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Shows for: 7/4
Southern States Wrestling in Barboursville, West Virginia @ Barboursville City Park HoPWF in Hagerstown, MD @ HOUSE of PAIN NWA West Virginia Ohio in Parkersburg, WV @ City Park Pavilion New Dimension Wrestling in Clinton, IA @ Riverview Stadium Professional Wrestling Federation in Lakeshore, TN @ Lakeshore Wrestle America 2000 in Coon Rapids, MN @ Grumpy's Tri State Wrestling in Fair Haven, VT @ Devils Bowl Speedway USA Championship Wrestling in Murfreesboro, TN @ Action Select parking lot
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Welcome to USA Indy Wrestling


Greetings to all Wrestlers, Managers, Officials, Referees, promoters, Marks, Smart Marks and curious surfers.

     Welcome to USA Indy Wrestling, your destination on the World Wide web for so much more than just your average wrestling site.

     Besides biographies on wrestlers and federations, results and listings for all shows done and to come across the US, news from the independant scene, and links to all the feds, I will have tape vendors who supply indy shows, and mailing lists for fans, wrestlers & federations

  Search around, see what this site has to offer, tell all your friends about it. I know the site is very new, but stick with me, in time I hope this very site will be the supplier for all indy news, wrestlers and federations. Vince McMahon may have taken over mainstream wrestling, but he has no control over the indies.With over 300+ independent leagues, he's got himself a serious battle.

                                                  Whatever or whoever you are looking for, and everyone is looking for something, you will find it here. Be sure to bookmark this site and visit back periodically. If you would like to help out in any way, shape or form. Please, don't be hesitant to email me, I need all the help I can get in order to make this site 1/2 of what my hopes to be are.

Thanks, Dr. Huddelson

PS- I'm looking for people who have sufficient knowledge of either the Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, European, Australian and/or Puerto Rican Independent Scene and would be willing to put a site together with me. Covering the US Independent is hard enough. Email me if you're up for the task, and we can work something out.

USA INDY Biography & an Interview

Shark Boy!

My first Interview was conducted with one of the finest high fliers in the country. He has appeared on WCW. He was one of the featured wrestlers for MTV's True Life "I'm a Professional Wrestler". He earned one of the best rankings for an indy wrestler inPWI 500. He has even been featured fora PBS special on sharks, he is Shark Boy. To read about the career of Shark Boy, Click Here.

     In our interview, we talked about everything from his feuds, his life before and after the MTV special, his time spent in Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Association, and much much more. A sure read! Click Here.



Federations & Wrestlers who wish to join a seperate, exclusive mailing list to be keyed in on all the information you need to gain the exposure you want, click on the links. Federation Mailing List / Wrestler Mailing List. For Feds & wrestlers only!

Also all Wrestlers, Federations, etc. If you like my design and would like me to design a page for you, please don't hesitate to email me. I can list my credentials if needed. I am cheap and can almost gurantee your sites completion within 2 weeks of when I start & the same quality as I have on my own site. I am trying to raise a good $3,000 by September 1, 2001 so that I may be able to go on the Mayfield Mayhem trip for the New Year in Japan. For more information on this great trip click here

North Carolina is trying to regulate pro wrestling. Click here to go to this great petition site and help put a stop to it. To sign the petition. Click here.

Sterling MacFadden publishing company will be CLOSING down Wrestling World - the longest running American pro wrestling magazine. The publisher has said that they will take Fan Feedback into consideration. If you want to see Wrestling World remain on newsstands, please write to them at:



- New Wrestlers & Federations listed under Links.

- CZW premiering under ECW old time slot. Hotstuff Hernandez injured. Jasmine St. Claire in feature films. Check it out in the news.

- New Autograph Listings

Updated Daily!

Happy 4th of July!




I would like to Thank Nick with all of the Graphics.Be sure to check out Strictly Extreme Wrestling