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 What exactly is astrology? - A view of why astrology works

Why have your natal Chart Done? - An explanation of the benefits

The History of Astrology - An informative paper by Robert Hand

Great Names in Western Astrology - A summary of the chronology of Western Astrology from ancient Sumeria to Modern Times.

 An Astrological Glossary of Terms -- growing daily!!!!

Humanistic Astrology - The New Paradigm?

Humanistic (Natal) Astrology - The Ages of Man

 The Planets, Signs and Houses - fundamentals of the archetypal meanings

Chiron in the Natal Chart

Aspects - delineation of the individual aspects

Aspect Patterns and Configurations - the basis of Gestalt

Asteroids - fundamentals of the main asteroids

 The Fixed Stars


 Astrology and Chakras - Correspondences between two psychological systems
Galactic Astrology

Astrological Counselling

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