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Mind, Meditation



 A Structured Methodology

in Developing Your Psychic Potential


Gregory J. de Montfort

"All learning has an emotional base" - Plato

"The sign of intelligent people is the ability to control their emotions by the application of reason" - Mary Mannes

 Introduction: ....About This Work

Please bear with me as I update the graphics to this work - my faithful Mac died and I made the mistake of switching to a Windows machine - as a result, some of the graphics generated by the Mac have been corrupted.
I hope to have this rectified soon ..............

This work is written with the express purpose of benefiting all. But specifically so that you as a sentient entity in this Universe can learn to experience more than just the physical plane of five sense existence. In experiencing the subtler energies of the Universal Web of Life, and as your being becomes more attuned to the Natural Order of Nature and humanity's place within it, you will gain new and appreciable perceptive abilities; a deeper comprehension of your responsibilities and potentialities upon this planet. Man's evolution physiologically, is complete. Evolution now lies with that of Mind.

What is written here, is drawn from many sources, from the ancient Hermetic philosopher and alchemist to the modern Theosophist and psychologist {who could benefit greatly, I believe, from a study of the Ancient Wisdom} and of course, from personal experience. The benefits of the practice of Eastern meditation, especially in the hectic face of life and society's expectations today is undeniable. Many of you will say "Oh, ....I've heard all that before", and some of what you read will be, as all of the Great Truths have a habit of repeating themselves, arising as and when needed.

You will find this work different from any other simply because it is. It is a structured methodology to the attainment of Higher Meditative Practice; Heightened Powers of Perception of the physical as well as the Higher Realms.

In Meditation is the key to Mind; in Mind is the Key to Magick; and the key to All is the Trinity of Wisdom, Will and Love.

Magick is not and never can be a substitute for technology, nor can it ever be considered technology's equal, for it deals in terms of consciousness rather than the 'stuff' of the material world. This is not to say that magick does not affect the physical, but rather, that these effects are secondary. No more will the true 'magician' study it only for personal gain, for occultism knows no compromise of 'right' and 'wrong' - the Hidden Laws of the One Light and Nature prevail.

Magick is the art of producing changes in consciousness at will, and of using these changes to aid and expand the consciousness of all humanity. The art of ‘magick’ is in knowing how to channel specific energies into and through the physical body by the power of the Mind's Will in harmony with the patterns and correspondences of the threads of interacting energies that exist between Man, Nature, and the Cosmos, and of directing these energies to the benefit or some good. This is an important introduction to how practical magick is actually done. Fundamental to the old beliefs is the idea that the world in which we reside is a grand design, a totality in which the parts are all interrelated, interresponsive, and interdependant, so that whatever happens to the part affects the whole and vice versa. Many of the ills of the modern world can be traced to a neglect of this fundamental principle. {Some of you will have heard of Gaia}.

In our Western society, two thousand years of suppression through the dogma of deemed 'heretical practices' and ensuing persecution by and through the inquisitions of the various 'Orthodox' Churches, and the subsequent practice of 'magick' in secret, has resulted in what should by rights have been an organised body of philosophical thought and spiritual practice becoming maimed and garbled. Conflated in the popular mind with superstition and devil worship.

This work then, is an attempt at gathering that ancient lore and organising it into some perspective for future {re}growth.

It is by no means the definitive or only work of its kind, and I am sure that you will, through discussion with others and your own research, add to it as you progress.

By the time you conclude this work, you will have been provided new meaning to who you really are, and where your {humanity's} potential and destiny lies.

May others continue what should have been.

"As above; So below"

"All of creation and that which we experience is vibration"

The above statement serves to say that given that all is woven of the one thread; that there are higher {and lower} planes of consciousness; and that we, in our day to day lives, usually experience only one, and on occasion, the dream state; - and we accept that to experience other planes of consciousness, we need to attune our bodies and Minds in order to explore these realms; and that each of these realms has a corresponding part in the realm above and below it. Understand this and you will understand the cover axiom of: "As above; So below" - The same "laws" apply within each succeeding sphere or plane, only at a higher or corresponding level.

The ancients believed that this was the "Music of the Spheres" - in octaves of seven measurable sets of harmonics, and that certain names or mnemonics held certain power.

The first steps in attainment of conscious altered states are demanding for their simplicity only. Do not give in to the temptation of skipping any of the steps outlined, as if you do, you will undoubtedly not have developed the discipline required for this journey. Follow the guidelines set out in the exercises implicitly to the work's conclusion. Remember, these structured exercises are a method for developing your latent powers to perceive and understand other planes of existence as well as heightening perception of the physical, and the paths that these powers will open are a pathway to power and absolute power corrupts. Vigilance is the key word in this respect, as the Mind can deceive, so you must analyse what you perceive with due diligence and discrimination.

"The Mind makes a good servant but a poor master"

Throughout the work, various quotations of the old Masters and discussions of various precepts and philosophies will appear. The reader is encouraged to seek further illumination on these through their local libraries and/or discussion groups as they progress.

As previously stated the true 'magician' does not seek power only for himself, but for the benefit of all humanity. Always remember the one Light that shines behind all - judgement is within. The Light that we speak of - an emanation of the Divine Being, the Creator, {however you wish to express this}; the fact remains that we as sentient beings have a 'Soul' which has descended from the higher realms of that Light for the purpose of learning and perfection, and will ascend again at physical death, only to descend again if that 'perfection' is not attained. - The Karmic Laws of Eastern philosophical and Spiritual belief do hold true.

The three qualifications that will assist you on your journey are:

Wisdom, which enables you to help others; Will, which directs and discriminates the wisdom; and Love, which inspires the will. These are the three aspects of Trinity, and you who wish to serve the Light must show these aspects to the world.

You need not at this stage accept reincarnation and have absolute belief in Karmic Law to derive benefit from this work; and the proof of the soul's existence in previous lives, however logical, to the writer, has never been scientifically established, {Some very convincing circumstantial evidence is available, including documented cases and of course the Bible itself} -a search of your local library on the subject of reincarnation should provide you with enough material to make your own decisions.

Because of its very nature, reincarnation may forever elude absolute tangible proof in terms of scientific definition. The ancients taught that the evolved soul must reach the point of seeking the truth of Karma, in order to end the cycle of re-birth. Therefore, faith in reincarnation is a gift - a reward for the soul advanced enough to search for the meaning of its existence in the Universe and its Karmic obligations in the present life. Intelligent study of what other minds have found to be both false and true should be your goal - never be swayed until seeking and finding the truth in your own heart -

"Seek and ye shall find"

This is the only way to approach such a personal matter as life and death - make up your own mind after a thorough examination of the pros and cons of the opinions and arguments put before you.

The object of this work is to set you on the path of that seeking, and, through an ordered set of exercises and some insights into the beliefs of the ancients, is designed to improve your personal being in the physical - of 'breathing properly' and in harmony; and through meditation and concentrated effort, develop the potential that lies within your Mind.

After all it is a very short span in the definition of time from the cradle to the grave, why not improve your chances now?


The Cycle of Rebirth

You will note that some Eastern terms have been used in this work.

This has been done as in the instances that they have been used, the writer can find no Western words to adequately describe these concepts.

Meditation and Visualisation

"Thou canst not travel on the path before thou hast become that path itself"

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

All individuals have the power within to expand consciousness and therefore themselves. Like everything else this must be learned through practice, patience and exercise. There is no short cut -the path must be taken step by step on a daily and consistent basis.

Privacy for your periods of work are essential - set aside an area, ideally a small room, where you may work in quiet and seclusion without interruption. Have in that room a straight backed chair, a mirror on the wall with a small table before it and a clean blanket on which to lie supine on the floor. Other items we will add as required. This then will be your private Sanctum.

These exercises may be said to be your initiatory period into the realms of magickal awakening. They are structured in order to prepare your Mind for the realms of the supernatural which at times can be profoundly disturbing to the untrained Mind of the 'dabbler'.

Take each exercise individually, examine it, perfect it, then when you truly feel you are ready, proceed to the next. Time is your ally - don't attempt to rush things - as The Path simply can not be.

EXERCISE ONE: Breathing. The "Yogic" Breath.

Set aside 5 minutes every morning - preferably at sunrise.

1-Lie supine on the blanket and relax- study a cat and how it relaxes.

2-Place your hand on your diaphragm, so that you may feel the transit of your breathing in.

3-Through the nose, breathe in slowly and deeply.

4-Whilst breathing in, press upon your diaphragm so that all three regions {the low, middle and high} are filled.

5-Without strain, hold for four seconds.

6-Exhale slowly through the nose, and when exhalation is nearly complete, draw in your abdomen.

Repeat this standing near an open window.

At the end of every exercise, draw in one quick breath and exhale quickly.

EXERCISE TWO: The Complete Breath.

1-Stand erect {with spine as straight as possible without strain}.

2-Breathe in through the nostrils and fill the low, middle and high in one continuous inhalation. First inflate the lower part of the lungs, by using your diaphragm and then forcing the air upwards into the rib cage. Still inhaling, fill the higher part of the lungs whilst drawing in the abdomen.

3-Hold the breath for four seconds and exhale slowly.

4-Finish the exercise as in 1.

EXERCISE THREE. Complete breath with Mantra.

1-Enter your sanctum and observe the usual preliminaries.

2-Make three complete breaths.

3-Stand with arms at the side, feet slightly apart and turned slightly outwards.

4-Slowly inhale whilst raising your arms to the side to shoulder height with palms facing downwards.

5-While holding your breath slowly turn the palms face upwards.

6-Slowly exhale and lower arms with palms still facing out.

7-Turn the palms to the original position whilst loudly reciting "Aum" {draw out the syllables as in: Hooooooooo-Mmmmmmm}

EXERCISE FOUR. Combining Breathing and Colour

1-Observe the usual preliminaries.

2-Perform three complete breaths with mantra.

3-Perform again and whilst doing so visualise a flood of azure-blue light, rising around your body at the same level and rate as your arms.

4-Hold the breath and whilst doing so, let the colour change to purple {like a ruff around your neck} it must be a gentle, embracing pastel purple. {This is vitally important as you will discover later}.

5-As you start to exhale, visualise a primrose yellow keeping time with your breath and the downward movement of your arms.

6-After you have accomplished this unified movement of breath, movement and colour for seven days {as many times as possible each day} reverse the entire process, ie. inhale to yellow, hold to white, exhale to blue, and clothe abdomen in purple. This exercise must be done for seven days.

7-When this is completed, alternate the colours daily for eight days.

EXERCISE FIVE: The Cleansing Breath.

1-Usual preliminaries.

2-Inhale a complete breath.

3-Retain as long as possible without strain.

4-With force expel a little of the retained air in a soundless whistle, then stop.

5-Repeat "whistle", exhaling until breath is gone.

This breath is to be used at the end of all further exercises.

The following diagram represents the difraction of light through a prism and the axiom of "As above; So below" is translated to the analogy of the planes of manifestation of the creative consciousness and Man/Mind as the 'prism'.

In scientific analysis, the spectrum of light is composed on the left as a wide band of Hertzian or infra-red waves; in the centre a narrow band of visible light; and on the right an infinite band ranging from ultra-violet, "X", and Gamma rays to the unknown.

Similarly, Man's consciousness can be so defined: on the left, the subconscious; in the middle, the narrow band of consciousness and on the right, the infinite band of 'ultra'-consciousness.

To act or cognise on each plane, Man needs a 'vehicle' suitable to that plane and a response system in the earthly instrument suitable for reception of that plane's frequencies. The vehicles are formed by involution, the outpouring of the Divine impluse and the gradation into various octave groups. This 'descent' is the province of advanced occultism and will be dealt with later in this work.

EXERCISE SIX: Discovering Prana

1-Observe the usual preliminaries

2-Lying down, start breathing in rhythm. Use a mental count

of four for inhaling, eight for holding, and four for exhaling. Make a circuit and your unconscious will readily adopt it. {You will ‘feel’ the tranquillity which comes when the circuit is working easily}.

2-Now make a ‘tent’ of your hands with the finger tips 2mm apart, fingers separated and stretching toward the ceiling.

3-Whilst continuing this rhythmic circuit of breathing, will that the pranic power be localised in your tented hands.{You may feel the resultant heat}.

4-Place the ‘tent’ on your solar plexus {nerve centre}. Perceive the heat rushing from the tent; rushing into the solar plexus and thence all over your body. {Sincere effort is required}.


5-When this automatic circuit has been achieved, move the locale to your heart; again mentally spread the pranic heat all over the body, though as you now have a different point of entry you are vitalising new forces.


6-When the unconscious has accepted this "instruction" {habit track}, place your tented hands over your throat. This time, however, feel the pranic force from the throat linking with the heart and solar plexus , and the whole acting as a circuit of power

7-After each effort utilise the cleansing breath.

Do the exercises each morning on waking and at night before sleep with as many in between as time allows.


EXERCISE SEVEN: Discovering ASANA {Posture}.

All work must be preceded by the breathing exercises in the seclusion of your Sanctum. There are two permissible postures for the purposes of meditation, that of India {Yoga} and that of Egypt.

YOGIC POSTURE: Sit with the right leg tucked under the left thigh and the left leg tucked under the right thigh, spine erect, head poised and very slightly tilted backwards. The kneecaps should be level, hands on knees, palms downwards, and eyes closed.

EGYPTIAN POSTURE: Sit on a hard straight backed chair, preferably without arms. Spine erect, head very slightly tilted backwards, arms resting on knees with palms upwards. Feet should be slightly apart with the whole body relaxed and eyes closed.

Practice both postures until they can be adopted with ease.

Now try an exercise in symbolism:-

1- Cut a triangle with equilateral sides of 300mm. Draw a 50mm diameter circle and colour it black.

2- Sit in the adopted Asana and gaze at the centre of the black spot.

3- Now consider the lines with the following comments:

BASE LINE: Pythagoras called this ‘mathematics’, because ‘all is number’ and the base of all material creation was number {this has been confirmed by modern physics}.

Hermetic teaching calls this reality; in the sense that it is what is known in the octave of vibration in which you are operating {usually the physical, but later when you can move into the Astral that will be the reality and the physical and other planes will be ‘shadowy’}.

Alchemy was the search for the philosophers stone, the universal ‘transmuting agent’. Underlying all things the alchemist believed in one Universal substance, a fundamental as everyone knows in these days of psychic speculation. The alchemist was the mathematician and used inductive logic.

LINE ON LEFT SIDE: Pythagoras called this ‘Music’, because it was an ascent from the fundamentals of mathematics to a higher perception. It spelt out the great Law of Harmony, the division into thirds, fourths and fifths, until it culminated at the peak of the triangle in the octave.

Hermetic teaching called this communication: the ascent of the reality to a higher and culminating peak.

SCIENTIFIC RELIGION: The ascent to ‘The Peak’- the "Oversoul", the shedding of each life’s personality.

LINE ON RIGHT SIDE: Pythagoras called this ‘Metaphysics’, the inspiration from higher to earth level. It is the hidden or occult wisdom possessed by all ‘Sons of God’.

Hermetic philosophy calls this affinity; believing in purpose it is the pathway whereby deductive logic allows man to perceive the greater truths at lower levels-"As above so below".

Scientific Religion, also called Occultism, believes that by discipline, practice and pursuit of wisdom, latent powers are available on earth and that their acquisition expresses continuity; there is no death. Men are mortal Gods.

4- Gaze at each line and try to make your own concept of what it symbolises. As you finish with each line, return your gaze to the centre spot and wait- you may feel an intimation about the line you have considered that you have missed. Treat each line in order and at least once a day. This exercise cannot be effectively done in less than thirty minutes.

Background and Brief Description of the Above Philosophies

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and mathemetician born in Samos around 580BC. He was schooled in the Ionian teachings and philosophies and in his subsequent travels was initiated into the mysteries of the Egyptian Priesthood.

The religious and philosophical school that Pythagoras founded was expiated by the 'authorities' of the time by burning participants alive in their meeting places. The school was based upon the Orphic mysteries. They believed in the transmigration of the soul and abstinence in all extravagance. Fasting was a predominant feature of their beliefs. Frequent self examination and mathematics, geometry {with emphasis on celestial or divine geometry} and astronomy were delved into in great detail.

The Pythagorean school of thought was one of the first to recognise that the Sun was in fact the centre of our solar system.

The Hermetic Books are a collection of metaphysical treatises and dialogues dating from the middle of the 1st century BC to the 4th century AD, purporting to be revelations of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. Much of the collection, written in Greek and Latin, concerns alchemy, astrology, and magick, representing beliefs and ideas prevalent in the early Roman Empire. The 17 tracts of the Corpus Hermeticum deal with theological and philosophical questions; their central theme is the regeneration and deification of humankind through knowledge of the one transcendent God. Although the setting of the collection is Egyptian, its philosophical orientation is Greek (Platonic).

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of ultimate reality. Metaphysics is customarily divided into ontology, which deals with the question of how many fundamentally distinct sorts of entities compose the universe, and metaphysics proper, which is concerned with describing the most general traits of reality. These general traits together define reality and would presumably characterize any universe whatever. Because these traits are not peculiar to this universe, but are common to all possible universes, metaphysics may be conducted at the highest level of abstraction. Ontology, by contrast, because it investigates the ultimate divisions within this universe, is more closely related to the physical world of human experience.

The term metaphysics is believed to have originated in Rome about 70 BC, with the Greek Peripatetic philosopher Andronicus of Rhodes (flourished 1st century BC) in his edition of the works of Aristotle. In the arrangement of Aristotle's works by Andronicus, the treatise originally called First Philosophy, orTheology, followed the treatise Physics. Hence, theFirst Philosophy came to be known as meta (ta) physica, or "following (the) Physics," later shortened to Metaphysics. The word took on the connotation, in popular usage, of matters transcending material reality. In the philosophic sense, however, particularly as opposed to the use of the word by occultists, metaphysics applies to all reality and is distinguished from other forms of inquiry by its generality.

The subjects treated in Aristotle's Metaphysics {substance, causality, the nature of being, and the existence of God} fixed the content of metaphysical speculation for centuries. Among the medieval Scholastic philosophers, metaphysics was known as the "transphysical science" on the assumption that, by means of it, the scholar philosophically could make the transition from the physical world to a world beyond sense perception. The 13th-century Scholastic philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas declared that the cognition of God, through a causal study of finite sensible beings, was the aim of metaphysics. With the rise of scientific study in the 16th century the reconciliation of science and faith in God became an increasingly important problem.

Metaphysics Before Kant

Before the time of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant metaphysics was characterized by a tendency to construct theories on the basis of a priori knowledge, that is, knowledge derived from reason alone, in contradistinction to a posteriori knowledge, which is gained by reference to the facts of experience. From a priori knowledge were deduced general propositions that were held to be true of all things. The method of inquiry based on a priori principles is known as rationalistic. This method may be subdivided into monism, which holds that the universe is made up of a single fundamental substance; dualism, the belief in two such substances; and pluralism, which proposes the existence of many fundamental substances. The monists, agreeing that only one basic substance exists, differ in their descriptions of its principal characteristics. Thus, in idealistic monism the substance is believed to be purely mental; in materialistic monism it is held to be purely physical, and in neutral monism it is considered neither exclusively mental nor solely physical. The idealistic position was held by the Irish philosopher George Berkeley, the materialistic by the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, and the neutral by the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza. The latter expounded a pantheistic view of reality in which the universe is identical with God and everything contains God's substance. See Idealism; Materialism; Pantheism.

The most famous exponent of dualism was the French philosopher René Descartes, who maintained that body and mind are radically different entities and that they are the only fundamental substances in the universe. Dualism, however, does not show how these basic entities are connected. In the work of the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the universe is held to consist of an infinite number of distinct substances, or monads. This view is pluralistic in the sense that it proposes the existence of many separate entities, and it is monistic in its assertion that each monad reflects within itself the entire universe. Other philosophers have held that knowledge of reality is not derived from a priori principles, but is obtained only from experience. This type of metaphysics is called empiricism. Still another school of philosophy has maintained that, although an ultimate reality does exist, it is altogether inaccessible to human knowledge, which is necessarily subjective because it is confined to states of mind. Knowledge is therefore not a representation of external reality, but merely a reflection of human perceptions. This view is known as skepticism or agnosticism in respect to the soul and the reality of God.

The Metaphysics of Kant

Several major viewpoints were combined in the work of Kant, who developed a distinctive critical philosophy called transcendentalism. His philosophy is agnostic in that it denies the possibility of a strict knowledge of ultimate reality; it is empirical in that it affirms that all knowledge arises from experience and is true of objects of actual and possible experience; and it is rationalistic in that it maintains a priori character of the structural principles of this empirical knowledge.

These principles are held to be necessary and universal in their application to experience, for in Kant's view the mind furnishes the archetypal forms and categories (space, time, causality, substance, and relation) to its sensations, and these categories are logically anterior to experience, although manifested only in experience. Their logical anteriority to experience makes these categories or structural principles transcendental; they transcend all experience, both actual and possible. Although these principles determine all experience, they do not in any way affect the nature of things in themselves. The knowledge of which these principles are the necessary conditions must not be considered, therefore, as constituting a revelation of things as they are in themselves. This knowledge concerns things only insofar as they appear to human perception or as they can be apprehended by the senses. The argument by which Kant sought to fix the limits of human knowledge within the framework of experience and to demonstrate the inability of the human mind to penetrate beyond experience strictly by knowledge to the realm of ultimate reality constitutes the critical feature of his philosophy, giving the key word to the titles of his three leading treatises, Critique of Pure Reason, Critique of Practical Reason, and Critique of Judgment. In the system propounded in these works, Kant sought also to reconcile science and religion in a world of two levels, comprising noumena: objects conceived by reason although not perceived by the senses, and phenomena: things as they appear to the senses and are accessible to material study. He maintained that, because God, freedom, and human immortality are noumenal realities, these concepts are understood through moral faith rather than through scientific knowledge. With the continuous development of science, the expansion of metaphysics to include scientific knowledge and methods became one of the major objectives of metaphysicians.

Metaphysics Since Kant

Some of Kant's most distinguished followers, notably Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Friedrich Schelling, G. W. F. Hegel, and Friedrich Schleiermacher, negated Kant's criticism in their elaborations of his transcendental metaphysics by denying the Kantian conception of the thing-in-itself. They thus developed an absolute idealism in opposition to Kant's critical transcendentalism. Since the formation of the hypothesis of absolute idealism, the development of metaphysics has resulted in as many types of metaphysical theory as existed in pre-Kantian philosophy, despite Kant's contention that he had fixed definitely the limits of philosophical speculation. Notable among these later metaphysical theories are radical empiricism, or pragmatism, a form of metaphysics expounded by Charles Sanders Peirce, developed by William James, and adapted as instrumentalism by John Dewey; voluntarism, the foremost exponents of which are the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and the American philosopher Josiah Royce; phenomenalism, as it is exemplified in the writings of the French philosopher Auguste Comte and the British philosopher Herbert Spencer; emergent evolution, or creative evolution, originated by the French philosopher Henri Bergson; and the philosophy of the organism, elaborated by the British mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead. The salient doctrines of pragmatism are that the chief function of thought is to guide action, that the meaning of concepts is to be sought in their practical applications, and that truth should be tested by the practical effects of belief; according to instrumentalism, ideas are instruments of action, and their truth is determined by their role in human experience. In the theory of voluntarism the will is postulated as the supreme manifestation of reality. The exponents of phenomenalism, who are sometimes called positivists, contend that everything can be analyzed in terms of actual or possible occurrences, or phenomena, and that anything that cannot be analyzed in this manner cannot be understood. In emergent or creative evolution, the evolutionary process is characterized as spontaneous and unpredictable rather than mechanistically determined. The philosophy of the organism combines an evolutionary stress on constant process with a metaphysical theory of God, the eternal objects, and creativity.

Contemporary Developments

In the 20th century the validity of metaphysical thinking has been disputed by the logical positivists (The reader is advised to research Analytic and Linguistic Philosophy; Positivism) and by the so-called dialectical materialism of the Marxists. The basic principle maintained by the logical positivists is the verifiability theory of meaning. According to this theory a sentence has factual meaning only if it meets the test of observation. Logical positivists argue that metaphysical expressions such as "Nothing exists except material particles" and "Everything is part of one all-encompassing spirit" cannot be tested empirically. Therefore, according to the verifiability theory of meaning, these expressions have no factual cognitive meaning, although they can have an emotive meaning relevant to human hopes and feelings.

The dialectical materialists assert that the mind is conditioned by and reflects material reality. Therefore, speculations that conceive of constructs of the mind as having any other than material reality are themselves unreal and can result only in delusion. To these assertions metaphysicians reply by denying the adequacy of the verifiability theory of meaning and of material perception as the standard of reality. Both logical positivism and dialectical materialism, they argue, conceal metaphysical assumptions, for example, that everything is observable or at least connected with something observable and that the mind has no distinctive life of its own. In the philosophical movement known as existentialism, thinkers have contended that the questions of the nature of being and of the individual's relationship to it are extremely important and meaningful in terms of human life. The investigation of these questions is therefore considered valid whether or not its results can be verified objectively.

Since the 1950s the problems of systematic analytical metaphysics have been studied in Great Britain by Stuart Newton Hampshire and Peter Frederick Strawson, the former concerned, in the manner of Spinoza, with the relationship between thought and action, and the latter, in the manner of Kant, with describing the major categories of experience as they are embedded in language. In modern times, metaphysics has been pursued much in the spirit of positivism by Wilfred Stalker Sellars and Willard Van Orman Quine. Sellars has sought to express metaphysical questions in linguistic terms, and Quine has attempted to determine whether the structure of language commits the philosopher to asserting the existence of any entities whatever and, if so, what kind. In these new formulations the issues of metaphysics and ontology remain vital 'food for thought' and contemplation.


EXERCISE EIGHT: Concentration Yantra.

A ‘Yantra’ is an aid to concentration based upon such experiences that you have already had in this study. These experiences may be amplified by the work of using the yantra.

Construct a circle of 350mm diameter; inside that and from it’s centre, draw a circle of 50mm diameter, and within that a third circle of 12.5mm. Mentally number these 1,2 and 3 in terms of decreasing diameter.

In circle 3,{the smallest}, paint a 6mm yellow rim around it’s circumference {the inside is painted white. In circle 2, and working from the outside of the yellow rim, paint the circle black. In circle 1, paint a 6mm blue rim around it’s circumference.

Hang this on the wall of your sanctum, at eye level when seated in your chair {about 1500mm away}.

Under conditions of privacy and near silence and by the light of a night light {a single candle in a saucer of clean water} only, the first stage is as follows:

Part One:

1-usual preliminaries including flooding and breathing.

2-Now rest for one minute with eyes closed.

3-On opening eyes, gaze at the centre of your yantra. Proceeding in usual fashion then, gradually lower the eyelids until your best personal position is achieved.

4-Concentrate thoroughly and wait.

Hopefully you will be fortunate enough to experience a wave of colour over the yantra or in the room itself.

Once achieved, gaze at the ceiling for a few seconds. If you continue to fail to see these vibratory colours, you may be too close, or you may need to utilise your own colours - try alternating them.

Part Two :

Within the inner circle place a symbol that is dear to you, perhaps even a loved ones photograph {clear enough to be seen}.

Now, repeat the entire process, never allow your concentration to lapse. Wait, do NOT be impatient, the results have to come from inner distances. Perform this as regularly as possible until results are achieved. Once achieved, you are at the door to the higher states, do not be afraid to go through.


EXERCISE NINE: Further Concentrative Exercises.

1-Prepare sanctum - night light {candle} and mirror.

2-Perform all usual preliminaries.

3-’Flood’ the room with your affinite colour.

4-Take a watch or clock with a second hand, and place it in a position that you may observe it without disturbing your asana.

5-Concentrate on the tip of the second hand only. Disregard all other aspects of the timepiece.

6-If your attention wanders-STOP-Now note the time and begin again once the second hand strikes the hour. You must be truthful to yourself. Work until you can muster three minutes of total concentration. Concentration is the key to all in this early work.

EXERCISE TEN: Concentration of Colour.

Make 7 ‘cards’-150mm x 100mm. Paint the cards white. On three draw an inverted triangle, on the other three draw a circle.

Now colour wash the forms in pastel shades as follows:-

Triangle first day-pale red

Circle second day-pale orange

Triangle third day-pale green

Circle fourth day-pale blue

Triangle fifth day-pale yellow

Circle sixth day-pale violet

Seventh card-plain white

1-Perform the essential preliminaries.

2-Place the card at eye level according to your asana.

3-Gaze at the symbol; give it all your attention - refuse all other thought. The colour should ‘come out’ to surround you. With sincere practice you can fill the room with the colour of your card.

4-Use the cards in the order named and on succeeding nights.

One colour will flood more easily - this is your affinite colour. You may have a second. Continue until you are sure of it’s ‘rightness’.

5-After 1 month discard the remaining cards except for your main and secondary and continue this meditative practice until you can ‘flood’ the colours at will anywhere, any time and observe the reaction of those around you when you do so.

EXERCISE ELEVEN: Concentration - The Candle.

1-Observe preliminaries and flood room with colour

{Henceforth incorporate this exercise as part of the preliminaries}.

2-Stand the night light in a saucer of water, level with your eyes when seated on your chair.

3-Look at the flame. Begin visual concentration - for a few seconds only at this stage. Very slowly close your eyes until there is only a slit left for normal vision or until the flame seems brightest. This point is the correct ‘veiling’ of the eyes for you - keep to it.

4-Within a few moments of gentle concentration the rays from the flame will be seen; they go off in all directions from the flame.

5-When the rays are quite clear to your sight, will , deliberately will, that they converge and shine toward you.

6-The rays will shine directly at your heart, throat or your nose root as these are the focal points {‘Chakras’ or ‘Wheels of Force’} for the development of your latent powers. Let the rays come , let them come to the place which you find natural for you.

7-Practice this until the rays direct themselves to the correct chakra without your active willing.

EXERCISE 12: Concentration - Candle and Mirror.

Set two candles in separate saucers of water in front of a mirror, spaced so that when you are seated 1500mm opposite, their reflections are just visible in the sides of the mirror.

All preliminary exercises are to be completed prior to sitting down. Then rest a few moments.

1-Gaze directly into the eyes reflected in the mirror. At first stare with absolute intensity {making sure the flames of the candles are reflected in the mirror}.

2-Very slowly, begin to lower your eyelids until you are just seeing through slits and wait.

3-At this stage the resultant variations are many to different people

- DO NOT PANIC- but concentrate and wait.

You may experience such things as : Your reflection may disappear altogether; if so wait. It is possible that your Master may appear.

Do not dramatise and be truthful to yourself. Your reflection may change in appearance, {transfiguration} and has many meanings - try to search for the answer.

If you cannot, then search out an adept who can assist. You may experience waves of colour. As stated, many variations are possible and there is nothing to fear. Practice this exercise three times daily at the least.

EXERCISE THIRTEEN: Concentration - The Tulip.

Requirements-as before with the addition of a translucent light blue bowl or vase filled to within 25mm of the top with clean water.

1-Usual preliminaries.

2-First concentrate on the vase itself. You will know that what you are doing is to some extent magnetising these. Think of the water within and bring them into harmony with your mental power.

3-When you feel you are 'en rapport', place a tulip in the vase.

It does not matter whether this is real or imaginary.

4-Examine the bulb; note the different colouration of the skin.

See the tulip, when you can do so, gently close your eyes and perceive it through closed eyes; it will probably seem closer to you than it appears on the table. When you have done so, slowly open your eyes and stare at the tulip.

5-Visualise the growth. Perceive how, from the bottom of the bulb, small tender white tendrils appear almost like little worms drawn by the power of the water and it’s magnetism.

If you watch, they will reasonably quickly touch the water, and you may perceive the vibrations.

6-Once the roots are in the water, you will see a small green shoot come up from the top of the bulb. It grows under your fascinated ‘sight’ until finally proud and erect, the flower shoot and bud will emerge. For some this will actually burst into flower, and if it does so, note the colour - it will have a later meaning to you.

This exercise will take some time to accomplish, but when you have done it, you will have allied your concentration to visualisation, and many powers will lie within your ability.

[Note: Not every human being is equally able to sense the currents of Natural forces/energies flowing in the Web of the Etheric which interpenetrate the Physical {and Astral}, nor are we equally able to utilise {Channel and direct} them. Hence the use of aids or 'tools'].

  + Do not proceed until proficient in this exercise +


Chakras as Physical Centres of Vital Energy

 See also the article:- "Astrology and Chakras"

Of interest within our study of man, mind and his vehicles, are the Chakra Points of the human body and in their correspondences to the Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah which has seized the imagination of philosophers, psychologists and occultists since Renaissance times.

The Chakras are energy centres located in the vicinity of specific human organs and are linked to each other by energy channels forming a balanced vital energy circuit.

By stimulating the Chakra in meditation, a feeling of wholeness and balance is created, beneficial both spiritually and physically.

Chakra meditation is a special type of concentrative meditation which draws upon Kundalini Yoga for its correspondences.

It is the practice of drawing psychic energy {kundalini} to flow up sushumna, energising the various chakras along the way.

In this way, as each chakra is 'energised', it is believed that occult powers {sidhis} are added exponentially to the individual until at last the crown chakra and enlightenment is attained.

Colour and more specifically, Spectrum Association, {as dealt with in the diagram on page five of this work}, with the various Chakras plays an important role in determining the choosing of Crystals as an aid to advanced meditative practices, and channelling energy [as will be dealt with later in this work] and are as follows:-

1. Red: The 'Root' Chakra

The centre of the basic will to survive and of the material world. Courage, stability, physical health. Primarily relates to the element of earth and to psychic smell. Associated with the spinal column, adrenals, colon, legs and bones.

2. Orange: The 'Lower Abdomen' Chakra {sacral centre}

The centre of feeling and emotion, sexual desire, craving, family life, harmony and tolerance. Elemental association is water and corresponds to psychic taste. Associated with the ovaries, testicles, prostate, genitals, womb and bladder.

3. Yellow: The 'Solar Plexus' Chakra

The centre of self-respect, willpower, confidence, physical energy and self-control. The element of Fire and psychic sight {clairvoyance} Associated with the adrenals, stomach, liver, muscles and nervous system.

4. Green: The 'Heart' Chakra

The centre of compassion, forgiveness, gentleness and the acceptance of reality as it is. The element of Air and psychic touch. Associated with the heart, circulatory system and the arms and lungs.

5. Blue: The 'Throat' Chakra

Centre of communication, speech, knowledge, wisdom and kindness. The element of Air and psychic hearing {clairaudience}Associated with the throat, thyroid gland, and mouth.

6. Indigo: The 'Third Eye' Chakra

The centre of creativity, intuition, imagination insight and devotion to spiritual knowledge. The seat of psychic powers. Meditation on this point is said to cure nervousness. Associated with the pituitary gland, nose, ears, and left eye.

7. Violet: The 'Crown' Chakra

The highest Chakra symbolising the merging of the human Mind with the Divine: Spiritual Unity and Wisdom. Astral projection and enlightenment. Associated with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and the right eye.

Kabbalistic doctrine is concerned with the realm of the Divine Emanations or Sefiroth in which God's creative power unfolds. Kabbalists have devised many ways of describing this realm. Since it is in principle the content of a Mystic's vision, they speak of it in a language of symbols, as it is not directly perceptible to the human Mind. The diagram on the following page illustrates the Chakras with reference to the body's endocrine system and the Sefiroth of the Kabalah:

The Kabbalistic conception of Adam Kadmon, the Heavenly or Primordial Man. Some kabbalists are of the opinion that the first form patterned by the Ein Sof {The Divine Consciousness} was not Sefiroth, but the body of Adam Kadmon {of which Adam in The Garden of Eden is the Old Testament counterpart}. Adam Kadmon is traditionally shown from the rear because in the Book of Exodus when Moses on the Mount asks God to show him His Glory, the reply is, "Thou shalt see my back parts; but my face shall not be seen".

The Kabbalah asserts that all things in the Universe are part of an organised whole, governed by secret laws, and with hidden correspondences between many things that do not overtly appear to be linked. It is also based on the precept that all phenomena contain something of the Divine, and that man is in some way a reflection of both God and the Universe. Behind the Kabbalistic view is the notion that God is totally unknowable. He cannot be directly addressed in prayer. He is everything and nothing, and cannot be ascribed qualities of good and evil. He is known as Ein Sof, Infinate Radiance.

He did not create the Universe, and therefore cannot be responsible for it.

The Universe emanated or flowed out of Him.

The study of the principles and relationships of the Sefiroth of the Kabbalah are worthy of a lifetimes contemplation in itself.

The idea of the Soul's descent and ascent through the spheres first took shape in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and was adapted into the Tree of Life concept - where the soul originated with God and descended through the spheres, picking up the characteristic of each sphere like a new 'skin' as it passed through to the physical and thereby represents the qualities in miniature of the Universe in itself, with each 'layer' corresponding to a sphere or Sefira.

Above: the 10 Sefiroth with the twenty two pathways connecting them. The Sefiroth shown are the emanations of Ein Sof, the totally unknowable, incomprehensible God. The 10 Sefirothic lights are grouped in three triads. The first is Kether, Hokmah, and Binah which represent the thought processes of God; the second is Hesed, Din, and Tifereth which are symbolic of God's moral power; the third is Netsah, Hod, and Yesod which represent the material Universe; and Malkuth which is at the bottom, the earth, where all paths begin.

 The Ptolemaic view of the Universe {below} is in keeping with the method of illustrating the Sefiroth as concentric circles, or spheres and was the accepted {orthodox ecclesiastical} view of the Universe from ancient Greek times to the sixteenth century.


Yet another way of visualising the sefiroth is as three pillars, which creates a whole new set of relationships of the Sefiroth. In this method, a theme of opposites is used, with masculine Sefiroth on the right hand pillar, and feminine on the left hand. The middle pillar acts as a balance between them. This pillar, in addition, provides a direct line from the divine - Kether; to the material - Malkuth; which are the supreme Kabbalistic opposites.

The Kabbala, particularly when viewed in the context of the Tree of Life, is a method of using Mind, not purely a system of knowledge in itself. In journeying in the world of the Sefiroth the Kabbalist has to learn the powers of Concentration and Visualisation. Then he has to learn to detach from the physical by mastering those powers; learning to achieve a trance like state in which he can visualise a clear image of his own body in front of him, like a double made up of Etheric/Astral matter; then to transfer his consciousness to this construct of the second body so that he is functioning {seeing/perceiving} through it and begin the long hard ascent to Kether.

The traditional visual imagery and symbolic associations and correspodences of the Sefiroth of the Kabbalah make an excellent focus for contemplation in advanced meditative exercise and will be examined later in this work as we learn to expand our consciousness and powers of concentration and visualisation.

EXERCISE FOURTEEN: The Vehicles Of Man-Physical. -Moving Consciousness

The Divine Force reaches it's lowest point of density manifestation in the physical. It is from this earth plane that our type of evolution begins it's ascent {other life forms have corresponding levels}. Our objective is of course to achieve development of waking consciousness in all man's vehicles to the fullest extent, and reach toward the individual who has control over all the planes of Man's evolution.

This ascent is twofold in its action: {1} it purifies and causes Man to evolve as a physical being and {2} it helps the higher-plane vehicles of the individual to evolve by passing through experiences and impulses which could only be gained at a lower level. This continues through all planes.

Retire to your sanctum with yantra on wall, one candle set in a bowl of water and a hard backed chair. Adopt the Egyptian Asana.

As a first exercise in the spreading of consciousness, we are going to perceive through several points which coincide with chakras or glands.

1- Observe usual preliminaries

2- Gaze at yantra, full stare, normal, and slowly close eyes.

3- As you close your eyes, try to retain yantra centre.

4- Realise you have been seeing through the eyes; now move your consciousness to another point. Feel you are ‘seeing’ through the root of the nose. Do not consider this instruction as idiotic; it is not. If you succeed in moving consciousness, you will find a slight pain at the base of the nose. This is the pineal gland, of which the dictionary says is "a gland of unknown use - believed to be a vestigial sense {sight} organ: thought by Desecrates to be the seat of the soul". Occultists know this as the "third eye".

If this vibration at the base of the nose fails to appear, then, with your eyes still closed, focus your eyes to this point {squint}. This is purely a physical action to assist the movement.

5- Once this slight pain has been achieved, move the consciousness downwards, first to the tip of the nose {which many Eastern societies regard as ‘the squint to the entry gate’}. Rest a while at this point.

6- Continue the path downwards over the closed lips and to the throat. Many will here get their strongest impressions. Rest a while.

7- Travel downwards until you reach the physical shoulder bones. If you are right handed go left; if left handed, go right; and proceed to the location of your physical heart. Rest a while.

8- Now take the opposite side and go upwards to your shoulder thus making an inverted triangle from the shoulders, with the heart as apex.

9- Now go back to the root of the nose, retracing the former path but not resting, and on arrival slowly open eyes and gaze intently at the yantra.

This is but a beginners exercise in the moving of consciousness.

Successful undertaking is a valuable asset as it will locate your main chakra-either pineal, heart or throat.

Practise this exercise regularly, and when a sufficient degree of concentration is reached, it may be done anywhere by visualising the yantra.

EXERCISE FIFTEEN: Perceiving The Etheric.

This is an exercise of great importance to your journey. It may be termed your entry into the realm of extra sensory perception.

It endeavours to facilitate cooperation between the soul/mind and physical/etheric at a lower level -the Etheric.

As always the preliminaries must be undertaken prior.

As you are hoping to make your first contact with the realm of the Etheric it is essential that you achieve the right frame of mind through the preliminaries of breathing and tranquillity.

1. Preliminaries as outlined.

2. Lie face upwards -naked on a suitably folded blanket, with a pillow supporting your head- and a single candle burning { at a distance - so the resultant light is somewhat subdued}

3. Place your feet about 20 inches apart and turn your feet outward until they are relaxed upon the blanket.

4. Place hands palms upwards about ten inches from both sides of your body

5. Ensure that your shoulders are 'flat' and that you are totally relaxed

6. Hold that feeling of relaxation, allowing yourself to feel too heavy to move - as though you are so heavy that you are sinking into the floor.

Continue this feeling of total relaxation - too relaxed to move at all. This is very important.

7. Now let your Mind consciousness take over; you have severed from your body sensation, and it is lying comfortably 'comatose'. Now mentally go down to your toes and feel every portion of them - picture the big toe, feel it glowing with health, feel it so intensely that you can visualise the bones, the muscles, the coursing blood, until it is really glowing.

8. Then slowly, very slowly, raise your leg so that the big toe is just visible. Can you now see the haze surrounding that big toe, which was glowing in your thinking? This is the Etheric.

As in all things, do not expect immediate results. So long as you are sincere in your attempts, it will become with practice, more easy for you to do.

EXERCISE SIXTEEN. Further Exercises in the Etheric Part 1

1. As a variation after the same preliminaries, instead of raising your leg - make a tent of your hands - review exercise 6.

2. In this exercise let the fingertips just touch, the fingers wide apart and stretching.

3. As soon as you feel they are in a comfortable union, just slightly break the contact. This will cause the Etheric you have vitalised in the 'tent' to jump between the fingers {like a spark} that can be seen in dim light.

It will be more discernable in these early stages if viewed against a black cloth or similar background.

At this point in our exercises, consider the concept of the Great Law of Interpenetration.

Just as at this moment our physical bodies are bombarded with waves of sight and sound of which we are unaware but a medium called a television set can make our dull physical senses aware - so do all bodies interpenetrate. The chemico-spatial earth body is penetrated by the Etheric or electrical field body which performs the function of living, binding the independant cells together. But as an entity, we are only conscious and communicable when we are penetrated by 'Mind stuff' and feeling. The feeling emotions are at their lowest shared with other animals, and at their highest demonstrate a selflessness transcending all thought and reason in a sublime act of surrender.

EXERCISE SEVENTEEN: Further Exercises in the Etheric Part 2

1. Perform the usual preliminaries, which now should include the gripping of the thumbs and making a 'tent' -you should be able to

feel a sensation of heat in your tented hands.

2. When you begin to feel this sensation, slowly arise and seat yourself before a table laid with a black cloth and repeat. When you can feel the heat - stare at the black cloth in front of you and wait for the heat to come.

3. Place your hand at the place you have been staring, with open fingers stretched to capacity. You will then with continued practice see the etheric around the hand.

"All living things are controlled by 'electro dynamic fields', which can be mapped and measured by standard voltometers. The Universe is an ordered system, the human organism an ordered component." So stated Professor S. Burr of Yale's School of Medicine in his work "Blue Print for Immortality". "The fields," he asserts, "are influenced by the vast forces of space and, like the simpler fields of physics, can produce an effect across a gap or space without any visible intervening means". [The Reader should research Fractal Geometry and the Mandlebrot Set - A recent mathematical discovery concerning the etheric and hence every living thing.]

EXERCISE EIGHTEEN: The Vehicles of Man - The Astral

The Astral - the vehicle of emotion - is the reservoir of all the happenings which have affected Man's 'feelings' and emotional character. Under the stress of great emotion, Man seems to have periods when he is above reason and physical pain. Consider the so called 'fire-walkers' or the archbishop accused of heresy and in witnessing the torture and burning of his comrades, signed a confession he knowingly knew to be false. - When his conscience finally prevailed he allowed the offending hand which signed the document to burn off. This ability of mind and feeling to transcend ordinary physical pain points to the fact of a higher vehicle -to the fact that man is something more than purely physical.

The occultists believe that the refinement of our experiences on earth comes through the winnowing away of 'bad' things which we have in our unconscious feeling selves, and the passing of the 'good' things from our unconscious minds to our higher state of mind, which we call the super conscious.

It is erroneous to think of all vehicles as separate; they are interpenetrating -vehicles of a true consciousness. On the whole however, the consciousness at the Astral stage will examine feelings of all kinds; love and hate, repression and blossoming, jealousy and disinterested affection. All these constitute the matter for the consciousness in the Astral world.

Now to differentiate the Etheric and the Astral. The Etheric is the vitaliser of the physical body; without it's presence the physical is dead. The Etheric pervades the physical and vitalises the whole, although as you have seen, this is visible as the 'aura' extending outward from the physical. The Astral is the higher vehicle - above the physico-etheric and is in fact the emotional body for Man.

Now to move on to the exercises... never forgetting to perform the preliminaries of breathing and colour flooding.

1. We shall now combine the mirror exercises of exercise 12 with that of the Etheric -15,16 and 17.

2. Full preliminaries.

3. Perform the mirror exercise until some result has been achieved. As previously explained the result cannot be foretold and may vary. When this occurs stretch out your arms with extended fingers as though trying to reach the walls opposite and at right angles.

4. While the vitalising of the fingertips proceeds, move your consciousness to the root of your nose and 'perceive' through that locale.

5. You will now experience some happening; usually the mirror will show a ring of colour and probably a face or a symbol will appear in the centre of the ring momentarily.

After some months, but more probably after years of continued practice, you will see the auras of others in ordinary daylight in the street.

Like all powers- it is two edged, and that is why your moral and philosophic outlook must proceed slightly ahead of your search for knowledge and power.

At all times in this work if you are faced with a word, idea or concept that you do not understand, do not just skip the section, but consult a dictionary, encyclopedia, or preferably a specialist work perhaps from the local library, and research and contemplate the point until you do understand it before moving on.

Even if you feel that you do understand it, it is always wise to consider what others have found to be the case before accepting one point of view as fact. Remember - discernment in all things.

The search for magick is a quest for knowledge; a quest that soon becomes an unquenchable thirst to those who know.

EXERCISE NINETEEN. The Vehicles of Man - Mental, Perceiving the Egg

All man's activities create for themselves a separate 'vehicle' of matter vibrating at such a rate as can respond to the activity concerned. Most occultists separate the Mind of Man into two vehicles, and most psychologists today would accept this differentiation and agree that man's mind has a twofold aspect. In addition to our physical perceptions and the thoughts that deal with all that relates to man's physical environment, there is a creative mind which is perhaps far more important in the defining of what Man is. Most of the important physical functions such as the beating of the heart and cell renewal is done in the purely sub-conscious requiring no actual thought on our part, but is largely 'automatic'. This consciousness which is not obsessed by the physical environment is what Carl Gustov Jung called the collective unconsciousness. And the sending of telepathic messages and the storing of memories he placed under the heading of our superconscious selves.

The physical, etheric and astral all relate to a particular personality which is only a portion of a real 'self', but with abstract thought we touch that wider realm, - the spiritual realm, in which, as all the mystics of all the worlds' religions have taught us, our true self exists.

The power of abstract thought is on a higher frequency {ie. a higher state of consciousness} than concrete thought. The latter deals with observed fact and emotion emanating from physical causes. The former, abstract thinking, accepts values which apply in normal physical life but which we rightly attribute to as 'coming from above'; that is from the Oversoul.

The abstract, by visualisation, can create in the physical world and by the power of imagination can create in fact.

In our Western world we can readily observe this phenomenon in the analogy of the creation of a major building work.

The architect first visualises the layout and structure in his imagination and 'sees' how his work should look, then proceeds to document these ideas on paper until finally they descend to the physical and are erected in stone steel and concrete.

In the East this extends even further into the realm of magick in that Tibetan mystics seem to be able to, through meditation and visualisation actually create visible 'things' in the physical, known as thought forms.

These thought forms, given the correct amount of concentration can be 'ensouled' as it were, with their own seeming consciousness and exist between the two worlds of the Astral and the Physical.

The Mental vehicle, more than anything else perhaps, distinguishes man from the animal despite their physical ancestry. It is the power of imagination and visualisation that has already given man the power to create and will lead him, as in occult belief, to that place where it may truly be said that men are like Gods.

The Mental plane vehicle is also an ovoid and lies further from the physical than does the Astral. It differs however from the Astral, which is in a state of constant flux and in that it's activity is immensely greater than that of the Astral but it is an activity so intense that it appears to be static.

In the Astral, there is constant change as differing emotions reach it from the Physical and little stabilisation. The Mental does tend toward stabilisation, and this means that the kaleidoscopic change of colour in the Astral, is in the Mental vehicle, replaced by more definite colour locations.

The areas will change but a centre point will represent the persons' general tendency of thought - his personality traits.

Many people have written about the meaning and interpretation of the colours apparent in the Astral and Mental bodies, and the general consensus of opinion is that an average, reasonably cultured person of our time will show yellow {intellect}, light/cloudy blue{religious or philosophic} and some orange often striated with medium red {sympathy but with personal outlook}.

Often there is a girdle around the centre of the egg of medium or dark grey showing fear, worry and depression. Green shows adaptability, and shades from lighter to darker green showing cunning, even deceit. The brown of selfishness is likely still to be noticeable.

All the colours are less cloudy than in the lower types of development and the awakening of abstract thought and selflessness illumines the egg with their respective luminous yellow and light blue.

The mental is mans most important evolutionary vehicle, for it is the perfecting and purgation of this vehicle that leads to the higher personalities of the individual man as opposed to personality man.

Now that the basic theory has been put forward we will proceed with the exercises:

1. Preliminaries, which for the rest of this 'course' means posture, breathing, colour flooding, sound. This in effect is 'tuning' your instrument to a state of receptivity and must never be omitted.

2. Visualise that you are going to recognise your various vehicles and start by slowly breathing in. As you inhale, feel your physical self expanding and going outwards to a shell-like ovoid that is both malleable and transparent. Consider this: in fact you are pushing out your consciousness to limit.

3. When you have fully inhaled, hold the breath and perceive where you have pushed the shell to; it is the starting point for your next breath.

4. As you exhale, with the breath all deleterious emotions and thoughts that are within your 'egg'. Force them to go out with the breath where they will dissipate.

5. Now breath again and start your 'pushing out' from the point that you feel you previously reached. Do not try to get too fast a result or to 'expand' too far. Take the exercise slowly with deliberation.

6. Hold and establish the new diameter of the egg and then expel as in {4}.

7. Continue the exercise until you feel you can go no further. This is your present limit and you should know how far you have reached from your physical centre, You will know , it will feel just right.

8. When you have attained this serenity, which is much more than physical 'rest', you must discard your 'shell' armour, so at the last exhalation draw in the egg with your outbreathing until you feel you are back in your physical etheric, but one much purified by this exercise. It is very important to dissipate the shell fully

9. It is recommended at this stage to follow this exercise with the 'retrogression' explained in exercise twenty two.

It is difficult at the first to conceive the named phases, but rest assured practice will ensure entry to the higher states of perception and the understanding which follows.

EXERCISE TWENTY: Vehicles of Man -Spiritual, Stretching the Mind

The Spiritual vehicle is the highest that man uses at this stage of our evolutionary development, and it completes his personality. It is the farthest from the physico-etheric's low vibrations, and at speeds which are beyond our possible comprehension in the physical realm.

A great number of names are used in different religions and mystical sciences to express this plane and its vehicles - 'The Casual Body'; 'The Inspirational Vehicle'; 'The Ego'; what St Paul meant by the 'Soul', are all attempts to express its wonder.

It expresses the three forces of will, of divine love {which Christians call charity}, and of inspiration. Spiritual must not be confused with that 'pure' spirit which is the spark of the Divine within us, but this separation is difficult to grasp - it is the infinite and the finite of the same.

We are told, through various writings that the vehicle is of circular shape, and pulses inward, yet at the same time radiates outward to the outer that surrounds it. The colours go inward like the petals of an incurved chrysanthemum, and there is an ever expanding outer ring of brilliance. It is at this level that one finds the Oversoul, the expression of Man, which is the storehouse of all the various personality lives have gathered from each life.

From this plane the Oversoul can control all the materials and all the psychological powers and potentialities of the lower planes - the physico-etheric; Astral; Mental and from this plane impressions or perhaps more correctly instructions can be conveyed to Man.

For most men the Spiritual body will not be immensely active, but at no time can evil enter this sphere; only the good of the man can find tenure in this place {if place it is}. We are told that it is the absence of colours {that is spiritual possibilities} that have not yet been awakened that typify the generality of men of our age, but there are some who have achieved, whom we call adepts.

It is probable that the ability to 'receive' these impressions from a higher collective power gave rise to the ideas of the Greek Oracle of Delphi; of the Hebrew Prophet; of the local soothsayer, all of whom, on occasion, have been gifted with prophetic illumination 'from above'.

There are, many documented cases of the personality being immersed in a consciousness that is beyond expression in earthly words.

In the East this is called 'Buddhic' power and they believe that certain adepts can tap into this 'divine' inspirational realm at will.

Suffice it to say at this stage that it exists.

No exercise for the Spiritual vehicle is given as those who 'know' have been silent and no documentation other than its mention can be found by the writer. This is not to say that there isn't any, just that the writer can find no one to illumine him.

It may however, be suggested that the student prepare for such heights by constant practice of the previous exercises laid down in this work and through music, poetry and literature - the arts in general, look for a finer appreciation.

As the Buddhic is the plane approaching Unity, this is exactly what we must try to achieve - so - stretch your Mind.

EXERCISE TWENTY ONE: Retrogression - The Oversoul

The four planes of potentiality available to Man as his basic 'equipment' on his journey are: Inspiration; Thought; Emotion and Sensation which are interpenetrative to the physical and act as his 'base of operations'.

The Oversoul is that summation of the individual parts of the vehicles of man which is carried through from lifetime to lifetime. In sum it is the summation of one lifetimes work whose totality is preserved by the Oversoul {As a vehicle} which is a projection from the pure spirit that synthesises all of the individual's experiences in previous lives.

As discussed in our earlier workings, there are the three higher planes which complete the Individual - the perfected Man, whom Jesus commanded we become.

Man's descent into the four lower octave planes is what we call the "Fall". As he passed through each of these planes on his downward thrust into density-consciousness, he made a vehicle or body suitable to the vibratory phase of that group. When at last he reached incarnation in the physical-etheric he retained latent knowledge of all the planes through which he had passed. Through channels of communication which the Indians call 'Chakras'; the Persians called 'Wheels of Force'; the Hebrews call 'Sefiroth' and scientists call 'endocrine glands', the higher planes can be reached, provided that he could raise the vibrations to the requisite level.

This raising of the vibrations can be accomplished through occult science or at times may occur involuntarily. Extra-sensory perception is merely the ability to use, either at will or involuntarily, the 'gateways' to {attuning to the vibrations of} the higher plane.

Throughout our lives our every action has some effect or 'makes a transmission' to the higher levels, but for most of humanity these impulses are only weak. Constant thought upon one subject will however create a 'habit track' and hence the importance of continuity within the exercises laid out in this work.

At death, when the use of the physico-etheric ceases, the impulses of that life also cease, and ascent begins, gathering together all the results, the habit tracks of that one life. Much may have happened that none knows except ourselves - but the impulses have had their effect.

All such thoughts and impulses are graven upon the 'permanent atoms' {for want of a better term} which pass upwards to the Judgement and custody of the Oversoul. The ancient Egyptian priests pictured this as the 'Weighing of the Heart'. The Oversoul is to be perfected, that is, to assume complete control of the lower octaves and all manifestations therein. It will now decide whether or not completion and integration have been reached. If not then the entity will descend again into matter and be born to the flesh, which will include the result of the many lessons learned on its journey so far and an unconscious 'imprint' of the lessons to be learned in this next incarnation.

The writer apologises for his inadequacy in expressing these ideas as they must be but a shadow of the whole truth. But these are the truths stated by men of all nations and the central teaching has not altered for over 5,000 years.

The need of Man, according to both psychologists and occultists, is that we should integrate all our experiences, preferably while on earth.

Adepts claim to have achieved this and become 'whole'. By making oneself in this life to become an integrated 'whole', and not allowing partial emotions, moods, or thoughts to masquerade as our 'Self' we really have achieved the purpose of our existence. Carl Gustov Jung refers to this as having secured individuality, but for the occultist that word has an extra meaning.

This 'Over-Self' has always been the object of the occultist's search; and the various facets of our personality, whether on the physical, emotional or mental level, are assessed by, and possibly absorbed into, this majestic individuality.

The following is a very short and simple exercise, but it is perhaps the most important in this work. It consists of an honest, thorough appraisal of each days actions at the end of that day.

1. Before retiring for the day go out into the fresh air or open a window and perform at least five of the breathing exercises.

2. In seclusion and prior to going to sleep, review the entire days work starting with that moment and working backwards through the day until the time that you awakened. There is a good occult reason for working backwards.

3. This process means considering at the fullest length you can manage all your actions, assessing them, apportioning blame for the wrong ones {this does not mean 'saying sorry', but means to realise the wrong and memorising how you fell into that trap}, and apportioning praise for those things that you have done aright. {It is one of the tragedies of religious tradition that we are not 'allowed' to experience a glow of satisfaction at something well done}.

4. The effect of this exercise if done thoroughly is to

{a} create in the unconscious mind barriers against condemned errors and habit tracks for the approved right-doing.

{b} activate the whole of your vehicles before sinking into sleep and leaving the physical, thereby preparing the vehicles you are to use in that period already cleansed.

{c} give you purgation day by day - a very vital thing.

This exercise sounds simple enough but if done for only a year, it will ennoble your entire entity and illumine your daily life.

EXERCISE TWENTY TWO: Developing Latent Powers - Auras

With the last lesson and exercises, you have completed the necessary elementary philosophical and practical training needed to develop one or more 'sixth sense'.

It is unlikely that you will develop all latent powers; you will have special faculties which will depend entirely on your ray {development} in this incarnation.

Unless you practise with due diligence every day and persevere with this practice until an exercise produces a result you will only approach the higher vehicles perhaps glimpsing occasional flashes but you will not bring them to full use.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, astral and auric projection/perception and the power of thought forms are all facets of the same ability to use the higher vehicles to create forms at their level of vibration and to experience such results through the physico-etheric.

It is proposed to treat the various manifestations or abilities in the following order:-

1. Etheric perception {This you should have achieved and only practice will continue success}

2. Auric perception {allied of course to the etheric} -This lesson will deal with it in full

3. Creation of thought forms as in lesson 20

4. Telepathy as in lesson 21

5. Clairvoyance as will be dealt with in lesson 22.

More on the Magickal Tradition of the Kabbalah

Further our earlier work introducing the wonder and use of the Kabbalah and it's visual manifestations in our meditations, we will now look at some of that imagery as used in association with the attributes of the Sefiroth and you will see that many of the correspondences are quite unexpected. Qualities that we expect to see as being masculine, appear as feminine and vice versa. Some of the planetary associations are not immediately obvious, but the Kabbalah has it's own fscinating logic. For example, Binah, the female force behind everything stable and potential, is linked to the planet Saturn, the planet of stability, old age and fate (usually represented by an old man). Netsah, the male force behind nature, animal drives, and passions is linked to Venus, the goddess of sensuality and nature. All the Sefiroth are rich in imagery and association, which is especially important for our contemplative purposes, and as you will discover in later studies, for the purposes of empowerment of magickal rites.

Kether, the crown, is the first emanation and corresponds with the number 1 in numerological terms. The soul that reaches this Sefira achieves union with God. It is guarded by the creatures that are described in the first chapters of Ezekiel: "and every one had four faces, and every one had four wings". It's symbols are the point, which stands for 1, and the crown. When meditating upon Kether, the Kabbalist must cocentrate on the image of an old bearded man seen in profile.

Hokmah, Wisdom, is the father of the Universe. It is the next emanation from Kether and is therefore number 2. Because it is the force behind activity, its guardian angels are the wheels in Ezekiel, which moved around and had the spirit of life in them. Hokmah's symbols are the phallus, the tower and the straight line, and the image to be used in contemplation is that of the bearded man. Binah, Understanding, is the Mother of the Universe, and being the third emanation is associated with the number 3. It's symbols are the female genitals, the cup, the circle, the diamond and the oval. As with other female Sefiroth, Binah, has conflicting attributes - of life and death, of goodness and evil. It is associated with the mother goddesses and with Hecate, goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. Its image for contemplation is that of the mature woman. Hesed, Love, is accorded the number 4, and is the male force that organises and builds things up. Its symbols are the king's sceptre, the magician's wand, and the bishop's crook, as well as the Greek cross {+} and the pyramid.It is linked with the unicrn which symbolises virility and power, and its image for contemplation is a powerful king on a throne.

Din, Power, is number 5 and the female counterpart of Hesed. It lies behind all destruction, hatred and war. Its planet is Mars and its symbols are the swaord, spear, scourge, chain and the pentagon. Many Kabalists see Din as th source of evil, and there is even a theory that its destructive energy overflowed and it created its own Tree of evil emanations. It is associated with the basilisk, a fierce and deadly creature. Its image for contemplation is the warrior in a chariot.

Tifereth, Beauty, is number 6 and is associated with the sphere of the Sun. It is vital energy and balances the destructive and constructive forces of Din and Hesed. Christian Kabalists associate Tifereth with the Christ because of its direct descent from Kether and because the Sun had an early association with Christ. It is represented by the lion - the beast of the Sun, or by a phoenix or child, the symbols of immortality and mortality. Its images for contemplation are the majestic king and the sacrificed child.

Netsah, Victory, is number 7, the male force behind nature. It stands for the senses and passions. It is the Sefira of the arts and of rhythm, movement and colour. Its sphere is Venus, and the wyrneck is the bird associated with it. Its image for contemplation is the beautiful naked woman.

Hod, Majesty, is number 8. It is the female force of the higher qualities of the mind, such as intuition or insight. It is also the qualites of reason and logic. It is both good and evil, standing for Wisdom and trickery and cunning. Its planet is Mercury, the God of intelligence and magick, and the twin serpents of Mercury's wand are often associated with it. The image of the hermaphrodite is the image for contemplation.

Yesod, Foundation, is the ninth Sefira and the basis of all the active forces of God. It stands for creativity, both sexual and mental. Its number is 9, which is the number of Initation into magick and the occult. It is the reconciler between the animal drives of Netsah and the intellectual faculties of Hod. It is associated with the elephant, and the image for contemplaation is the beautiful naked man.

Malkuth, The earthly Kingdom, is the tenth Sefira. And the number 10 means "all things". It unites all the Sefiroth in the same manner as man transcends all the planetary spheres. Its symbol is the sphinx, which stands for the unity of heaven and earth. The image for contemplation is a beautiful young woman seated on a throne.

Planetary/Elemental Association with the Archangels


Angel {Ranking}

Direction {Element}


Michael {1}

South {Fire}


Raphael {3}

East {Air}


Heniel {5}



Gabriel {2}



Samael {6}

South {Fire}



Below {Ether}



Above {Ether}


Uriel {4}

North {Earth}


Asariel {9}

West {Water}


Azrael {10}

Within { Spirit}


Auric Perception

It is essential to have secured some facility of etheric perception before seeing the aura. When you have achieved etheric perception it must be developed by daily use, at work, play, anywhere at all. All living things have an etheric {aura} -vegetable, animal and human.

Everyone receives perceptions from the higher vehicles in dreams. This is an occult truism requiring expansion. Consider the phenomena of dreaming. From the beginning of recorded history dreams have had a meaning for mankind; the seers of every age have recorded them and their message has been interpreted by the 'Josephs' among humanity. Carl Gustov Jung realised that dreams are more than just that - he even saw that dreams can be precognitive. {Some recommended works of Jung are-"General Aspects of Dream Psychology" and "Secret of the Golden Garden"; also, the book "Dream Telepathy" by Montague Ullman,M.D. and Stanley Krippner,Ph.D holds some interesting experimentally documented insights for the student}.

"The Great Dream" has a reality and vividness all its own - often there is a distinctive, 'special' type of light around and within it.

The occultist thinks that dream manifestations have to do with the various vehicles of man and the perception in and of them. There are 4 distinct and separate types of dreams:-

1. The first comes from the individual - that point of striving Man which amalgamates with 'the divine spark'. Such dreams are called visions - nearly all are 'religious' in nature. While dressed in symbolism, they are nonetheless categorical imperatives from the highest contact Man can make.

2. The second come from the Oversoul, that dweller in the eternal now, who bears the synthesis of our past lives, consciousness of the present state, and limitations and intimations of future needs. The Oversoul may see plainly the course of our future but to know is not necessarily to communicate. Such dreams are usually confused by passing through the various planes before entering into our conscious minds; this is why we must write down our dreams immediately upon waking, as the first impulse of the physical is to rationalise and dismiss.

3. The third class come from the Soul Mind, and are expressions of the higher vehicles about this present life. Clarity of meaning suffers as the dream passes down the vehicles and express themselves usually in symbolical terms.

4. The fourth class of dream comes from the Astral or Emotional plane, and are usually mixed with the body's sensations, worries or aspirations of emotive type. They are often wish-fulfilment dreams, particularly of a sexual nature and are the basis of Freud's thinking. Their expression will usually be vivid and a mixture of earth happenings.

It should here be understood that as all these dreams interpenetrate, they are usually somewhat distorted, hence the skill in interpretation either in occult or psychological terms is in removing the distorted factors from that of the real import.

The dream then is a nightly contact with the higher vehicles, and as such is an evolving experience - a prophecy of the real hinterland that is Man.

What is an aura? - We have all seen paintings of the saints with a golden circle of light or halo around their head - such 'auras' have been depicted since the Egyptian Ra, but although the aura is depicted as surrounding the head only, it does envelope the whole body in the shape of an inverted egg. It is because the head actually contains 4 chakra points; and naturally this gives a concentrative power to that area, for all is vibration and electromagnetic in presentation.


The increasingly subtle essences of the vehicles which surround the physical centre and which portray the differing rates of vibration emanating from the denser centre in its contact with and use of the higher vehicles of its electromagnetic field. Such octaves of vibration have their own density of respective prana, and the rate of vibration brings about the colours which are seen as the aura.


{a} The essences are subtle because, although each octave group has its own pranic levels, from which it creates the form of the vehicle, they are not perceptible to the 5 senses at normal level. To be perceived the vibrations of the normal must be raised, and that is why certain diseases do raise the level, thereby providing the medical definition in the dictionary.


{b} The aura is an egg shaped form of varying intensities of prana created by electromagnetic force.

{c} Each octave group has its own density and vibratory rate, so that to perceive implies raising our own vibratory rate to that level. This means following the precepts already laid out and using our latent power constructively in full knowledge of the theory of chakras.

It is important to realise that all is vibration and that the human eyes are only sensitive to light that lies between the wavelengths of 380 and 760 millimicrons. Hence our need to increase our sensitivity and control at will the vibratory rate of our own perceptions.

The size of the aura in an 'underdeveloped' man only extends a few feet from his body, yet an adept's aura extends over incredible distances. It was said of Buddah that his aura stretched for two hundred miles, and of our Lord Jesus that his aura embraced the whole of his environment wherever he cared to concentrate.

"In him we live and move and have our being".

Recapitulate and ensure that you fully understand the lessons and works of exercises 15,16.17 and 18 thoroughly.

The aura is composed of the Buddhic, mental and astral on the 'outer' and the etheric on the 'inner'.

You will only be able to perceive the vibrations coming from a subject for which you are able to 'raise' to a corresponding rate of vibration.

This means that as a student, you will only be able to perceive the etheric and lower emotional and mental - Perception of the Buddhic is rare.

The Etheric will appear as a haze outside of and roughly in form of the physical, outside of this will be an ovoid with definite areas. Nearest the physico-etheric is the astral, which is a swirling mass responsive to all emotive thoughts. The colours are also swirling with the impulses felt by the physical {sensation} and the thoughts of emotional content. This coat of many colours will have an edge - a certain definition, but with out breaking off suddenly.

The Mental, which is much more stable as a vehicle, will also have many colours, but they will largely stay in one place. Again the is an appearance of limitation, but with an advanced soul this higher mental colour fades into the Buddhic.

1. It is helpful to have a fellow student, but you may also practice by observing others without their cognition.

2. Preliminaries and exercises 15-18

3. Sit in Egyptian position with the nightlight before you and in such a place that its rays strike the corners of your eyes, which will be partially lidded in the position you have found to be correct for you.

Shield the light from your subject.

4. As soon as you perceive the etheric of the sitter, and while keeping them in view, very slightly turn away so that in fact you are doing what is known as the "Tibetan Squint".

5. Wait now until the etheric is infused with a ray of colour. At first this may be only a flash, but practice will secure greater permanence.

6. Never sit for more than ten minutes at a time in the beginning of this work although if you are working with a fellow student it is permissible to interchange.

Remember - practice and due diligence are the operatives here.

Colours of The Human Aura

The following table is based primarily on Theosophical material.
Various teachings may attribute different meanings to those listed.



Specific Feelings Associated

BLACK malice




dark grey



pale grey


BROWN materialism




muddy grey/dull rust


RED energy

bright red

anger and force


dirty red

passion and sensuality


dull red

selfish love



unselfish love

ORANGE pride

orange cloud



bright orange

noble indignation

YELLOW intellect


low intellect


earthy yellow

selfish thought



high intellect


bright gold

logical thought


bright red-yellow

spiritual thought

GREEN empathy


deceit, jealousy





emerald green

unselfish resourcefulness


foliage green

sympathy and empathy


bright apple-green

string vitality


bright touquoise

deep sympathy & compassion

BLUE devotion {religious feeling}




light blue

noble spiritual devotion


dark blue

religious feeling


bright lilac-blue

lofty religious idealism

VIOLET spiritual


psychic & spiritual faculty

WHITE purity/protective



Memorise the above table as it will be referred to and used later in analysis of your development in perceiving the Etheric and Aura.

EXERCISE TWENTY THREE: {Theory} Developing Latent Power -Making Thought Work For You

Our earth and its denizens float on a sea of Undifferentiated Consciousness, and Man {mineral to man} has been formed by two Cosmic forces -prana: the form creator, and -fohat: the vitaliser and their evolutionary impulses. This sea or Cosmic Mind enters into octaves of vibration, creates a suitable vehicle for each octave and can be vitalised to the fullest use of that octave.

You can use these facts of Cosmic Mind, and on three levels: the unconscious; the day to day; and the supra-conscious {which can be likened to the nine tenths that are above the five sense brain mechanism}

If you use the collective unconscious, then there are two possible approaches:-

1. The appeal for 'gifts', ie. by concentration, which centres upon what you desire {sometimes called sympathetic magick}.

2. Because the mind can control the forces of prana and fohat, we can create [Recommended Reading: Alexandra David-Neales -'With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet]. Most people, however, merely wish without using Will, and this cannot result in achievement. The principle of prayer is exactly this focussing with a known object for attainment.

A chant or mantra exercise such as the Lords Prayer is useful here.

Say it alternately {a} as a dedicated speech and {b} in the mind in silence. You will have to fight against your own earthly five sense environmental training here. The power of imagination and visualisation combined with supreme concentration will prevail.

When you use the prana/fohat to create a thought form say, you are separating from yourself a potion of your life force; but because this thing is vitalised by you, it is your creation, and you can send it on your messages through higher vibrations to find a complementary on that level of vibration according to your wish and power. Your response in another's' thought can be on many levels of vibrations, from the five senses {'a thought just came into my head'} to highest five-sensory vision. Whenever you think, you set up a stress; if your thought was feeble and had no definite end, then it will have little effect on the etheric surround, but if it is powerful and directed, it can effect wonders and affect all in its vicinity.

This is why some people can alter the emotional atmosphere of a room by merely entering it; if someone is depressed, that depression can infect those around them; if you are thinking of the perceived evil in another, and/or express pointless anger, you are filling your neighbourhood with evil thoughts instead of good and hence are only adding to the sorrows of the world. Negative thoughts attract negative results and positive thoughts, positive results. In other words, you must show the qualificatons of entering the Path - that of Will, Wisdom and Love. In order to follow the Path of Light, you must be filled with the intense desire to be of service and be forever vigilant for the opportunity to do so, and remain calm and logical in the face of adversity.

Like all forms, thought forms must be energised. Energy in physics is the term applied to any mass or body when moving strikes against another body and sets that also moving. There is also latent, or potential energy, which is a body's 'potential' to do work by virtue of the stresses resulting from its relation to other bodies. Radiant energy from the sun is another example, with its poles of negative and positive and thereby the creation of an enormous magnetic field.

'As above; So below' - Your mind can use your brain, with its two poles -cerebrum {positive} and cerebellum {negative} to create a magnetic field. This is what you do when using thought form creativeness.

To summarise:

1. Purposive life is the abstraction from a universal 'Undifferentiated Consciousness' into a limited instrument that can use certain of the octaves of vibration of which the Cosmic Mind is formed.

2. This Undifferentiated Consciousness uses two forces, called in science gravitation and electro-magnetism; and in occult terms -prana: which is the atomic form maker at a particular level of octave of vibration, and fohat: which is the urging, energising 'mind' controller behind the evolution from mineral to man.

3. While on earth, we can use the various levels of our physico-etheric, emotional-mental and the spiritual, and their corresponding vehicles. This is done through the discipline of concentration and of occult meditation. {Some Eastern mystics achieve this by silence alone}.

4. Man is a mortal God in that we are here in the physical and our essence is in the Universal Mind.

EXERCISE TWENTY THREE: {Practical} The Law of Suggestion {Wish-Will}

The Law of Suggestion in terms of scientific/anthropological definition may be called 'sympathetic magick' but is best thought of in terms of an appeal to your own unconscious. Most primitive forms of shamanism are based on this form of magick. It is based on the belief that if you really ask for something that is for the benefit of your own evolution , you will receive it through your own unconscious, which is part of the great collective consciousness. {In Catholocism, the parallel is the prayer to St. Jude, the patron saint of 'hopeless cases'; of 'things almost despaired of' - in which the prayer or novena must be said six times daily for nine consecutive days; leaving nine copies of the novena in the Church on each day}.

One way the Occultist uses to make this appeal is to create a Talisman. This must be done in entirety by your own hand and brain - it must be your own expression of wish-will. {A Talisman is an object that is worn or carried as a charm, serving the purpose of attracting or repelling various influences. -In 'Ritual Magick' the making and consecration of a talisman is a very complex process and is dealt with in depth in that section of this work}.

For the purposes of this exercise, proceed as follows:

1. On a piece of cardboard or something similar draw an outer circle of 2 1/2" in radius and within that circle another of 2 1/4" in radius. Draw both lightly in pencil so that you can colour them later.

2. Draw a centre circle of 3/4" radius.

3. Divide the interior the inner and secondary circles into four equal sectors.

4. Into each sector draw a symbol that you understand. Avoid the ordinary Romano-English letters as the familiar form may distract from the purpose at hand.

Use runic symbols or some other form - such as Chinese letters etc. -which conveys a special meaning or message to your mind and is entirely expressive of your private personality.

5. In the small centre circle, draw a picture to represent what it is you require.

If your picture is an amatory one, then a picture drawn by hand is best {although a small cut out of a snapshot or something similar pasted in the middle, will suffice}.

6. Now colour the talisman by lining the small centre ring in black, dark blue or purple; the next {middle} ring in your favourite or affinite colour; and the outer ring with a faint colour wash or wavy line of your choice.

The talisman should be covered, so you can have it with you day and night, and be able to look at it whenever the wish to do so comes - your unconscious will act as timekeeper. Just look at it, mentally phrase your wish-will and put it away. Your five sense brain needs do nothing; leave it to the unconscious. You will probably have surprising results.

Whatever happens is nothing to do with the piece of cardboard, nor its pictorial representations. You are in fact building a thought form of your desire, of your wish-will, and the constant references mean that you are reinforcing that thought form with an implication to the unconscious {The talisman is acting as a focus for your wish-will}. This has power and will give results, so be quite sure to ask for what it is you really need and you make reference to the desire/talisman lasting at most, a couple of seconds, say, fifty times a day.

There are many ways to utilise this Law of Suggestion. A mantra like the famous one of Coue, for example - an hourly repetition of "I’m getting better every day" - will work, provided that you really accept it will and rely on your unconscious to make it so.

EXERCISE TWENTY FOUR: Vitalising/Energising Thought Form

In this more potent exercise you will be utilising all your knowledge of preliminaries, imagination and concentration for visualisation and your ability to transfer your consciousness to your higher vehicles.

You will in fact be attempting to use ‘prakriti’ to build a form of pranic-atomic force, and vitalising it by control of fohat. {your electromagnetic power, which is whole mind.

1. Preliminaries of material - either use a black mirror or a reversed yantra. Make this on a piece of board which may be hung on a wall. An outer circle of 12" diameter is required either in light blue or light yellow {which ever you find affinite}, and a centre circle of 3" diameter in white. The intervening space between the circles in black {for definitions sake}, and varnish the whole.

2. Perform your usual preliminaries until you reach a state of absolute quiescence. Ensure you are alone, and that the silence is as absolute as your environment permits; slow your rate of breathing to the lowest you can achieve.

3. Decide what you are going to create - a treatment of mental or physical health, an attempt to settle some family fracas, a successful business venture or interview or examination. Money even. {Remember Jacob's’ play the Monkeys Paw, so do consider carefully}. Only an adept can make a ‘tulpa’, and this should not be attempted without the presence of a guru of standing, so please do not attempt to at this stage.

Now visualise a symbol of the happening in the centre circle of the anti-yantra {as it is reversed}: for example if you wish to pass an examination see the certificate in all its detail; if you wish to restore harmony to a friendship and you are willing to forgive {if there is a need for forgiveness}, see the person concerned smiling and holding out their hand. Visualisation will have untold benefit to your personality and Oversoul. It is the beginning of that higher vision you are tending toward. Use your mind to make the picture and imprint upon your five-sense brain, and incidentally the unconscious. This is making the idea.

4. Now gaze at the anti-yantra in the usual way, and when your eyelids are partially closed, concentrate entirely upon the centre. {If you lose concentration -start again}. Concentration is a marvellous power of mind and it won’t come without absolute dedication and constant practice}

5. When you feel that you have achieved absolute concentration, rise and expel in a cleansing breath and declare aloud a mantra such as ‘Thy will be done’; ‘So mote it be’, and fill the room with your euphoric light blue.

Perform this ‘ritual’ once a day for seven days; beginning on a Friday {In all the exercise should take about twenty minutes per day}.


Thought works for you every night, for dreams, while often mere reflex to the turmoil of day to day trials and tribulations, have high levels of symbolism and unconscious intuition according to the vehicle which prompts them.

Sometimes these dreams can hold a precognitive message. When we are dreaming, the unconscious will, according to its stage of learning or evolution, ‘escape’ to a different reality - that of your higher self. As there is always the eternal observer {your Oversoul}, this means of course that you are free of the physico-etheric, and as such have experiences in that higher vehicle whilst the body ‘sleeps’ -some of these experiences may be pre-cognitive - some not.

Normally, when a person awakens, a dream is very soon ‘forgotten’ by the conscious mind.

Keep your ‘Dream Book’ by your bed and immediately upon awakening, and with as little physical movement as is possible, record anything that you recall - soon, you will recall in greater detail. By keeping a record of your dreams, expressing as clearly and concisely as possible the dream experienced, you will train your mind to ‘remember’ these experiences.

The dream of import {and you cannot fail to have them} has to filter through the various vehicles and express itself through the physical brain when you write it down. Nonetheless, you will find the results of your recordings extremely interesting. Very often a dream will fulfil itself months after you have dreamt and recorded it.

‘Depth Psychology’ uses this method as its basis and P.W Martins’ book 'Experiments in Depth' is worth the time to read.

Start keeping a record tonight. Your thoughts at all levels of consciousness are always working for you and may sometimes feel despairing because you will not listen to it.

EXERCISE TWENTY SIX: Developing Telepathy

From previous exercises, you now understand that the latent powers of ‘the sixth sense’ are those of the Oversoul controlling the five sense brain through the medium of your various vehicles.

In telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience etc., the sender creates a thought form and ‘sends’ this thought form to the designated ‘receiver’.

For example, the thousands of documented cases of ‘death’ bed visions; of appearances of soldiers killed in action to their loved ones; {the list goes on and on}, are thought forms created under extremes of stress - probably unconsciously, which the ‘sender’ has instructed to seek out the certain person to 'receive' the message.

[‘Thoughts Through Space’ by Sir Hubert Wilkins is well worth reading for some definitive facts on telepathy].

Telepathy, both simultaneous and precognitive is experimentally proven and documented scientific fact and yet still has no scientific definition.

Preliminaries for this exercise will include all the stages which you should by now be using automatically. You will require a partner.

In addition, the following suggestions will prove helpful:

a} It is better for the learner to begin at night, when the sun’s rays, and the distraction of the general hub of life is not to be overcome.

b} Practice at a regular time and with a regular assistant or fellow student.

c} At the beginning, work in the same room, but not facing each other.

d} Alternate the roles of ‘sender’ - ‘receiver’.

1. Preliminaries: Participants should do the complete breath and as far as possible, this should be done in unison.


Both persons should be calm and relaxed and not overly expectant.

2. Slowly close your eyelids and visualise each other. See every feature of you partner; a link of amity should connect you. When you have visualised, and not before, send your message. Never hurry.

3. Send your message in concrete form. you may for example, request that the receiver go to the window, or you may convey a word or ‘picture’. Whichever you do, visualise it. If a movement, see your partner actually performing that movement. If a word, try to use the law of triangle - that is, pick a word that you can convey with form, sound and word name - a good example is a bell. mentally repeat to yourself over and over and when you have done so, hear the sound when it is rung. {Obviously you are creating a thought-form}. When you have done this -forget it - let the thought go on its way, for the receiver will not normally receive until you have done so.

4. The receiver may hear a sound, see a form or ‘know’ a word, a name, or more likely a combination of these. It is very important to accept the first suggestion the moment you get it, the five-sense rationalisation will confuse the issue. Accept the very first impression.

5. Practice - and remember what that word means.

It helps to keep a record of these experimental exercises, and use a point system to record your efforts-

say, minus three for a complete miss; minus one for no response, plus one for a near success plus three for accuracy. At the end of each week over a three month period, examine the total results.

When you achieve constant ‘plus three’ results - attempt ‘sending’ over increasing distances.

EXERCISE TWENTY SEVEN: Developing Clairvoyance

You are by now aware that there is a link between all latent powers.

Telepathy may be thought of as a means of communication which demands a 'receiver and a 'sender'. Most people are usually better at one than the other, however, there are traces of both latent abilities in all of us.

Just as white light passed through the prism splits into seven colours, of which three are primary; so the cosmic light or 'ray' passed through humanity's consciousness splits into seven rays. Whilst we also have the secondary rays - one affinite or primary ray will be evident, bringing with it its own special 'powers'. Some latent powers therefore will come easily to you whereas others can only be acquired through sincere, dedicated effort.

Clairvoyance is a type of telepathy, or telepathic interaction which expresses itself in seeing forms or 'visions' - usually a thought form made either voluntarily or involuntarily by a person who wishes to communicate some fact to the receiver. Very often the receiver 'sought' is wrapped in five-sense obliviousness and merely 'feels' something about the sender, but a person who is 'open minded' or 'sensitive' will 'see' the form of the sender, or a symbol relating to that person.

The power of clairvoyance should only be sought with the aim of helping others and gaining this power can be aided by the right forms of mental exercises.

A true student of the occult will not utilise this power for material gain - that is, receive money for so called clairvoyance - the moment they do so they brand themselves as having no true occultism to give.

For this set of exercises you will require one of the concentrative aids to act as a focus- a silvered or 'black' mirror, the yantra, a crystal ball or translucent blue glass bowl of water or silver goblet filled with dark liquid {black currant wine is an excellent focus}.

Complete privacy, minimal light, and utmost silence is a must.

You will also require a state of quiescence in all three lower vehicles. {The physical, emotional and mental}.

It is imperative that you keep a record of your experiences, it will be of immense value to you in your work and later to your Master.

1. The material preliminaries as noted above.

2. Usual preliminaries, particular attention to breathing and creating a feeling of gentle warmth and euphoria in the room.

3. Gaze at your yantra {or concentrative focus}, which needs to be at a comfortable height for you to see in direct line. You will most probably enter into a drowsy state. Many people experience a form of clairvoyance every night prior drifting into sleep. {The scientists call this the 'hypnagogic' state, and can give no explanation of it}. In these states of semi trance one often sees faces and places in a series of 'stills' as it were.

As you gaze into your focus, you will probably find a 'drowsy state' occurs and a white misty cloud may appear. Maintaining your concentration, you may find that this cloud breaks up into portions -some dim, some more or less static and some whirling.

4. These manifestations are formative to clairvoyance, and may turn into faces or scenes just as in the hypnagogic state.

5. Once this has been achieved, possibly in a further attempt, you will begin 'scrying' and see faces quite clearly.

In your recording of these early experiences, do not attempt to personalise or dramatise what you have seen, but just record; the meanings will appear later, although of course they may not have any meaning for you but just 'passers-by' in the Astral.

6. After you have achieved some success, you will start to 'perceive' in earnest, and find appearances which symbolise definite events that affect the present personality.

7. Like all occult work, the exercise demands patience and continuity, until finally you will be able to open your clairvoyant perception almost as easily as you open your physical eye.

If you can achieve this then this is your affinite ray, - for the rest of us it only comes after dedicated effort and if the power is greatly desired.

EXERCISE TWENTY EIGHT: Semi-Trance {Self Hypnosis} Stage 1

Meditation as we have so far learned in this work {and hopefully through other's works and through discussion with like-minded students or adepts, you have gleaned more knowledge than this student can impart}, means a gradual and general attunement of the various vehicles.

No 'Self' can meditate to a higher level than it has reached in its evolutionary development.

The foundations of the path laid out in this work may be thought of as a type of prayer, a prayer to stillness awaiting 'the Voice of the Silence'. It follows then that to meditate requires stillness of body, mind and spirit - a linking of the unconscious with the Oversoul. It is unification. Paradoxically, it also requires a great degree of concentration.

There are four 'degrees' of meditation, of which two are beyond the scope of the writer at this stage {Seeking out a qualified teacher in a recognised school of meditation is most desirable}.

The first requirement in all meditative practice, is to raise oneself above the five-sense brain levels, and to open oneself to one's higher potencies.

There are many ways in which this can be achieved. The 'Fire-Walkers' do it by days of abstinence, during which the chanting and breathing exercises prepare them for the walk on burning charcoal without harm. The 'Dancing Dervishes' use another method of rhythmic and sonorous exercises until they 'experience'. The Yogi reaches it by means of abstracted thought - meditation.

The repetition of the Rosary, the chants of the monks of all religions are basically the same idea - release from the five-sense thraldom, a journey into the Mind.

The following exercises amount to self hypnosis under the control of your own will and directions. The ability to use this method will prove invaluable in your pursuit of knowledge, not only for self evolution and experience but for relief from daily cares and anxieties.

In conjunction with the retrogressive exercises stated in exercise 21, the process is a cleansing one of great value.

Following are some basic precepts for the exercises:-

1. It is absolutely safe. You will not be out of your own vehicles, although you will be free of the five-sense brain; you will be anchored to your vehicle by the Silver Cord which permeates all your vehicles.

2. You are in control. You will give the orders and obey your Oversoul. The method in psychology is referred to as instructing your subconscious. { Read 'Psychosynthesis' by Dr. Roberto Assagiloi for further illumination of the benefits and suggested method}.

3. You can enter this state of extra sensory perception for any amount of time - however it is recommended that you limit yourself to one to five minutes to begin with.

4. The method is simple, so simple that many will at first not believe that they have achieved the self-trance state . It is easily provable but the directions that follow MUST be carried out in detail.

You will require absolute isolation and ensure that no interruptions are possible; a comfortable chair and sufficient warmth so as not to feel cold. Ensure the maximum possible silence. Have your affinite focus at a comfortable level.

1. For the first few minutes prior to sitting do your breathing, colour and intoning exercises. You may care to have soft, slow and somewhat repetitive music playing. The Gregorian Chants are ideal.

2. When you feel that you have sufficiently prepared, sit down in your chair and fix your gaze upon your selected focus.

3. Having achieved for yourself the right mood for this exploration, issue precise instructions that you will enter into semi-trance and experience higher perception

a} that your immersion into this superconscious state shall last for one minute earth time {this shall be sufficient for your first foray, and you will be surprised what can be experienced}

b} that at the expiry of one minute you will return to normal consciousness but with recollection of what you have experienced.

4. Now give yourself to meditation, Some mantra like - "The truth is within ourselves" or the 23rd psalm, or similar verses may prove useful.

a} Keep you gaze on your 'focus'

b} breathe in and out in slow rhythm. Count your breaths, breathing 'in' to the even numbers and 'out' to the odd numbers. It is essential to make and keep a steady flow with each breath, in or out, at the same length. You should aim at one to ten, the first breath being out and 'cleansing the instrument'.

5. Somewhere along the route your eyelids will start to feel heavy and close. Surrender to this - after all it is what you do every night in sleep. It is the Self's way of shutting out the five-sense perceptions; it will remove them and replace them by higher vehicle perceptions.

6. No one can say what you will experience - usually at first colour healing for your tired self and later perhaps for others. Some see other people and scenes known in this life or a previous one. When you awake, you will find that you doubt whether or not you have actually been in a trance at all. This is excellent, because next time we do the semi-trance we will prove it to ourselves. For beginners however, as in most things, practice moderation. A trance every third day is sufficient, and for one minute only. As you achieve proficiency you may work much longer.

7. For succeeding sessions ask for some specific question to be solved or for some specific experience. So when you give instructions, ask your question - out loud of course as with all instructions, and repeat it in rhythm to the breathing. As you progress, you will find your own developments.

After you have practised this exercise with devoutness and moderation for some time, you will find you have a 'Shangri-La' of your own, and moreover, like its namesake, the treasures it brings will appear to be inexhaustible.

EXERCISE TWENTY NINE: Semi-Trance {Self Hypnosis} - Stage 2

Meditation is an individual state transcending the confines of personality. Let us give some negative definitions. It is NOT the following:-

1. Concentration, for a while this is an essential preliminary to all occult knowledge, it is only a 'preliminary', although it is the gateway to all power.

2. Visualisation, for this is a step nearer, in that it not only teaches how to concentrate, but how to enter into the inner meanings of such concentration.

Review exercise 24 on the Tulpa - both of these are exercises of the lower vehicles, not spiritual illuminations which one is seeking in true meditation.

3. Prayer is not meditation, though this is a more controversial statement, for undoubtedly many who really pray reach the heights of the Buddhic and link with the Oversoul. Prayers of asking or those that are in any way personality-based cannot achieve this, but the prayer of surrender or adoration undoubtedly has so done.

Meditation gives you a new power and a new horizon; it moves into the higher triad and forgets personality.

In the words of Plotinus, the third century Roman Neoplatonic philosopher:

"Many times it has happened; lifted out of the body into my Self; becoming external to all other things and Self centred; beholding a marvellous beauty; then, more than ever, assured of a community with the loftiest order; enacting the noblest life; acquiring identity with the divine - stationing within it by having attained that activity poised above whatsoever in the intellectual is less than the Supreme". (Plotinus' Six Enneads can be downloaded from Spirit Web )

The oldest wisdom in the world tells us that we can consciously unite with the Divine whilst in this earthly body, for this is man really born. If he 'misses' his destiny, nature is in no hurry; she will catch up with him some day and compel him to fulfil her secret purpose.

Occult meditation is at a still higher Spiritual stage. It is the 'Third Heaven' of which St Paul spoke, {The third "Logos" of the Hindu} and beyond the elementary stages of this work.

For the ascent to meditation, it is only the 'I' that can teach, a Master or guru can only assist and guide.

Perform all of the preliminaries that you know and then - be ready to hear.

As occultists we believe that man is a Divine Spark and that truth is within ourselves; we have no need to search for it; only to clear away the veils and to perceive it. As stated previously, the level of perception that you attain is dependant upon the level of Spiritual evolution that you have attained.

Whatever the level of attainment, you will know the Spiritual Wisdom, which will remove the fear of physical death, any doubt of your divine potentiality, any mistaking of Man's real mission on earth.

If you have well practised exercise 28 then you will probably have had several instances where you were 'seeing' through another vehicle of consciousness than the eye. We will now proceed further with this exploration into the heights of our 'Self'.

You are in fact trying to link with the vibrations of your highest attained level and to experience life at that level. Most, by now, will have attained the sublimity and use of the higher Mental vehicle, some few the Buddhic.

In performing the exercises it may have happened that a direct 'ORDER' has come to you from the Oversoul. A classic example of such guidance is Socrates and his 'daemon'. {Minnie Theobold in her book 'Three Levels of Consciousness calls these 'orders' imperatives, which come with all the definiteness of a command}. While these imperatives come unbidden from your Oversoul, you can facilitate such experiences {and others} by practice.

As we have already learned, the physical has traces of the higher vibratory levels through which the self has passed on the 'fall' to incarnation in the physico-etheric. You are now on the path to establishing linkage between those traces and the actual vehicle which is your 'Self' in those higher vibrations.

Man is a 'sum in arithmetic' and the physico-etheric is but one of the groups we have to add up to reach the true total of the Oversoul. This means we can utilise reciprocal vibrations, and through meditation, means leaving the lower triad to experience your heights - it is the domination of the Personality by the higher triad, the majestic Oversoul.

If you have had some success with exercise 28 {absolutely necessary prior to proceeding}, you will have found that your rhythmic breathing became more or less automatic; you probably forgot to count and certainly found that you were breathing steadily, more slowly {everyone has their own pace} and more deeply. We are now going to practise adding the power of sound to the rhythm and breathing.

All teaching emphasises the power of sound {or 'the Word' as the Bible calls it} and you will appreciate that each vehicle of your 'self' will respond slightly differently to the use of sound. In your later studies you will discover that everyone has a 'key note', and most of us find this without tuition. Sound is of course vibration. The use of "Words of Power" runs through every religion and all occult societies. The repetitive prayer, the litany, ritualistic intonings are all based upon this knowledge.

At this stage you must choose your own 'Word of Power' . Choose a single word which symbolises for you all your effort {eg Harmony, Love, Service or one of a thousand others}. Having chosen your word, think what it means. Say it, and analyse it and its manifold significances. Understand your word in the deepest sense. You are then ready to undertake this exercise.

1. Usual preliminaries, which you should now be utilising automatically.

2. Flood your Sanctum with colour and repeat the word you have chosen loudly and sonorously. As you do so, try to take a cloud of your colour to your higher chakras - pineal, pituitary and thyroid.

3. Now repeat the rhythmic breathing from exercise 28 and on the exhale mentally repeat your word. At first you will observe no evident result because you are aligning your subconscious to your Oversoul.

4. Soon you will find a 'habit track' and there will be no need for the breathing or the repetition of your word. You will have entered into the silence.

5. Your line of vision has changed; you will now be looking at things from the upper viewpoint of the Oversoul. Your perception is now in reflex from your five-sense earth consciousness. Whatever happens, you will experience euphoria, 'wisdom' and certainty.

Do these exercises at least twice a day, and within weeks you will have achieved the certainty known as 'the Islands of Bliss'.

EXERCISE THIRTY: Semi Trance Stage 3 - Dissociation

In this last lesson of this elementary work, we will review the teachings as follows:

1. There is a clear choice for all men to make. We may accept that life finishes with the physical and that there is no purpose behind it - that we are in fact 'accidents' of an accident. On the other hand, we may accept that there is a purpose in the Universe, and Man is indeed a mortal God, for he has a spark of divinity within him that owes no homage to the Sun.

2. If there is a purpose, then the path must be an evolutionary one. In material affairs this is taken for granted, but when it comes to consciousness, to the sign-manual that raises man above beasts, we tend to ignore evolution:

a} Throughout time there has been a tendency in evolution in matter to become increasingly complex in its organisation.

b} With increase in material complexity there is a corresponding rise in consciousness. In fact Man's physical evolution appears to have reached a stage of 'completion', and it is in the consciousness, in the evolution of the Soul/Mind that Man may expect further advances.

3. Such Life Force as enters into the physico-etheric shows this constant urge towards 'more' consciousness. The building blocks of prana are vitalised by the electromagnetic forces Of fohat, their functions are determined by the vibratory rate. These vibratory rates are divided into groups - the Law of the Octaves.

4. Man in his fall to incarnation as a physico-etheric entity has passed through these higher states of vibration and creates vehicles suited to each Octave. Man's fall from the 'Paradise' of the Oversoul to the physico-etheric creates:

a} Vehicles capable of utilising the rates of higher vibration

b} Traces of these vehicles reside with the incarnating entity and are brought to the physical vehicle, so that Man can, while in the physical, experience reciprocal vibrations which manifest as latent powers.

5. In order to experience such latent powers, two things are necessary:

a} We have to overcome the barriers that we have built for ourselves -open our minds.

b} We have to develop these latent facilities by practice. Learning how to alter our vibrations, how to focus our attention away from the earth environment, to seek the Silence for those higher manifestations of our true selves.

6. The thirty steps outlined in this work have been culled from the experience, teachings and writings of many sages who have practised and understood the Ancient Wisdom. They are here recapitulated for your consideration. Each person who enters onto the path becomes both teacher and scholar; both exponent and novitiate. It is probable that science and occultism will continue move toward each other, and the near future will see the Ancient Wisdom 'dressed' in new scientific theory {examine the 'Mandelbrot Set' the mathematical equation of fractals in space currently in the scientific eye and you will see the 'thumb-print' of God - the beginnings of the understanding of the elusive Ether of old}.

7. The beginning of all power has been laid out in these thirty steps: correct breathing; the understanding of vibration; the ability to concentrate rhythmically and the entry into the wonderland that is meditation. The rest is practice -consistency and dedication, which can only come from the individuals desire to achieve.

Do not expect to have every power - as explained earlier, you will have capabilities within according to your ray. Some will come to you easily, others will come with knowledge and continued practise.

This exercise is intended to introduce you to an extension of meditatory power which has been given may names over time but we will call Astral Projection. Some basic precepts and realisations are necessary prior to this exercise :

1. Full understanding that where your consciousness lies, there will be your 'seeing'. Whenever you concentrate properly, you become oblivious to your physical surroundings. {Consider what happens when you concentrate on a piece of music or a good book to the exclusion of all else} Perception is where you focus your attention.

2. Whatever vehicle you reach in your exercises, your Oversoul is in complete control.

3. Keep a record book of your experiences. Be absolutely honest with yourself.

4. Privacy for your working is absolutely essential, as are your preliminaries. It may prove easier to use the pranic breath as described in exercise six as the more that the room is charged the easier it will be for you to reach the correct vibrations. Do this for about 15 minutes.

5. Lie down naked, with your arms at the sides of your body, palms outwards and fingers stretched out and separate.

6. Now move your consciousness away from your surroundings. Stare fixedly at some place on the ceiling and slowly close your eyes. You will feel some result -known to the Yogi as 'the tickling of the ant'.

It is recommended that you practice this for several nights until you are sure of the procedure and have felt the sensation at the root of the nose. Breathe as slowly and rhythmically as possible. On the night when you feel secure in this knowledge, proceed as follows:

7. Slowly raise your arms and your consciousness of 'the tickling of the ant' together, so that you are making a triangle of force. Keep the fingers extended. The three must move up as though you were ascending in a slowly moving lift - you may even feel the tremor that affect some people when airborne.

8. Proceed until you feel that you have reached your limit on this occasion. Lower your arms slowly and at the same time open your eyes in rhythm with this.

It is a good idea to record any sensations that you have felt including how high you believe you reached.

9. On the following night, proceed as before, but you will now find that you can raise a little higher. It is essential that you keep the etheric triangle intact -ie. hands and ant all on the same plane. Go as high as you can and then slowly lower all forces.

Record your experience in your record book.

10. After at least twelve nights of consecutive practice {a broken night makes it necessary to begin at the start} and having attained the highest you can reach, think of yourself as being on the plane you have reached and look down at your body. Remember that in the Astral, you can see all around you like a fly.

11. Continue the exercise until you have achieved this, perhaps after 20 consecutive evenings of work.

The usual reaction is to panic and dive back into the physical, which is pulling you back out of the sheer habit-track that men call 'normality'. Once you have achieved of course, you can do it again {not necessarily on the next try}, but now you know that it is safe, so it will become easier.

As usual record your experience in your record book.

12. Before you begin the next time, impress upon your subconscious {speaking aloud but very slowly} :

a} That when the experience occurs, you will return to your physical within 40 seconds, but very gradually so that you will not 'slam' into the physico-etheric which can leave your body actually feeling bruised. If done properly you will feel a euphoria that can last for many hours.

b} That when you look down at your physical, you shall move away from the plane reached, where your Astral is supported by the hands {etheric} and the ant {mental} and stand at the foot of your body.

Having given these instructions to your unconscious slowly and authoritatively, follow with procedures 1 through 8. Never force. Make haste slowly. Your are trying to create a 'soul habit' as opposed to an earthly one.

Do not attempt at this early stage of 'astral locomotion' to go out of your own magnetised area {your room}, but keep practising the exercises until you feel compelled or instructed to do so by your Oversoul.

You will not find success until you have convinced your unconscious mind that the precepts of this work is right; it will take some time to overcome the years of training to accept the earth barriers that your unconscious has been subjected to. Remember - the theory is more important than the exercises in overcoming these barriers, the philosophy more important than the signs and wonders .

If you fail to achieve, then start again, you will find that it comes more easily to you the second time around, but your efforts must be wholehearted.

Further Methods of Inducing Astral Projection

{Out of Body Experiences}

Altering the centre of perception to that of 'seeing' from outside one's physical body may be induced by several methods.

In stage 1 of our work, we acheived this by the mind's will through the traditional methods of grounding and centering in meditation and visualisation, but there are a number of other techniques widely recognised and practised among occult researchers and parapsychologists of the various universities.

Imagery Techniques

It is possible to use imagery alone but this requires considerable skill

i. Lie on your back comfortably and relax. Imagine you are floating off the bed. Hold that position for some time until you lose all sensation of touching whatever your physical body is laying upon. Once this state is acheived, move slowly into an upright position and begin to travel away from your body and around the room. Pay attention to the objects and details of the room. Only when you have gained some proficiency of this should you attempt to turn around and look at your own body. This technique is slow to develop, but should be easy for one who has successfully completed stage 1 as mentioned above.

ii. In any comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine that there is a duplicate of yourself standing in front of you. You will find it hard to imagine your own face, and if so, should start by imagining it's back to you. Observerve all details of it's posture, dress (if any} and so on. As this double becomes more solid and real in the imagination, you may experience some uncertainty about your physical position. You can encourage this with empathy by asking such questions of yourself as "Where am I"; "Who am I " etc. Once the double is a clear image you should then be able to project you consciousness into it. Again each stage may take some months to develop.

Inducing a Motivator to Leave the Body

In this method, you are basically 'tricking' yourself into going out of body. It is suggested that if the subconscious desires strongly enough it will try to provoke the body into moving to get it. If the body is immobile as in sleep for instance, the the Astral Body may move instead. Use the natural desire of thirst as the motivator. Refrain from drinking for some hours before retiring. During the day increase your thirst by looking at a glass of water and imagining yourself drinking it, but then being deprived of it. Before retiring, have an eighth teaspoon of salt. Place the glass of water some distance from your bed and retire. Imagine all you have to do to get the water - throw the covers back, get out of bed, walk to the water, bend to pick it up, pick it up and drink. Relax. Slow your breathing and heart rate and then try to sleep. This will bring about the desired OBE, but it is not very pleasant.

Ophiel's 'Little System'

The suggestion in this method is to pick a familiar route between two rooms and that you memorise every detail. Choose at least six points along the route, and spend some time at each memorising specific details. Symbols, scents etc. associated with each point can reinforce the image. Once committed to memory, lie down and relax. Try to project to point one. You should be able to project along each point and back again. In time you can then project beyond.

The Christos Technique

The subject lies down in a warm and darkened room. One 'helper' firmly, even roughly massages the subject's feet and ankles, while another helper takes his head and places the soft part of his clenched fist on the subject's forehead and vigourously rubs it for several minutes. This should make the subject's head buzz and hum, and soon disorientation should set in, his feet may tingle and their body may feel light or such.

At this point the imagery exercises should begin. Imagine the feet stretching out and becoming longer -just by an inch or so. When this is acheived, let them go back to normal and do the same with the head. When this can alternately be done successfully, try stretching to two feet. After this try stretching to fill the room and then the neighbourhood.

Now imagine that you are outside your own front door and observe the detail around you and describe it.

Finally, ask the subject to fly off wherever they will and describe the journey and place of destination in detail. At this point lucidity is remarkably vivid. The subject will usually return under their own will, but can always be guided by their 'silver cord' should extreme disorienation occur whilst in the Astral.

Provided that you follow the precepts, read other works to absorb more knowledge, approach the exercises in a thorough and diligent manner you can not fail to achieve.

When you have achieved, then this work has fulfilled its purpose - you are at the entrance to a gateway beyond earthly imagination, these are but the first steps on a path that will lead you to untold fulfilment.

You will understand that physical death is nothing but the transference of yourself to other vehicles of perception; that your higher vehicles are now in touch with the earth body and that you have moved towards true integration, towards the Oversoul and Unity - humanity's ultimate destination.

In all the world, there are only two types of people - those who know, and those who don't.

Most importantly, you will know.

"From the unreal, Lead me to the real

From darkness, Lead me to Light

From death, Lead me to immortality"

Annie Besant

May God speed you on your journey.


Suggested Reading:-

Astral Doorways

JH Brennan

Aquarian Press

Developing Your Latent Powers

Frederick Gould

Robert B. Luce Co Inc

Dream Telepathy

-Experiments in Nocturnal ESP

Montague Ullman M.D. Stanley Krippner Ph.D.

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The Ancient Wisdom

Annie Besant

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The Hidden Power

Brian Ingliss

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The Study and Practice of Astral Projection

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The Aquarian Press

With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet

Alexandra David-Neale



Whilst every effort has been made to include words and terms that the reader may be unfamiliar with and has not been explained within the text, it is beyond the scope of this work to include a 'complete' dictionary of the occult. The reader is encouraged to seek information for themselves and your local library or the internet are sources of inexhaustible knowledge in this context.


Definition / Conceptual Idea


A fifth initiate who has achieved union with the Third Logos and utilises the Spiritual Aspects of ‘psychic ability’ in waking consciousness.


The underlying energetic medium, the ether, that permeates all dimensions.

Akashic Pulse Episode

A regular cosmic interdimensional event, the frequency of which is unknown at this time. It begins with the Astral Wind collecting the projected doubles of all conscious beings in the universe, including those of sleepers, and transporting them to the highest dimensional level for adjustment by the Source, according to Karmic law. This event ends when the Akashic Pulse returns everyone back to their physical bodies, all then containing new or updated consciousness seeds. Also see: Akasha, Akashic Pulse, Astral Wind, Akashic Records, Karma, Karmic Law, Universal Law, The Source, Consciousness Seeds.

Akashic Pulse

The cosmic outpouring of The Source, during an Akashic Pulse Episode. Also see: The Source, Akasha, Astral Wind, Akashic Records, Akashic Pulse Episode, Consciousness Seeds.

Akashic Record

The Memory of Nature reflected in the Akashic or prime root element of the various planes of consciousness/existence. Generally held to be a ‘layer’ overlapping the Etheric and the Astral Plane; It is regarded as the Racial or Genetic Memory of Man. Also called the ‘Species Field’ in modern parapsychological terms.

Carl Gustov Jung’s "World of the Archetype".

Akashic Records

An infinite, never-ending, interdimensional, energetic echo field, containing perpetual echo's generated by each and every act of consciousness, in energetic form. Levels of The Akashic Records can be accessed and perceived (viewed) in various ways during an OBE, with the most common being the traditional 'library' scenario. While The Akashic Records are generally considered to be a structured esoteric repository of all knowledge, they are (according to the author) a natural, life-related, interdimensional phenomenon, an energetic medium that can be 'accessed' and 'perceived' in an 'apparently' structured way. I.E., as containing detailed records of all past events; plus future probabilities generated by these, that can be perceived as 'viewable' events. Past and future events can even be experienced 'first-hand' during an OBE, with the projector entering a record/vision and becoming an invisible spectator. Also see: Akasha, Akashic Pulse, Astral Wind, Akashic Records, Karma, Karmic Law, Universal Law, The Source, Consciousness Seeds.


From, of, or related to Akasha.


Arabic. The search for the Mysterium Magnum, the Universal Solvent, Elixir of Life, and the transmutation of base metals into gold. The forerunner of modern chemistry. Aligned to magick and astrology in it’s principles.

Angle of Perception

In the context of this book, meaning the way in which a projector perceives the out-of-body environment during an OBE, with this being particularly affected by their energetic makeup at the time. Also see: Energetic Makeup.

Anima Mundi

Soul of the World - The Life Principle that pervades all -Nature personified. The 'Web of Life' or the Etheric energy matrix. The source or root of the elementals


Visual manifestation of something not ordinarilly visible in normal or waking consciousness. Commonly referred to as a ghost.


The physical manifestation of material objects by occult means. Thought to be an advanced form of teleportation.


An angel, or heavenly being, of higher ‘rank’ than angels. In Jewish and Christian literature, the four best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In Islam, it is believed that four archangels guard the throne of Allah. According to Christian tradition, archangels belong to the eighth of nine ‘choirs’ of angels. Arranged according to their importance, in descending order, these choirs are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.


Postulated by Carl Gustov Jung as being the primordial mental image inherited by all individuals. Genetic or racial memory exhibiting a common recurrent symbol. A pattern or model.


Affinite posture for the purposes of contemplation, meditation etc. Usually either Yogic {Indian} or Egyptian.

Astral Body:

The energetic vehicle (or projected double) used to travel within the astral planes. Also see: Real Time Body.

Astral Feedback:

Telepathic feedback between the physical/etheric body and its projected double. Also see: Energetic Conflicts, Complications Of Consciousness, Mind-Split, Mind-Split Effects.

Astral Momentum:

The tendency of the projected double to continue moving after the mental/awareness action used to cause its movement it has ceased. Also see: Awareness Momentum.

Astral Noise:

A harmless but often disturbing phenomenon. This is best described as being an auditory hallucination, where a projector hears loud noises and even voices around them, during the prelude to an OBE exit. Also see: Astral Sight, Astral Wildlife, Elementals, Dweller On The Threshold.

Astral Plane

The plane of existence directly 'above or 'within' the etheric. In other systems of magick often referred to as the Akashic Record or The Treasure House of Images { The racial memory}

Astral Plane Entrance Structure:

A perception-based entrance structure, through which the internal parts of an astral plane can be entered. There are three main types: Tube-Type, Plane-Type and Tunnel-of-Light-Type. Which type is perceived by a projector during an OBE, is greatly affected by their energetic makeup at the time of their projection. Also see: Astral Plane Surface Skin, Energetic Makeup, Angle Of Perception.

Astral Plane Surface Skin:

The surface skin of an astral plane. This is an infinite, two dimensional, grid-lined structure. Its surface is divided into neat squares, with each square having a base color and an elaborate centerpiece pattern, repeated endlessly in every other square. Also see: Astral Plane Entrance Structure, Energetic Makeup, Angle Of Perception, Astral Planes.

Astral Planes:

The structured part of the astral dimension, which is reputedly divided into seven distinct levels (commonly called astral planes) with each of these containing many sub-levels and parts. Also see: Astral Realms & Kingdoms, Astral Sub-Planes, Astral Entrance Structure.

Astral Projection:

An OBE, where the projector enters and operates within the astral dimension, or astral planes. Also see: Real Time Projection, Astral Planes, OBE.

Astral Realms & Kingdoms:

Distinct internal parts of the astral planes, with each having a set environment and theme. Varying greatly in size, from that of a small country village to an entire world or larger, these are sometimes inhabited by astral beings of varying intelligence.

Astral Sight:

The visual sensory ability of the projected double during an OBE. Also used to describe an ability of the physical body to see into the astral dimension; which is a type of clairvoyance. This ability is often experienced by projectors during the prelude to an OBE, or during projection attempts where no actual exit is achieved. Also see: Astral Noise.

Astral Sub-Planes:

Internal levels and parts contained within a single astral plane.

Astral Wildlife:

Any energetic being or inhabitant of the lower astral planes, having a low order of intelligence. These beings are harmless to projectors, although many types have a mischievous, animalistic or negative disposition. Their power is limited to inducing fear in projectors, through various types of illusion, trickery and deception. Although best thought of as a rarity, these beings are occasionally found in the real time zone - mainly during the night, as they seem to avoid daylight.

Astral Wind:

A phenomenon occasionally experienced by frequent projectors, where a strong wind-like force blows the projector up through the dimensional spectrum to The Great Center. Also see: Akashic Pulse, Akashic Pulse Episode, The Source.


The field of vital electromagnetic energy that permeates all and emanates from every living thing. The 'visible' vital spark of the etheric life force.

Automatic writing

Writing, art-work, or other creative material produced whilst in an altered or trance like state. The work does not reflect the organisation or psychology of the conscious mind of the subject.

Awareness Hands:

Focal points of bodily awareness, used to manipulate and stimulate the etheric body and its energy centers. Also used for trance and OBE exit techniques. Also see: Mobile Bodily Awareness, Tactile Imaging.

Awareness Momentum:

The nature of a bodily awareness action to continue on its own accord for some time after the deliberate awareness action that caused it has been ceased. Also see: Astral Momentum, Awareness Hands.

Awareness Resistance Factor:

The resistance that is felt when Awareness Hands are moved too rapidly through the substance of the energy body. Also see: Awareness Hands, Bounce Action.


The ability to project the seat of consciousness to a thought form in another location -A form of Astral Projection in the lower sphere of the physico-etheric.


Heb. Feminine. Understanding/Insight.

The third person of the Kabalistic Trinity


A construction based on 'Energetic' relating in particular to energetic (energy) functions and manifestations of the human energy body that affect, are affected by, or are related to the biological functions of the physical body: I.E., raising energy causes energy movement that is felt as a physical sensation, resulting from 'Bio-Energetic' stimulation of nerve endings within the physical body. Also, Bio-Energetic conflicts, Bio-Energetic stimulation, Bio-Energetic development, et cetera. Also see: Energetic, Energetically, Pure-Energetic, Energy Movement Sensations.

Blue Light

Another name for the etheric plane. Hence etheric


Bodily Awareness:

The sense of physical body awareness, the tactile sense of touch and feel, and the awareness of space occupied by the physical body. Also see: Awareness Hands, Mobile Bodily Awareness, Tactile Imaging.

Body of Light

A thought form constructed by an adept or master to which the seat of perceptive consciousness is transferred to allow 'travel' through and perception and interaction with the inner planes of existence or consciousness.

Bounce Action:

Where a point of bodily awareness is moved rapidly through the physical/etheric body to cause widespread stimulation in the etheric body. Also see: Awareness Resistance Factor.

Breath Awareness:

Similar to an old Zen technique, where the breathing action is focused upon. Breath Awareness is used to empty the mind and hold it clear for extended periods of time, for meditation, trance work and astral projection.

Brow Center:

A primary energy center (or major Chakra) situated in the brow, between the eyes. Also called The Third Eye. Also see: Primary Energy Centers, Chakras.

Buffer Zone:

An in-between area, or zone, dividing two distinct dimensional levels.

Cabala (see also Kabbalah and Qabbalah)

Defines the system of practices based upon Roman Catholic Cathlocism and primarily utilizes Latin and the New Testament, though this system can be expanded to include the Old Testament and Hebrew if using the same principles and base assumptions


A force centre in the vital-etheric or subtler vehicles - corresponding to the Endocrine System of the human body in the physical.


Eastern term, also called Psychic Center, Energy Center, or Primary Energy Center.


Winged celestial beings similar to angels. In ancient Hebrew thought, angels themselves are anthropomorphic, or humanlike, while the cherubim have wings and are zoomorphic, or animal-like. In the developed system of Hebrew angelology, however, the cherubim form one of the nine classes of angels.

God placed cherubim at the east side of Eden to prevent human beings from reentering the garden and gaining access to the tree of life (see Genesis 3:24). Cherubim also support or function as God's throne or chariot (see Psalms 80:1; 18:10). Ezekiel's fantastic and detailed descriptions of the cherubim (see Ezekiel 1:4-28; 10:3-22), however idiosyncratic, are largely responsible for their entry into the history of art. Seraphim, mentioned only in Isaiah 6, are similar creatures.


Heb. Masculine -The male wisdom

Second person of the Kabalistic Trinity


Faculty of perceiving as if by hearing what is normally physically inaudible by attuning the Mind to the Akashic or Species Field.


The ability of remote perception of objects or events by attuning the Mind to the Akashic or Species Field.


An irritating, tickling, sometimes slightly-stinging, energy-movement sensation, that feels like cobwebs or tiny insects are touching the surface of the skin. Often felt during the trance state, this is most commonly felt in the facial area, although it can occur anywhere on the physical body. This is caused by energy movement through and over the skin of the physical body, which can over-stimulate nerves in the skin, causing mild irritation. Also see: Energy Movement Sensations, Vibrations.

Collective Unconscious

The deeper levels of consciousness or sub-conscious Mind of all individuals which overlap and create a ‘store’ of archetypes and basic life patterns, giving rise to "Morphic Resonance". Also known to parapsychologists as the Species Field.

Complications Of Consciousness:

Complications and conflicts caused by a nonphysical spirit incarnating in a biological being. Also see: Mind-Split, Mind-split Effects, Energetic Conflicts, Astral Feedback.

Consciousness Seeds:

Influential droplets of energy, or seeds, deposited into the physical/etheric body after an Akashic Pulse episode. These set the relative strengths and weaknesses of the complex attractions and repulsions, that govern the actions of Universal Law, as set by Karmic Law. Also see: Akashic Records, Astral Wind, Akashic Pulse, Akashic Pulse Episode.


Latin. To mark out a temple wherein one could survey or envision the inner worlds in time and space -The fourth mental process in which an object is envisioned with the stilled mind. -To view all the alternateive paths and realities as the result of one action in Karmic effect evaluation.


Those symbolic interelationships in Nature, which combined are used as affirmations of belief or intent in ritual and ceremonial magick.

The correspondences, being attuned to distinctive energy vibrations in the matrix, are thus contrived by the magician to attract, channel and direct such energies as may be called into manifestation.

Cosmic Mind

The Great Consciousness of the Collective Unconscious of the Cosmos


Process whereby the Mind retains everything it has come into contact with and stores that information in compartmentalised fashion. Information is storeed in the conscious Mind or else somewhere in the sub-conscious or unconscious Mind.

Dagda, the

Celtic. Older God. Means ‘good god’. Consort of the Mother Goddess and father of the Celtic Nations and the Celtic pantheon of gods, he was known to his people as Ruad-Ro-Fhessa or "Lord of Great Knowledge". He owned and commanded the magick cauldron of virility and plenty which later became one of Merlin’s ‘Treasures of Britain’ in the Arthurian legends.


In studying the Ancient Wisdom, it is usual to formally undertake a 'one year and one day's study' of the principles and to decide which path or tradition the individual wishes to pursue


A type of precognitive experience, a feeling of inner knowing, of having seen, done or experienced something before an actual event. This phenomenon is (according to the author) a common side-effect of Akashic Pulse Episodes. Also see: Akashic Pulse Episode.


A Sunwise movement. When casting or opening the circle the movement is deosil. Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere


The art of using and sensing the vibratory rate of a forked yew twig in response to the presence of underground metal ores.


The art of using and sensing the vibratory rate of a forked hazel twig in response to the presence of underground water.


The ability to utilise the natural altered state of consciousness attained in the dream state to attune to the higher realms and by a method of prescript {or auto-suggestion}, affect the sub-conscious of oneself or another party. It is also the art of Oneiromancy, that is, interpreting the symbolism represented in a dream for evidence of precognition and analysising the sub-conscious self in terms of present psychology of the individual.


Dreaming is an internal mental process of the physical body, that normally occurs after it has fallen asleep. While the author classifies dreaming as an internal mental process, dreams take place in another set of dimensions, dream dimensions, which are no less real than any other dimension, i.e., The Astral Dimension. Lucid Dreams also take place in dream dimensions.


The sensation of realizing you are existing in two separate bodies, the physical body and its projected double, during an OBE. Duality is caused by the mind-split effect, and is usually only realized when perceptions are received from both bodies simultaneously. I.E., a projector is operating at a remote location from their physical body, but are still aware of some sensory input, usually sounds and tactile senses, coming from their physical body. The center of consciousness will also often flicker back and forth, between the physical and its projected double during an OBE. Also see: Mind-Split, Mind-Split Effects, Remote Eye.

Dweller On The Threshold:

A harmless but disturbing (often frightening) manifestation, where a projector is confronted by a dark, threatening being, immediately after they exit their physical body during an OBE. Also see: Elementals, Astral Noise, Astral Wildlife.


Primitive spirits evolving in the hierarchies of: Earth or North {= Gnomes}; Water or West {= Undines}; Fire or South {= Salamanders}; Air or East {= Sylphs or Sprites}; Aether or Above{= Spirit}; and according to tradition, two other elements corresponding with the directions of below and within, Refer to Correspondences.


Harmless beings with little power and very low intelligence. Often having a monkey-like appearance and mischievous nature, these beings seem to delight in frightening and tormenting novice projectors, through trickery and illusion, especially during their first few conscious exit projections. Also see: Dweller On The Threshold, Astral Noise, Astral Wildlife.

Emotive Energy

Equivalent of kinetic energy in waking consciousness and is equated with the life field or etheric double in the higher states, which can be manifested in the physical or normal reality


Sometimes known as -Telempathy

Thought to be a form of telepathy where the stronger feelings and emotions are perceived or ‘received’ from a subject via a non-physical medium.

Energetic Angle of Perception:

See: Angle of perception.

Energetic Conflicts:

In the context of this book, meaning any energetic, empathic or telepathic conflicts between the physical/etheric body, and its projected double. Also meaning the energetic conflicts caused by the presence of awake consciousness, during a fully conscious OBE exit. Energetic conflicts are responsible for heavy exit sensations, i.e., rapid heartbeat, heavy vibrations, throbbing, pressure and adrenalin-like body rushes, often experienced by novice projectors during early OBE's. Also see: Complications Of Consciousness, Astral Feedback, Exit Sensations.

Energetic Makeup:

The energetic quality, value and relative strength of a projected double. This is strongly affected by the active configuration of the primary energy centers (or major Chakras) during an OBE. This sets the capabilities of a projected double. It also limits its level of operations to dimensional levels in tune with its energetic value at that time. Also see: Angle Of Perception.





Extensively used throughout this book. With no viable option the dictionary meaning of this word is 'bent' to cover energy (Energetic) manifestation of the human energy body, and of its various subtle bodies, including its projected double: I.E., Energetic value, Energetic activity, Energetic aspect, Energetic function, et cetera. Also see: Energetically, Bio-Energetic, Pure-Energetic, Etheric Body.

An extension of 'Energetic', relating to any type of energetic (energy) manifestation, sensation, affect or effect: I.E., Energetically speaking, Energetically sound, Energetically based, Energetically sensed, Energetically experienced, et cetera. Also see: Energetic, Bio-Energetic, Pure-Energetic.

Energy Body:

See Etheric body.

Energy Movement Sensations:

As energy is generated, transformed, accumulated, and moved about the physical/etheric body, nerves within the physical body often become over-stimulated. This causes a variety of tingling, buzzing, throbbing, pulsing and fluttering sensations, often felt as sweeping through the physical body in waves, or as whole body adrenalin-like rushes. Also see: Vibrations, Cobwebs.


The ability to produce an effect similar to hypnosis, but stronger in influence, by direct manipulation of an entity's aura. See Prescript.


To give an object {e.g. a talisman or charm} or thought form enough vital energy {vitalisation} to act independantly within the frame of a given 'programme' for a time.


Held to be the oldest of Gods. The third person of the Trinity. He is represented by the South and the element of Fire. In later millenia, this God degenerated into the child deity Cupid - son of the Godess.

Etheric Body:

The subtle body most closely associated with and enmeshed within the physical body. Also often called the energy body, etheric sheath, vitality sheath, vitality body, or perispirit. The etheric body can also be said to be the essential glue-like substance, that binds an incarnating spirit to the flesh of their physical body. Parts of the etheric body can be seen with clairvoyance (or auric sight) as extending an inch or so out from the physical body, as a band of pale-blue or off-white mist. Also see: Etheric Matter.

Etheric Double

The true being or vital essence of a person; the electromagnetic structure that holds body and Mind together and that is the actual seat of consciousness {Soul}.

Etheric Matter:

The nonphysical energetic substance of the energy body (or etheric body). This can be caused to exist in a variety of different forms, and is best thought of as being something similar to ectoplasm, but is generally invisible to the naked eye. This can be seen with clairvoyance or auric sight, and will also often inexplicably appear on photographs, as pale, indistinct, cloud-like shapes and figures. Also see: Etheric Body, Thought Forms.

Etheric Plane

The plane of existence directly 'above' the physical. With its 'magnetic' substance and currents, it permeates and interpenetrates the physical holding physical matter in an invisible matrix and is the true source of what we call life. The etheric plane is the root of the elementals, the source of natural forcees or energies, and the web that holds life to every living thing. {The Web of Life}

Etheric/Real-Time Double:

The base-level energetic vehicle (or subtle body) generated during a Near Death Experience (N.D.E.), after the physical body has become temporarily deceased. Also the state of existence experienced immediately after physical body death; which is usually within the real time zone. Also see: Real Time Zone, Real Time Body, Etheric Body, N.D.E.


To direct that which is within without. Use of the healing energies for example.

Exit Sensations:

The often heavy energy movement sensations, experienced during the exit phase of an OBE, i.e., rapid heartbeat, vibrations and pressure. Heavy exit sensations are often experienced by novice projectors during early projections. These always gradually ease, as experience and development are gained by a projector. Also see: Vibrations, Cobwebs, Energy Movement Sensations, Energetic Conflicts.


In the context of this book, often meaning 'The Exit' of the projectable double, as it leaves the confines of its physical body during an OBE or astral projection.


The ‘between’ lands inhabited by the Spirit beings or faeries of legend who are able to manifest in the physical due to the fact that just as humans have Spiritual qualities, they possess corporeal qualities.

Led by a ‘Queen’ and ‘King’ who hold power. Each race of Man ‘sees’ them in a form like unto it’s own. It is thought that they are manifesatations of elementals. Known variously throughout the ages as The Faie, The Fee, The Peri or The Sidhe and by many other names in various cultures.


An animal that has a Spiritual or psychic bond with a practitioner of magick - it may be a physical animal, an elemental, or an artificial elemental created for that purpose.

Flicker Technique:

A technique designed to help overcome OBE memory loss problems. An OBE re-entry technique, where consciousness is allowed to flicker between the sleep/awake state at a predetermined time. A brief window is thereby artificially created, by the flickering state, through which OBE memories can be downloaded into accessible levels of memory. Also See: Shadow Memory, Memory Download.


The constructive force of the Cosmic Mind.


Heb. Second in rank of the archangels and the messanger of God. One of the quaternary archangels, he is traditionally depicted as the Guardian of the Watchtower of the West and representing the element of Water when Michael is Fire and vice versa.


Mother Earth, spouse of Uranus. The first of the Creative Gods, who with Eros made up the first Trinity. The name also stands for the ecological principle of responsibility to the planet and it's denizens, in keeping with Hermetic beliefs represented by association with the Female North, the powers of Motheror generation, and of the element of Earth.


The practice of harmonising human activities with the Spirits of Nature and the landscape. eg. The Tao philosophy of Feng Shui. See also "Ley Lines"

Great Center:

Top level of dimensional spectrum. Also see: The Source.

Great Ones

'Spirits', once human but now discarnate, who exist on an unknowably high plane of existence - referred to in Eastern philosophy as the Buddhic, and who have dedicated themselves to the eventual enlightenment of all sentient beings. The Lords of Light.


The magician / trickster god of Ancient Celtic tradition


A Godess often identified with Diana. Presided over purification and atoning rites, giver of riches, honour, victory and fair voyages, protectress of new born babies. A Goddess of the witches of old. The Brython equivalent is Medb.

Hermetic Philosophy

Of Hermes Trismegistus; of alchemical thought. The name given by Neo-Platonists to the Egyptian god Thoth, who was regarded as the author of all mysterious doctrines and especially the secrets of alchemy. Hermetic writings are those writings of Hermetic belief written in the period 1B.C. to 2A.D. It is a doctrine of Universal connection in harmony between all things being both interrelated and interrsponsive.


One who has taken the first steps on the path to serving the Light and thereby all humanity

Inner-Body Projection:

The internal transfer of waking consciousness into the Etheric Body, as the trance state is entered. This also occurs while falling asleep. Also see: Trance State

Internal Dialogue:

Surface mind chatter caused by random thoughts, also called Monkey Mind. Also See: Surface Mind.


The immediate apprehension by the Mind without the process of reasoning the external factors, giving rise to immediate insight and understanding of those external factors or situation.


Words of power dedicated to a personification of the Natural energies and the bringing into manifestation in the physical of that which is without


Third person of the Egyptian Trinity. The Great Mother Goddess with Osiris and Horus


Person or thing which seemingly causes ‘bad luck’. Actually a ripple effect in the energy field of the Etheric or Species Field caused by negative thoughts or superstition. This ripple effect is carried over the interacting Life Fields and ‘received’ by others. May be thought of as a form of telepathy. Positive thinking and/or a banishing ritual can dispel this effect.


{Also 'Cabala}; 'Qabbalah'}

Heb. The Hidden Wisdom. The esoteric or mystic doctrine concerning God and the Universe, asserted to have come down as a revelation to the elect from a remote past and preserved by a privileged few.


The threefold Natural Law of Causation, Balance and Compensation by which every action gets a reaction; the actor becomes an attractor for a similar action. "Like begets Like". Or to use the vernacular -"What goes around; Comes around"


In the author's opinion, Karma is what is referred to as Sin in the Holy Bible. Karma is the accumulated influential force generated by all past acts of consciousness, positive and negative, of good and bad deeds. Through Karma, a spirit is enabled to obtain the real life experiences it requires to progress spiritually (through living experience), via multiple incarnations into the physical dimension. Karma allows a spirit to maintain a healthy spiritual balance, life after life, and helps avoid the possibility of soul corruption. Karma is not a process of reward and punishment. Karma provides spiritual harmony through a process of enforced spiritual balance. Also see: Karmic Law, and Universal Law.

Karmic Law:

For every act of consciousness performed by an individual, an equal and opposite reaction is generated, which is eventually inflicted upon them in turn by Karmic Law. This is aptly expressed by the popular sayings: 'What goes around comes around' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap'. Also see: Karma, Universal Law.


Heb.-The crown chakra.

Emanations of The First person of the Kabalistic Trinity


Kundalini is the traditional Eastern name for what is called: 'The Master Circuit' within this book. Kundalini is the strongest of all human bio-energetic circuits - the ultimate bio-energetic expression of being. When this is fully activated (when Kundalini rises), a powerful, internal, snakelike energy movement is felt, often accompanied by a painful burning sensation. This 'snake-like' force is felt as uncoiling three-and-a-half turns inside the physical body, in an upward and clockwise direction: hence the Eastern term often used to describe this profound energetic phenomenon: 'The Serpent Of Fire'.

Left Hand Path

The path of the magician with evil intent.

It is the charge of every Servant of the Light to be on guard and protect against such as these.


An abilty of psychokinesis, manifesting as the apparent 'defying' of the laws of gravity and floating in the Air by the power of the Mind's Will.

Ley Lines

{or simply Leys as the word ley in fact describes a straight line}

Term coined by the Englishman Alfred Watkins, an amatuer archeologist of the 1920’s in investigation of Ancient Monuments of Britain.

Natural ‘invisible’ network of lines of force as evidenced by terrestrial elecricity and magnetism. Many sites of ancient worship coincide with these distinctive focal points of psychic energies. In China they are known as the "Dragon Current" and geomancers are consulted prior to erection of a building or suchlike in order to determine if the earth's natural ‘current’ will be affected by the construction. The most favourable positions are generally points of intersecting lines. In Peru on the Nazca plains, lines have been physically drawn by the people into the landscape. In Tibet, men known as "long-gum-pas- runners" use the lines to run messages. They tap into force enabling them to maintain extraordinary speed, proceeding in leaps and bounds over incredible distances. It is said that the really advanced runner can glide through the air without their feet ever touching the ground.


Lilu, Lilit and Ardit Lilit were three Assyrian Storm Demons. Her character was changed from the "holy dame" of ancient Arabic lore and became the maleficent demon of Hebrew lore - the first wife of Adam by whom the half human demons of vampire legend were created. Commonly held as the Mother of Elementals.


The Three in One; The manifested Deity who speaks the Creative Word - The Undifferentiated Consciousness manifest.

Logos (Greek, "word," "reason," "ratio"), in ancient and especially in medieval philosophy and theology, the divine reason that acts as the ordering principle of the universe.The 6th-century BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus was the first to use the term Logos in a metaphysical sense. He asserted that the world is governed by a firelike Logos, a divine force that produces the order and pattern discernible in the flux of nature. He believed that this force is similar to human reason and that his own thought partook of the divine Logos.

Lucid Dream

Type of dream in which the dreamer retains a degree of consciousness and knows he is dreaming whilst still in the dream state.

Lucid Dream Projection:

A technique whereby a W.I.L.D. or Wake Induced Lucid Dream, can be achieved as an alternative to a full OBE exit.

Lucid Dream:

When a dreamer becomes aware, or wakes up inside a dream, they are said to be 'Lucid Dreaming'.


In Hermetic philosophy, and the principle of As Above; So Below, the Greater Universe, or everything that is in existence. The Yang aspect of microcosm.


Plural of Magus - Ancient Persian Priests and Wise Men, astrologers and workers of magick. {The three Wise Men of the East who sought the Christ child's birth- Caspar, Melchior and Balthazzar}. An initiate and adept of the forerunner of Zoroastianism. It is thought that the rise to power of the Magi brought about the defeat of the Old People or Faeries ending the battles of the two races, which enabled Man to acheive ‘civilisation’.


In its strict sense, a 'system' of magick is the set of ‘laws’ applicable to the channelling and directing of Natural energies/forces and attunement of the physical body to perceive and interact within the higher realms of consciousness, aimed at personal enlightenment through harmony with the natural Universe in all its planes and manifestations. This is also known as High Magick as opposed to the more mundane classes of low and middle or grey.

Memory Download:

In the context of this book, meaning the downloading of OBE memories into conscious and recallable memory storage levels, of the physical/etheric body/mind. Failed memory downloading occurs when OBE memories are downloaded into subconscious and unconscious levels of memory. This is the primary cause of the vast majority of failed OBE's. Without the memory of it, an OBE did not take place; not according to the conscious mind and its recallable memories, after a failed memory download, or failed OBE. Also see: Shadow Memory.

Metaphorical Imagery:

Within the context of this book, this term particularly applies to live action visions and OBE vision experiences, viewed or experienced first-hand during an OBE. These contain layered metaphorical symbols and symbolic actions, full of hidden meaning, often disguised as apparently real life scenes, during visions and out-of-body vision experiences.


Branch of philosophy concerned with the investigation of the Ultimate Reality. It is customarily divided into: ontology which deals with the question of how fundamentally distinct sorts of entities compose the universe; and metaphysics proper, which is concerned with describing the most general traits of reality. Because these traits are not peculiar to this particular universe, but are common to all possible universes, metaphysics may be conducted at the highest level of abstraction.


Heb. Cheif archangel at the right hand of God. One of the quaternary archangels and traditionally the Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, represented by the element of Fire.


In Hermetic philosophy, and the principle of As Above; So Below, Man as representative of the Universe in miniature. The Yin aspect of macrocosm.

Mind-Split Effects:

In particular, the effects the mind-split has upon OBE memory recall. The commonly felt sensations of dual existence, that of existing in more than one place at the same time, during an OBE. Also meaning the telepathic, energetic and empathic interactions and conflicts, that occur between the physical body/mind and its projected body/mind. Also see: Memory Download, Astral Feedback, Mind-Split, Complications Of Consciousness, Energetic Conflicts.


The splitting of consciousness into two identical parts, that occurs during any type of OBE. The mind-split occurs at the beginning of any OBE, prior to the exit of the projected double out of its physical counterpart. There are two bodies during an OBE (one physical and one subtle or energetic - projected double). Two minds (one physical and one energetic) therefore exist. Each of these function independently for the duration of an OBE, until reentry occurs where they reintegrate, becoming one mind again. Also see: Mind-Split Effects.

Mobile Bodily Awareness (M.B.A):

The ability to move and focus bodily awareness at different locations, on or within the physical body. Also see: Tactile Imaging, Bodily Awareness, and Awareness Hands.

Morphic Resonance

Theory proposed by Dr Rupert Sheldrake. This phenomenon explains how biological and psychological patterns occur. It is essentially an averaging out of the most common trend within the collective unconscious which ultimately leads to a physical or behavioural norm. The impetus behind evolutionary factors.

Mother Goddess

Personification and deification of the essence of Mother Earth. Known as:-Inana to the Sumerians;

Istar to the Akkadians; Astoreth in Palestine; Athirat in Canaan; Isis to the Egyptians; Astarte in Syria; Nerthus in the Celtic Bronze Age - Later as Onniona; Freya to the Vikings; Mary to the later Christians


Near Death Experience. Where a person temporarily dies and experiences a powerful OBE, until they are resuscitated. Also see: Etheric/Real Time Double.


The point in the heavens or celestial sphere, directly below or under the observer.


The study of the occult and divinatory meanings of numbers derived from an individuals birth date and/or name. Several effective systems exist. e.g:- Cheiro’s Book of Fate and Fortune and Michael Wade’s Life Quest.


Out of Body Experience, OBE, OOBE, projection or astral projection, where consciousness is perceived as existing and operating outside of its physical body.


Divine advice. The 'instructions' received from the Higher Self or Oversoul whilst {usually} in a trance like state and conected to the Collective Unconscious.


The collective deities of a specific people or religion.

The deities are thought to be representions of the qualities or the essence of specific Natural energies and possess a form of sentience or consciosness.

The more the individual deity is ‘worshipped’ or revered, the more power they possess.

This raw power can be tapped into by the overly devout or by conscious Will and can be utilised to effect miracles or magick.


Study of mental phenomena outside the sphere of ordinary psychology. The study of paranormal phenomena. May be termed occult psychology with the object of explaining the ‘mechanism’ by which these phenomena are effected.


Magickal potions utilising herbcraft and other natural media/correspondences to magickal effect.

Physical/Etheric body:

Combined physical and etheric bodies. In particular, where these are experiencing the trance state, where the etheric body has become active and expanded slightly. Also applies to the physical/etheric body during an OBE, after the projected double has already parted. See also: Trance State, Mind-Split, Etheric Body, Inner-Body projection.


{Sometimes referred to as Noisy Ghost phenomena}

Manifestations of a noisesome kind, moving objects and occasionaly, serious damage - usually occurring within a household where a teanage girl is present. Thought to be unconscious use of latent power brought on by the emotive period of puberty.


In Eastern philosophy, the life breath of the various vehicles of Man


The ability to forsee the future. Most occurances of prcognition are evidenced in dreams. The phenomenon can occur as flashes of intuition and sometimes, even visions in waking consciousness.




An ability of the Mind at a sub-conscious or supra-conscious level, to subtly influence conscious behaviour both of the subject and, via telepathy, of other people. See Dreamcraft.

Primary Energy Centers:

The major bio-energetic organs, or energetic transformers, of the energy body. Also see: Chakras.

Projectable Double:

Internally generated real time double, prior to its projection out of its physical/etheric body; where it then becomes the projected double.

Projected Double:

The energetic vehicle (or subtle body) housing a functioning, energetic copy of a projector's mind and memories, outside of their physical body during any type of OBE.

Projection Mechanism:

The energetic mechanism that generates and then ejects the projectable double, outside the bounds of its physical body, during the OBE or projection exit. Also see: Exit, Projection Reflex.

Projection Reflex:

When the projection mechanism gets to a certain stage, the energetic point of no return is reached. The ejection of the projectable double outside the bounds of its physical body, then becomes a reflex action. An OBE cannot be aborted once the projection reflex has been triggered. Also see: Projection Mechanism, Projected Double.


The broad-spectrum term used by modern parapsychologists to cover both the forces of the 'paranormal' or psychic reality, and the phenomenae so produced.

Psychic Energy

The unknown force or emanations of every living thing, which can be tapped into and directed through occult means. The Collective Unconscious or Species Field, as a form of energy.


The ability to affect and move physical objects by the power of the Mind


The reading of the subtle trace vibrations left behind by all living things, and 'read' through physical touch of objects. Linked to Empathy.


A construction based on 'Energetic' relating in particular to high-level energetic (energy) functions and manifestations, of the human energy body, that do not specifically apply to its physical body. For example, the higher energetic (energy) functions of the energy body and its primary energy centers (major chakras) cause psychic abilities. A psychic ability is thus a Pure-Energetic function, or Pure Energy manifestation, of the human energy body. However, Pure-Energetic manifestations will often cause Bio-Energetic sensations, felt as physical sensations, i.e., the typical throbbing and buzzing emanating from active primary energy centers (major chakras). Pure-Energetic can also refer to energetic functions and manifestations of subtle bodies above the human energy body, i.e., the astral body. Also see: Energetic, Energetically, Bio-Energetic, Etheric Body, Primary Energy Centers.

Qabbalah {see also Cabala and Kabbalah}

Defines the magickal ritual and ceremonial practices that draw for authority upon the Cabala and Kabbalah. Developed from the Alchemical tradition, it has evolved very differently than its sources. A complex system of even more complex imagery.


A group of four. A square of influence which with the three higher aspects of Spirit make the Sacred Seven. eg. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Lady, Lord, Son


One of the quaternery archangels and one of the seven referred to in the Apocryphal Book of Tobit. His name means God’s healer and he is associated with all matters medical. Traditionally seen as the Guardian of the Air and East.


The Seven Rays or Aspects of Divine Consciousness. Planetary Spirits Ray.1. Will or Purpose; 2. Wisdom; 3. Higher Creative Activity, Adaptability; 4. The Bridge between life and form, Ray of Harmony; 5. Scientific; 6. Fiery Devotion; 7. Ceremonial or Action Ray. {Analogous to the 'prism' of man's mind}

Real Time Body:

The subtle body (or energetic vehicle) that houses a projector's reflection of consciousness, mind and memory during an OBE, and holds it close to the physical dimension in the Real Time Zone. Also see: Real Time Zone, Real Time Projection.

Real Time Projection:

An OBE, where a projector exists in a direct reflection of reality, where they have the perception of being an invisible person in the real world, observing real life events as they happen. Also see: Real Time Zone, Real Time Body.

Real Time Sight:

Similar to Astral Sight, but where the projector sees into the real time zone around them. Also related to clairvoyance, this ability is often experienced during the prelude to an OBE, or during a projection attempt where no exit is achieved. This is often mistaken for normal optical sight, but where the projector is seeing through their closed eyelids and bed covers. Also see: Astral Sight.

Real Time Zone:

The closest nonphysical dimensional area to the physical universe. A buffer zone separating the physical universe from the astral dimension proper. The real time zone is neither in the astral dimension, nor in the physical dimension. It is a nonphysical dimensional environment that contains a direct reflection of reality, as reality happens, i.e., in a real time frame. Also see: Real Time Projection, Real Time Body.

Reality Fluctuations:

Fluctuations in the out-of-body environment, changing what is perceived as being real or normal at that time, into something that is known to be false or inaccurate.

Reality Mode

There are two basic types of reality. Normal- is objective, waking and our usual everyday manner of interacting with the World at large. The scientific laws apply to this type of reality. The other basic type is Synchronistic and is subjective and occurs to most individuals during sleep, but is the level at which the psychic operates. Different laws apply. Normal reality is of the body and the Synchronistic of which there are several distinct modes of operation is of the mind.


When the projected double returns to and reenters its physical counterpart at the end of any type of OBE. Also see: Reintegration.


The automatic energetic process, whereby the projected double is reintegrated with its physical/etheric body. Also see: Reentry.

Remote Eye:

A mind-split effect. This phenomenon is a type of OBE, but where the projector remains partially awake and ambulatory. A weak version of the mind split occurs, and type of a low-powered OBE happens. The OBE side of this type of experience is perceived by the partially awake physical body of the projector, as a vivid mind's eye vision of an OBE in progress, from the projected double's perspective, but where no actual OBE exit has been noticed. Also see: Duality, Mind-Split, Mind-Split Effects, Energetic Conflicts, Complications Of Consciousness.

Residual Field

An etheric double or life field no longer ‘attached’ to the physical body. It may seek to interact with the living in many ways including that of an apparition. The term residual field is also used to describe etheric traces left behind on objects that have come into contact with a life field and are perceived or ‘read’ by psychometrists.


A OBE projection exit technique, using Awareness Hands to climb an imaginary Rope. Also see: Awareness Hands, Tactile Imaging.


From the Latin word Sanctus. Means holy place. A private retreat for esoteric/occult study, medative practices and magickal workings. With each daily use the Sanctum becomes attuned and vitalised {charged} with your personal energy and those of the energies/forces you are invoking or evoking in your workings. It becomes a focus of power in itself, and enhances the energy flow of future workings.

To assist in attracting and direscting particular energies/forces, it is advantageous to 'dress' the Sanctum in corresponding colours to those energies.

Suggested layout and inclusions for Sanctum:

North Wall - altar/desk and mirror, yantra, lecturn; South - brazier; East - Incense/oil burner{s}; West - Cauldron. Walls and ceilings - etheric blue; floor - stone or bare boards with pentacle inlaid; Hangings and altar cloths - violet, emerald green, black, royal blue and white; Straight backed chair with arms; bookshelves behind suitable hangings; central work table {with storage under, able to be moved against a wall}; other material requisites - see Ritual Magick section of this work.


The art of 'seeing' distant people and places. See Ritual Magick section of this work. Parapsychologists think it may be an evolved faculty of precognition or a lesser faculty of Astral Projection.

Secondary Energy Centers:

Minor energy centers (minor Chakras) that support the primary energy centers. Also see: Primary Energy Centers, Chakras.


(Hebrew, "burning ones"), celestial beings referred to in a vision by the Hebrew prophet Isaiah (see Isaiah 6:2-6) in the Old Testament; the highest in the order of angels.

Shadow Memory:

Any dream or OBE experience memory, gained by any subtle or dream or projected body while it is separated, or while it perceives itself to be separated, from its physical body. Also see: Memory Download.


An abstract magickal figure, usually representing either a particular spirit or a particular kind of force, energy or power. These figures are derived from various rules from sacred magickal diagrams.

Silver Cord:

The energetic, telepathic, empathic linkage that connects the physical body to its projected double. This is often seen as a sparkling Silver Cord, extending away from the projected double during an OBE. This is usually only seen when it is deliberately looked for. The site of attachment on the projected double varies, according to its energetic makeup at the time of projection. Also see: Energetic Makeup.

Sleep Projection:

Natural sleep projection occurs whenever a person sleeps. The projected double is projected outside the physical body during sleep, often floating just above it and mimicking the sleeping position of its physical body. Alternatively, a sleep projector may travel the astral planes for some time before falling asleep. Also see: Astral Wind, Akashic Pulse Episode.

Species Field

A New-Age, parapsychological term for the collective unconscious. The ‘pool’ of all the life fields of one species containing all experience or racial memory of that species. A ‘residual’ field is a life field or etheric body of an individual no longer attached to matter


The symbol of perfection made manifest.


The spiral is symbolic of "coming into being' or "being made manifest". All things in Nature follow the pattern of the spiral as is evident in the double helix of DNA and the infinitude of the Mandelbrot Set.


Living though incorporeal beings proper to the various non-physical planes of existence. Only the elementals can manifest directly into the physical. All others require some vehicle or focus, such a crystal, incense smoke, or the magnetism given off by freshly cut plants {or frshly spilled blood}.

Stellar Healing

An advanced Astrological technique. Based on the study of a natal chart. It involves locating specific forms of potential mental strain by observation and interpretation of the planetary patterns. Polarities, based upon planets which complement each other, are used to gradually modify thought pattern imbalance. These "Power Polarities" are antidotes - affirmations which provide a way to shift mental patterns that are ‘stuck’ in a repetitive loop.

Storage Centers:

In the context of this book, these are called the Sub-Navel, Sub-Heart and Sub-Brow energy storage centers. These are the major energy storage areas of the energy body, with each storing a different type of energy.

Strobe Effect:

When a primary energy centre accumulates a critical charge of energy, it strobes powerfully. When the brow centre (or brow Chakra) strobes, it causes a brilliant flash of silver-white light to be seen in the mind's eye, and a feeling of very-light concussion to be felt, in the whole facial area.

Surface Mind:

The most commonly used part of the human mind, that can be said to hold the short-term working memory. Used for light thinking and internal mental speech, it spontaneously generates a constant stream of random thoughts and impressions. This part of the mind is responsible for the ceaseless internal mental dialogue found within an untrained or unfocused mind. Also see: Internal Dialogue.


Latin. Of the woods, esp. elemental wood nymphs and Druidic wood spirits. From the Latin ‘Silvanus’ - a woodland diety equated with Dyonysis and Bacchus. May be linked to the Faeries or Earth Spirits of various legends.


Theory proposed by Dr Carl Jung and physicist Dr Wolfgang Pauli to explain coincidences, predictions, and altered states of consciosness, arguing that all entities in the Universe are interrelated and interdependent - supporting the concept of hierachies at all levels of consciousness of Hermetic philosophy.It also appears to support the Collective Unconcious and Species Field theories.

Tactile Imaging or T.I.:

The active use of focused bodily awareness, to manipulate and stimulate the energy body, to raise energy into it and stimulate its energy centers. T.I. is also used for projection techniques. Also see: Mobile Bodily Awareness, Awareness Hands.


An object charged with a definite and strong etheric and more subtle vibrations, which, through their overtones, tend to awaken in whoever comes in contact, corresponding octaves of emotional and mental response. Talismans are general; adapted for a particular individual; ensouled as a definite centre of radiation; or may be linked with the maker as an outpost of his consciousness.


The Eastern system of classification of elementals.

Element Tattava Tattavic Symbol

Earth Prithivi Yellow Square

Water Apas Silver Crescent

Fire Tejas Red Triangle

Air Vayu Blue Circle

Ether {Spirit} Akasa Black Oval


The term psychologists use to describe scrying or the direct perception of remote occurrances or objects that is not effected by the ‘recognised’ five senses


The ability to send and receive thought with no physical connection


The ability to move an object through space without apparent physical motion, manifesting in a location other than the original position. Thought to be an advanced form of telekinesis.

Tertiary Energy Centers:

Tiny, pore-like energy centers found all over the body, like the pores of the skin. These are heavily concentrated in several areas, i.e., palms of hands, soles of feet, mouth and genitals. These exchange energy with the environment, and energetically support the functions of the larger secondary and primary energy centers. Also see: Primary Energy Centers, Secondary Energy Centers, Storage Centers, Chakras.

The Law Of Return

Also known as the Threefold Law - in directing of

the Natural energies for magickal work, the power summoned and sent out comes back to the caster in the order of three to one whenever the forces of the Natural Energy matrix are thrown out of balance. The magician is the ‘grounding’ force in all magickal workings.

The Source:

The Supreme Being. The central creative consciousness of the physical universe. The Source is the original spark of consciousness that creates and maintains the universe, and all that lies and lives within it. Also see: The Great Center.

Third Eye:

See, Brow Center.

Thought Form

An image or construct of three dimensional quality that has been fashioned out of either etheric or astral substance, usually by the action of a trained mind. If enough vital energy is imposed on the thought form then it is able to exist independently for short periods. Such a manifestation is known as ensouling or empowering the thought form - it is possible that religious 'visions' are a manifestation of the unconscious ensouling of thought form by the overly devout and pious.

Thought Forms:

Energetic objects, thought creations, created by a sustained thought or act of consciousness, and then existing for a limited time in the out-of-body environment. Thought forms are best considered as being composed of structured Etheric Matter. Thought forms can take any shape, i.e., human, animal or inanimate object. Reputedly, they can be programmed to react to stimulus, to perform independent actions, and even to take on a limited kind of pseudo consciousness of their own. The length of time a thought form can exist, depends largely upon the strength and duration of the thought used to create and maintain it. Also see: Etheric Matter.

Torso Energy Rush:

The adrenalin-like energetic body rush, felt by the physical body as rushing upwards through its legs and torso, as its projected double begins to exit or reenter it. Also see: Energy Movement Sensations, Exit, Projection Mechanism, Projection Reflex.

Trance State:

The altered state of being entered when the physical body falls asleep, while the mind stays wide awake. The trance state has many levels and uses, with each level being related to a level of sleep. Altered states of consciousness are attained, by staying awake and varying the level and focus of the trance state. Also see: Inner-Body Projection.
Light Trance: Similar to the Alpha trance state.
Full Trance: Similar to the Theta trance state.
Deep Trance: Similar to the Delta trance state.

Tree Magick

Utilising the Ancient Lore of Trees in magickal workings. The sacred lore of the Celtic Druids.


Symbollic of the equillibrium acheived at Unity

Trigger Word or Phrase:

A descriptive word or short phrase used during the reentry phase of an OBE, to help strengthen OBE memory recall. Also see: Shadow Memory, Reentry, Reintegration, Memory Download.


[Three formed] TRINITY. Within all Unity there is a positive and negative aspect, a Duality of Light and Dark, Spirit and Matter, Silence and Sound, Life and Form.etc. Out of manifestation, this is balanced in stable equilibrium. The act of manifestation throws it out of balance and static into instability. An unstable or dynamic equilibrium is established by immediate energies rushing forth between the opposite poles, the Duality thus becoming a Trinity without which manifestation is impossible. {The "One" -Diety, beomes two {Sephira or Angels} and two becomes Three {or Man}.

Undifferentiated Consciousness

The original creative power, the 'homogeneous fabric'; the basic 'stuff' of the universe. It is a thought of the Supreme seeking form and conscious identification. The crystallisation of the Spark Divine.

Universal Law:

The incredibly complex set of attractions and repulsions and conditional influences, that emanates from every conscious being. Like may attract like and opposites may often attract, but only as set by Karmic Law. Also see: Karma, Karmic Law, Akashic Pulse Episode, D_j vu, Consciousness Seeds.


A Primeval God or Cause from whom came Kronos. With Gaia and Eros, Uranus formed one of the oldest Trimurtis. The son and husband of Gaia. Represented by the East and the element of Air.-Planetary Spirits of the Trinity represented by Aphrodite, Phobe, Rhea. {equates to the Egyptian Osiris, Isis and Horus}.


Heb. meaning Fire of God. One of the Quaternary archangels. Traditionally, Guardian of the watchtower of the North and seen as representing the element of Earth in concert with the Goddess and powers of Mother


Of the language of the Vedas in the old form of Sanskrit. Philosophical and Astrological school of Hindu thought evolving in and through the development of the Sanskrit language.


In the context of this book, meaning strong, usually whole-body, energy movement sensation, that are felt as vibrations in the physical body. This is associated with the internal generation of the projectable double, at the start of an OBE. Also see: Exit, Energy Movement Sensations, Energetic Conflicts, Projection Mechanism.

Virtual Reality Projection:

V.R.P. is a technique whereby a custom made astral realm can be created and then entered.


Wake Induced Lucid Dream. A term coined by S. LaBerge. A deliberately induced lucid dream, from a deeply relaxed but awake state, where there has been no discernible break in consciousness. A W.I.L.D. dreamer enters a dreamscape directly from the full waking state. Although technically a lucid dream, this is possibly the most powerful OBE-type of experience possible. Also see: Dream, Lucid Dream, Lucid Dream Projection. (RB)

Waking Paralysis:

Also called Sleep Paralysis. Disassociation between the physical body and its mind, often causing total physical paralysis to occur. In the author's opinion, this is a powerful mind-split effect caused by OBE. The mind literally wakes up inside its disassociated, paralyzed physical body while a powerful OBE is still in full progress. Also see: Mind-Split, Mind-Split Effects, Complications Of Consciousness.


An anti-Sunwise movement. The circle is closed in a widdershins movement. Anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.


An entity’s Etheric Double or Body of Light, as seen shortly after physical death.


In the dualistic Chinese Tao philosophy the active male element of the Universe.


In the dualistic Chinese Tao philosophy the passive female element of the Universe.


The point in the heavens relating to the Celestial Sphere that is directly above the observer.

Zodiacal Light

Luminous area of the sky shaped like a triangle. Occasionally seen in the East before Sunrise, and again in the West at Sunset.



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