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  • Disclaimer: The following list is taken from personal experience of women who have ttc after depo provera, and is not a recommendation of a trained medical professional, but merely the experience of individuals. Consult a trained medical professional before using any herbs or medication. Herbs are long-acting and should be taken as a daily supplement according to instructions on the bottle, or as recommended by a health care professional or herbalist. It may take 3-4 months or more of daily use to correct infertility, although herbs have been known to produce results in only a couple of months.

    Dong Quai(a.k.a. Angelica) It is a hormone regulator for women. Dong Quai is normally taken from the start of the period until ovulation.

    Vitex(a.k.a. Chasteberry Tree Extract) It is another hormone regulator. Vitex is best used after ovulation until the next period to help with progesterone levels. Discontinue use if pregnancy test is positive.

    Wild Yam Taken only after ovulation until the next period, wild yam helps stimulate long-term progesterone production. If taken before ovulation, it can act as a form of birth control; therefore, limit use to post-ovulation through the next period to aid with conception. Wild Yam is not the same as USP ("natural") progesterone, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for natural progesterone cream or suppositories if a natural progesterone is recommended by a health care professional.

    Red Raspberry Leaf & Red Clover Leaf Both herbs may be taken as a uterine tonic throughout the entire cycle, aiding the uterine lining to strengthen and build up after Depo Provera. They may also help to heal minor uterine abnormalities. Note: Red Raspberry Leaf can cause Braxton Hicks contractions during pregnancy and use should be avoided to prevent these contractions.

    Evening Primrose Oil This herbal extract helps to increase cervical mucous to make uterine conditions more favorable to sperm (Robitussin may have the same effect). Evening Primrose Oil should be taken from period until ovulation. Evening Primrose Oil is also used by midwives to ripen the cervix and induce labor.

    Other Herbs for Consideration

    False Unicorn Root This herb is reputed to being extremely helpful for conception.

    Blue Cohosh or Black Cohosh may also help with fertility.
    Black Cohosh is also used by midwives to induce labor.

    Do you have a question you need answered? Just ask us and we will try to answer it for you.

    Credit is given to Jodie Otte for providing her original list of this information to DepoProbs e-mail group and many other women to aid in their attempts to conceive.

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