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Do you find yourself subconsciously heading your English essays 'Human Relations Study: The Interaction between Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay? Do you wake up in the middle of the night only to find yourself infront of the TV and a video of "Scientific Method" in your VCR and playing in slow-mode? Or absentmindedly babbling about how autrotious it is the Dax died, leaving more than one man loveless to your friends who have never even HEARD of Star Trek? Well, you've come to the right place!! Visit our facilities that dedicate themselves to making sure you stay completely and utterly sane, or, as some people like to call it - obsessed.. So step in line and the next available holographic doctor will tend to you, but in the meantime read some fanfic, look at pictures, write a story, tell a joke or just chat quietly to other romantics.

The institute is due for renovations. Visit the site office to see how you can help, own a ward, or just voice your opinion.

Monthly Motivation

Okay, after last 'month's er... extended period of about 3 months - we may have to change this to "quarterly motivation", however we'll see how we'll go. This month, to commemorate the ending of Voyager's Season 6, we're posing the question 'what would you like to see happen next'? Next 'month' we'll try to have a question which is based around/incorporate other series of Trek. Please choose the most desirable answer from the list - unfortunately - we believe - it's only possible to vote once, so choose wisely. Happy July everyone!
Previous Results - Doctor in Love Month
Voyager Prediction

What would you like to see happen next season on Voyager?

Current Results
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Romantic Quiz

The first thing you should do when you arrive is take the romance quiz to get a general feel for your knowledge and give us an idea on how much treatment you need.

Patient Lists

Go here to join our patient lists and record you being here. Read other peoples symptoms (eg, you designed your house to resemble the Enterprise, stalked a brunette with a condition leading to bumps on her forehead, or insist on any visitors to your house to wait for "authorisation" before "docking" their car) and commit yourself to the Institute. Record your name, date committed and psychological ailment for all to know.

Dealing with Discrimination

Lost? Feeling alone in the world? Everyone trying to convince you that what you believe IS NOT RIGHT? Visit this ward an our doctors will rekindle your faith.

Ever encountered an actor in person? Read other's experiences and share your own as part of our most recent treatment technique.

Couple Reassurance

Sometimes, when purely obsessed, people forget to notice the simple things. Here is an ever growing list.

Episode Archives

If you escape your cell, you should sneak up to the attic, where you can find Dr Jim Wright's comphrehensive, very amusing episode reviews for all seaosons of Voyager. Or the:

Scale of Love

Visit the Scale of Love, where episodes are each ranked on their P/T content.

Voyager's Shuttle Count

Reccomended viewing at Jules Langley's Coffee Nebula

Star Trek Summaries

For a summary of episodes from all series, visit Dr. Robert Durfee's old episode summaries.

Ward for Creative Anachronism

Bored out of your mind? Feeling the compulsion do DO something? Well we've created this ward for you to do just that. Here you can write stories (now the limit has been raised to 5,000 words), enter jokes, sign patient records, write on message boards, enter polls, get your site ranked and even chat! *NEW* J/C romance choose your own adventure fanfic! Soon to come: Pin point Paris and Track down Torres, based on the Where's Wally series.

Ranking Ward

We now offer a review and rate service for your sites. Visit this ward if you would like us to visit your site and give it a rating.

Access Personal Crew Profiles

Needing to see their faces? Check their stats? Does your cell mate in the corner only mutter "Jadzia... Worf...Jadzie... Worf" as she rocks back and forth? Do you need to know who she's talking about? Head on over to the information lab and find out.

Original Crew

The Next Generation

Deep Space 9


Comic Relief Center

"Laughter is the best medicine"

Janeway vs Picard

Dr Gerard Monsen's 100 reasons why Janeway is better than Picard - a must for everyone who knows anything about Trek.

You know you're aK/Ter when...

You know you're a P/Ter when...


from the musical Captain and the Beast Click here for the midi tune to go with the words.


Longest list of quotes around -

Your Captain might be a redneck if...

Voyager Tour

If you are well behaved, you might be able to convince a warden to take you on this tour of the Federation Starship Voyager

Communication Desk

Whether to want to send a virtual postcard to friends telling them where you are, or send lots to yourself, assuring yourself of what you believe in, then the friendly staff here will help you.

Institute Libraries

Floor TNG DS9 Voyager
1 Troi/Riker Julian/Jadzia Paris/Torres
2 Picard/Crusher Worf Dax Janeway/Chakotay
3 Data/Yarr Odo/Kira Kim/Seven
4 Kim/Torres
5 Carey/Wildman
6 Janeway/Paris
7 Tuvok/T'Pel
The Best Fanfic - Our Own Visit the creater's own fanfic.
  • Sight and Sound Ward

    Sight Room- Lots of P/T pictures from all series updated regularly. By Dr. Alidar Jarok.

    Sound Ward - Star Trek In Sound and Vision - Hundreds of sound files from Voyager.

  • Personal Expression

    At this instutution we encourage people to express themselves. Feel free to mail me with comments or suggestions at Please don't forget to sign the patient record books. Grafitti our message board. Also, please vote for this site as a great voyager site to vote for this page as a or as best angelfire site, each of these will take about 5 seconds on a normal speed modem.

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