Best Breakfast
We suppose folks shouldn't pass up the chance to experience the Jazz brunch at Commander's Palace or have "Breakfast at Brennan's". These are New Orleans traditions. However, you need to know about two very special places, both a pastry treasure trove actually.  Cafe Du Monde beignets and coffee shouldn't be missed, although some might find it a bit over crowded and sometimes a little grimy. The New Orleans Coffee and Concierge (now called something else) is more convenient at 334 Royal St. and they have a wider variety of specialty coffees, and they have sample menus of many good restaurants, and they have copies of newspapers to read in the morning. 
These are all good things.

La Marquise French Pastry Shop &La Madeleine didn't survive the storms as of this writing.
Big Ray, the Buggy Driver points out that Croissant d'Or, which is run by the same folks that operate as La Marquise, is equally as wonderful. He says it is also where the pastries are actually made. It is in the 600 block of Ursulines right around the corner from the Old Ursuline Convent (the oldest building still standing along the entire Mississippi valley).

We did find a new coffee shop and bakery - La Boucherie Coffee House at 339 Chartres St. 504-581-6868, has good coffee selections and a nice array of pastries, although they are struggling to regulate their offerings with the ever changing French Quarter tourist trade.  Crossants of the Chocolate, Almond, and Apple varieties, along with other favorites.

And there is the a nice breakfast at the Monteleone's La Petite Cafe - try the Crawfish and potato hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

We hope you've enjoyed reading what we've had to say. We only included review of places we enjoyed a GREAT DEAL. We think they are not to be missed. We hope you will include descriptions of the places you find on your trip. Just jot down the meals and quality as you see it. If you send us your reviews, we'll include them in our next edition. 

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