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As you will see, this page contains a short description of all the free services I offer. I hope you will find this useful and I am waiting for your submissions. It really is a 100% FREE Campaign; something like "Vote Cristina for President". :-) Joking a little. Of course, I look forward to your comments

Thetis Free Email (yourname@thetis.zzn.com) This is where you can set your E-mail free. It's an email box with a unique Internet address and it works perfectly with ICQ. 
or http://thetis.zzn.com
Free Webspace (http://my.treeway.com/yourname) The website builder is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use, and there's even a guided tour to help you build your site. You don't need to know any HTML. It's fast - building your website only takes a few minutes.
Cristina's Awards Here you can apply for two kind of awards: General Award and "A glimpse of the soul" Award; the last one is dedicated to poetry, essays, short stories, etc, and/or literature, in general. 
"Add Your Site" free service Using the submitting form from this page, you can add your site together with its description to the Bookmark page, according to the category you choose.
Free SMSNEW Send a SMS message to a friend! Unlimited number of messages.
Daily Horoscope I don't have much to say about this one. It is exactly what the title says: Daily Horoscope. You might want to check this page every day.
Games & Jokes What do you think you will find here? New jokes at every refresh of the page and two interactive games.
Greeting Cards and Chat These last two services are powered by Bravenet. Regarding the chat, I have my own chat room. It's a very new service on my site.
Site SubmissionNEW Submit your site to 21 search engines (Excite, What-u-Seek, WebCrawler, NetFind, Lycos, InfoSeek, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Goto, Northern Light) using a single form.
50 Best Sites List It's the Top 50 of the Best Sites. Add your site here and ask your visitors to vote for you.
NET ADDICT WebringNEW It's a webring for all the NET ADDICTS, or for those who will become soon addicts. :-) Anyone can join it! There are no rules for submission.

If you still didn't find here what you were looking for, take a look on my page with 195 Search Engines listed on alphabetical order and search the Internet.

Try the 100% FREE Campaign today!
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If you think that this 100% FREE campaign is somehow useful and like my site, you can use one of the following buttons and link it to https://www.angelfire.com/in/cih.

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Or you can even use a simple text link. It looks like this

Try the 100% FREE Campaign today!

and here is the line code: 

<b>Try the <a href="https://www.angelfire.com/in/cih">100% FREE Campaign</a> today!</b>

Try the 100% FREE Campaign today!
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