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Alaskan Wildflowers
Seen on a tundra meadow along the Worthington Glacier Ridge Trail
in late June, 2002 

alpine azalea

lichen and blueberry

Alpine Azalea, Loiseleuria procumbens

Many of the alpine and tundra flowers are tiny and grow close to the ground. Those pictured on this page are shown close to actual size.

Click the picture above for an expanded view.

The white plant is called Reindeer Moss (actually a lichen), Cladina rangiferina.

The pink flowers appear to be Bog Rosemary, Andromeda polifolia, a highly poisonous plant.

Click the picture above for an expanded view.

I am still researching all these little tundra flowers and awaiting the arrival of some reference books. My best guess on the evergreen plant with the bell-shaped white flowers (above) is Western (White) Mountain Heather, Cassiope mertensiana. My best guess for the berry flowers below is Lingonberries AKA Mountain Cranberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea.


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