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Support Poles
K&S ENGINEERING: 6917 West 59th Street Chicago, Illinois 60638 Tel: (773)586-8503 Fax: (773) 586-8556 or goto: Part # M13
Price 12 for $8.40
Minimum order is 70
Length 12"
Provided by Michael Blackstock

1/2" Carbon Steel Balls order #00073296 100 for $6.14 At MSC Industrial1-800-645-7270

This place has replacement tubing, it fits but is a little on the loose side . You may also be able to find it at your local auto store, just ask for oil pressure guage tubing.
ATM-3226 12 Ft Nylon Tubing 1/8 Inch Diameter $7.95
ATM-3223 6 ft., 1/8 in. nylon tubing with ferrules, and fittings for mechanical gauges ... $5.95
ATM-3222 Nylon Tubing 6 ft 1/8 Inch Diameter With Ferrules $5.39
Provided By Ken Rolston
The search continues for a more suitable replacement

Cross Ties
See Tips Page for suggestions.

See Tips Page for suggestions.

Edmund Scientific has them 6 for 10$ motors.. item # CR81-22
Provided By Tiger.

Power source
I suggest using a 1.5V ac adapter wired into the circuit instead of a battery.

From Jason Mellard:
By the way, I got a 1.5v adapter from Radio Shack that I plugged into the wall and attached to the elevator motor. It works great. Now I can load up to 12 or 15 marbles on the track. It is a 1.5v/3.0v, 300mA AC adapter, product #273-1654B from Radio Shack. I think it was about $12.00. They have one that is only 1.5v (you can switch the one I got from 1.5v to 3.0v). That is really all you need, 3.0v is too fast. That one is probably a couple bucks cheaper. I just cut of the end that you would stick into a casette player or whatever, stripped some of the plastic off and connected the wires to the motor. You'll be able to tell if you connected the wires wrong, because the elevator will go down instead of up. Then you can just switch 'em.

Other Parts
No replacements are available.

From Shawn Kelly:
Listen up people. If anyone wants to get into casting and molding or are needing to order new supplies check this out. Smooth-On Products is offering sampler sets for only $20.00! And you get a bunch of stuff: 32oz. of SC-300 liquid plastic. (16oz. Part A and 16oz. Part B) This is the same as Micro Marks CR-300 32oz. of Mold building rubber. (16oz. Part A and 16oz. Part B) This is the same as Micro-Marks Regular Silicon RTV 2oz. of Sealing Agent 2oz. of Universal mold release 40 page booklet on mold making and mixing and pouring plastic. There are also 2 Urethane kits available. One is pourable for $20.00 and one is brushable for $25.00 Another great thing is that I don't believe they charge for shipping. Here's the direct link:

If you have any other sources for parts , please help other people , email them , and they will be posted here. Thank You.