Rivington and Lever Park, Lancashire

Rivington, Lancashire, England

Rivington sits below 'The Pike' and east is Winter Hill, Lancashire both are within the West Pennines in Northern England. The area is within the 10,000 acre catchment area of the Rivington Pike Scheme supplying water to Liverpool, managed by United utilities, known for it's reservoirs, Lever Park, Rivington Pike and moorland.

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Rivington Today

Cycling to Castle, Rivington1)

Rivington is a rural area and a popular tourist attraction,  tourism commenced in the later Victorian period and was built upon by Lord Leverhulme from turn of the 20th century. There are 20 listed buildings and structures located in the parish, a list is located at a link here.

The name Rivington settled in in 1827, after a lot of other variations. Lever Park sits in a valley with a height above sea level of 146.14 Meters, the most visible local landmark is Rivington Pike at 1,191 feet (363 metres).

Rivington Camp Sites & Hotels

There are various places to stay nearby and two Caravan and Camp sites open to the public, one is located at Home Farm, Adlington, details at Camping and Caravan club  and the other Wilcocks Farm, it's web page is at this link.

Rivington is served by good overnight accommodation and hotels Travelodge Bolton West M61 Southbound 0871 984 6334, De Vere Whites, Middlebrook 01204 667788, Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Bolton 0844 815 9095, Premier Inn Bolton West 0871 527 8118.


The Lever Park area has two barns serving refreshments, a replica of Liverpool castle and toward the Pike Leverhulmes Bungalow grounds features its Pigeon tower, Pike Tower and bridge. The Lever Park Barns are accessible on foot, cycle and car. The Pike Tower and Bungalow grounds can be accessed via Georges Lane by car but on arriving the paths include many steps and slopes. Rivington has many tourist attractions, for the Bungalow Ground location of Terraced Gardens and Pike has car parking. There are many prehistoric sites on the moorland.

Rivington Rights of Way, footpaths in red, Bridleways in purple, roads in yellow.

The area is a popular place for walkers, cyclists and families on days out and most people go and venture along the banks of the Rivington Lower and higher reservoirs and the large adjacent Anglezarke reservoir.

In the Victorian period the area was known as the little lake district. The Rivington Pike Complex is 8 reservoirs known as Higher Roddlesworth, Lower Roddlesworth, Rake Brook, Anglezarke, High Bullough, Yarrow, Upper Rivington and Lower Rivington which are interconnected flowing via 'The Goit' at Anglezarke to the system of reservoirs at Rivington supplying water to the city of Liverpool.. The old quarries at Anglezarke nearby are today popular with climbers.

The Lower Rivington reservoir has facilities located at the Anderton side for boating and outdoor activities at the Anderton Centre.

Helicopter fly overs also available from locations within driving distance. For Hikers in addition to Rivington Pike, there are another 12 hill summits in the area of Rivington. 


For Cyclists a local business provides mountain bike tutorials on how to ride safely and exclusively on bridleways. The groups site is at http://www.mountainbikeskills.co.uk The group also campaigns for better provision for cyclists at the Terraced Gardens.

Rivington Pike - View From Blackrod. To the left is Reebok Stadium the home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.2)

Go Ape

One of the features of Lever Park close to Great House Barn is today the Go-Ape venue, which has proved very popular with visitors, located on the banks of the Lower Rivington Reservoir, combined with other attractions in the park can make for a great day out with the family.

Anderton Centre

On the opposite bank of the same reservoir is the Anderton Centre, open for bookings,


Rivington and Lever Park Map

Getting around the area can involve a lot of walking, there are many public rights of way, bridleways and tracks, details can be found at Rowmaps, a image of the map of rights of ways and bridleways can be downloaded here

An high resolution historic map of the original Lever Park proposed area (1904) showing the locations of many buildings since demolished on a map fordownloading from this link. The map gives indication of the boundary of the park created by the Liverpool Corporation Act 1902 after negotiations. The park mostly comprises of land forming part of the Crosses and Great House farm holdings.

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Refreshments & Private Function Hire

Rivington Village Green Tea Room's, Sheephouse Lane, rear of Rivington Chapel


Rivington Great House, Rivington Lane, Rivington, Bolton BL6 7RZ,


Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington, Bolton, BL6 7SB


Spring Cottage, Rivington Lane, Horwich, Bolton BL6 7SB


Bowling Green Tea Room, Rivington


View Looking down Georges Lane, toward Pike Cottage the former Sportmans Arms. On the horizon is Winter Hill Mast to the left, an ancient monument is on the hill in the distance known as Two Lads, Wilderswood is on the right, April 201111)

Countryside Code

Natural England produce the Countryside code Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs, Leave gates and property as you find them, Protect plants and animals and take your litter home, Keep dogs under close control, Consider other people.8) In summer moorland fires can spread quickly causing significant damage to the landscape. People should avoid lighting fires and should not discard cigarettes, matches or glass bottles when visiting Rivington or adjacent moorland.9)

Local Police are Lancashire Constabulary 0845 1253545, in emergency 999. Bolton Mountain Rescue operate in the area, a recent rescue being a man who had collapsed at Rivington Pike.10)

Moorland fires can start with as little as a discarded Cigarette, if you do start a fire you could end up with a prosecution and a large bill for fire engines. Camp fires, camping and barbecues are not permitted by United Utilities on it's land at any time of year

Moorland visitors code

Rights Of Way

For obstructions to roads and issues regards rights of way a report should be made to Lancashire County Council

Lower Rivington being Lever Park is protected by the Liverpool Corporation Act 1902 and Lever Park Act 1969, link here and those acts ensure "free and uninterrupted enjoyment by the public" but those rights are constantly under threat. 

The Pike summit, moorland and Japanese Gardens are open access land and you have a legal right to roam without having to use paths, your rights remain even if the land is privately owned, there are limits on some activities on such land. There is a public footpath that crosses Rivington Terraced Gardens connecting to the Pigeon Tower and Pike Tower.  Some locations on the hillside may have stiles or gates to climb. There are a network of footpaths, bridleways and former roads at the hillside that are recorded as having any public rights of way. The routes can be found on the definitive map, details at Mario Maps. Routes not recorded by 2026 are effected by a change in law.

The Ramblers Association have a national campaign to preserve rights of way, some across England and Wales will be lost in 2026, more details at the Ramblers web site. If you wish to check the location of registered rights of way you may find these at Mario Maps to check the definitive map, you may also find footpaths and bridleways using Rowmaps

Separate page at this link, Rivington Your Right To Roam.



Rivington, Latest News

The local newspapers covering Rivington are:

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Disabled people using all terrain mobility scooters may wish to check http://disabledramblers.co.uk/

Pike Belmont Road, Accessibility:
Rivington Pike is managed by United utilities and can be accessed to an extent. Note ground conditions can be muddy in the very early and later months of the year. Access should be open via Belmont Rd (USRN 7400767) a  public road from Georges Lane proves vehicle access. Belmont Road is of historic interest being the old coach route and is one of the ancient roads. An advisory speed restriction is 5mph once past Pike Cottage. The road itself has excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Drivers will need to use their own judgment on the suitability of their vehicle for this route. The road is rough but Pigeon Tower can be accessed via this route.

There are no benches or resting points provided and no toilets.

Rivington Hall and Great House Accessibility:
 Both barns have car parks and are accessible, although very busy and parking can be a problem. The land surrounding both is rough, but passable with an all terrain scooter. There are gates that do restrict access for mobility vehicles, note these also may pose an obstacle for all terrain scooters. Lever Park is managed by United Utilities.

Terraced Gardens

Former Bungalow site:
  The former bungalow site, managed by Rivington Heritage Trust is possible to access for those who have all terrain mobility scooters to a limited extent from Belmont Road, keeping to the old driveways made of crushed stone.  There is a public footpath, no 82 that may provide access for ambulant disabled or elderly to a limited degree, the area further downhill in the gardens has many steps and no adaptions are in place. 

Note: Roynton Rd passes under seven arch bridge, it is a public adopted road that runs through the gardens, its road number is USRN 7400820.

Click map below to enlarge

Terraced Gardens Footpath


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