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I decided to redo this page since it was about me and my dream come true car a 2001 SSCamaro. Well that dream car turned out to be not such a dream (I now know why it is listed under Consumer Reports top 10 most unreliable cars!) Although I still love camaros (have ever since I was prob old enough to look at cars) I no longer want to own one, the $1200 tires pretty much done me in along with the fact that all the inside panals fell down, when I had them replaced I was told well they are just velcroed in place, your velcro was worn out! (Always nice to know anything on your car is placed there with velcro :0) I had two sensors go out and an axle break all in a year and a half!! So I bought a new car, a 2003 Grand Prix, and so far I love it.

Well enough about that! I am 24 years old and live in Indiana. I am engaged to a wonderfull guy named Dave. I am a nurse and I love taking care of geriatric patients. I LOVE Mexican food, real mexican food, not Taco Bell. And of course I love the internet and my computer. I also enjoy working with pictures, especially very old ones that need lots of repairs, it is so challenging to fix all the scratches, discolorations, and tears. Then so rewarding to get it all fixed. Heres a few pictures I have done.

I recently made this picture (using parts of several pictures)
for my brother who lost one of best friends recently,she was only 16.
Here is the picture I used and what I turned it into.


Here is another picture I recently done
for my mother, it is her sister.


I am also a big music fan, I can't even name a favorite song or group.I love anything 80's! I also listen to the Goo Goo Dolls alot. I can listen to Def Leppard and Warrent all day long. I like various types of music Blugrass (Oh Brother Where Art Thou is so wonderfull!)

I also like watching movies with Dave, my favorite is anything Adam Sandler.And one more reason Dave is my fiance, he will sit through Adam Sandler movies with me!I havn't figured out yet if he can't stand Adam Sandler because he actually don't like him,or if its because I like him! I beleive Vin Diesal is one of the most gorgeous men around, I have watched The Fast and The Furious a million times. It has three of my favorite things: Great Music, Fast Cars and Vin Diesal!!

Well thats about it, not very exciting huh. I am a
boring person and don't do much but go to work,
come home go to work come home go
to work....well you get the picture!Still awake? :0)

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