Active Blather: Early March 2003

March 9, 2003
I was pretty productive this weekend. I finally started my first minicomic and things are going faster than I originally thought. I hope to have it completed by the end of the month, but we'll see if that happens or not.

It was actually warm on Saturday. I walked around outside without my coat which hasn't happened for awhile. Here's hoping spring is on its way!

March 7, 2003
The place that I work at had sunk to a new low today. Under the pretense of testing the fire alarm system, someone played Barry Manilow over the PA. And, if that wasn't bad enough, it was "Copacabana"! I haven't heard that song in years and, after today, I never want to hear it again!

"Copacabana" is a nightmare of a song that conquers up images of coked-out, disco excess in all its Solid Gold glory. It forces you to remember a time when Barry Manilow could actually be considered a successful pop star that dominated the airwaves. I lived through that time, folks, and it certainly wasn't the "good , old days"!

What was surprising was the song's length. It seemed to run on forever! Just when you think it was ending, it caught its second, sequined wind and plowed forward on thunderous platform shoes. Between the lyrics, Manilow's back-up singers wailed "Copa-ca-banaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" like banshees faking an orgasm and they did this over and over and over. It was so terrible. So, so terrible.

But it could have been worse, I guess. They could have played "I Write the Songs".

March 6, 2003
Just received some good news from my friend, John Dalton! John's latest film project, Among Us, was listed in the recent Hollywood Reporter as "In Production".  Apparently, the second unit has started shooting in L.A. and the principal shooting will take place in Pennsylvania in the spring.  The film is being produced by Jon McBride (Cannibal Campout) and John Polonia (Feeders), directed by Mark Polonia (House that Screamed 2), and, most importantly, written by John. 

Besides being a fellow comic book geek and a great guy, John is also a very gifted writer who deserves every success. Congratulations, John!

March 5, 2003
During one of my breaks at work, I was sitting in the enclosed smoking area, discussing a number of topics with my friends/colleagues (Christy "Did you call them yet?" Hiday, Theresa "Featherwood Studios" Keihn, and Eric "Cigarette Fairy" Whetsel) as I doodled about in my trusty sketchbook. Earlier in the day, Eric found out I never have seen the movie, The Godfather, and was apparently shocked by this. So shocked that he eventually liberated my sketchbook from my hands and drew the following...

Fun with protoBiggy!  

I don't know if you can tell, but Eric's strip features my futile attempt to finally watch The Godfather and then my house explodes. Eric explained he was aiming for a Ziggy approach with his strip, but, since it featured me, he entitled his effort, Biggy

So taken was I with the Biggy concept, I eventually created my own version.


Oh, Biggy, will you ever win?

March 3, 2003
In Eric Whetsel news...

Eric participated in Muncie's Mardi Gras festivities this past Saturday night. Eric reports that he wandered the closed streets of downtown Muncie armed with bottles of booze and buffoonery. He also claims to have "pawed" and hugged a former, female co-worker (identity unknown) while under the influence. Does this mean love is in the air? 

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