Your Ride from the Airport

Getting in from the Airport

Starting with your arrival at the Airport, you should have checked the weather in New Orleans - ask about that when you call for hotel reservations. Winter averages around 55-60 degrees - summer is very hot & humid.  Watch for rain - they have cheep umbrellas and rain ponchos at Walgreens on Canal Street.

Riding in
Near the baggage claim area at the airport, there's an airport shuttle service called ... Airport Shuttle that will take you to any hotel downtown and in the Quarter for about $10.00 per person one way or $20 round trip (we recommend the round trip deal unless you have more than two in your traveling party). Get your ticket just inside the terminal doors, or ask a Skycap.

The alternative is to pay a taxi $28 (in 2003) for two or $10 a person for more than two. Either way it is a 10 mile trip into town. -The shuttle makes a few stops at hotels once in town - the taxi goes right to your hotel.  BTW - try talking to the driver on the way in. They may have some suggestions for you that you won't find in the guidebooks.

Riding into Town
Once on Airline Highway (I-10) you are entering the suburb of Metairie, LA. heading east towards New Orleans.  Take special note of the cemeteries you pass after about 5 minutes or so.  Metairie Cemetery is large with many fine crypts visible from the highway.  Burial of the dead is an art form all it's own in South Louisiana.  Toward the end of the journey in your ride will take one of two possible routes into town: you will either ride past the Superdome and begin moving into the CBD (Central Business District) or you will turn before getting to the Superdome and move around the Vieux Carre - this route takes you past St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. You'll want to go visit a cemetery during your visit, so contact the good people at "Save Our Cemeteries in New Orleans.  They'll suggest a safe way to see the sights.

In these troubled times, the cemeteries, particularly St. Louis No. 1. have been the scene of a few broad daylight muggings.
The National Park Service used to offer tours but they quit because "tours were getting robbed" and that is a quote.
Things have changed for the better since the mid '90s.  This past Nov. 99 we visited the city owned Lafayette No. 1 in the Garden District with a tour group and found it completely safe. If you want to see a cemetery up close, we recommend contacting "Save Our Cemeteries.

A Note About Tipping
For Taxis and Restaurants, it's 20% of the total bill.  As far as we can determine - two and from the airport is $28 in a taxi for two, and that'd be about $36 regardless of the number of luggage pieces. In restaurants - same deal. Of course, if the service is exceptional, feel free to add more to show your appreciation.

Tipping in the hotel - bellpersons will expect at least a dollar for each piece of luggage - that's up to the hotel room and not for partial trips. Same for bringing your bags down at the end of your trip. Doorman for hailing a taxi - $2.  Tipping the concierge is a little trickier.  If you use the conceirge for more than information, such as locating event tickets, making special requests come true, you should make the first request worth while $2-$20 (depending on your appreciation) with some understanding between the two of you that you anticipate further service. I can't imagine having to use room service in this town, but 15% of the charge ought to do it.

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