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Alaskan Wildflowers
Seen on Flattop Mount Magnificent, Eagle River, Alaska
in Early August, 2002 


lapland diapensia


It was a cloudy, drizzly day on the ridge, and fall colors were already appearing. Some flowers were still in bloom however, both on the alpine tundra on the ridge and along the lower trail.


At left:
Lapland Diapensia, Diapensia lapponicum
These tundra flowers were found at about 4000'.

Both flowers below were found further down the trail, below the treeline, probably about 2000'.

Below left:
Larkspur, Delphinium glaucum
Like its relative, monkshood, this is a poisonous plant.

Below right:
Northern Bedstraw, Galium boreale

Click on any flower to get a larger view.



northern bedstraw

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