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The Chartists

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Platform Folk Club

Steam Pie Records






The Chartists

Released 1982   (Steam Pie Records - SPR 1001 S)

Available on Vinyl & Music cassette(bootleg)

1000 Vinyl pressed

Band Members

Wynford Jones                                       Wynford Jones - Lead Vocals/guitar

Geri Thomas                                         Geri Thomas - Narration/lead/vocals/whistle

Remo Lusardi                                         Remo Lusardi - Vocals/electric & acoustic Russel Jones - guitars/bass/mandolin

Russel Jones                                         Vocals/synthesiser/bass/concertina/ glockenspiel/whistles

Laurence Eddy                                       Laurence Eddy Lead vocals /guitar/synthesiser

Geoff Cripps                                           Geoff Cripps - Vocals/mandolin/6 & 12 string guitars/autoharp/bass


Side One

The Miners' Hard Times (Geri Thomas)

The Charter (Wynford Jones)

Frost Williams and Jones (Wynford Jones)

Bogey, Bogey, One Pound Ten (Wynford Jones)


Side Two

 The March - Part One (Ernest Jones/Wynford Jones)

The March - Part Two (Wynford Jones)

Fare Thee Well To Newport (Mark Takel/Geri Thomas)

These Brave Men (Wynford Jones)



Producers, The Chartists & Jack King


Thanks to Terry, June, Aileen, Val, Rachel, Francis & Sybil Drake, and the members of Islwyn Folk Club. Also to  Mark Takel & John Mann for their contributions.


Special thanks to Wynford Jones for the inspiration & the Chartists of 1839