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PC Companion

Now with Microsoft Kinect Sensor support for Voice Control
Control it with VR, IR, another program, another PC
Control from any where in your house or the world(via an internet conection).

Turn on/off your PC and or monitor via WOL

PC Companion is the result of X10WavPlayer (created October 25, 2006) growning beyond a simple sound player!,
Active home Pro is no longer require however it still works along side it.

Got a good Idea for a Possible option? I'm Open to all suggestions. Who knows, your idea may be the next big added feature!


.NetFramework a windows componet (many newer game/programs require this)
MsSpeech for TTS to work (xp ships with this)
For the extra voices or if you don't have MsSpeech installed Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam 5.0

  • Current build is

  • Released January 24TH 2014

  • This product, authored by me, is released to the public as Shareware.
    Please understand that it is provided, as is, with no expressed or implied warranties.

    Thus by downloading this software, you agree to not hold myself or anyone else responsible for any damages that may occur directly or indirectly from its useage!
    It is intended for private use only and may not be sold.

    The following software is Shareware and X10 is in no way responsible for this software or its defects.

    PC Companion is available only in the installer from here:
    PcCompanion V
    A donation of $25 or more gets you the full unlocked version.
    A donation $40 or more gets you that + the Plug-in Pack which includes:
    SecurityInformer, VCR/IR Commander, X10WeatherWatch, Text-2-wav, X10SW,IR Pilot,and small apps to check Google calandar and Gmail
    As well the ability to trigger user commands from T.A.C (android app)
    TacEye (gives ability to access TACs Front camera and view real time) and any future plug-ins!
    Plug-in Pack was updated January 24 2014

    There is no Charge to UpGrade from 3 to PCC 4 with VR
    However if you wish to make a small donation to help support future developement it would be appreciated
    Note: Find another Talking Weather program and see if PC Companion isn't worth a small Donation!

    The Major added features will now require a donation to activate the extra hidden features!

    Over View:

    Note: This is only a small sample of the posible options.
    Originaly developed for use with ActiveHome Pros On Alert Plug-in so Sound could be triggered from a security module.
    You Don't need the ActiveHome Pro On Alert Plug-in to use this, Nor do you even need ActiveHome Pro!
    This can be used with any program that can trigger a batch file or stand alone.
    Plays multiple sound formats.It will even play the sound from a avi or mpg file!
    TTS is used in which MS-Speech generates a PC voice to speek your specified text. XP comes with it although it only ships with MS Sam as a voice.
    Will create batch files (saves to the "BatchFile" folder)which you may execute to start your desired sound to play
    Now a single instance program which still allows commandline arguments while running Animated Faces supported (found in the "Face Graphics" Folder).
    Displays Caller ID if your modem will handle this and you have the sevice from your Phone company!
    TTS will speak the callers name (configurable), name and number or just number
    Phone book is included to add names which will display instead of info supplied by phone company
    Caller ID log is created and numbers loged to a txt File
    Program saves time(not Date) and Name @ Number
    Program will also send one x10 command (configurable) that alternates ON/OFF on rings
    Retrieves local weather reports
    Retreives unread messages from a POP3 mail address
    Sends Email on X10 triggers
    Reminds you of special dates (multiple reminders per date)
    Program will greet you upon opening if you choose!
    Program can be loaded to stay ontop!
    Program can be loaded so only the face graphic is displayed (Companion mode)
    Clicking on the icon in system tray brings up Companion options
    Weather,Reminders,Unread E-mail and calls recieved can be triggered with a batch file Via AHP or many other means
    Daily time reminders are configureable (Companion must be running to hear them)
    REminders can now be e-mailed to you
    Video dispay is available from any video source Windows can detect!
    Greets You upon start with a custom greeting if you choose
    Program hides in system tray when minimize from the main form or started minimized
    Program will Switch between 12 cams with X10 addreses
    4 camera presets for each camera are configureable
    Added support for any X10 PC remote plus specific ones for more security
    Remote functions are eject,play,stop,pause CD,Shut down PC,exit Companion.
    X10 (none security)activity logging has been added and can be saved in a log file, displayed on screen or both
    Now logs are saved per day and filtering is a option
    Basic E-mail filtering added so only mail to, from and/or subjects are displayed
    Added security so e-mail password isn't displayed

    Searchs for updates and states when a update is available
    Searchs on startup for update but not if run from a batch file
    Progress screen has bar showing download progress with option to cancel
    Capable of playing CDs/DVDs even from a batch file
    Able to view active camera in the animated face screen
    Able to asign sound to Most X10 RF received signals.
    Able to configure any x10 remote to be a remote mouse
    Able to play playlists displays media player graphic in animated face window
    Able to Play DVDs in it's own window
    Has a status window that shows a possible floorplan page for 3 floors and placement of X10 modules
    Up down arrows to toggel between floorplans
    Able to turn on/off modules from that window
    A security lock to prevent unwanted tampering when in floor plan mode!
    Able to send temperature triggered X10 events 4 in total (pluging gives 16 additional)
    Compatible with Vista's & Windows 7's Voice Recognition.(PCC 4 uses inprocess VR so it doesn't need windows VR running)
    Able to place phone calls(with compatible modem)
    Able to see the status of dimmed lights
    Able to see security module trips via a SecurityInformer plug-in.
    Able to jump to specified web page from FloorPlan View
    Able to open specified program from Floorplan View
    Able to auto capture pictures every 1-30 seconds
    Able to use X10 motion sensor or remote to start auto still capture
    able to email images
    Able to configure a maxium of 12 cameras and Pan&Tilts
    Able to scan threw all cameras a an interval of 5 seconds to 5 mins per camera view
    Able to Unlock hidden X10 VCR Commander options and control multiple IR devices via the Commander Plug-in( also works with the IR Commander(UX17A)
    Able use the X10 VCR Commander to string commands like TV power, TV channel3, VCR power, VCR record
    Able to backup and restore its settings
    Capture video from a motion sensor or remote trigger
    Interfaces with RealVNC (start/stop the service) for remote viewing
    Able to specify voice TTS responces come from a separate sound device if more then one is available
    Separate mouse remote for sending IR codes via a IR or VCR Commander(Plug-in Pack needed)
    Able to check email via remote signal
    Start any file via remote signal
    Saves weather forcast,temperature,reminders to text for retrieval from other programs
    Saves curent temperature, daily reminders, And Caller ID recieved as wave files for use with other programs
    Retrieves information from personal weather station CSV files and can tigger up to 32 x10 comands from that info (plug-in pack needed)

    PC Companion Now generates its own CSV file for use with X10WeatherWatch(Weather plug-in)
    Connects multiple clients together over a home network using X10Relayer (included).
    Capable of sending chats between clients (intercom like)
    Compatible with Windows Speach Recognition Macros (WSR Macros)via command line paramiters
    and the list just keeps on growing......

    For those who (like me) find the voices of Mike, Mary and Sam to robotic,
    there are other voices available on the web (for a small fee) that work well with this program NeoSpeechs Kate and Paul are just a couple