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Alaskan Wildflowers
Seen along the Eklutna Lakeside Trail
in early July, 2002 

Dwarf Fireweed
Not as showy as its cousin, the tall common fireweed, dwarf fireweed (river beauty) lends color to the gravel banks of rivers and lakes. It's scientific name is Epilobium latifolium.
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twin flower

At left: TwinFlower, Linnaea borealis
Below: Bluebells, Mertensia paniculata


The blue-violet, nodding bellshaped flower below was about an inch and a half long. A single flower adorned each thin stem. I believe they are Bluebells of Scotland (Common Harebell) (Campanula rotundifolia). This was the only patch in the area that I saw.
Bluebells of Scotland

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