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Photo by Karen Baer. More at Andrew Powell's The Gate.

(note: basically this page is an Emm info/pic archive, 2003 and earlier.)

Emm was featured in an issue of Yolk magazine last fall.
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Emm's newest cd, Asianblue, is out now!

An October issue of Now in Toronto had an Emm feature.

The Dreamsawake site also has an Emm interview.

Check out an radio interview with Emm from Q94 FM in Winnipeg.

Read a feature article on Emm in Hamilton's View magazine by Tabassum Siddiqui.

beautiful things
northern holiday
young rebel
siamese star
divine like you
east coast angel
green goodnight

Photo by Paul Schreiber. Click to see more Emm pics at his site.

Rannie Turingan also has some gorgeous new live pics.

Some live Emm concert mp3's are here, courtesy of Greg.

southern dreamer
good riddance
boy races
disco lights

hello aquarius
wisdom bus
death is a new day
phonecall 45
the good you make
your sort of human being
the end
89 days of alcatraz
this mad
fetching decay
hook machine
headline girl
big day

Some 2001 Emm concert pics are at Attila's Dreamsawake site!

Take a look at Andrea Chiu's Emm Gallery.

Emm's Dec 6, 2000 show at Ted's Wrecking Yard in Toronto can be
heard in the archive at

Emm has appeared in two issues of BrownScene magazine.

The most recent article is here.

Check current concert listings at!

Order your Emm cds online or by mail, from Dead Daisy Records.
Or ask for them at your record store.

The video for Julia is available in Realplayer format
at the Muchmusic VideoFact Vault!

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