Active Blather: May 2003

June 4, 2003
Somebody call the police! I have been neglecting my website! Fortunately, Mr. Baggio and Miss Fuzzell are picking up the slack!

May 26, 2003
Well, the mermaid phase of Those Funky Idiots is over. Designed as an April's Fool gag that would run throughout the month of April, the "fish strips" lasted a little longer than planned. The output was a little less than I hoped as well, but those are the breaks.

The following is a list of observations and personal highlights from the Idiots' stay under the sea:

* The fewer numbers of gills drawn the better.

* The size of Arlo's tail was pretty inconsistent. In one strip it could be long and, in the next strip, it would get short. It may not seem that big of a deal, but it's pretty annoying to me.

What an octopussy!

* I actually got the chance to draw a decent octopus. And I'm proud of my fish. I would have liked to have drawn some sharks, dolphins, and whales, but that didn't happen. Maybe next time.

Amanda gets busted!
* After drawing Amanda for a number of years, I finally proven to myself that, yes, she does have breasts. Dig the cleavage, guys, and realize we may never see it again!

The Oscarfish is a no-show!
* Oscar didn't really play a big part and that's a shame since he makes a great fish. 

Eric Whetsel
* Eric Whetsel finally makes his online debut. Of course, it's not in actual Idiots continuity, but it's a start.

The secret behind the shell is revealed!
* And finally for those wondering why Arlo wore a sea turtle's shell (It did look like a sea turtle's shell, right?) while the other male cast members were shirtless, the explanation is simple: Arlo is ashamed of the size of his manboobs (And, brother, can I relate!). 

Overall, I think Those Fishy Idiots was a successful experiment and it was a fun way to play around with the characters in a different setting. Don't be surprised if that sort of thing happens again.

Hey, it's now Memorial Day. I hope everyone is enjoying a long, relaxing weekend!

May 23, 2003
Brad the Grad!
Brad Quinton: Brad the Grad!

This past Sunday (May 18, to be precise) our friend and colleague, Brad Quinton, graduated from DePauw University. After four years of hard work, Brad has earned his degree and has made his fellow Idiots very proud. Congratulations, Brad, and good luck with all your future endeavors!  

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