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Lawrence Co., IN


Perry Township Biographies
(Name   -   Date of birth   -   Place of birth)
ARMSTRONG, Ari 4 Nov 1814 Wayne Co., Indiana
ARMSTRONG, Felix 16 Aug 1837 Lawrence Co., Indiana
BEARD, J. T. 6 May 1829 Harrison Co., Indiana
CULMER, William 1 Mar 1822 Kent England
DAVIS, Theodore 9 Mar 1852 Lawrence Co., Indiana
GAINEY, John M. 2 Aug 1846 Greene Co., Indiana
GUNN, John A. 5 May 1859 Springville, Lawrence Co., Indiana
HAMMONDS, William H. 4 Jul 1829 Lincoln Co., Kentucky
HOLMES, Jacob 24 Jul 1813 Floyd Co., Indiana
LOWDER, Lynden 23 Dec 1816 Orange Co., Indiana
PEARSON, William Lemon 31 Jan 1832 Lawrence Co., Indiana
PRESTON, William 1792 Kentucky
ROBERTS, J. M.   Kentucky
SHORT, Owens 14 Mar 1818 Lawrence Co., Indiana
STORM, Alford 18 Dec 1817 Jackson Co., Indiana
SUTHERLAND, Prof. E. F. 28 Dec 1852 Harrodsburg, Indiana
VOSS, Lorenzo Dow 27 May 1818 Lee Co., Virginia

All of the above biographies were trascribed from; "History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Co.'s, Indiana Goodspeed Bros. and Co., 1884"

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