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........Aerial photos.......

..From various planes and places around the Valley..

..East Side of Palmdale...

..Pearblossom Highway crossing the California Aqueduct at 25th St. East...


..Mobile Home Estates ...


..Antelope Valley Tailwinds Field ...

.Located on Waste Management land at Lancaster CA. Usually the weather permits flying 330 days of the year!

..More Aerial Photos.

..More Aerial Photos..

..Aerial photos of construction..

..Photo planes..

..Camera installations..

..Fuselage pods..

..Glider Installation..

..Self Portraits.

..Wider field images.

..Wandering Escapees in the Antelope Valley.

..Calibrating and reading aerial photos.

..Setting up a simple camera..

..Setting up a Slow Stick for aerial photography.

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