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'70 Boss 302 Mustang

This kit is from the Revel/Monogram Mustang Muscle Trio. I'm not very happy with the kit so far There is way to much flashing to trim away. I don't know if this is a common problem with this kit or not.

Here's the progress so far.

Of course the body has got to be YELLOW ;^)

Here's a few shots of the engine in progress.
Notice the dual fuel lines to the double pumper holly? That's done with craft wire and solder. It takes some manipulating but works great. They use this wire for necklaces in the craft section of Wally World. Try it out!

Some interior shots.

Here's a before and after shot of the wheels. A little attention to them and they look 100% better than the out of the box one's. The lettering was done with a white gell pen.

Almost done. Here the wheels are on, engine installed (the exhaust matched up first time AMAZING!) The wires you see sticking out are the starter cable and the ignition coil wire. The coil will be on the firewall.

And here's a picture of the mess I'm making ;^)

Come back soon for the finally! Just waiting on the body to fully cure.

06/27/03 Well the Mustang has suffered a little set back. WARNING!!! Don't use Dupli-Color clear coat on model paint.

I have never experienced this before in my modeling career. The paint had cured for 2 weeks before I got back to this project. I've always used vehicle clear coat on model paint without disasters. This time I decided to try the Dupli-Color. (partly because it was there) I'll go back to the cheap stuff on the next try.

I've never tried to strip paint off of a model before. I guess I'll try the Easy-off method to start with. :^(
Stay tuned.

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