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Welcome to our creative anachronism ward, where you actually get to DO stuff. Please select which room you want to go to and then click the 'GO' button. See below for room descriptions.

*NEW* J/C Choose-Your-Own Adventure Story


Some of these rooms may involve using a 'submit' button. If, when you push this you get an annoying windows message saying the adress was incorrect or something along those lines there are two solutions. Mail us the information you were going to send directly to us at or reconfigure your browser settings. The second one makes more sense but is more difficult and takes longer. The fact that the sign did pop up in the first place means your browser isn't configured correctly to be able to send e-mail directly to someone.

Room Descriptions:

Write a Story Here you can write as many short stories as you like and enter them in our short story competition, to be drawn on May 31st

Submit a Joke Submit a Star Trek related joke to our joke room.

Sign patient records Tell us you were here and leave your mark

Submit your site for rating by the Institute Submit your site URL and we will review and rate it and send you an appropriate award to put on your site.

Join the Fan Club for Romantics Do just that, join the Star Trek Fan Club for Romantics

Write on our message board Scribble and express your opinion on our message board - not available yet.

Chat Join our chatting room on Friday nights at 8:00am according to the confused clock at the top of this ward.

J/C Choose-Your-Own Adventure Story A J/C fanfic with a diference. You decide what happens next.


Pin Point Paris and Track down Torres, based on the Where's Wally series. We are negotiating the copyright legalities right now!