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ActiveHome Pro Addons

Tuicemen Software

Find out how others are using Tuicemen Software!

AlertDialer: Latest Info & Download Page
AlertDialerPlus: Info Page
X10WavPlayer: Latest Info & Download Page

PC Companion: Latest Info & Download Page Now Supports IR via X10 Commanders and the Plug-in pack

PC Companion Plug-in pack:
This needs to be installed into the PC Companion root folder and includes:
Commander Control (adds IR control and extral triggers using these + a mouse remote)
Security Informer (adds security notification to the floor plan)
X10WeatherWatch (adds 8 additional weather triggers for wind, rain, temperature, and humidity info from a CSV file created from a personal weather stations software)
Text-2-Wav( converts text files into wave files for use in PCC and other programs )

PC Companion Add-Ons:
These don't need to be installed in the PcCompanion root folder.
The "new"BlueWatch, detects BlueTooth devices that are sending connect info
and responds to BlueTooth devices your watching for.
X10SW , triggers a windows command on AllLightsOn/AllUnitsOff 4th signal

SDK Redistributable Components Needed if AHP isn't installed for X10 control Note: save as an exe file
For those Looking to download a face set check here!

Other AHP Addon Software

X10Dispatcher Info & Download Page

BXVC Info & Download Page

XPing Info & Download Page

Iphonehomecontroler Info & Download Page

EditAHX (A program for rearranging order of rooms and macros by editing the AHX file)

Portcullis download page(still in beta testing)

European Version of Active Home Pro
ActiveHome Pro EU
(latest file and info)from Marmitek includes the SmartMacro plug-in!
The software works on the CM15A as well as the CM15EU