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"A Simple Sound Player"

This product, authored by me, is released to the public as Freeware.
Please understand that it is provided, as is, with no expressed or implied warranties. Thus by downloading this software, you agree to not hold myself or anyone else responsible for any damages that may occur directly or indirectly from its useage!
There are no Expiration dates,Catches or Popups and is intended for private use only and may not be sold. The following software is freeware and X10 is in no way responsible for this software or its defects.
NOW Compatible with Windows 7

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WavPlayer is available only in the installer form here:
X10WavPlayer version
Note: You must unzip the file and click the exe to install!

X10WavPlayer has Grown beyond its original intended use!
I will continue to make available the program but it has reverted back to its original use!(A simple sound player)
For those that wish the extended options plus, check out PC Companion
If you find this little program (or others I've created) useful and would like to encourage more, a small donation would be most helpful!


.NetFramework a windows componet (many newer game/programs require this)
MsSpeech for TTS to work (xp ships with this)
For the extra voices or if you don't have MsSpeech installed Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam 5.0

Over View:

X10 WayPlayer is now into Version
Originaly developed for use with ActiveHome Pros On Alert Plug-in so Sound could be triggered from a security module.
You Don't need the ActiveHome Pro On Alert Plug-in to use this,Nor do you even need ActiveHome Pro!
This can be used with any program that can trigger a batch file or stand alone.
Plays multiple sound formats.It will even play the sound from a avi or mpg file!
Links to windows sound recorder for ease of creating wav files
TTS is used in which MS-Speech generates a PC voice to speek your specified text. XP comes with it although it only ships with MS Sam as a voice.
X10WavPlayer will create batch files (saves to the "BatchFile" folder)which you may execute to start your desired sound to play
Only one instance of the program may run an any one time
You can now specify a name for your batch files on creation
Program is hidden and only shows in the task bar when executed from a Batch file!
Removed option for Continuous file play,(sorry you'll have to edit those batch files created with that option) you must specify an number (new execution method only responds to a numeric value)
Clicking on the icon in system tray brings up simple options(Stop Sound,About Screen,Exit Program and Cancel
Added a hide button to hide/minimize to system tray
Added New Icon (displays in System tray)
Toronto Weather Forecast, Canada

For those who (like me) find the voices of Mike, Mary and Sam to robotic, there are other voices available on the web (for a small fee) that work well with this program NeoSpeechs Kate and Paul are just a couple