Dave & Susie's Guide to  Romance in New Orleans
Updated 01/20/2009
E-mail Dave & Susie with suggestions or additions to the page or with questions about visiting New Orleans. Since we are not affiliated with any commercial concern, our advice is given simply  in the interest of  helping you have a fun time in the Crescent City, and helping New Orleans get back on track.
and if you love New Orleans, you must take a look at the Gumbo Pages, particularly Chuck's Weblog "Looka"

Pre-trip  Preliminaries
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Dave & Susie's Guide to Romance in New Orleans
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Our 4-Day Romantic Itinerary
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We are unrepentant tourists who happily admit that New Orleans is absolute heaven on earth. Nowhere else can one find such a diverse mixture of world cultures displayed in food, architecture, music, and art - all in one place. Nowhere else can one have a delectable breakfast of french pastries and substantial coffee in an 18th century courtyard and stroll through stunning art galleries in the morning, have a five course lunch and browse an anything-you-could -possibly-want flea market followed by museum tours in the afternoon and cap the day off with a candlelit dinner in a world class restaurant - all spiced up with music from blues to zydeco - and fall asleep in your French Quarter hotel room to the lullaby of street jazz.

REVIEWS OF OUR GUIDE - Our friends' recommendations are also part of our website.... you two know your stuff! - Kevin and Laurie ... Your home page makes it much easier to decide where to go & what to do - Michael ... Thanks for the great guide. It felt like a trip back home! Liz C.... thanks for the restaurant reviews. I certainly will carry your guide with us on our next trip. Frank M. ....what a wonderful report! If only one of the board members would write their reviews like this once a month, it would be worth the price I pay on the internet. Applause! Applause! - from Jeff and Cathy.... Your Romantic Itinerary hit the bulls eye!!! Thanks again. - We followed Dave & Susie's advice and had the best time ever! -.from Rod and Maxine ... (We) checked out your website & found it amazing!  I printed out the itinerary & restaurant guides to bring (on the trip ... We had a blast - from Jennifer & Kipp. To see what a little planning and an eye for detail can to for trip reporting, check out Mitchel & Tami's home page and click on their New Orleans report.  Also - take a look at Estelle and Michael's  Experience New Orleans with us!

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