was having it flare up with each PMS cycle, so having depo stop the cycles was good for then.

    Yes, herbal remedies would cross with my meds. Thanks for your feedback and your availability. Really appreciate it. Where did you find my story? as I have posted it in a couple of places.

    Sue J 8/15/2002

    You know what I think, I think that you have listed everything and everything that could be wrong with someone and blamed it on the Depo-Prevera shot. I am currently on the shot for the second time, both have been for two year periods. The only side effects that I've had are a little weight gain(which is less than if I got pregnant) and no period. Your site makes me angry because you are blaming everything that anyone develops while on this shot on the shot. Did you ever stop to think that whatever is wrong with that person might have happened anyway? The Depo shot is my only choice for birth control other than condoms and it won't make me very happy if your crap results in it being pulled from the market. If you don't like the side effects or don't trust how your body will react then don't take it, but don't ruin it for people like me who cannot take estrogen!!!!!

    Alicia S 8/14/2002 (My response back to her below)

    hi, i found your website because i am on the depo shot adn have been for about 2 years. it's finally nice to find out that i'm not alone in having problems from this medicine but i find offense at you blaming nurses and md's. i am an RN. i care about my health and my patiets health. before i decided on this form of birth control, i researched all types. i too was told, and read that the side effects were minimal. i read nothing that would make me even think that my leg cramps, joints aches, fatigue, and other vague medical complaints would have anything to do with this medication. and i spoke to many doctors and other nurses concerning this issue. the medical field can only go by what the manufacturers are telling them. and the medical books aren't any more helpful because they have to list all side effects of all medications. lok up tylenol one time. you will see that the possible side effects of tylenol are long and scary. even though depo had the side effects listed. there was never any concern generated in the medical community regarding depo. the only physicians who used it were gyn's and that was for women with ovarian cysts and endometriosis. in this conditions, yeah it probably was a wonder drug but i don't think the pharmaceutical companies did enough research on the effects it would have on normal healthy women. so please DO NOT blame all doctors and nurses for giving the medication and not informing our pt's. we were not informed properly ourselves. and for the record, i know use my position to educate women on the effects of depo and to inform the doctor in my ER of the possibilty depo could be the cause of a pt's condition. i applaud what you are doing, we have a obligation as consumers to be as well informed as we can. i'm still on depo only because i do not want children, ever. but i have no children and no doctor will tie my tubes at my age. (33). i work strange shifts so the pill is not a good choice for me, and there is no other form of bc that works for me. thanks for listening. i didn't want to offend you or anything, i just wanted you to know that the medical field is not the bad guys. it's the manufacturer's who, like the tobacco industry, kept the truth to themselves. take care.


    My response to the one below hers (Alicia) is as follows:

    I beg to differ with your point of view. Doctors are not educating themselves on the facts. Even on my site you will find the Depo-Provera pamphlet typed out in it's entire form, it is the pamphlet that comes with the drug depo-provera. It clearly states that a doctor must determine if a patient has ever been diagnosed with depression not to use the drug. It clearly states that a patient must undergo a pregnancy test before administering the drug. It clearly states that it is not recommended for women under the age of 18. With all of these guidelines in place and more, I don't see how these doctors keep failing us even further. I get e-mails from underaged girls, from women who were given the shot while pregnant, and who were clinically diagnosed with depression. Someone is not doing their work correctly and they are not screening these women properly. Most people who go to doctors trust that they have done the research and are knowledgable in areas that we are not. I trusted my doctor to know how to ask the appropriate questions, thus I might have been ruled out as a possible user of depo, as I was clinically diagnosed with depression. Depo's side effects nearly killed me!

    Depo-Provera has been around for more than 60 years. I have had statements from the researchers themselves urging the FDA and others not to approve Depo-Provera. "Why?" You might ask. Well the research that was done on lab animals were never completed. Every animal that they tested depo-provera on ended up dying before the study ended. The research was to be for an 8 year period and NO animal made it past the first 4-5 years. Depo wasn't approved for consumers until the first Bush administration, and I think we need to ask ourselves the question why?!

    It was placed before the FDA's approval for several decades, what changed? Money? Bribes? The test results? I hardly doubt the test results have changed as there wouldn't be so many women out there today complaining about thier horrible side effects.

    Because of this drug I have lost faith in the medical community. I know not everyone is involved, and there are some doctors out there who have educated themselves and refuse to give depo-provera to women. Others don't care to learn, and do care to line thier pockets. I don't mean you in particular nor my mother who is an RN, but rather in general.

    There are many fraudulent and misleading terms in the pamphlet the doctors hand out to patients to become more informed about Depo-Provera, and that is what scares me and angers me the most. The statement <5% (more than 5%) of women may experience these side effects. . .Well more than 5% can mean 95% or even 99% and it would still be an accurate statement. However, I would like to see the real percentage printed and not some lowered equivilant, that is grossly misleading.

    Many infant boys die from complications and infections of circumcisions each year, but the doctor is not going to tell you that, just before he slices your son's forskin off, now is he. Many doctors feel that things like this is on a need to know basis, or I believe many have adopted President Clinton's Philosphy of "Don't ask, don't tell."

    There is plenty of information out there for doctors to learn the truth, and those who choose to learn have saved lives. Other just tend to go by what the FDA says is approved, which is dangerous on many levels. So I do believe doctors are grossly uninformed about the situation and turn thier heads when patients have side effects. The more they sell the more they are able to line their pockets. The same practices are being used to thwart breastfeeding efforts in many women, through the formula industry. Other areas in the health care community are also being compromised this way.

    I guess I could go on all day at how uneducated doctors are and or how they don't disclose all of the facts to patients completely and honestly. I don't know what grades a doctor recieved in college or if he went to school at all (Story feature on 48hours) So I appreciate your defense, but I stand by my views.

    Thank You
    Stephanie M

    Unidentified 8/13/2002

    I had my first shot in August of 2001. My last shot November of 2001. I was gaining a lot of weight and decided to stop the shots after two. It is now August 2002 and I got my first period today. I am 24 years old. I want to have one more child be I don't know when that will happen. I was considered very fertile and so is my mate and we have been having unprotected sex for the longest time and nothing. I really want to know what these people were thinking when they okayed this drug?? I just want my life and waist line back. Thank you for putting this cruel reality to the public

    Jessica N. 8/8/2002

    Ok well I thought I would give you all a little insite as to how the depo worked for me.

    I got my first Depo shot when I was 18, was on it for about a year. It was great that time, I lost weight, had no real side effects (other than hubby said I was grumpy) but I didn't notice that one myself. Then in the spring of 1999 I decided to get the shot again. We were getting married in September, I had my dress, didn't want to be pregnant for the wedding etc so thought it was a good option. Boy was I wrong. I started gaining weight, had horrible headaches, dizzyness, loss of memory, all the side effects that have already been mentioned. I was supposed to get another shot in July, but from past experience with the shot knew that I would not get my period back until after September and decided against it. I am glad I did. We got married in September of 1999 and went on our honeymoon. It was wonderful other than the migrains I continued to get. We moved to Minnesota in March of 2000 and while up looking at houses and doing job interviews we thought I was pregnant. My periods were pretty much back to normal and I had not had one in 60 days. My family has a history of false negatives so the pregnancy test not being positive didn't really mean much to us. I started gaining more weight and even looked like I was pregnant. But low and behold 80 days after my last period I started again. The doctors told me that I had not been pregnant and that no I had not miscarried that I was just having abnormal periods and put me on the pill for 3 months to regulate them. Along with the pill came morning sickness that lasted all day, thus the reason I didn't opt for the pill in the first place. When I came off the pill nothing had changed, I was still irregular and still was not pregnant. In the Spring of 2001 we decided to go see a fertility specialist. They ran tests on my and on hubby and said that nothing was wrong, put me on clomid for a month and racked up a bill of over 1000 dollars. Well that was all the money we had to spend at the time and so discontinued seeing the doctor. It is now August of 2002 and we are still not pregnant. I have had a lot of periods that last for anywhere from 36 days to 45 days, positive tests and then start my period. I am now taking herbs to regulate and my periods are leveling out. The last 3 months they have been 36 days each month and the last one I just had only lasted for 33 days. Hopefully something will happen soon so that we don't have to spend any more money at the doctors. I hope that the stories on this site can help people to make more educated decisions when decided if they think the shot is for them.

    Side Note:
    I am thinking of writing a book when and if we do get pregnant with my story and the ups and downs of infertility. If anyone would like to add there thoughts to the book, I would be more than happy to add them.

    Also, thanks for giving hope to those of us that are still experiencing problems.

    Jessica N. <-- E-mail Jessica with your storys.

    Tammie 8/5/2002

    Hi, my name is Tammie.. I started the depo shot about 9 months ago after trying different forms of birth control to control my endometriosis... I had heard good things about the shot... so I thought what the heck.. no periods.. where do I sign... little did I know how it would affect my life .... the first symptoms started shortly after my first shot... I have been chronically sick with sinus and respiratory infections...I contributed it to the apartment I moved to.. so I had the carpet cleaned.. I thought maybe there was something in the carpet making me sick... then the mood swings kicked in, along with hot flashes and sleepless nights,,,, recently I have started having pain in my wrists and elbows... my doctor told me it was likely carpal tunnel syndrome... WHAT !!!!!???? I am being sent in for testing tomorrow... I have to wear support braces on my wrists to keep the pain under control.. the headaches come on out of no where... my libido is in the cellar... my hair is falling out... there is more hair in my bathroom sick than on my head....the mood swings are growing and I have become severally depressed... I went from being a person who was always optimistic and loved working out at the gym ... to this person who dreads getting out of bed in the morning ... I am always tired,, probably due to the fact I cant sleep anymore....I have to take sleeping pills and even those dont seem to help....I find myself pacing the house at 3 am...I thought I was going crazy, till I found this sight and realized that suppressing my estrogen is creating havoc within my body.... doctors need to become more educated with hormone suppression .... this is just like going through menopause.. I was on luprone to treat fibroids...and that was a walk in the park compared to this... doctors tell you the side effects of that , and only place a woman on treatment for 6 months due to extreme hazards to your health....forcing your body into temporary menopause before it is ready is dangerous... these 2 drugs are very similar in what they are trying to achieve... why can't doctors see the connections.. if they only put women on lupron for 6 months because of the horrible side effects of not getting your period why can't they see that depo is doing the same thing... except women are on this for years......? I am NOT getting my next shot... I would rather deal with fibroids and endometriosis than deal with this feeling like someone else had taken over my body.... I want the old me back... women need to know they aren't crazy and that these symptoms are not in their head.... lack of estrogen is the cause... and that there should be other options besides putting women on this drug ....thanks for listening...

    Misty J 8/1/2002

    Hello my name is Misty Jones. I am 13 weeks pregnant. I was given the Depo-Provera shot 6 days after conception. I am seaching for the truth about the birth defects associated with being given the shot during early pregnancy. Specifically I am interested in contacting other mothers who have given birth to the children they concieved while on the Depo-Provera shot (or anything like it) or had abortions because of the fear of destroying a childs life with damaging birth defects. I appreciate your time and any response. Thank you
    Concerned Mother
    Misty J

    Sue 7/23/2002

    I have heard and read some horrible stories regarding the depo shot. I never wanted to believe any of them, and still don't. The only real problem I know I have had from the shot is weight gain. Okay, so lets deal with that right? To me the shot was the best thing that hit the period anymore, no more depression and mood swings (other than is what is normal), the PMS was horrible before the shot. I used to have to shut myself up in my room because of the anger in me. After the shot I was a much better person. I loved not getting my period. I am 46, I don't want any more kids anyhow. The only thing that I didn't associate with the shot was the chest pains I started getting. Because I have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux, I thought that was causing it. They took my gall bladder out because they thought that was causing the pain. After 4 years, I still have it and it is getting worse. I have had an endoscopy yesturday(a scope down my throut), but he has found nothing to cause the pain. Saturday, I am have a CT scan and chest xrays. I have only seen (so far of what I have read here) one other person that has had chest pains. My sister-in-law also had chest pains. They found out she still had her thymus gland ( a gland that is supposed to go away when you become an adult). She had to have it taken out. She only had this problem AFTER she started taking the depo shot. I would like to know if anyone else has had chest pains with the depo shot or if they found they still have a thymus gland. Please feel free to write me at I would like to hear from anyone with the same problems as me. I will see what happens after I have my chest scans this week and let you know. I am still praying it isn't the shot causing this.

    Sara 7/03/2002

    Thank-you for creating such a web site. I was diagnosed with chronic depression after the birth of my second child and was put on antidepressants. At my annual exam my Dr. recommended depo for me, and I tried it hoping it would help. Well, after two years, fifteen pounds, and a general feeling of constantly being miserable, I returned to him. I was sent for thyroid and hormone level testing and told that I was to young to be having hot flashes and night sweats. I was also told that this would not affect my depression either. Sadly, that day I received yet another dose. I returned home and did my own research. Patients who have had a history of depression should NOT receive this form of birth control. I now must wait out the next three months to get this out of my system and then try and find a way off all these antidepressants as well. Obviously, they do not always take in to consideration what is in our best interests. At this point I would rather be drug free than suffer all of the side effects of these medications. Please keep us informed, and comforted by the fact that we are not alone. Thank-you. Sincerely, Sara

    Iris 6/30/2002

    I found your site from another friend's site, but thought I'd share my views. I had the DP shot just after having my Nor-plant taken out. Unlike so many women I knew, I had no issues with norplant, but having been in a nice relationship that was rapidly heading for permanent long-term status, I decided I didn't want another Norplant, keeping us from having children for another 5 years. So I opted for the DP shot. Bad Idea.... Not only did we fight constantly for months afterwards, and my mood swings were totally out of control, my jealousy was horribly rampant, paranoia overwhelming. In the first six weeks, I gained 30+ pounds, my ankles swelled and I could barely get my shoes on (in fact, my "husband" had to tie them) That was over five years ago, and I still have not had another child (I was joked to get pregnant at the drop of a hat.. . . Any hat...) although I have been celibate for just over a year now. In the last year, I have had quite a bit of problems with my reproductive system, in fact they diagnosed me with Poly-cystic ovarian disease, which I understand to be a pre-curser to ovarian cancer. My local hospital did nothing for me, despite the fact I went to the ER at 5am hemorrhaging to my knees. They gave me a *pregnancy* test, and when it came back negative (duh) they said "abnormal period" and sent me home with nothing. I have had what I believe are miscarriages about four times since my DP shot. Other than that, I don't know how much other stuff could be attributed to the shot, I haven't read much about them, but I know a friend of mine that's been a RN for years and is interested in natural healing said Depo provera has quite a history as a failed birth control, and detailed a few things, although I have to admit, I didn't absorb much of it. If you want/need this info, I can connect you with her. Hope this helps, feel free to reply if you have any info for me.

    . . .Continued. . .

    I'm still reading through your site, but I read your story, and found more similarities. I also had suicidal thoughts and depression and have still had a horrible time remembering things. I also have had bouts of both hyper-libido and hypo-libido (both too much and too little) I have had bouts of excessive sleep, interspersed with week-long rounds of insomnia, where I almost couldn't sleep at all. Several of my friends thought it was my body rejecting the excessive sleep, which I agreed with, except that I was a horrible person without the sleep, making me more depressed, and finally sleeping more from depression. I also had the first kidney infection of my life, my temp rocketing up to something like 106 or so, and requiring IV antibiotics before they let me go home. I have also had more antibiotics in the last five years for various things that I ever had before. I have never been a "pill person". I also had my first real issue with asthma. It's not something that bothers me regularly, but it didn't exist before that. I don't know if it's related or not. Those "miscarriages" I told you about in my other email? They lasted just a few days to a couple of weeks, which seems to be about how long yours were from your description. Just long enough for my partner and I to get our hopes up. I too have been checked for my thyroid. Twice or more. Nothing. I have also had horrible acne, not thinking it might be the depo and the Norplant. Now, I saw you had herbs to help CONCEIVE after depo, but are there just any good herbs to DETOXIFY after depo, to get things balanced and normal, specifically to counter the *specific* effects of Depo? I am not with anyone right now (long story) and am not really interested in conceiving, just getting back to homeostasis. Will write more if I find more on the site to comment on!

    Tina 6/28/2002

    I began taking depo provera in the winter of 1991 a few months after my daughter was born. As with most people my period discontinued and my dr assured me it was normal. In January 1997 I decided it was time to get off the shot. It took 6 months before my period would return. When it did I could have it for 45 days straight and then skip it for a month or two. Eventually they got a little more normal... These erratic periods continued until winter of 97 or 98 (I can't remember) when I started taking the pill to regulate them. and it worked.

    Then in August of 2000 I discontinued taking the pill in hopes that my new husband and I would have a child. My periods have been very light and consistent in their inconsistency. It's now June 2002 I went to the OB/GYN to find out why I haven't been able to get pregnant. He said it was probably just some out of balance hormones and they'd run some tests so they could figure out how to get me back on track and that the depo didn't have anything to do with it.

    When I went back for my results he told me my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels were very high and they needed to re-run the test because he felt that I was in Premature Menopause. He called me back yesterday and said the levels were even higher this time, there was no chance of every being able to have a child and that he was sending me to an endocrinologist. I am 32 years old....

    What caused this??? Depo??? If they don't know what caused it - how can they treat it? I have an appt on the 17th with an endocrinologist but I'm wondering if it should be with a reproductive endocrinologist?

    Do you have any suggestions for researching this further or know of a Dr's who believe & have experience w/ depo that has led to these kinds of issues? I don't care where they are located.

    Rachael 6/5/2002

    To whom it may concern,

    Please help! I recieved my first injection 6 weeks ago and since then i have experienced horrific side affects. The most concerning one being an accelerated heart beat which tops 145 beats per minute at its worst. Recently i have experienced terrible chest pains and pains down my left arm.

    My digestive system is also badly affected and i am displaying all the symptoms of IBS. My doctor says there is nothing wrong and my cardiologist is also baffled. I have been prescribed antideppressants which i refuse to take as i am pretty certain that it is the injection that is causing my depression. My relationship with my friends, boyfriend and family is being destroyed by my obscene mood swings. Nobody is helping me!!!!!

    I have gone from being a perfectly healthy 19 year old to a person who has a worse physical and mental state than someone 4 times her age.

    Please help me, i feel like i am on the brink of death, i have never felt so ill before. Please Email me on

    Elizabeth 5/24/2002

    I had my daughter at the ripe age of 20. When I was 18, I got pregnant for the first time. When I miscarried the baby I went on Depo and recieved only one shot with no apparent side effects and then promptly got pregnant again with my daughter. After she was born, the harsh reality of being a mother kicked in and I realized I wanted to wait a while before having another baby. I went back on depo. they told me no periods. GREAT! You'll gain a few pounds. NO PROBLEM! I was already a little heavy and five pound wouldn't show. It was better to gain 5 pounds then have another baby. You know what they forgot to tell me? They forgot to warn me about the two month period I had where I had NO SEX DRIVE!! Worst of all They forgot to warn me about DEPRESSION that can hit you. I would get it the last 2 weeks of every shot cycle. It was like having 3 months of PMS all in 2 weeks. It steadily got worse and worse. I would tell myself as soon as I got my new shot I would be ok. Normally I was. My last shot was due in Febuary. I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I was paraniod with my boyfriend. i was cutting on myself to keep from hurting him like i wanted to. I kept thinking how easy it would be to drive off a brigde. Even going through all that, i kept saying just make it until your appointment and get that next shot That night I went to a friends house and my boyfriend was talking about how moody I was. She went on to tell me how Depo affected her and asked if I was on that. I can not explain the relief I felt knowing that I was not the only person who had suffered. I was too the point that I was afraid I was losing my mind. But I knew then, I was not alone anymore. I did not get my next shot. In fact I am not on any type of birth control. After 5 years of Depo, I am not worried about getting pregnant although I know that it could happen before I have a period. Still, I want no more hormonal drugs put into me until my body is back to normal.

    So, still no period 3 months later, and as far as the weight gain...... I went from 165 to 225... Never realizing how much I had gained from this until it was too late. I am hoping that by getting this drug out of me, I will be able to lose weight again.

    Gina 5/19/2002

    My doctor told me I had an infection and told his assistant to give me a anti-biodic shot. 7 days later upon recieving my medical records I read that I was given 400 Mg Depo-Provera injection. I started with jaundice to pre menapause, cervical cancer, ulcers, acne , use to have a beautiful olive complection, now scarred, emotional rollercoaster, light stroke, seizure, 40 pd weight gain, and many more effects. Now I have rectal bleeding and have a colonoscopy Monday. I am so scared, but am trying to stay strong. Will this ever go away? Before this shot was given to me against my will I had a appointment to finally have en-vitro after loosing 8. What a nightmare! How do I file a class action suit to get depo off the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robin 1/10/2002

    I found your website while searching for informaion about depo. I have had one shot and I was supposed to get the next one today and I am not going to get it. I had a baby in July 2001 and I took the depo shot in October 2001 because it seemed to be the easiest method of birth control and it seemed the side effects were the same as the pill. I have been trying to lose my pregnancy weight and it is just not coming off. I exercise for 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day and burn on average 1000 calories and keep my intake at about 1500. I know from past experience that this should have taken off some pounds and NOT ONE has come off. It is so frustrating to look at that scale when I am working so hard. For some reason I had a feeling that maybe it had something to do with the depo so I started looking on the internet yesterday and I really can't believe the stories I have been reading. Anyway, I called my doctor's office and talked to a nurse and told her I didn't want to do depo anymore and I asked her how long it would take for the depo to get out of my system. She said technically it would be out today (the day I was supposed to get my 2nd shot). However this doesn't seem right after some of the things I have been reading. My question to you is, after all the information you have read, do you have an idea of how long it takes to get the drug out of your system after only one shot and when I could expect my body to allow itself to let go of the pounds? Do you know why depo does not allow your body to lose weight?

    Thanks for any information you can give me and thank you for the website.

    Barbara 1/3/2002

    I started taking depo after the birth of my daughter almost nine years ago. I stopped after two years of steady weight gain. I was treated for post partum depression following the first injection. I've been on soo many anti-depressants I could never name them all.I've had severe back pain and have been dianosed with fibrmyalgia. Just recently I've miscarried twice. After reding your articles I'm almost convinced that all of these problems I'm developing are related to the depo...Please offer me some words of encouragement.

    Sharlaina 1/3/2002

    I have been on the depo shot for the past 4 years, minus the time I got off to conceive only to have a miscarriage. Don't ask me why I've continued to stay on the shot, maybe because I wasn't educated enough. I have a 4-year-old and I am 23. My husband and I just wanted it to be "the right time" before we tried for another. Well, now is the time and I'm all full of depo-provera! The thought crossed my mind that I miscarried due to the depo shot but I was also under a lot of stress at the time, much more than normal. I am scared out of my mind that I'll have another miscarriage, I have never been this scared in my life. It was awful and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. The thought of losing another one can drive someone to become hopeless. We're set for this one, we're ready both emotionally and financially.

    Charlotte 1/1/2002


    Raychel 12/29/2001

    Hi my name is Raychel, Im 19 years old.

    I fist got the depo shot about 3 years ago. And I have been off it for about a year. My last shot was December 13th 2001. And since then I have still yet to recieve my period. I thought the depo shot was the greatest thing in the world.. you dont get your period..and what the hell I could of used the extra 5 pounds. But back when I took it I was only 115 and in a size 14/16 in little girls. Now Im a size 8 in womens,9/10 if I want to be comfortable. So I ended up gaining 47 pounds on it. (Small price to pay- I think not). Really the depo shot changed my life... Im always depressed and the headaches wont ever go away, Im light sensitive, and to top it all off I have the most horrible strecth marks in the world... not the clear ones but their bright purple I have them every where and I cant hide them. My self esteam is gone because of them I hate looking at my self. I am thankful for my boyfriend Rob because he looks passed them. But I cant. I know that Ill never get ride of them. And I have the depo to thank for that. My doctor never told me that the side effects were that herendis because if I would of known I wont of never of gotten on it. To those who are thinking about getting on it Please think about may be happy now, but what about the future.

    Annonymous 10/21/2001

    I am 24 and have a six year old son.In feb this year I got married.Not wanting to get pregnant before the wedding my doctor advised me to go on depo.For the first 3 months I had no period,but after having the second injection I bled continuously for 3 months.My last injection ended the day of the wedding.About a week later I began feeling sick and experienced abdominal and vaginal pain.This has occurred every month since I stopped having the injection.My husband and I have been trying for a baby and not having any periods I try a pregnancy test every month.Every time I get the negative result it leaves me feeling bereaved.The first 8 months of my marriage should have been the happiest of my life,but they've been made miserable by the effects of depo provera.If anyone reading this is considering having the injection please reconsider.If there are any encouraging stories out there please email me and let me know.

    Crystal 10/14/2001

    My name is Crystal and I am 19 years old. I was taking ortho-tryclen when I got pregnant with my son in November of 1999. I am terrible about taking pills and "the pill" is obviously not right for me. After my son Connor was born my ob/gyn suggested that since I was breastfeeding and was concerned about getting back on "the pill" the depo shot would be right for me. I gained a little weight and increased appetite. It seemed when the time came around for me to menstruate I had the worst case of PMS ever. I did not notice my side effects and excused them for post partum depression or stress. September of 2001 came around and it was time for my shot. I had decided on abstinence after connor was born and had only used the shot as a precautionary method. I did not have the shot last month. For the past two weeks I have had severe emotional breakdowns, migraines so bad I have had to go to the emergency room four times, and my temper is on pins and needles. The littlest things cause great outbursts of anger. I have had my mother keep my son a majority of the time because he is only 14 months old and in to everything and honestly I can't handle it. I have had fatigue, nausea, and when I pick my 35 pound son up I get dizzy and once I thought I would faint and had to put him right back down. I am very young and very scared. I have been put on prozac, and my doctor has said I need estrogen shots because of a series of tests that came back abnormable. The past year has been vague and I now realize what a different person I have become. I would like to get past this but it seems to get worse every day.

    Crystal V.

    Erica 10/4/2001

    my story --
    I started taking the depo shot after my son was born, about 4 months post postpardum. The day I had the shot I had intense pain at the injection site for 2 weeks. I began menstruating a week later and bled consistently for 5 months straight even though I missed the second shot. I had to have a D&C to see if that would curb my period, it didn't. I bled for another month until I finally got back on a somewhat normal schedule, which I'm still not as regular as I used to be. I was extremely moody, temper tantrums and excessive anger. I went back to my OB/GYN and he said he "never saw a success rate with the shot; there are always severe side effects."

    I became a MONSTER on that shot, I was always angry and the littlest thing would set me off. It took almost a year for those side effects to wear off and now I believe my cycle will never be normal because of that shot. Being anemic and bleeding for so long, I have become a severe anemic who does not respond to any form of iron, potassium or prednisone to compensate for the lost Red Blood Cells.
    Erica & Nick*Nick

    Pamela 9/30/2001

    I am 42 - I have 5 children aged down from 20 to 12 - I became widowed a couple of years ago, and when a new, wonderful relationship began, the need to protect from pregnancy became paramount - but my age and smoking habit preclude me from the use of the pill - I opted for the relative ease and reliability of depo-provera - - - The fact that I never got another period just thrilled me - nothing could be better than this!!! but though I hadn't noticed an extreme 'falling-out' of hair, I was noticing as I felt my hair that a lot seemed to be missing - there was this little flag in the back of my mind trying to alert me - 'depo shot!' - about 2 months in, a sexual encounter with my new partner saw me become horribly dry - I had never been like that before - and that little flag fluttered for me again.... extremly resistant to colds and flus, at about the same time I came down with a cold, and all I could think of was maybe my immune system was now compromised because of the depo-provera.....

    another new discovery had me almost obsessed with fear and disbelief - and though the change could be associated with the aging process, because it happened suddenly and to a disconcerting degree, I had to question my new hormone therapy - my breasts - which had always been a strong physical point for me - had suddenly become very 'saggy' and insubstantial - sure -I still wore a d-cup to accomadate their over-all 'size' - but they rested in those cups like semi-fluid - to squeeze them meant your finger and thumb would just about meet - what was THIS all about?????

    If anyone knows of information around the breast-sagginess issue, I'd love to hear - but for now, I just feel litigation is my only option - this drug sounds absolutely horrible - and it's outrageous that such a thing is being touted as a 'wonder' form of birth control when it has such devastating side-effects....

    Pamela C

    Karl 9/14/2001

    I just wanted to say thank you for the web site. My girlfriend was on Depo for about 8 months before we realized that it was doing bad things to her. The nonstop bleeding (going on 6 months now) was one of our first clues that something was wrong. It was good to read your web site though that she was not alone in those symptoms. The moodiness, fatigue, lack of sex drive, weight gain, depression, all of it was there.

    But after reading your web page I ordered the book by Dr Lee and it makes so much sense. I did a lot of research on Depo recently and when Dr Lee talks about what the lack of progesterone does to your body it just all clicked. I finally think I understand what the Depo was doing to her. But the best part is that there is hope for recovery. I know that it won't be quick or easy but I'm just so excited that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. I ordered a bottle of progesterone cream tonight (ProgestaCare) and I'm excited to see if it works for her. Although I must admit that I hope it doesn't bring back her sex drive too fast since I am about 1200 miles away from her for the next 2 months :-) (I'm in the military at a school right now).

    Thanks again,

    Jacqueline 9/7/2001

    Hi, My name is Jacqueline. And I am 29 years old. I am a mother of 3 children and a wife for 5 years. I have been on the Depo shot 2 different times in the last 4 years. I have also experienced a numerous amount of the same symptoms as other women. Both times that I was on the shot I had major HAIR LOSS, I gained over 25 pounds (I am a very small frame. My maximum weight ever, was 85 pounds). UNTIL I got on the Depo. Any way after the birth of my second child, I got on the depo. I started having hair loss, and major panic attacks and paranoia. It was awful. I went back to work, and I start to have violent headaches. I had even went to have a CT Scan done. Of course nothing was found wrong. I would complain and complain some more, but no one would listen. When I got off the Depo, I was told that it could take up to 1 year to start conceiving again (by the way, I had no periods for 2 years, while I was on the Depo), well within 1 year of my last shot, I had 2 miscarriages. No one new why though. I finally got pregnant 13 months after my first shot and had a beautiful little girl. I recieved the shot again after she was born, Aug.00, and thinking this Depo was the world. Well I got off the shot in May 01, (that was my last shot) and now I am pregnant and am miscarring again. I know now all the symptoms are from the shot. WEIGHT GAIN; PANIC ATTACKS; PARANOIA; LOWERED IMMUNE SYSTEM; LOSS OF HAIR; VIOLENT HEADACHES; BLURRY VISION; NUMBNESS OF MY ARMS AND LEGS; CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY LOSS and NOW MY MISCARRIAGES.

    Just like everyone else, I had been through these too. I only found this web site today from a very concerned family member. So I thank you for saving my life and for having this web site and I also thank my Niece for caring and loving me enough to pass it along to me.
    Jacqueline J.

    Tamra 8/27/2001

    I went on Depo 4 years ago. The doctor told me I could go on it right after I had my son, however, I was breast feeding. As a result I had to stop breast feeding after only 3 weeks, because my body stopped producing milk. I continued to receive 3 more shots, because the doctors told me it had nothing to do with Depo. I found out later they were wrong. While on Depo I had no sex drive, no periods, and always tired. It does however get worse. I had my last shot 3 years ago. I am still not pregnant. I have been tested for so many things and the doctors don't want to blame Depo. I know inside what the problem is. I did not have problems getting pregnant before and it does not run in my family for me to have problems. When you look at everything it all points to one thing that could have caused all this, Depo. The worst thing is after all this, I don't know if I can trust a doctor to help me get pregnant. The Depo shot was basically supposed to be fool proof. What if they are wrong about helping me get pregnant for my second child. Please DO NOT take Depo. I am not the only one with problems. I know several women in my same situation.

    Karina 8/15/2001

    Hi I am 19 years old. I was on depo or two years and a half. The fact that I wasn't getting my period over shadowed the other side effects. During the first 3 months, I lost all my sex drive. It did come back but it was scary. I don't know why I didn't stop then but I continued until this week. I was due for a shot and I didn't go in. I decided the weight I had gain was not worth it.

    I have been looking for questions to my answers about what happens after depo online because my "health educator" at the adolescence center I was in hasn't returned my calls. I read through your website and now I am scared. Like I said, I am only 19 years old and for that reason, I took depo. I didn't want to become a young Mom. And I was and still am too forgetful to take the pill. But I am also too young to be fat. The extra weight made me depressed. Luckily, I have many supportive people around me who help me.

    I am scared for the future. I don't want kids now or even in the next 5 years but I do want them eventually. Now I am scared about this and about losing the weight. I have also read that it is hard for some women to lose weight. I hope this will not be true in my case. I am trying hard and taking care of myself.

    I want to say thank you for the information on your site. Hopefully I can find the control perfect for me.

    Sincerely, Karina

    Melina 8/11/2001

    My name is Melina *** I'm 29 years old and the Horror Stories that I read today, were like me telling my story. I have for sometime talked with family and friends and have mentioned that I thought my problems were related to the Depo injections. I have severe eye problems, I have trouble focusing my eyes, and any kind of light seems to make me see double, I thought I might have a tumor, I have had my eyes checked and dilated, I have been checked to see if I had a tumor, everything has come up negative. I have been so frustrated! The sites I have read today has made me see that I am not alone, the other problems that I have, that also seem to be related to others that have had Depo injections are, Vagintis, Panic attacks, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Depression, Blurred Vision, Early Menopause (started about 3 months ago) Back Pain (in areas where the injections were given), Insomnia, and Tingling Sensations in Hands and Feet. I have not had a problem with weight gain. I went on Depo after a Miscarriage in Oct. 97, the injections were recommended by my OB/GYN. I later came off the shot in 99. My husband actually was the first to become aware of a problem with Depo, within a week or two before time for my shot, I would become very moody and depressed. He would tell me that it was time for my shot and I would ask him how he knew and he told me by the way I was acting. I then begin watching my behavior I became scared so I asked to go back on the pill. The side affects I have now didn't start until I came off the injections. I would like to Thank You for your story and time, is there anything that can be done about this?
    Thanks Again, Melina

    Nicole 7/31/2001

    Finally, someone points out the REAL cause here. HORMONES and the effects on hormone production. Most of these sites (anti-birth control due to complications) are informative and interesting, but no one seems to mention the adverse effects of interfering with the normal production of hormones. This, is what I would attribute to most of these conditions being experienced.

    I have never been exposed to Depo, however, I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclene for about 6 months. I gained 40 pounds in three months, have had more pimples than usual, my mood swings can be quite atrocious (just ask my poor boyfriend), my hair is falling out like crazy (not enough for bald spots, but definitely more than usual), and I have subsequently been off of Ortho for about 5 months. STILL, though, I am experiencing these issues. I did bring this to the attention of my doctor, who quickly gave me a different pill and pushed me out the door.

    I suggest a public outcry for more intense screening before prescribing. The reason I say this is because although a lot of women have experienced problems, just as many have not. It seems to me that the medical industry is so driven by pharmaceutical companies, that they're not concerned about making sure we're prepared or even qualify (physically) to take these drugs. I believe that if ANYONE cared about our safety and welfare, they would develop a system to determine whether or not a woman's personal makeup is suitable for the changes these drugs produce. We have the technology, we just don't have the support.

    Thanks again for pointing to the REAL issue!!

    Toni 7/25/2001

    hi my name is toni i was on depo for 3 years and i have been off the shot for two years. i have two kids 8 and 10 years old and never had a problem with periods or getting pregnant. I gained almost 100pounds and it affected my libido my hair is thin, and i dont have a period unless i take provera pills for 10 days to bring it down. My period never comes down on its own. I have just remarried and i have been trying to get pregnant for the last year and a half and i have had no luck. the doctors say i have polycystic ovary syndrome and my insulin levels are high. i never had any of these problems until i took depo provera. I have been on clomid and fertility drug no luck with that. The endocrine doctor says my weight has stopped my period none of the doctors want to admit it was the depo shot. I have a apt with a endocrine reproductive doctor august6 2001 to see what else ccan be done. The regular endocrine doctor put me on glucophage says it will eventually bring down my insulin levels and my period should start on its own and i should then ovulate. The doctor says i should loose 100 pounds and take some birthcontrol pills along with the other pills he gave me and dont consider getting pregnant until i loose the weight. i was 230 pounds before depoprovera and now i am 330 pounds. i would not suggest depoprovera to any women

    Annonymous 7/25/2001

    I'm a 25 year old woman. I just started taking the shot a month ago. A week after this injection I started bleeding and I have been bleeding non-stop since. I recently just took medication to get rid of a bactrerial infection. My Dr. claims that this is not caused by the drug... Do Dr.s really feel they have to protect the drug? Can't they at least say, "It COULD be caused by the drug?"

    I'm not happy with the drug. Of course my sex drive is lacking.... infections, bleeding.... damn drug. Anyway, thanks for your site, I definitly won't be going back for a second injection. My health care professional claims that the bleeding will stop, and encourages me to go in for one more injection before I stop. No thank-you, condoms will work just fine!

    I was very happy to read your story and find out that I wasn't crazy. I am 23, and was on Depo for 3 years. I have bean off of the shot for 1 year.

    My situation was not as bad as yours, but it almost broke up a great relationship. About a year and a half into taking the shot, I stopped wanting to have sex with my boyfriend. It progressed into that feeling you talked about. The thought of sex mede my skin crawl and if he even touched me I thought I would throw up. Sometimes I would force myself to do it, but it was soo painfull I would cry through the whole thing, like my insides we being ripped out. I also got headaches and stomoch aches and other strange ailements, I felt like an old lady. I completely lost my memory, which is not good when you're in med school. I would be lying in bed and my heart would just start racing. My breasts and nipples were so tender that if I even brushed up against something, it brought a tear to my eye. I experienced extreme vaginal dryness, and remeber comenting to a friend that I no longer felt like a woman, but more like an "it". I told my Gyn about the sexual problems and asked her if she thought it was the depo, she said definitly not and suggested that maybe I didn't really love my boyfriend and that he was possibly cheating on me and I knew it subconsiously, and that's why I had a decreased sex drive. That really upset me, and I became depressed about the whole situation. I thought I was crazy, and that it was all my fault. I was a pathological liar making up excuses every night why I couldn't have sex. Luckily I am a med student and know what the horomone progesterone does (roughly), and that the large amount given to women in the depo shot is more than the amount found naturally in a woman's body. I knew this had to be the problem and quit the shot against the pleading of the Gyn. It's taken a year, but I finally enjoy having sex with my boyfriend, who stuck with me through this awful time.

    Tina Marie 6/14/2001
    I also took the depo twice! After the birth of my son! We were young, newly married, POOR, and I had to go on Medicaid w/ my son. I certainly didn't want to go through that again and I needed to go to college so I could get a better paying job. The Health Dept. rec'd. the depo shot and after some listed side-effects the 1st time, they told me to continue that it would probably be better now that my body was getting used to it. WRONG! I felt like I was pregnant all the time!! I didn't take it or anything else again. My husband and I were hoping to get pg. again in 2 yrs. Well, for no verifiable reason, I was not getting pg. Finally, 4 1/2 yrs. later, I got pg.

    I never even thought about it being the depo! I'm glad I read your site! Keep up the good work!

    Renee 5/27/2001
    My name is Renee and I just got finished reading your story with Depo. I am shaking with fear.

    I was on Depo for almost four years. At first, I loved it. I had no problems. I chose Depo because I had always had painful heavy bleeding and terrible PMS. I figured Depo would be great since I was not planning on having children in the near future and when I decided to go off it, 10-18 months to conceive did not seem like a bad trade-off. But slowly things started happening to me and I never ever thought that Depo may have played a part.

    After about two years on the shot, I got a kidney stone! I was only 32 at the time and had never had any problems with my kidneys. I couldn't believe it. My doctor told me that it was because I was chronically mildly dehydrated. He never discussed Depo at all. Could my kidney problems possibly be related to Depo? Do you know of any other instances of kidney problems and Depo other than your own? I was shocked when I read your story. I honestly never even considered the idea that my kidney problems might be related to Depo!

    I went from 118 lbs. in 1997 when I first started the shot, to 198 lbs. in August 2000 when I stopped. Since August of last year, I have only been able to lose 5 lbs. I have a job that sends me out into the field every summer to work. This summer I am going to be surveying remote areas of Alaska and it requires me to hike 4-5 miles a day with a pack on my back. Last week I probably hiked close to 10 miles and I actually gained 3 pounds. Water weight? It doesn't make any sense.

    I have always had problems with depression and, in fact, I was on 20 mg of Paxil per day before I went on Depo. I told my doctor that, and it did not seem to be a problem. However, during the four years of being on Depo and Paxil, I became even more severely depressed. I attributed my depression to the dark winters in Alaska and general stress. I doubled my dosage of Paxil, which worked for a while, but after a few months, things got so bad that I could barely function. I even tried to cut my wrists. I ended up in the hospital, where the doctors attributed my problems to high stress in my life. Nothing was ever discussed about the Depo or it's possible effects on my system. Instead, they wanted me to admit myself into a psych hospital. I refused to do that, however, at that time, I decided, on my own, to go off the Depo and the Paxil and try to clean out my body. I figured that the weight would just normally come off once I felt better and became more active. That was in October of last year.

    The depression has gotten better, and I am functioning again, but I absolutely cannot lose weight. I attributed that to a possible thyroid problem. I went to the doctor several months ago and had a blood workup done. My thyroid came back normal. In fact, everything came back normal except for my blood pressure. They told me I was extremely healthy, but I certainly did not feel healthy. They told me to exercise and eat right to bring my blood pressure down. They told me to decrease the stress in my life. Not easy to do when you are a graduate student working to put yourself through school. Heh. I had no idea that Depo plays havoc with the "communication" between your brain and your thyroid! Is there any way to fix that?

    I still have not had a period since going off Depo, but the PMS symptoms are severe. I even cry at T.V. commercials! Argh! I am moody and tired all the time. Sometimes I feel like a caged animal. I just want to bite someone's head off. I can't stand myself.

    Three months ago I went to my doctor because I still had no period and was going insane with my PMS. They put me on a 30 day regimen of birth control pills. I didn't want to do it, but they promised me I would have a period. I didn't. They wanted me to stay on the pills, but I refused.

    On top of all that, I am really concerned that I may have damaged my body so bad that I won't be able to have children. Is there any way to find out if I can ever get pregnant? I am really scared.

    Ginger 5/19/2001
    Anyone considering this shot should make themselves well aware of the range of bizarre potential side effects. And be aware, this drug was originally developed to chemicly castrate sex offenders. HELLO!!!

    I am a capable, focused, competent woman. I was very much in controll of my life, well directed in my career, an independent home owner, and have never claimed a day of "PMS" in my life. I got two shots of Depo in 1999, and am still trying to work my way through the grips of its effects. I could go on for pages about the depths to which this decision has damaged me physically, emotionally, and professionally. Some of the watershed of difficulties and humiliation I've endured include; weight gain, panic attacks, fainting episodes, memory loss, peroid loss, then hemmoridging, eye infections, and depression so crippling and so severe, death would have been preferable and eventually ended up on prozac. Additionally, I ended up having to bring in a note to work from my gynocologist in explination of my bizzare birrage of problems and flailing abilities in order to salvage my job. My last injection was in November 1999. Some months later, I finally began something of a cycle, but wasn't really keeping track... I'm not exactly sure how long it had gone on, but when I did indeed begin paying attention, I realized I had bleed every single day for 4 months. My doctor ordered an emergency ultrasound, and put me on hormone therapy. I've endured two months, I'm still bleeding. I have since met one other woman in my area who can also attest to experiencing all of these same problems and was also ordered on prozac in attempt to get mentally back on track.

    In one attempt to seek help, one therapist just scoffed at my struggle. He said well of course I'm having problems, what else could one possibly expect in attempt to chemicly reprogram your brain and body and I should be prepared to ride it out. Needless to say, this left me feeling more crazed and helpless than ever.

    Could there possibly be any greater devastation on the horizon? For me, the answer is yes. There will ever loom the prospect for problems with fertility. And after considering all of the above, it seems to me, that futher reproductive health concerns are emininent. Understand that I gain nothing by this submission, no underlying motive, no profit of any sort. Please please please understand that many of the effects are intangible, can not be measured or gauged in any way, and therefore, are not taken seriously by many in the medical community. Please, seek second or third opinions before taking this injection, and consider shorter term altertatives. This is a long term injection into your body, it CAN NOT be flushed out.

    Amy 05/12/2001

    Steven 5/4/2001
    depo-provera has completely ruined my wife's life,and disabled her and left her bedridden for the last 19 years.She was used as a human guinea pig without her permision or knowlege in the early 1980's when Upjohn was trying to get it approved with the FDA.

    Annonymous 5/1/2001
    I have just passed the 6 year mark since I was poisoned by depoprovera. Too much money is being made at women's expense and unless we get women to stand up before the law makers I'm afraid depoprovera and all the other so called products and services that in fact hurt women are here to stay. With my own experience I found no one who wanted to hear from me about the horrible time I was going through from the side effects depo caused. I didn't have a computer until last year so I truly suffered alone. Once I got a computer I have found I am not alone. Could we victims all meet face to face the upjohn company, the American Medical Association, and anyone else that really needs to hear our hurt and pain that their approval has caused? It seems to me that is what has the best chance at making the needed changes.

    Amanda 4/29/2001
    My name's Amanda & I'm 18 years old. I've been on Depo for almost two years. For most of that time, I thought coincidentally I was one of those "5% of patients" that experience side effects other that weight gain and cessation of menstrual cycle. Had I not come across your website, I probably think that way for a long time. Over the two year period, I've suffered from almost every side effect listed on that damn pamphlet. Even my doctor told me that the side effects were rare, and most women were satisfied with Depo. I am now on prescribed medicine for horrible acne, sleep medication for my constant insomnia. I take herbal supplements for my mood swings which change every hour. My sex life is at an ultimate low, I have no desire to have sex (an extreme jump from my first few months on Depo when my sex drive was so high, I practically raped my poor boyfriend), and when I force myself to have sex, I cant get wet. I'm always stressed, I cry at anything. My boyfriend doesn't understand my short temper & my inability to get wet. (Might I add, despite this, he's been extremely supportive.) I have terrible migraines, abdominal pain to the point where I've been hospitalized. I've gained a total of 14 pounds. I have no desire to do anything but stay inside & mope. When I bring these issues up to my doctor, she claims it's the stress of college!! Why are these people hiding the facts from us?? Thank you for making me realize I'm not alone in this boat. Because of your webpage, I'm stopping this so called miracle birth control from entering my body. Thank you so much for your information.

    Kristy 4/16/2001
    I just read your depo story. I could go on for the next two hours on how bad it affected me. You wouldn't believe the similar things I experienced. Let's see, I had my daughter Kyli on April 1, 1997. Got pregnant very easily. I went on the depo shot in 1998 and received my depo shot in May of 2000, because by the time August came around the "baby fever" kicked in really bad. So, needless to say, I have been actively ttc since then. My period's became normal 28 day cycles in Oct., 00, however, I don't think I am ovulating as nothing has happened. It is so discouraging and I have so much anger towards the people who invented this thinking it was okay.

    Aside from not being able to conceive, for the last year and a half I have suffered sever generalized anxiety, which in turn caused me to be diagnosed with Fybromyalgia because I was always scared or depressed. I had never given any thought to the fact that the depo could have caused it until I read your story. I was put on Zoloft, Buspar, Ativan, and now I am on Amitriptyline, which treats my fibromyalgia, it is also an anti depressant, so it helps with the anxiety and depression. I had the heart palpitations and intrusive thoughts, thinking I had a brain tumor because my headaches were so bad, to thinking I was having a heart attack b/c my heart would beat weird. I always thought I was going to die and I am only 22 years old. The list goes on and on, I was so mean to my fiancťe at times that I would later think to myself who is this monster, this isn't me. Since going off of it, I still have occasional headaches, although my mood swings don't occur at all. The only thing it has left me with is not being able to conceive. I would do anything to get this drug off of the market. It breaks my heart to hear stories like these. So many women who want to have a baby of their own so bad can't because they were not given adequate info on the side effects of this drug.

    Natalie 4/4/2001
    Before depo, I didn't have problems with my health.

    I chose to use depo provera as a birth control in April 1996, based on the magazine and book research I had done in the local library. The internet was in its infancy and didn't provide the resources we have today; I later discovered that most of the articles I'd read were funded by magazine sponsors, the drug companies who wanted to promote their products. At the clinic where I received my first shot, the nurse told me that depo had been used for 30 years with no problems-not necessarily a lie, but I understood her to mean that it had been approved for use in the USA for 30 years, not in another country (India) where women's experiences may not be told overseas in our country.

    I used depo for a total of four years, from April 1996 until February 2000. Over the course of my years on depo, I had almost every common side effect except for depression and hair loss. Symptoms I had included acceleration of the aging process, allergy symptoms (including hives, rashes, and sinus congestion), breast tenderness/fibrocystic breasts, cold hands and feet, copper excess (shown on my body as brown patches of skin), decreased sex drive (due to a dry and increasingly painful vagina), "depo cramps" (severe uterine cramping for several hours or days that feels like having a charley horse in your uterine muscle), dry eyes, fat gain (especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs), fatigue, foggy thinking, decreased immune function (yeast infections every three or four weeks instead of a period, bacterial infections every 6 months, frequent colds), irritability, insomnia, joint pain, memory loss, mood swings, PMS-like symptoms, spotting, sluggish metabolism/thyroid dysfunction mimicking hypothyroidism, and water retention/bloating. In short, you name it, and I've had it at one time or another.

    If it was so bad, then why did I keep going back for a total of 16 shots? My answer is threefold: one, the symptoms came on slowly and alternated, so often life was still tolerable; two, I didn't necessarily associate the symptoms with the depo shots; and three, my more pronounced symptoms included foggy thinking and memory loss, so I wasn't making clear decisions very often. Add to that the scare that was put into me at the clinic-the fact that if I didn't show up for my shot on the day they had scheduled I could "easily become pregnant"-and I stuck to the shot longer than a lot of women would.

    Some side effects were not what I expected. I actually lost weight three times while on depo-when I first began, when we went on a turkey, rice and vegetable diet along with the dog (he had an ulcer; if it sounds weird that we were all eating the same thing that he did, well, I was just too tired to cook two separate meals, one for us and one for the dog), and during the two months before my wedding. I don't know why I lost weight at those times, because it was as much out of my control as gaining weight was the rest of the time. I got hives every night for a week, starting at 10 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m., the week before a major move. I figured that was associated with stress, just as I'd figured that having what I call "depo cramps" periodically and headaches for all but 1/2 day of the week for several months was from work stress. Strangely enough, though, no one else I knew at work had these symptoms.

    It was my final shot that caused me to say, "I've had enough!" My reaction was bad enough to make me think I'd received some mutated form of depo provera. In the past few months I'd had some mild problems with bloating, but after the final shot I couldn't eat anything without swelling a full size or two overnight. I do mean overnight, literally, and the swelling would last for two to three days. I could still fit into my larger sweats at home, but it was quite another matter to be able to fit into work clothes that had fit me the day before-and I couldn't fit into my shoes, either. Food began tasting too salty, too-like someone had poured a shaker of salt all over it. I'm not referring to processed food, but raw, unseasoned vegetables like carrots. That, I thought, was very, very wrong. Finally, I began having heart palpitations, which I'd never had in my life. That was the final straw. I knew it was from the shot, and I decided that I was not going to ruin my heart or health over some birth control medication. I made up my mind to get off it no matter what-even if my husband decided to leave because I wasn't on a birth control any more, that would still be better than living like this. It was the end of January 2000, after a fight we had over something I didn't remember then or now, that I told him I couldn't take it anymore. To my surprize, he not only agreed but encouraged me. I think he'd seen enough to realize that something was terribly wrong with me.

    I was pretty happy, thinking that merely by stopping the depo I would return to normal within a couple of months, until I began an internet search of what to expect for the transition period. I found horror stories that scared me to death. Heavy bleeding and constant fatigue for months on end. Never returning to normal health. Still unable to lose the weight years after quitting. Infertility, miscarriage, birth defects. It was on the internet that I discovered that depo had only been on the market in the USA for six years, and that only now the side effects women were experiencing were being voiced. In the midst of all these stories, I found a thread of e-mail on an message board by a woman named Anne Amy that gave me a glimmer of hope. She had discovered something called natural progesterone cream which she'd hoped would help her. I dove into an internet search of natural progesterone cream, then made several word searches on things mentioned in the articles I found-topics such as estrogen-dominance, hypothyroidism, PMS, menopause, and so on. I also discovered one physician mentioned over and over in these sites on natural treatments, Dr. John Lee, and always found quotations from his books. Not wanting to take someone else's word for it, I looked for one of his books at the library, and the other I bought through a book service. Not only did they explain much of what was going on with my body and why it was happening, but they also gave tips on what I could do to restore my health. It wouldn't be an overnight solution, but a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime that would help my body to return to its old self.

    I began making these changes before the my shot was due to end on February 1, 2000. I started by taking some of the vitamins that had been depleted by depo provera. I ordered a tube of natural progesterone cream which I began using on the day I was supposed to get my depo renewal shot, and noticed subtle changes right away-mild breast tenderness the first three or four days as my hormone receptors began being turned on again, and the return of vaginal moisture and disappearance of pain the next week. Making changes slowly, I began adding vitamins as I discovered what could combat each symptom, began changing what I ate to a low fat/high fiber diet with as many natural foods as possible, continued exercising, tried some herbs to help strengthen my systems, and cut out as much stress from my life as I possibly could. It hasn't been the easiest road after quitting depo-in fact, some symptoms did get worse for a few weeks at a time during the first few months-but I tempered this with the knowledge that I was contributing to my health instead of making it worse the way I had been doing all those years on the shot.

    At the time of this writing, it has been 14 months since I quit using depo. My body has made tremendous changes, but it still has a way to go. Most of my side effects are gone. Eventhough I lost about 3"-4" on all my measurements within the first few months off depo provera, I'm still the same weight no matter what I try. Since I estimate that I was wearing a size 18 at my worst and am now a size 10 and still dropping sizes, I don't care about the pounds. I look much skinnier and younger than I did during the years on depo, now often being mistaken for a 22 or 23 year old when my real age is 37 years old (no kidding; I hear it all the time at work and in public). My body is still very sensitive to stress-it reacts with mild swelling, joint aches, and mild PMS symptoms to any mental, emotional, or physical stress that would not have been a problem before depo. This shows me that I am not completely well yet, but am much, much better than I was a year ago. I am constantly amazed at how our bodies can fix themselves after being put through so much; yet I have also noticed that each woman will have an individual reaction from depo provera and an equally individual journey back to good health. We will have some things in common, but we will also have many things unique to our individual recovery.

    The full story of my recovery to date is in the timeline on this website. It has been an exciting, and sometimes painful, odyssey of learning about how my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul function. I no longer fear growing old, menopause, or being at the mercy of this medication that robs me of my mind and body. I have learned how to care for myself by preventative maintenance, and have learned that how a medication is advertised to work is not necessarily the truth for me. On one hand I rue the day first took depo provera, but on the other hand I wouldn't trade the knowledge I gained since quitting.

    I have to thank my husband for his patience. It says a lot about his character and commitment that he is still around and willing to love me. I still can't remember much about those years, thanks to the memory loss, and I count that as a blessing for me. He still remembers those years and sums it up with a simple warning to his male friends: "If you interfere with a woman's hormones, it messes her all up."

    3/30/2001 Misty
    I was on depo provera after the birth of my 1st child (Oct 1996). I began having severe migraines after having about 2-3 shots. I ended up taking high doses of medication just to feel normal. I was having the migraines every single day!! I stayed on it not wanting to get pregnant until November 1998 was my last shot at that time. I decided I would get onto bc pills instead. I tried and they made me very sick so I decided to just stay off any bc for a little while. Well, April 30th, 1999 I found out I was pregnant and got pregnant at the beg. of April. So I was lucky not to have any fertility problems there. Before I had got pregnant I noticed vision changes and had to get glasses because of it. When I got pregnant my vision got worse!! After the birth of my 2nd baby my vision was still very bad. I got on depo not wanting to get pregnant again and thinking well maybe it will be different this time around. After about 2-3 shots again I started getting migraines and vision getting worse, cramping and spotting allot. I would spot at anytime no matter what. I didn't have my period. I got off the depo and got back on bc pills in which I have went through 4 different kinds now to find the right one. I had got on depo 2 wks after my 2nd baby was born and luckily it didn't affect my breastmilk that I know of?? Now that I think of it I need to find out when I got off depo because my baby stopped gaining weight around 6-8 months and still is only 17 lbs. I wonder if the depo had anything to do with it? I also got PPD after my 2nd child was born and still somewhat have it. I took Zoloft for about 6mo also. I still feel depressed and my daughter is 14.5 months now! I also have a 4 yr old girl!! Misty
    3/21/2001 Mandy
    My story begins when I was only 13 y/o. I was starting to have sex, and of course I didn't want my parents to know. Of course, parents will be parents and they did find out. They decided, that of course, I had to get on the shot, Depo Provera. For about a year or two I did not get any bad symptoms. I was very happy with it. The only thing that happened was I did not have my period, and of course that was a good thing for me. Then, when I was about 15, I started gaining a lot of weight. I started off at 115 lb. and now I weigh 140 lbs. I gained about 25 of those pounds in 5 months. That really got me depressed which I did not need because I am already depressed and have to take prozac. I was getting so upset and confused on what to think was going on with my body. About a year ago, I started getting pains in my stomach and was Always tired! So I decided to get off of depo and go on the pill. Unfortunately, I got pregnant and had to go back on the shot. Ever since then I have gained more weight, gotten more tired, and felt more depressed. I have had a blood pregnancy test, an ultra sound, and an x ray to try and find out what all my pains are from. In January I had spotting for three whole weeks, I freaked out and went to my gyn. She said things were fine and that it was normal. So, I still had my doubts and started tracking my pains and everything abnormal. Now, my mother will not let me get off of depo because she thinks I will get pregnant again. I am scared and she doesn't believe depo is a bad drug. Now no matter what I am getting off of it before anything bad happens to me, that is, if nothing bad has happened yet. I am only 17 and have went through all of this!!