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  Astrology and Chakras ..........

Gregory J. de Montfort 21st March, 2001


The centre picture above is a side view of the human body and it's 7 main chakras, showing the front/back aspect of the 'funnel' shape attributed to them. The two side bars accompanying the drawing represent the chakras aligned to the spinal column and their respective mandalas in the corresponding colours. See also the chakra diagrams on the Crystals Page.

The term chakra is a Sanskrit word which means 'wheel' or 'wheel of light [or force]' referring to the constant rotational spin of the chakras. It is likened in esoteric teachings to the lotus flower as it unfolds its many petals, in reference to the unfolding of the chakra's individual vortices. This 'spin' alternates direction in sequence from the base to the crown chakra, and is different for both sexes. For males, the rotation is clockwise, starting at the base chakra and anti-clockwise for females. In many teachings, the chakras are seen to be energy vortexes of the subtle bodies - the correct functioning and alignment of which is necessary for our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being.

The main chakras are associated with glands of the endocrine system of the human body, and as already stated, lie along the spine. It is through them that a person's spirit and soul can become receptive to and communicate in a form of 'biofeedback' with cosmic energies.

So, we may define a chakra as - an energy centre of the Human Energy Field (HEF) which spins like a wheel and opens like a funnel shaped flower. Our 'biofeedback' channels to the Universe around us.

Carl Gustov Jung referred to them as 'gateways of consciousness'.

Esoterically, each chakra functions at seven levels and is associated with an archetypal principle of consciousness relating closely to the psychological functions of man, and can be thus related to the seven visible planets of classical astrology.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also have their respective roles, but these outer, trans-personal, 'new-comers' tend to operate on a more subtle level. The higher energies of these planets touch that of Spirit and the collective consciousness of mankind as it relates to our planet and in turn our solar system, through the galactic to the Universal or Cosmic Consciousness - "As Above; So Below".

 The First or Base Chakra according to esoteric tradition, relates to the element of Earth and our connection to it. Psychologically, it mainly concerns our relationship with the material plane and archetypally relates to the principle of limitation in both constructive and destructive forms. Basic trust, self-confidence and our sense of security in harmony with the laws of nature feature strongly through this energy centre. It relates to the Sensation Function of Jungian psychology. At it's lower level of expression, this covers such things as greed and lust, and the drive for survival. At its highest expression, this can manifest in wise relation to matter and physicality, one's body and the physical universe generally.

 The Second or Sacral Chakra relates to the element of Water, and psychologically governs our emotions and how we experience them. Such matters as survival of the species, sexuality, family, sociableness and solidarity with the surrounding world are governed by the 2nd chakra. It relates to the Feeling Function of Jungian psychology. At the lower expression this may occur as escapism, excess, and dogmatism; at the higher level of expression it can denote more constructive enthusiasm and spiritual devotion.

 The Third or Solar Plexus Chakra concerns the Fire element, and it's expression psychologically refers to emotions of a more energetic type. The powers of imagination, visions of the future, desire for action, and coming to terms with the past are factors governed by the Solar Plexus chakra. It has been referred to as "the inner fire that both creates and destroys". It relates to the Intuitive Function of Jungian psychology. In the lower expression this may manifest as anger, and combativeness, but more positively as strength and assertiveness.

 The Fourth or Heart Centre Chakra relates to Air, and is psychologically connected with love, beauty and allurement and governs the capacity for harmony and relatedness in social interactions. Joi de vivre, love and affection; the source of unconditional selfless love toward fellow humans, every creature, every element, and the entirety of Creation feature at this energy centre. It relates to the Thinking Function of Jungian psychology. In it's lower form of expression this can manifest as hedonistic, pleasure seeking behaviour, but at the higher level, can be expressed as asthetic sense and unselfish love.

 The Fifth or Throat Chakra refers to Ether - the 'substance' that permeates all things connectively, and it's psychological correspondence is that of pure mind, or intellectuality. It may be considered "Divine Air". Purity, ethics, knowledge and expanded consciousness in perfect harmony are characteristic ideals. It may be termed "Divine Air" in terms of these qualities. In it's lower state, it can produce uncontrolled thoughts (dissociated) or communications. In it's higher function can express as creative and/or spiritual thinking, and superlative skills in communication.

 The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra concerns "Divine Water" and in it's higher expression refers to the "Divine Nature" or psychological awareness of self; of intuition, introspection and reflection, and qualities such as nurturing and compassion. It is here that the dissolution of duality occurs, governing the regulation of all mental processes, intuition, inspiration, and memory. The beginnings of Unity occurs at the level of this chakra - consciousness, super-consciousness, and the sub-consciousness flow together. In the lower expression, this can manifest as fearfulness, emotional dependency and a pre-occupation with the past and a failure to live in the 'now'.

 The Seventh or Crown Chakra corresponds to "Divine Fire" and refers to our point of contact with the transpersonal Divine or 'cosmic consiousness'. Psychologically it represents our capacity for integration of the total personality with life, and the spiritual aspects of mankind. In it's negative expression it can manifest as dissolution and disintegration of the personality leading to nervous breakdown. The Crown chakra is also known as the "Thousand Petalled Lotus".

This 'divine fire' in Vedic Tradition is said to have been given to mankind with the coming of the Kumaras - energy or spirit beings of the mythologies as related in the Vedas as those who 'blended' with mankind to give him 'true consciousness', thus setting him apart, yet still within the domain of the animal kingdom. Man's potential holds much, and much may be learned through the study of the chakras - in body, mind and spirit, for even combined with the Divine Knowledge of Buddha and the Redeeming Love of Christ, man yet yearns and searches for Truth and spiritual Unity, while at the same time he strives for the base ego need of mastery of the material to his own ends and his planet's detriment.

It is significant that the 'stories' of the Kumaras correspond closely with the 'Fallen Angels' of Christian literature, and are characterised by the myths of Prometheus in Greece.

It should be noted that there is some disagreement as to what is classed as a 'Main' and 'Minor' Chakra in various schools of thought - some schools suggest that the spleen is quite active and should be included - others suggest other points in the human body should be of greater/lesser import. Nevertheless, the seven are definitely agreed upon.

Summary Table of Chakra Association Compiled from Various Sources

Main Chakras
(Sanskrit Name)
-Seat of

Astrological Sign


Associated Emotions

Spiritual Life Lesson

Psychological Function

Physical Association

Endocrine Gland

Crown Chakra

White or Gold




Emotional imbalance


Lessons related to spirituality

Integration of total personality with life, and the spiritual aspects of mankind

Malfunctions of the pituitary gland



Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Violet or Purple




Imagination, idealism, love

Lessons related to mind, intuition, insight and wisdom

Capacity to visualise and understand mental concepts. The ability to carry out ideas in a practical way.

The sense of smell, Brain, eyes, nose, ears



Throat Chakra

Blue or Indigo




Honesty and dishonesty, criticism

Lessons related to will and self-expression

Taking in and assimilating. Sense of self within society and profession.

Vocal chords, pulmonary and bronchial systems, nervous systems


Heart Chakra

Green or Pink




Love, compassion, protective instincts


Lessons related to love, forgiveness and compassion

Openness to life and heart feelings of love for other human beings. Ego, and will toward the outer world

Heart, blood circulation, lung, respiration, the immune system, thymosin hormones, touch/sensation


Solar Plexus Chakra
*& Spleen *




Pluto Secondary

Warmth, nurturing, fiery nature


Lessons related to ego, personality and self-esteem

Pleasure and expansiveness, spiritual wisdom, and consciousness of the connectedness of all things. Healing and intentionality toward one's health.

Stomach, digestive system, spleen, Heat regulation and control, Endocrine digestive processes, Sugar/insulin metabolism


Sacral Chakra




Neptune Secondary

Desire, jealousy


Lessons related to sexuality, work and physical desire.

Quantity of sexual energy. Quantity of love; giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure.

Sexual reproduction, Hormonal balance



Base Chakra



Capricorn / Aquarius

Uranus Secondary

Fear, obsessive/compulsiveness, protectiveness

Lessons related to the material world

Quantity of physical energy and the will to live.

Kidneys, excretion, spine



When viewed symbolically, the Seven main chakras can be identified with the Seven Sacraments of Christianity - specific qualities of 'Grace' or 'Divine energy' - viz. - Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Confession, Ordination, Extreme Unction.

These seven stages of personal initiation or development represent inherent powers that man is meant to actualise - powers that we need to consciously utilise and employ in meeting the specific challenges that life presents us.

Some years ago, American astrologer Ray Grasse, proposed a model for correlation of the chakras and astrology based upon what he had learned through the teachings of such as Goswami Kriyananda and Paramahnsa Yogananda.

Grasse says he was taught that the Crown chakra is not active in most humans today and so is not generally discussed, as there is more than enough work for the ordinary man/woman to open or awaken the lower chakras let alone this ultimate connection with the Divine. So in effect, eight chakras are viewed as main chakras in this system (Traditionally there are only seven).

In the Grasse Model, the Sun and Moon, representing the conscious and unconscious (male/female; right/left) self are placed at the top - corresponding to the third eye and a 'lesser' chakra toward the rear of the head, midway between the third eye and throat chakras. The Sun and Moon of course corresponds to Leo and Cancer respectively.

So, pick up your natal chart and rotate the wheel to show Leo and Cancer at the very top as in the diagram below, then following this sequence of chakric pairs downwards, around the wheel (you imagine that this top pair represents the head), we have Virgo/Gemini at the throat, Libra/Taurus at the Heart; Scorpio/Aries at the Solar Plexus; Sagittarius/Pisces at the Sacral and Capricorn/Aquarius at the Base. If you require details of the astrological background of the correspondences, please have a look at the Planets, Signs and Houses Page for their respective characteristics and qualities.

The following diagram should help to clarify these correspondences:-

 Source: A wonderfully diverse and detailed anthology titled "Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers" (pp.6), with essays by - Robin Armstrong, James T. Braha, Hart de Fouw, Michael Erlewine, Dennis Flaherty, Ray Grasse, Richard, Houck, Thomas Moore, Bill Watson
Publisher:- Samuel Weiser Inc., York Beach, ME. 1997.

If you now look at the natal planets in their signs in relation to the qualities and characteristics of the chakras as described above, you can see where the emphasis of chakric activity in the life path of the individual lies thus adding a new dimension to your astrology.

As you can see, the Grasse Model corresponds astrologically through the characteristics of the Planets and Signs with what is known of the chakras in terms of their respective energies and characteristics. The only exception is that in esoteric teachings, the left side of the body corresponds to the feminine polarity and the right side to the masculine. Looking at the Signs as represented from right to left in the diagram, it is clear that this concept does not correspond with traditional astrological thought on the matter, and gives pause for further thought and discussion on the subject.

In this respect if we consider the fact that the chakra spin alternates as we rise from base to crown this reversal of spin may well be seen to correlate to astrological thought, but it must be remembered that in esoteric thought, the chakra spin also alternates between the sexes..........

Much like the practice of astrology in reading an astrological chart, it is of no avail to view the individual chakras as though they are actually separate, for they are indeed part of the whole or Unity. The chakras are connected via Sushumna - the subtle current within the spine - hence the Base and Crown chakras may be regarded as the two poles of the physical body and the specific energies that it represents. When balance exists, the way is clear, that is, the intervening chakras have been sufficiently awakened (opened - think of the blossoming lotus), spirit and matter unite in harmony. When this occurs the Kundalini energy flows along a twin serpentine pathway following the spine (think of the caduceus symbol as carried by Mercury to visualise this - the sceptre is the spine and the serpents the reciprocal flow of energy). The flowering of all seven lotuses brings about awareness of the connection to the Divine, a mystical or cosmic consciousness.

Following is an excerpt from "Letters on Occult Meditation" - Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality -
The Chord of the Ego by Alice Bailey:-

"When I use the term "reciprocal vibration," what do I mean? I mean the adaptation of the Personality or Lower Self, to the Ego, or Higher Self, the dominating of the Personality ray by the ray of the Ego and the combining of their tones. I mean the blending of the primary color of the Higher Self with the secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved. At first, there is dissonance and discord, a clashing of the colors, and a fight between the Higher and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with the aid of the Master, harmony of color and tone is produced (a synonymous matter), until eventually you will have the basic note of matter, the major third of the aligned Personality, the dominant fifth of the Ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad or Spirit.

It is the dominant we seek at adeptship, and earlier the perfected third of the Personality. During our various incarnations we strike and ring the changes on all the intervening notes, and sometimes our lives are major and sometimes minor, but always they tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time, each note fits into its chord, the chord of the Spirit; each chord forms part of a phrase, the phrase or group to which the chord belongs; and the phrase goes to the completion of one seventh of the whole. The entire seven sections, then, complete the sonata of this solar system, - a part of the threefold masterpiece of the Logos or God, the Master-Musician."

There are many books that speak of exercises and life practices to awaken the energy centres of the HEF. If you wish to explore this beneficial practice, check with your local library for the books listed in the references at the end of this essay, or you can purchase them through or barnes& - you can access their sites at any time from my Services Page. See also the Course in Developing Psychic Ability

In Western medical terms, physiologically speaking, energy is produced in the body by various cellular metabolic processes (chemical interaction at the molecular level). Currently it is held that this 'mysterious energy' that esotericism speaks of is the free flow of information carried by the biochemicals of emotion - called neuropeptides and their receptors in the human body. In effect, it has been scientifically proven that emotions and memories are stored in every cell of the human body. The mind/body connection that science always questioned is just being discovered. - Shades of Pluto/Chiron in Sagittarius here do you think?

Through such practices as active and conscious visualisation, meditation and hypnotism, massage and chiropractic, aromatherapy, Back Flower Remedies and crystals and many other 'alternative' and complimentary health therapies - it is possible for the human mind to actually alter its physical state (bodily function) - with awareness of one's own body and feelings we can self-regulate the release of powerful natural chemicals in our bodies (endorphins, neuropeptides etc.), enabling us to ease pain, release past emotional trauma and rediscover who it is we really are to live in the now.

Many ancient and 'alternative' techniques refer to another 'force' which animates the entire organism.

This energy is called subtle energy by metaphysicians, vitality globules by 'new-age' healers, prana by Hindus, and chi by the Chinese. Freud called it libido, Reich called it orgone energy, Henri Bergson called it élan vitale.

To some it is the emanations of the original Word.

As in all things - what is currently known is not all that will ever be known, and this is an area of study which merits much more attention.

The vast potential that lies within the unification of ideas through interdisciplinary discussion is inevitable at this stage of man's unfoldment, and is now occurring globally in all fields at all levels. We are simply at that point in the cycle of the 'cosmic clock'. By remaining open to new ideas and ways of being, we are open to encounter other lines of thought, leading to further development and evolution of man's consciousness and his understanding of his ability to live in harmony with the Cosmos of which he is an intrinsic part.


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