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Hobby Time!   
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Italeri Western Star

This Western Star has been in my garage for 10 years. I chose to do this model first on my return to modeling. I'll be doing a full wiring customization to her. She's going to be candy purple with a candy blue frame. (Wife picked the colors, I like red myself ;0) ).

Here's the hummin Cummins. Scratch built fuel filter. Correct braided line coming off the compressor.
Brake lines installed. Like I said I've been away 10 years. My hands aren't as steady as they were. Next one will be better.

Power steering lines. There see told you so. I think I did a pretty good job on the steering hoses.

Here's the body so far. Not a bad paintjob if I have to say so myself. Especially after a 10 year vacation from painting.

Here you see the frame built up. It's running true something I was scared of. It's sat in my garage for 10 years I thought it may have been warped.

Here's a shot of the air ride hooked up

To bad the 5th wheel is going to cover most of it :^)

I think next time I'll run the lines before I put the frame together. This is going to be a real pain ;^)

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