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....Aerial Photo planes.......

..Smaller...Yard Stick

..Larger.. ..Senior Kadet with 90 degree tilting camera in external pod ...

..2 Meter gliders with cameras ...

..Kadet with VHS-C Camcorder ...

..Forward Looking digital point-n-shoot camera ...

..Sideways looking camera...

..Belly mounted forward looking Aiptek 1.3M SD in a ZAGI..

..Aiptek 1.3M SD on a ZAGI..

..Aiptek 1.3M SD on a ROC2000 ARF..

..More Aerial Photos.

..More Aerial Photos..

..Aerial photos of construction..

..Camera installations..

..Fuselage pods..

..Glider Installation..

..Self Portraits.

..Wider field images.

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