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Everybody knows, search engines submission services are a way to promote your site, therefore to generate traffic to your web page. However, these submissions can be totally useless if the site doesn't contain META TAGS, which are used to help search engines correctly index a web page. Here is a short example:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="email,Search Engines,submit site,add url,altavista,infoseek,excite,netscape,linux,free stuffs,increase traffic,free top ten search engine submission">
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Free Top Ten Search Engine Submission! Submit your site to 10 search engines for free using one form">

This must be placed into the HTML header of your web page.

Or you can use keyword phrases and design your site around them. Sometimes keyword phrases are much more attainable than individual keywords for a high search listing. In addition keyword phrases are more descriptive than single keywords so they produce more targeted traffic. For example "Handmade Furniture" is not only more descriptive than "furniture" but is also easier to get the top spot in search results.

The title tag should be the first thing after the head statement and should say what you do. In most search engines the title of your document carries a lot of weight, in many they are the most important part of your document. For example:

<title>Free Top Ten Search Engine Submission</title>

Another tip for getting a effective listing in the search engines is to use Alt Tags. At least half of the large search engines index Alt tags, if you are not effectively using them you're loosing ground to the competition. Use Alt Tags for all the picture you have on your site.

<img SRC="images/submitmysite.gif" border=0 height=119 width=194 ALT="Submit your site here!">

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