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I'm glad you've come. Here You will find Copies of the original instruction sheets, Track Layouts, Tips And How to replace parts no longer available. If you can help in any way to make this page better please post a message. Remember this Page is ONLY as good as you make it.

News 04/04/2002
BAD NEWS , Angelfire is trimming the fat, and it looks like I'm a little overweight. I've already started cutting away some of the extra stuff on this site. And I just about got it down to the 20 MB limit . Unfortunately I'm going to have to remove the Blackwolf video in order to finish, so you guys better get it by April 30, or else it won't be available anymore. Seeing as how This site doesn't really make any money it'll have to be this way. However for the most part You won't notice alot of changes. Thanks.

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To : journalscottmills
Subject : Special Angelfire Offer - Get 25 MB of EXTRA Disk Space!
Date : 5 Apr 2002 21:28:32 -0000
Beginning on April 30th, disk space on Angelfire's free service will be limited to 20 MB. After this date, members of our free service who exceed the new limit will need to remove files or upgrade to Angelfire Plus.

News 02/20/02
Updated the For Sale page so that it is current as of today. Sorry folks I'm sold out on Curve pieces now. So its a good thing that Noel will be making some more.

News 02/19/02
Just got an email from Noel Wade, and he is almost ready to go into production. You can check out pictures of his first mold the U1, and U2 pieces. I'm all ready to put in my order!!!

News 02/04/02
Please join me in welcoming Noel Wade to the web , with his spacewarp site. There's always room for different and new voices!!

American Instruction Sheets

Japanese Instruction Sheets


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