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June 20, 2003
Friends, please forgive my language, but I'm a lazy bastard.

As I write this, my vacation week is at its end and I haven't done anything worth diddly. I haven't touched my minicomic, I haven't worked on any new strips for the site, and my plans for another big project have been ignored. It is truly amazing how I can waste my free time. I'm utterly disgusted with myself. It's sad when somebody lets you down, but it's pathetic when that somebody is yourself.

So do you enjoy the sound of me kicking myself?

Jim Davis pets his pussy
Garfieldmania: Jim Davis pets his pussy 

Meanwhile, the burg where I call home is gripped with Garfield  fever. The big cat turned 25 yesterday and Muncie ("America's Hometown") is dedicating the weekend to Garfield  with assorted festivities. Color me jealous, but, so far, I'm not swept up with the fun. Tim and I are planning to tape the Garfield  parade this Saturday so maybe the fun will sweep me up there.

I have mixed feelings about Jim Davis and his creation. I admire the man and his success, but he isn't the type of cartoonist I aspire to be. In fact, I don't really consider him to be a cartoonist. He's a businessman and a good businessman at that, but he isn't a cartoonist. He hasn't been a cartoonist since Garfield 's early days when he actually drew the strip. Those were the years when Garfield was actually funny, but, unfortunately, the formula quickly replaced the humor. Since then, the strip has become a chore and a bore to read.

Despite my ambiguity for the big puss, I recently did a strip for All Access  that saluted the big, fat, hairy deal.  I don't know if that makes me a well-wisher or a hypocrite. Probably both.

June 15, 2003
Happy Birthday!
Yesterday was my birthday and now it ain't. A special thanks to everyone who sent cards, gifts, and birthday wishes my way. I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity!

Speaking of birthdays, today is my mom's special day. Happy Birthday, Mom! Today is also Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Well wishes to one and all! 

I'm on vacation this week and I'm planning to get some cartooning done. I'm hoping to finish my little minicomic book and get it printed up. It has been taking forever to complete so I'm determined to put it to bed. Wish me luck, comrades!

In Eric Whetsel news...
Eric recently made a major move. No longer fascinated by the small town charms of Dunkirk, Eric gathered up his meager belongings and moved to the big city some people call Muncie. Welcome to America's Hometown, Eric! Now mind your manners or we'll throw you out!

June 13, 2003
It's Friday the 13th and it's the day before my birthday. Pretty ominous, eh? Okay, maybe not, but I'm tired and that's the first thing that popped into my head. 

This week has moved along with drone-like precision at work. Nothing to report there.

I did find out one of my poems got accepted to the Humpback Barn Festival this past Monday. That's always decent news. I'm also going to be participating as an artist in the festival this year so I'll be pulling double duty this time around. I guess we'll see what comes of that. 

Like I mentioned before, my birthday is this Saturday and I'll be turning 34 (And you thought a twelve-year-old was responsible for this garbage! Well, you lost that bet, buddy!). Help me tackle my sad descent into thirtysomething (Elliot? Nancy? Is that you?) by buying me tons of gifts and sending me cards stuffed with cash. Not only will it make me feel good, it'll make you feel good, too!

June 7, 2003
Things have been moving pretty slow around these parts. I'm sorry about that, pardners! We'll try to pick up the pace at the old cartoon ranch!

Ripped from the headlines!
Here's some great news from local screenwriter, John Dalton! As constant readers of Active Blather may remember, John had written a screenplay for a Bigfoot flick entitled Among Us. The movie is being produced by Polonia Brothers Entertainment, the outfit responsible for such films as Saurians and Feeders 2

According to John's recent e-mail, he just returned from Wellsboro, PA where he helped out with some of the filming of the soon-to-be sasquatch epic. He wrote a war journal about his experiences at It's an insightful and entertaining read that you, dear readers, should check out!

Arlo sees stars
I just want to take a moment and send some good wishes to my aunt, Carol Richardson. Aunt Carol was released from the hospital today after having some surgery performed earlier this week. Speedy recovery, Aunt Carol!

Unloading the potato!
Jim Davis's Mr. Potato Head :
The spud is a dud

I don't know what type of person it makes me, but, when I read that the Mr. Potato Head  comic strip was ending, it made me smile. It's nice to see a bland and boring, little strip fail. Too often it's the daring and innovative strips that bite the dust early.  When something like Potato Head dies, it renews my belief that there is justice in the world (Okay, not much, but some).

Mr. Potato Head 2003 Hasbro 
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