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Sweet Dreams
My Graden
Country Hearts
Ducks (Blog Set)
Elegant Roses(webring page)
Funky Stars
Teddy Bears Picnic
Rosevine(blogging set)

Holiday/Winter Snowmen
Springtime Garden
Summer Watermelon
Happy Valentines Day
July 4th

Nurses ROCK!
Nursing Bears

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Welcome to Inspirations Graphics! I hope that you can find something here to help make your webpage even better! If you use my graphics, please sign my guestbook so I can see what you have done with them! All my sets are listed to the left. Please remember to read my terms of use before saving anything from this site.As many people prob noticed, I seem to have lost my desire to draw anything. At one time in the country graphic "community" there were many nice people, willing to share their work and talent with others. Then many cliques evolved, hate started to spread, and all these highschool games were going on. These people really killed my desire to keep drawing. The hate needs to stop, and people need to grow up.
All my graphics are hand drawn by me using etheir Microsoft Paint, Ulead Photoimpact or Paint Shop Pro. Or sometimes a combination of all three! Also you may only download form the pages to the Left, nothing on the other pages of my site are to be downloaded. I make it very clear on every page you can download from by saying that you can on the page. If the page does not say you can take graphics then you can't. I use other artists graphics throughout my site and only offer my graphics for download.

Please read My Terms of Use, you are agreeing to them whether you have read them or not by downloading anything from this graphic site.

You must provide a link back to my site
on each and every page any of
my graphics are used on.
A text link is acceptable; a page of "credits" is not.

You may not alter any graphics. This includes
but is not limited to: resizing, making tubes, changing colors,
making awards, adoptables, quilt squares, etc.
In other words, what you see is what you get.

These graphics may be used on personal, not for profit websites
only. The only exception to this rule is a reputable charity
and then you are required to email me for permission.

You may use my graphics on family friendly sites only
If you are unsure if your site is family friendly, email me and I will take a look
at it.

Inspirations Graphics remain my property, I
am allowing you to use them exactly as they are
on websites/blogs only. Incredimail or other
email stationaries, graphics used as sigtags (except where noted),
is not allowed.

If you have any questions email me. Do not
assume that if it is not listed here it is ok

I will be happy to clear up any questions.

Thats it not too bad huh?:0)

While your here you can also join the Thoughts & Inspirations Mailing List (join on the main page) I will notify you of any new graphic sets, and new pages on my main site.