Patient Lists
Name Date Psychotic Ailment
Kritter 27th July, 1998PTER TO THE EXTREME!
Kristina Adeline Shelleyairing of Facesbad habit of writing P/T fantasies--particuarly "Blood Fever" rewrites
Katie Moncelsi30th July, 1998Obsessed with Torres and Paris
Julia- uh... at least I think5th August, 1998Just for a check up to see if I am insane as I should be as Holder of the Insane card
Jill10th august 1998Just making sure my P/T obsession isn't fading
Dennis-Seven's Husband16th January, 1999I wish I was
Lanna133rd January 1999 P/T Fanatic or worse
Re-Becca Helton7th January 1999My English teacher wants to read my romantic fan fic 'cause I've talked about it so much
Nadine1st February 1999Obsessed
Altia3404514th February 1999Totally Obsessed
Janette17th April, 1957Crazy About Paris
B'Elanna Torres9th March, 1999I think I am B'Elanna Torres
Elli26th March, 1999I wish I was there
Alex of Q6th April, 1999Obsessed with J/C! And proud of it!
Beth7th April, 1999In love with romantic fanfiction -T and J- & I quite enjoy my ailment.
Poco16th April, 1999Obsessed with P/T! I can't get enough!
Davian Williams16th April, 1999Obsessed with 7 of 9
Hopeless11th May, 1999Hopelessly in love with the J/C love relationship
Alicia Philips19th May, 1999Obsessed with P/T. Suffers massive anger attacks at the mere mention of Pre Fever days.
Julia KellySince I saw Harry use the word "sex"I need Doctor Harry & Nurse Tom to make me feel better.
Angela10th May 1999PT OBSESSION
Dee24th June 1999Obsessed! I need fanfic to get me through to next season.
Diane30th June 1999Blisfully obsessed
hemlgirl19th July 1999Totally and utterly obsessed with Tom Paris and the P/T romance.
Dennis23rd July 1999 Still married to Seven
Seana23rd July 1999 Tom Paris is walking sex
Smabrea26th July 1999 Writing a 7 or 8 part story about J/C!
A'Lehsen ParisSince Blood Fever P/T diliusional- I'm their daughter! I swear!
Captain Bubbles28th July 1999 I'm i love with the commander... but I know Kathryn loves him more than I do
Ashley17th August 1999 Obsessed with both J/C and P/T
B'Elanna Paris20th August 1999 Totally obsessed with Tom Paris
Young B'Elanna24th August 1999 Have been a teenage B'Elanna Torres since season 2. And I support a Torres/Chakotay relationship.
The Auburn Goddess-i.e. Beverly Crusher wanna be13th September 1999 I feel some stalking towards Gates McFadden coming on. Obsessed with writing P/C fanfic.
B'Elanna Paris14th September 1999 I think and dream I'm married to Tom Paris.
Camilla28th September 1999 Suffeers from symptoms of J/C obsession.
Tom's LadySince seing 'Blood Fever' P/T obsessed. Goes utterly insane when someone even MENTIONS Tom with another woman.
Texiss3313th October 1999 Suffering from SEVERE "Dorn" withdrawal symptoms.
Kath.... No, Suraya Jane.... I mean ShafferOct. 16, 1999 I sit in my room day and night talking to the Voyager crew(I swear that they ARE there!), and only read Voy-fanfic or go to Voy-sites while on-line, and I forced my parents to get a Plymouth Voyager.
AdrienneIllness came on gradually, first noticed it when I bought VHS tapes to record with Obsessed with the Janeway/Chakotay thing. College essays turn into Voyager essays. HELP!
TerrorTeenToo dillusional to know... probably the 20th of November A Paris/Torres, Born-again Doc/Seven since "Someone to Watch Over Me", Neelix/Samantha Wildman.
Taddy Paris11th December 1999 Not the usual obsessor I vote for J/C, K/T & C/7.
Amanda21st December 1999 I write Voyager crew names on my math paper.
Hawkeye and Bj21st December 1999 Almost missed prom to watch Voyager/cried when local station stopped carrying Voyager/waiting for Harry.
Em13th 2000 J/P obsession- especially Paris.
One of Seven7th September 1997 I'm not sure I like reality anymore.
Kayla27th February 2000 In dire need of "Star Trek Therape". Totally obsessed. Starting to have thoughts of writing fancic.
LinI think it's been a lifelong thing Obsessive compulsive J/Cer and fanfic reader/writer.
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